Jennifer Connelly vs. Bridget Fonda by Doug Haig 10-Jul-99

Jennifer Connelly backhanded Bridget Fonda hard across her face as the two women ripped into one another. Grabbing two handfuls of Jennifer's shoulder length brown hair she whipped her into a wall, a cry of pain issuing from Jennifer's lips as her back struck hard. Bridget tried to knee Jennifer in the cunt, but just missed, catching her painfully instead on the inner left thigh. Even as Jennifer yelped pain, her fist shoot out and into Bridget's left kidney and now Bridget's cry of pain reverberated against the walls. Bridget was driven back, releasing her holds on Jennifer's hair only to get a solid right to her left cheek that snapped her head to the side. Jennifer's uprising knee aimed at her stomach hit nothing but empty air.

With a screech of fury Jennifer charged forward and right into a straight right that buried Bridget's dainty fist deeply into Connelly's left breast, her face twisting in agony from the sharp blow.

"You cow-titted BITCH!!!" Bridget screamed in her rival's pain filled face, "I'm gonna beat your breasts so hard you'll beg me to knock you out!!!"

Bridget drew back her other fist and drove it too deeply into Jennifer's other breast. Jennifer, her eyes welling with tears slumped down onto her well shaped ass in agony as Bridget stood above her, fists raised, and motioning with them for her to get back up for more. When it was apparent Jennifer had no intention at the moment of getting to her feet as she clutched her aching boobs, Bridget stupidly bent over to grab them and pull her up to her feet by them. Jennifer saw her chance through her watery eyes and her well toned leg flashed upwards between Bridget's parted legs and plowed into her cunt like a freight train, full-force.

Now it was Bridget Fonda's face twisted in utter pain as she tried to valiantly keep from falling to her knees from the devastating blow. Jennifer Connelly's other foot lashed out as she slammed it heel first into Bridget's belly sending her flying backwards to crash against the far wall, a cry being ripped from her lips as she struck the wall painfully.

With tears already beginning to flow down her eyes Bridget fell slowly to the hard tiled floor, all but finished as Jennifer continued to massage her throbbing breasts. A few seconds later Jennifer got unsteadily to her feet, went over to Bridget and ripped into her smaller breasts, sinking her fingers into each as Bridget cried out in pain. She proceeded to twist and pull them as Bridget began sobbing loudly. Punching Bridget's much small breasts as Fonda slumped against the wall, Jennifer rammed her heel into Bridget's heaving stomach, as the strawberry blonde moaned out in pain.

The two women lunge out for each other's breasts. Bridget snatches at Jennifer's huge left breast, her left hand squeezes into the mass of flesh while she pinches Connelly's thick nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, her polished nails slicing into Jennifer's supersensitve areola. Connelly in turn sinks her crimson fingernails deep into both of Bridget's breasts, mashing them painfully back against her body as she twists the soft flesh violently. Trying to ignore the pain, Bridget maintains her grip on Jennifer's round boob, wrapping her long fingers around the breast, squeezing for all she's worth. As Jennifer's swollen breast begins to turn blue, Bridget twists and tearing into Jennifer's silver-dollar nipple. Tears well up in both women's eyes, but neither will relent.

Jennifer's large hands crush away into Bridget's breasts. The strength of her hands quickly bruises Bridget's soft mounds, as Fonda cries out in pain. Slowly, Jennifer forces Bridget backwards, as Connelly's fingers soon crush down on find Bridget's nipples. Connelly grinds and pinches at the pink flesh, Jennifer's rings carving bloody patterns into Bridget's tender breast. Tears are now streaming down Bridget's pretty face as she lets go of Jennifer's nipple and grabs at her right breast. Jennifer laughs, drops her hand for a moment, letting Bridget pull at her breasts.

