Colleen Fitzpatrick (Vitamin C) vs. Dido Armstrong (Dido) by longtime lurker on 4/17/01

Pt. 1 - Count To Ten Ref! (4/17/01)
Colleen Fitzpatrick, better known as Vitamin C, and Dido Armstrong, usually referred to only by her first name, were part of a fledgling new celebrity wrestling league. Each had a natural animosity toward the other and this bout was, in fact, a grudge match. Colleen had faced Dido for the first time two months before, a match Colleen had dominated. The redhead had a greater arsenal of wrestling holds and she had bounced Dido around the wrestling ring for 45 minutes before ending the match with a humiliating face sit knock out.

This match started much the same as the previous one.

Colleen was introduced first. She came out to wild applause wearing an orange, one piece suit, cut high on the hips, with a flame pattern to match her bright red hair. A pair of black wrestling boots completed her wrestling attire.

Dido had also enjoyed a warm round of applause. She was a few inches shorter than Colleen but still a very attractive woman. She wore a baby blue suit, which was clingy around the chest to emphasize her nice breasts. She wore silver boots, with gold stars on them.

Colleen had mocked Dido while the ring introductions were being made.

"I can't believe you came back for seconds, you British cunt. Didn't I beat on you bad enough before?"

Dido replied, "You'll be singing a different tune by the time this match is over bitch. It'll go a little something like this..."

She brought her hands up to her neck in a choking motion and made gagging sounds.

The match started much as their last one had gone with Colleen executing an impressive number of holds on Dido, trapping her in headlocks, full nelsons, came clutches and Boston crabs.

After about 30 minutes of this, Dido was a sweat soaked mess and Colleen was just having fun with her.

She dragged the blonde up to her wobbly feet and slapped an excruciating abdominal stretch on her.

"How does that feel Dido? Can you feel the burn?" laughed Colleen.

"Oh God!" Dido cried.

It felt like she was being ripped in two. One of Colleen's long legs reached up and over her neck, while the redhead pinned Dido's arms behind her, the move effectively immobilizing the blonde and put incredible pressure on her ribs.

"Do you give?" asked the ref.


"Ask her again," said Colleen as she hopped up and down a little, adding even more pressure on Dido.

"Gagghhhh!" cried out the blonde.

"Do you give?" asked the ref. again.

"FUCK OFF! NO!" shouted Dido.

Colleen, frustrated, abruptly released the hold and Dido promptly collapsed into a heap at her feet.

"OK, what should I do to you now?" giggled Colleen.

She grabbed a handful of Dido's hair and lifted her up to her feet. Dido reached into her wrestling boots as she was picked up and threw some white powder into Colleen's eyes. Luckily for Dido, but unluckily for Colleen, the referee had been distracted by Dido's manager and didn't see a thing. Realizing she had a rare window of opportunity and limited strength, Dido decided to clamp a hold on that would buy her time to recover strength yet still weaken Colleen.

As the redhead stumbled around the ring in a blinded daze shouting, "Damn! what was that that?" and rubbing at her eyes, Dido raced up behind her and stuck one foot in front of her, tripping Colleen down onto her knees. Now that her taller opponent was off her feet, Dido slapped a sleeper hold onto her from behind.

"Yes!" cried Dido

Colleen had never had a sleeper applied to her before and had no idea how to counter it. Her eyes were still blinded by the powder and she was totally disoriented. One minute she had been pounding Dido into a pulp, now she was on her knees and the Brit. had her in a vicious chokehold that was robbing her of strength quickly.

"I've been practicing his hold on my boyfriend, just waiting to get a chance to use it on you." whispered the blonde into Colleen's ear.

Colleen fell onto her back, hoping to dislodge Dido and squirm free but the blonde stayed right with her and in fact wrapped her legs around Colleen's midsection in a scissors hold. Now Colleen was being scissored and sleepered!

Colleen breathed hard, her nostrils flaring with effort as she tried to fight her way out of the hold but all she was doing was using up her supplies of oxygen.

"That's right bitch, the harder you fight; the faster you go out," taunted Dido. "Ask her if she quits ref," she demanded, thoroughly enjoying the reversal of fortune.