And then Jennifer charges forward, shoving Bridget backwards into the corner of the room, Jennifer locking both hands around Bridget's small right breast, crushing the soft flesh, bending Bridget back as the blonde's spine arches in pain. Bridget screams as Jennifer, holding the breast with her left hand, fires her right fist into the bruised flesh, Bridget's firm mounds expanding painfully outward from the force of Jennifer's punches. As Bridget tries to cover up her breasts, Jennifer slams a hard uppercutting fist into Bridget's taut belly, her fist sinking into the toned flesh. Bridget's knees buckle and her shapely butt drops against the wall. She sits there momentarily dazed, her knees wide apart. Jennifer grabs Bridget by her thick hair and slams her fist into Bridget's groin, driving her backward.

Bridget Fonda moans in pain, as Jennifer Connelly sneers at her, "You like the way that feels, bitch?!! I'm gonna enjoy pussy punching your cunt!!!"

The brunette yanks Bridget to her feet by her hair, and drives her right fist into Fonda's pubic area, right below Bridget's pantyline, harshly compressing her bladder and forcefully rearranging her innards. Bridget is gasping for breath, and moaning in pain as her insides suffer from the trauma they're enduring. Jennifer steps into Bridget, shoving her fist hard against Fonda's stomach, and pressing it in hard. Jennifer's fist practically hits Bridget's spinal column, the deepest belly punch of their fight so far.

Connelly stops for a moment, a big smile on her face, but just then Bridget's right fist flies forward and catches Connelly squarely in the face, snapping her head back painfully. Bridget fires a haymaker that again slams into Jennifer's beautiful face, this one smashing into her full red lips and ripping them open on the inside, blood bursting out from her mouth. Bridget winds up again and plunges her fist hard into Jennifer's large left breast, Fonda's haymaker splattering Connelly's creamy tit under her chin, as the busty brunette screams in pain. Bridget latches onto Jennifer's throbbing left nipple, pinching it hard between her fingers and rings of her left hand, before slapping Jenny's tit out of her hand, almost ripping the blazing nipple off her breast. In fact, one of Bridget's short fingernails had painfully nicked Jennifer' nipple, and as Connelly's hand flew up and clutched her torn breast, blood began to well up between her fingers.

In a rage, Connelly drives her right knee into Bridget's soft gut, forcing her back into the corner. Jennifer unloads a barrage of punches into Bridget's small, aching red breasts, putting her full weight into each punch, mashing the titflesh flat against her ribcage. Bridget's legs buckle, and Connelly grabs her the hair and throws her to the floor. Bridget lands hard on her back, while Jennifer quickly straddles her blonde foe. Her shapely ass slams down on Bridget's devastated belly, as a loud "OOOOOFFFF!!!" escapes from Bridget's mouth.

Connelly grabs two hands full of hair and bounces her foe's head up and down on the hardwood. As Bridget's eyes begin to glaze, Jennifer goes back to work on her tender breasts, twisting and punching at them. Intent on twisting Bridget's fiery nipples off, Jennifer grips Bridget's raw nipples and pulls back hard, Fonda screaming out in torment.


Jennifer rocks back, stretching Bridget's nipples to unbelievable lengths, but then bends forward, her own massive breasts dangling in front of Bridget. Fonda reaches up, slashes at the two big targets with her manicured nails. Jennifer reaches for her foe's hands, but Bridget slips her right hand from Jennifer's grasp and hammers a fist solidly into the side of Jennifer's face. Bridget grabs Connelly's breasts and tugs the exhausted actress off of her perch and on to her side.

Bridget struggles to her knees, but the clear-headed Connelly wraps her muscular thighs around Fonda's waist. She drives Fonda back to the floor, her very powerful thighs clamping down like a vice. They lie on their sides, faces just two feet apart. Bridget slashes at Jennifer's raw breasts, but Connelly reaches forward and sinks her own crimson fingernails into the soft underside of Bridget's right breast. As Bridget screams, Jennifer clamps her legs together and tightens the vice further. Bridget arches backwards, struggling for breath as Connelly's legs shake her like a rag doll. Jennifer again smiles, loosens her vice, slips her legs up so that her right knee crushes down on Fonda's breasts.