"Do you quit Colleen?" asked the ref.

"Nnnnn-no...n-no," replied Colleen, showing admirable courage.

But courage would only get her so far. Dido had been beaten up by Colleen pretty much non-stop for two matches now and she wasn't about to let go of her advantage. Not until she had reduced the redhead to a quivering mass of play-do.

Dido was methodical and merciless. She periodically squeezed Colleen with her legs but kept the sleeper on as tight as she could at all times.

Eventually...slowly...agonizingly slowly for Colleen, the redhead turned limp and started slipping out of consciousness.

The ref went to pick up her right arm. He lifted it up and it fell with a thud. Dead weight. Dido chose this moment to release the sleeper, unwrapping her arm from around Colleen's throat and pushing her away.

She had fantasized about what she would do in this position and wanted to make it last as long as she could. She dragged a half-conscious Colleen over to one corner of the ring and draped her arms over the lower ring ropes. She then sat down in front of her and drove her boot into Colleen's throat.

Colleen sputtered awake, coughing and gagging.

"Gunnnghhh....*cough*, *cough*" she sputtered.

"Poor baby!" Dido giggled, "How does my boot feel? Does it hurt? Are you in pain?"

"*cough **cough* E-enough, win," Colleen pleaded.

"I thought you said something about beating me up at the start of this match," hissed Dido as she ground the heel of her boot on Colleen's alabaster white neck.

"You know bitch, you have a pretty face. How about I mess it up a bit?" Dido giggled.

With that she drove her other boot into Colleen's face and ground against her mouth, her mouth and her cheeks.

"Ooooooooo.....oooooo, f-fuck, STOP PLEASE!" Colleen pleaded, sobbing as Dido busted her up.

Delighted that she had reduced Colleen to tears, Dido abruptly tucked her legs back underneath her, momentarily freeing Colleen from her torment.

"Awww... don't cry Colleen baby. Here, let me wipe your eyes with my pillows."

She leaned her full chest down on Colleen's face, trapping her in a suffocating breast smother.

"Mmmmmpphhh! Mmmmmphhhhh!" Colleen mumbled, her arms cartwheeling in panic.

Earlier in the match she might have been able to do something but Dido had reduced her to jelly and now she was trapped in a corner. Dido wasn't letting up an inch.

"Mmmm. Feels good doesn't it?" cooed Dido.

Eventually, Colleen's arms stopped their jerky movement and her hands came to rest on Dido's sexy hips. She made a few muffled groans still as Dido continued pressing her bosom into Colleen's face. Colleen barely felt it when Dido released the breast smother and, grabbing Colleen by the ankles, dragged her into the center of the wrestling ring.

"I want everyone to get a clear view of this," Dido said as she stood over Colleen, her legs on either side of the redhead's face.

She lowered her ass onto Colleen's face in a front face sit, the very move the redhead had used to finish her off in their first match. Dido added a twist though. She ground her hips up and down and stimulated herself on Colleen's cute button nose until she built herself to a climax.

"Unghh...unghhh! Oh yes! YES! FELLS SO GOOD!" Dido squealed.

Colleen had long ago passed out by the time Dido's love juices spilled down and covered her face in the ultimate act of humiliation.

"Count her out," Dido commanded the shocked ref.




"No. Count to ten." Dido insisted.

The referee did as she asked and Dido finally lifted herself off of Colleen. The redhead was not a pretty sight. Her face was red and flustered. Her hair was matted to her forehead, slick with sweat, She was bleeding from the nose and a cut on her forehead from Dido's stomps to her face and she was covered in Dido's goo.

"Not smiling now, are you?" crowed Dido, a reference to Colleen's hit song "Smile" as she raised her arms and accepting the applause of the crowd.

Pt. 2 - Revenge (4/18/01)
Colleen Fitzpatrick's eyes fluttered open. At first she was blinded by light and it took a few minutes for her to realize where she was. She was flat on her back after her stinging defeat at the hands of Dido Armstrong. The referee was kneeling next to her with smelling salts in hand, which he had used to revive the redhead.

"Oooh…what happened?" Colleen asked.

Then she remembered. She remembered how Dido had trapped her in a sleeper hold, how when she was weakened had choked and smothered her into unconsciousness. Her last memory was Dido sitting on her face.

The ref. handed her a towel and suggested she wipe her face. That was when she realized what Dido had done. She quickly wiped off the goo from her face and got to her feet. She immediately felt a wave of nausea overcome her. Her legs were wobbly and she briefly dropped to one knee before rising again unsteadily. Dido had beaten her up pretty badly and she was shaken. She walked over and grabbed the ropes to support herself.

She felt the eyes of the crowd on her and the shame of defeat suddenly hit her. Her face flushed bright red with embarrassment. Her eyes looked down at her wrestling boots as she averted the gaze of the spectators. After resting against the ropes for a few minutes, Colleen left the ring and started walking back to the dressing room.

"You suck," some fan shouted.

Colleen didn't respond but the insult rattled her. She was seething with anger. She was a much better wrestler than Dido but the blonde had cheated; blowing powder into her face. Dido was going to pay, muttered a newly determined Colleen.

Walking to her dressing room, Colleen heard some movement and realized that Dido might still be there. Maybe her chance at payback would come sooner than she had expected. Colleen tiptoed to the far end of the locker room and peered into a changing area. It was Dido! The Englishwoman must have been giving a lot of post-match interviews to still be here. She was still dressed in her blue wrestling tights and silver boots. She was fixing her hair in a mirror attached to her locker door.

Colleen took a few seconds to assess the situation. What should she do?

Just then Dido started walking toward her, still oblivious to the fact that Colleen, who was hidden by a row of lockers, was anywhere around. As soon as she came into range, Colleen leaped out and planted her knee sharply into Dido's midsection.

"Oooooofffff," grunted Dido, as the unexpected blow hit her firmly in the solar plexus.

She dropped to her knees facing the redhead.

"Surprise bitch!' said Colleen.

Colleen locked her thighs securely around Dido's head and dropped to her knees, slamming Dido face first into the concrete locker room floor.

"Oooooooh!" moaned Dido as she rocked back and forth on the floor holding her injured face in both hands.

Meanwhile, a cleaning lady who had been cleaning up in the locker area ran out. She returned a few minutes later with a camera crew. The back room fight was quickly patched through to the jumbotron screen in the arena filled with wrestling fans.

"Get up you cunt," seethed Colleen as she picked Dido up by her hair.

As Dido rose, the blonde fired a punch directly into Colleen's box.

"Unghh!" cried out Colleen as radiating waves of pain emanated from her muff.

Colleen crumpled to her knees in front of Dido who still hadn't gotten to her feet after Colleen's mini-piledriver. The two women grabbed each other by the shoulders as they fought through the pain trying, each trying to gain the advantage over the other. Colleen's greater wrestling skills came into play when she dropped to the floor on her back and lifted her legs, wrapping them around Dido's head in a neck scissors.

"Oh! Oh, no!" cried Dido as the redhead flexed her legs, tightening the neck scissors and twisting Dido's pretty head like someone trying to force the cork from a champagne bottle.

"Let's see how tough you are without that powder," said Colleen.

"Unghhh!" groaned Dido.

Colleen had very strong legs and Dido felt herself getting lightheaded from the crushing pressure of her thighs. But Dido's arms were free and after a few minutes of futilely trying to wiggle out of the neck scissors, she started raining punches onto Colleen's cunt as hard as she could! Colleen's eyes opened wide with shock at the first brutal punch and the smile on her face was quickly replaced by a pain-wracked expression.

"Gunnghhh! Oooohhh!" Colleen cried as Dido fired punch after punch into her muff.

The redhead promptly released her neck scissors and flipped over on her stomach to protect her pussy from Dido's fists. She got on all fours and tried to crawl away but Dido leaped on her back and, reaching under, applied a vicious crotch claw to Colleen's already tender groin. Dido may not have been as good a technical wrestler as Colleen but she was quite the brawler and didn't hesitate to press her advantage when she got one.