Locking her ankles together again, Jennifer scissors down on her foe. As Bridget struggles, her pretty breasts mashed flat, her chest constricted, Connelly grabs her hair to hold her in place. Bridget slips her right hand out from Jennifer's sweaty body shot and roughly seizes Jennifer's right breast. Fonda digs her fingers deep into Connelly's raw globe of flesh. But Connelly sides her scissors up around Bridget's neck. Jennifer arches back as she pours on maximum pressure. Bridget struggles violently, whipping her svelte body around, planting her legs and trying to buck off the floor to escape before Jennifer renders her unconscious, but slowly, she slips into a foggy haze.

Connelly sits up. Her right leg lies across Bridget's waist as she looks down at her foe with contempt. Jennifer's right hand latches onto Bridget's tenderised left breast. Jennifer grinds the nipple between her fingers, drives her knuckles into the soft flesh and twists her ring deeply into the blonde's raw and bloodstained breasts, as Bridget screams into consciousness. Jennifer, still sitting up, yanks up on Bridget's hair, pulling her forward, so that Bridget lies on Jennifer's left leg. Connelly slams her right leg down against Fonda's belly and again clamps her ankles together. Just for fun, Jennifer goes back to work on Bridget's breasts with she crushes her belly.

After several more minutes of torture, Jennifer gets to her feet. Bridget lies flat on her back, gasping for breath and clutching at her badly bruised breasts. Standing over Bridget, Jennifer drops her ass down hard on Bridget's face. Leaning forward, she smothers Bridget's face in her moist crotch. But Jennifer allows herself to relax too much. As she sits triumphantly on her perch momentarily spent, Bridget reaches up and seizes Jennifer by her dark hair and pulls her forward. Bridget curls her knees forward and drives them savagely into Jenny's head. Jennifer falls to her side, holding her throbbing head.

Both women slowly rise to their feet. Bridget wipes her face with her hands, trying to get Connelly stench off of her. Then the two starlets drive forward again, grabbing and tearing at each other's smashed breasts. Again, Connelly shoves Fonda backwards to the wall, her hands clamp down around Bridget's throat as she bends her backwards. But Bridget's fingers have found the soft underside of Jennifer's larger breasts, she digs her fingers and nails deeply into the soft flesh, twisting and slashing the nipples as if her life depended on it. Jennifer's hands let go of Bridget's throat and clutch at Fonda's hands. Bridget spins the brunette around, bending her foe back over her knee as she tears into Jennifer's breasts, gouging the tits with her nails. As her right hand mangles Jennifer's left breast, Bridget's left fist smashes down on Connelly's throat.

Jennifer bounces violently, her hands wrapped around her neck, trying to avoid another blow. Bridget lets Jennifer slump to the floor, then drives her knee up into Connelly's crotch. The strong fingers of her left hand claw at Jennifer's pussy as her right hand works over Jennifer's breasts. Jennifer Connelly curses as Bridget Fonda crotch-rips her pussy, scraping at her swollen vagina with her nails and rings. With a huge effort, Jennifer goes back on the attack, struggling to her feet, seizes Bridget's right breast with both hands, and spins her foe around pushing her into the corner. Jennifer's hands clamp around Bridget's bruised breast, leaving only her raw nipple exposed. As Connelly squeezes, the exposed nipple turns a violent purple as Jennifer threatens to ruin Bridget Fonda's magnificent breast.

But Bridget's left elbow slams up against the side of Jennifer's head. Jennifer relents for a moment but goes right back to her tit-mauling.

"I'M GONNA MAKE YOUR NIPPLES EXPLODE!!!" Jennifer screams, as Bridget slams her right fist into Jennifer's left ear.

As Connelly straightens up, Bridget slams her fist into Jennifer's face, painfully splitting her lips. Fonda's left hand clamps around Jennifer's neck, while she drives her right fist repeatedly into Jennifer's belly. But Connelly stands her ground, taking Bridget's best gut punches. As a frustrated Bridget cocks her arm back for another punch, Jennifer drives forward, her shoulder crashing into Bridget Fonda's breasts as they tumble to the floor. Jennifer quickly straddles her foe, pinning Bridget's arms under her thighs.

In a fury, Connelly seizes Fonda's breasts, mashing, knuckling, twisting and punching at them. Bridget struggles but cannot unseat her. Connelly starts to enjoy herself. Slapping Bridget's pretty face and breasts, pulling up on Bridget's nipples, stretching the breasts into contorted shapes while Fonda can only scream. Connelly leans forward dropping her huge breasts on Bridget's face. As she rubs her big tits over Bridget's face, she taunts her beaten foe. Connelly stands up, grabs Bridget by the hair and yanks her to her feet. She throws Fonda backwards into the corner. Holding Bridget's devastated left breast with her right hand, Jennifer measures the distance and slams her fist into Bridget's chest, and then into her belly. Bridget slumps against the wall.

Bridget Fonda's small breasts are a purple swollen mess, covered with scratches and welts, misshapen and bloody. Connelly grabs Fonda by the arm, twists and then flings her across the right. Jennifer charges forward intent on slamming herself into Fonda, but Bridget manages to get her knee up. Jennifer hits with terrific force , Bridget's knee driving painfully into Jennifer's midsection, and then ricochets backward.

Fonda moves quickly, as Jennifer lies momentarily winded, Bridget lifts her legs, spreads them wide like a wishbone and proceeds to stomp down repeatedly on Jennifer's crotch, with one bush-bursting stomp after another. Stopping occasionally to grind her heel into Jennifer's pussy, Bridget works relentlessly on Connelly's crotch, bruising her foe's pubic bone badly. Finally dropping Jennifer's sexy legs, Bridget leaps up and lands with both knees square in Jennifer's belly, Connelly hoarsely gasping out in agony as every molecule of air is smashed out of her lungs. Bridget lies next to Connelly, wraps her rock solid thighs around Jennifer's body and clamps her ankles tight.

"Lets see how you like getting crushed, BITCH!!!" Fonda yells, as Connelly wails out in anguish.

Bridget grabs Jennifer's right arm, twists it and leans backward while maintaining the scissors. As Jennifer begins to fade, Bridget unlocks her ankles and slams her right leg up and down on Anna's breasts, splattering out her mammaries. Fonda stands up, and walks up to Jennifer's head. Looking down at her dazed foe for a moment, Bridget slams her curvaceous ass down on Connelly's swollen face, nearly breaking Connelly's nose as she presses her ass down. As Bridget grinds down, she grabs onto Jennifer's breasts and pays her back in kind for the mauling she has taken.

Bridget Fonda rips into Jennifer Connelly's breasts, hammering her fists down hard on the large globes, driving her practically driving Jenny's nipples through her tits. Bridget gives Jennifer's breasts hard sideways slaps and nails-first thrusts, splitting open Jennifer's breasts. Jennifer Connelly's breasts are swollen and badly bruised, radiating pain, as Bridget Fonda keeps on kneading them hard, using her nails to crush the brunette's tits into her palm. Getting ready to finish this fight, Bridget rises, rolls Connelly onto her back.

Kneeling to the side of her foe, Bridget twists Connelly's right leg backwards, and holds it firmly with her left hand. The fingers of her right hand scratch deep into Jennifer's curvy ass and work their way down to her pussy. Bridget jams her thumb into Connelly's anus, her four other fingers dig into the brunette's pussy. Connelly screams as Bridget rips into her. Jennifer struggles and finally frees her leg. They pain from her crotch and ass is numbing.

Bridget quickly wraps herself behind Connelly, trapping her in a full nelson and waist scissors. Fonda's slender thighs quickly have Connelly immobilized and gasping for air. Her hands first choke Connelly, then maul her breasts, before finally working their way down to Jennifer's pussy. Fonda takes her time, crushing her foe, clamping a nasty claw on Connelly's groin, ripping her nails into Jennifer's burning vagina pussy while her knuckles grind down on Jennifer Connelly's bruised pubic bone. Jennifer is screaming out in pain, but finally slides her right hand up between Bridget's sweaty legs, and rams her thumb hard and deep into Fonda's blonde pussy.