"Oh ,yes!" cooed Dido as Colleen let out a yelp. "I've got you now, cowgirl!"

Colleen grimaced in pain as Dido viciously tore at her most vulnerable area. Reacting as much on instinct as design, Colleen threw back her elbow which caught Dido under the chin. The bold Brit. fell backward, mercifully releasing the crotch claw. Colleen immediately grabbed her cunt trying to ease the pain radiated from it while Dido tried to shake the cobwebs from her head caused by Colleen's elbow.

Colleen was the first to her knees and she crawled over to Dido and clamped on an armbar, pressing her knee onto Dido's face.

"Unghhh!" moaned the blonde as Colleen twisted her arm, shooting pain into her shoulder.

With the redhead's knee pressing against her face, Dido's head was pinned to the floor. Her left arm was free but she couldn't reach Colleen with it. In fact, all Dido could do was pound her hand on the floor while Colleen wrenched on the armbar.

"That's for all the low blows, you fucking cheat," Colleen hissed through gritted teeth as she wrenched Dido's arm for emphasis.

"Oh shit!" cried Dido as the pain shot up her arm to her shoulder.

Then, in an unexpected and surprising display of her flexibility and skill, Dido swung both legs up and around and caught Colleen in neck scissors of her own, toppling the redhead to the side and forcing her to release the armbar.

Dido quickly scrambled up, sitting on Colleen's chest. The redhead bucked furiously to dislodge Dido and several times it looked like she might succeed, but Dido managed to hang on and in the end, the bucking only served to tire Colleen sooner. Dido realized it and smiled as she thought of what would come.

After a few more thrusts of her hips, Colleen collapsed and lay with her tummy heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. That's precisely when Dido slid up and applied her patented face sit to Colleen's pretty mug.

"Ha! Got you! Again!' she crowed as she felt Colleen's muscles tense in panic.
"Mmmphhhh! Mpphhhhh!" Colleen mumbled.

"What was that Colleen dear?" Dido laughed. "Oh, you want me to stay here a while? OK, since you asked so politely," giggled Dido.

Colleen wedged her hands under Dido's buttocks and tried to push her off but she was too weak from the beating she'd already suffered that night and by her recent bucking to throw Dido off.

"You're just not strong enough little girl," taunted Dido. "Maybe you need another dose of Vitamin C".

Meanwhile, Colleen's embarrassing predicament was being broadcast to an arena full of fans who were cheering with excitement at Dido's facesitting domination.

Colleen struggled as hard she could for several minutes, but Dido just squeezed her thighs even more tightly around Colleen's head, immobilizing her further while her tight little ass smothered Colleen into a deep sleep. Dido waited until all signs of struggle had ceased before she started grinding herself on Colleen's flushed face, getting herself off for the second time that night.

"Oh Colleen! Colleen…" Dido gushed as she gushed. "Your face -UNGHH!- was just made for me to fuck! Oh Oooo - Stay right where you are for just a few more minutes 'k? UNGHH!"

Dido thrust and bucked her hips for several long minutes, stimulating herself to a truly satisfying climax on the face of her rival. Finally, she slid back and slumped over with her hard belly slapping on Colleen's face. Dido buried her face in her arms as she writhed on the body of the vanquished singer and radiated her erotic pleasure.

Languidly, Dido rolled over on her side, finally getting off of Colleen's face. A post-coital smile lighting up her pretty face.

Turning to Colleen, Dido slapped her cheek trying to wake her, then patted her on the cheek playfully.

"That was, like, so great babe. I'm so glad you were up for seconds. Was it as good for you as it was for me?" she giggled, winking at the camera as it moved in to capture her radiant glowing face in close-up.

Then Dido stood up and planted a foot on Colleen's sticky, unconscious face. She posed and played to the cameras for the second time in the last hour over the unconscious body of her opponent.

"The winner!' Dido proclaimed herself, flexing her biceps, throwing back her head and laughing to the crowds delight.

(Is this THE END? Can Colleen recover from this second consecutive humiliation? Will Dido continue to torment her? Only longtime lurker knows the answer to these and other unspoken questions)