Bridget lets out a thunderous scream of agony and pain, as Jennifer keeps on smashing her thumb into Bridget's ripped-open pussy, as Fonda sobs in pain. Raking the walls of Bridget's cunt with her sharp crimson thumbnail, Jennifer rips her hand out from inside Bridget, but is in no shape to capitalise on escaping. Both women are devastated as they crawl around on all fours, Bridget Fonda clutching her burning pussy, while Jennifer Connelly cups and massages her aching breasts, trying to rub some of the pain out of them.

Struggling to their feet, both actresses fell against walls on opposite sides of the room. Sweat was pouring of their bodies, stinging their cut and scratched breasts, while their hair was damp and stringy.

"You wanna end this now bitch?" breathed Bridget.

"Only if that means you quit, you cunt-rag," Jennifer came back.

"Not hardly BITCH!!!" Fonda screamed, throwing herself at Connelly.

Bridget charged only to have Jennifer grab a handful of her short blonde hair and knee plow her in the belly with an extremely hard and accurate kick, catching Fonda in her diaphragm, doubling the redheaded actress over with a loud moan of pain. Connelly twisted her foe to the floor onto her back but before she could capitalize on it Bridget's legs shot out and wrapped around her waist again. The strawberry blonde used her powerful legs to force Jennifer down to the floor and onto her side as the trapped beauty tried to pry herself free with both hands as the pain erupted in her sides, forcing her to remove her hands from Bridget short hair.

After struggling futilely to rip her rival's legs open Jennifer reached out and ripped down Bridget's flaming tits and latched onto each nipple with her powerful fingers, tugging the breast every which way by them as Bridget gasped in pain at the assault. Her face twisted in pain, Bridget pulled at Jennifer's manicured hands as Connelly continued to tear her nipples around, but Bridget only managed to free one of Connelly's hands and Jennifer twisted Fonda's breast in her grip and this time she crushed her boob fully in her hand as the blonde beauty grunted and then cried out, although she could see through her squinting eyes that Jennifer was in some pain from the scissors crushing her sides.

Now it was her turn to rip into Jennifer's tits, and with a scream of rage Bridget grabbed each larger breast in hand and started squeezing, as when Bridget sliced her nails hard into Jennifer's erect nipples, the effect was immediate as Jennifer cried out and suddenly started twisting like a cyclone between her rival's legs, her face twisted in agony, causing Bridget to loose her grip on both breasts. Bridget latched onto them again and again but kept loosing her grip till the pain from Jennifer's continuous attack on her small breasts became too agonising. Bridget finally released Jennifer from her vice-like scissors and rolled away. As both women went to their knee's Jennifer taunted her between gulps of air.

"What's the matter, those little titties hurt too much for you to stand?"

"You fucking Bitch!" Bridget came back with, trying to forget about her pain-wracked body long enough to beat this woman, "I'm gonna crush those cow-tits of yours into goo!!!"

Miss Fonda shot forward, her eyes blazing with fury, attacking Jennifer by surprise with her speed and smashed her taunting rival backwards.

As she fell back the momentum slammed the gorgeous Connelly's head to the floor stunning her and Bridget immediately straddled the pretty brunette, put her knees onto her arms trapping them under her legs as fast as she could. With a wicked smile on her face Bridget reached behind her and dug her hand past her rival's fur, bringing a loud cry from Jenny's smashed lips as tugged on her pussy hairs a few times. She reached down with her other hand and this time got a good tight grip on the brunette's left breast and started twisting and pulling it like no tomorrow in her hand. Jennifer's cries began echoing throughout the room as she was assaulted over and over, Bridget's fingers digging painfully into her left breast. She bucked wildly over and over, but could not seem to unseat her lighter rival. Bridget grabbed Jennifer's smashed left nipple and Bridget tugged it hard enough to bring tears to the battered beauty's eyes.

In dire straits, Jennifer Connelly almost missed how far back Bridget Fonda was leaning with each breast tug. In a last ditch attempt Jennifer timed it perfectly and brought her long sexy legs up and around her unsuspecting rival's head, crushing it between her powerful calves. She cried out from the effort it took to force Fonda backwards as her fingers were torn from Jennifer's swollen and battered nipple as she went flying onto the floor, another smaller cry coming from Jennifer as she tugged Bridget's hands from her pussy. Bridget was still laying on top of her rival and she frantically tried to maneuver her legs and get Jennifer in a scissors also, but after a short furious struggle Connelly wrapped her strong arms around her Bridget's legs.

Twisting around she forced them both onto their sides as she brought her legs down around Bridget's neck, almost losing her scissors hold in the process. The brunette choked the redheaded beauty caught between her sexy legs almost unconscious, but released the pressure before her foe passed out and while her Bridget struggled for air she maneuvered her into yet another chest scissors. Jennifer crushed her Fonda's bare breasts between her powerful sexy legs as Bridget cried out weakly, still trying to catch her breathe as her torn breasts erupted in agony. Jennifer kept it up till Bridget cried even louder, crushing her as Bridget Fonda's sobs began to rack her body.

Connelly opened her legs, releasing her scissors, and kicked Fonda away. Jennifer got to her feet, as did Bridget, but facing away from her. With Bridget having her back to her, Jennifer charged in low, sending her shoulder into the back of Bridget's left knee clipping her.

"UUUNNHHHHH!!" cried Bridget, grabbing the back of her left knee and falling over onto her back, her body hitting the floor hard.

Jennifer, on her hands and knees with her beautiful hair over her face looked back at Bridget who was rolling on the floor, grabbing her left knee, her eyes closed in pain. Jennifer got up and grabbing a handful of Bridget luscious blonde hair, hauled the crippled actress to her feet. Bridget hobbled on one foot, still slightly bent over. "

What a sorry bitch" Jennifer said, and chopped both her hands into Bridget's shoulder blades.

"ARGGGHHH" cried Bridget slumping down and grabbing her shoulders in pain.

Jennifer reached down pulling Bridget to her feet again bearhugged Bridget round her waist, Jennifer's face pressing into Bridget small heaving breasts. Lifting her feet off the floor, Jennifer then used her full body weight and slammed Bridget down into the floor.

"OOOOOOHHHH!!!" cried Bridget again as her back was slammed into the floor and her breasts were mashed by Jennifer who landed on top of her.

Bridget arched her back in pain, her eyes tightly shut. Jennifer brushed her hair out of her face and stood up, grabbing a hold of each of Bridget's ankles at the same time. Opening up Bridget's legs in a wishbone, Jennifer saw how bloody Bridget's pussy was. Jennifer stomped down hard with her heel on Bridget's cunt.

"OOOHHH GOD!! MY PUSSY!!!" screamed Bridget clutching her cunt and rolling over in pain.

Once again, grabbing a handful of thick blonde hair, Jennifer hauled Bridget up to her feet and put her in a bear hug, crushing their succulent breasts between them. Bridget was half conscious, moaning and her hair all over her face, her arms limply by her side. Lifting her body up again, Jennifer slammed Bridget's cunt onto her knee in a front atomic drop. Bridget cried out as her juicy cunt slammed into Jennifer's knee. Bridget's body bounced off Jennifer's knee and she fell hard on her back on the floor again, cupping her bashed-up cunt, curling into a ball.

Not giving Bridget a chance, Jennifer again pulled her up and holding Bridget by her sweaty hair, Jennifer ran with Fonda in front of her and threw Bridget into the wall. Bridget went in face first, bursting her nose which started bleeding straight away and Bridget crumpled to the floor by the wall. Bridget's luscious breasts bare and resting against the floor. Jennifer bent over and pulled Bridget up and then slapped a full nelson on her, driving her own larger breasts into Bridget's sweaty naked back, driving Bridget's chin against her chest and thrusting Bridget's hard nippled breasts outwards.

"GAAHHHH!!! IT HURRRTTTS!!!" groaned Bridget as Jennifer pushed her breasts in harder against Bridget's back and pushed Bridget's chin in harder against her chest.

Jennifer then straightened up, lifting Bridget's feet off the floor and applying more pressure. Bridget Fonda was trapped in a full nelson, her feet off the floor, her arms hanging out limp, her face against her chest with her hair all over her face, her hard nippled breasts thrusted out and heaving. Jennifer walked around with Bridget suspended like this, then Jennifer ran forward into a wall and smashed Bridget straight against it.

"OOOOFFFFF!!!!" screamed Bridget as her face and breasts mashed into it.

Jennifer released the full nelson and Bridget fell on her back, one hand clutching her breasts and the other her face.

"Give up ?" said Jennifer, and Bridget weakly shook her head, still moaning on the floor.

"Oh well." quipped Jennifer and pulled Bridget up again and grabbing a handful of hair on the back of her head, Jennifer ran forward with Bridget and slammed her head into the wall hard.

"ARGGGHHHHHH" cried Bridget holding her head as she fell to her knees, her naked breasts shaking.

Pulling her up by her breasts, Jennifer slammed Bridget's back into the wall.

"OOFFF" groaned Bridget standing against the wall, the cold wall against her hot sweaty back.

Then her stomach exploded in pain as Jennifer slammed a fist into it.

"GAHHHH" cried Bridget bending over and Jennifer grabbed her hair again, straightening her by slamming the back of her head into the wall.

Bridget cried out again as Jennifer slammed another fist into Bridget's stomach. Pulling her straight again the same way, Jennifer slammed first one fist then another into Bridget's left then right tit.

"OHH GOD!!! JENNIFER!!! PLEASE STOP!!! YOU"RE WRECKING MY BREASTS!!! MY BREASTS!!!" cried Bridget clutching her tit in pain and bending over.

Jennifer immediately jumped back onto Bridget, not letting up for a moment. Bridget tried to protect her battered breasts and cunt but Jennifer was blasting her with wicked punches to her most delicate areas. Jennifer grabbed Bridget's throbbing breasts and dragged her around the room, before finally letting her fall to the floor.

Jennifer knelt down beside Bridget and pulled her head up, punching her face hard. Blood flew across the room as Jennifer's fists smashed into Bridget's face, the brunette showing no mercy. After a series of blows, Bridget's face was bruised, her left eye swollen closed, her left nostril dripping droplets of blood, her lips mashed and bleeding, trying desperately to come to her senses before the blonde attacked her again. When she was satisfied, Jennifer lifted Bridget to her feet and wrapped her in a bearhug. Bridget moaned in pain as Jennifer's nipples dug into her breasts. Jennifer started to turn herself side to side continually engulfing Bridget's smaller breasts as the brunette grimaced at the pain in her now throbbing nipples as the constant rubbing began to have its effect on her. Jennifer's breasts started to overcome Bridget's, engulfing them, and Jennifer's blood engorged nipples speared painfully into the soft flesh of her foe again and again. Jennifer relished Bridget's cries of pain as her breasts overwhelmed Fonda's, flowing all over them.

Releasing her, Jennifer trapped Bridget in a corner and slammed her breasts over and over into the blonde's, crying in agony from the power of each blow. Jennifer felt her breasts numb and began slamming Bridget's red breasts silly, pressing her advantage. Bridget desperately swung her breasts into Jennifer's, wincing in pain from the blow, again she is battered back by two hard swung breast blows from Connelly that had her breasts in total agony as she staggered back, cupping them in her manicured hands. Jennifer wrapped her up in another bearhug again, driving her now rock hard nipples roughly into Bridget's sore breasts. Bridget finally went limp, too hurt to fight back as Jennifer pinned her against a wall.

"Fuck you, Bitch" says Jennifer, drawing back and smashing her fist hard into Bridget's swollen left breast.

Bridget Fonda cries out in complete pain, utterly destroyed by Jennifer Connelly, as her breast explodes in searing pain as she passes out.