Jennifer Connelly vs. Jennie Garth by bbb4 (31-Aug-99)

Both girls climb into the lightly padded wrestling ring with small robes, falling only to the middle of their thighs. Garth's short spiky blonde hair, and trim slight frame contrast with Connelly's wider, more powerful frame and long brown hair. Jennifer's robe can't even come close to containing her huge jugs, while Jennie's small breasts fit snugly with the teri cloth of her robe. As Connelly looks across the ring, she gives Jennie a hard stare and unties her robe, letting gravity pull it off her shoulders.

As the silky robe slips from her shoulders, the crowd gasps in sudden silence as Jennifer's large pink melons are exposed. Wearing only a modest thong, Jennifer turns to the crowded ringside area, giving the masses a good view of her ample chest and curvy behind. She eggs the crowd on, rubbing her hands over her large buns, up past the leg holes of her yellow thong, and into her already damp breasts. The effects of age on her solid body are negligible as Connelly's large pinkish nipples stiffen despite the sweltering August heat.

After the raucous applause dies down a bit, Garth jealously looks across the ring, slowly untying the belt of her teri cloth robe. Garth too wears a small thong and nothing else. The electric blue of her body glove thong matches her low wrestling boots making for a great little package of tight buns and abs and hard little breasts. She tosses her robe to Shannen Doherty at ringside, who gives her cheerful smile before stepping down to the concrete floor. The crowd again gives her a healthy dose of applause, and Jennie's scowling stare across the ring turns to a smile. Garth's teats tightening up as she gets to business and slowly walks to the center of the ring to meet the larger brunette.

The two tie up in a classic collar and elbow, but Jennifer stuns the blonde with a swift forearm smash to the side of the face. Two more quick forearms to the side of the head, and elbow to the back of the neck send Garth down to all fours, where a knee lift to the ribs lays her out completely. Struggling to regain her breath, Garth is treated to a huge, bare breasted splash, flattening her against the rough canvas mat. Connelly climbs up and off the crushed blonde slowly, making sure to rub her large, hanging breasts against Jennie's smaller orbs. Jennifer tweaks one of Jennie's nipples and whispers, "Pathetic", as she finally climbs to her feet. Garth rolls to her side, clutching her ribs and sides in agony. Jennifer continues to pummel Garth's ribcage, stomping her a few times and kicking her in the low abdomen. She finally rolls Jennie onto her back a delivers a driving knee drop to her stomach.

Reaching down, Connelly takes a handful of the blonde's thong and pulls Jennie to her feet. Garth rises quickly, feeling the bite of the thong against her womanhood, but Connelly cruelly jerks the tiny bikini bottoms, wedging the thin strip of protective material between Jennie's thighs and up her butt. Still using the thong, Jennifer takes position behind Jennie and delivers a combination super wedgie and belly to back suplex. Garth crashes into the mat head first and rolls to the side, both hands wedged between her legs, trying in vain to pry the padded cloth out from between her legs.

The brunette takes a seat behind the smaller blonde and snakes her magnificent thighs around Jennie's slim waist. This dominant position behind the smaller blonde is one of Jennifer's favorite positions for earning a submission. Using the kiester bounce, the full nelson, and breast maul from behind, Connelly has sent many a young lady to the locker room in tears. It is her body scissors, though, that keeps her opponent from squirming away from her variety of punishing holds.

The first jolt of leg power that Jennifer pours into the body scissors almost makes Jennie pass out. A sharp painful gasp is followed by a low moan, as Connelly squeezes the life out of Jennie. Jennie reaches down, trying to break the body scissors by prying Connelly's ankles apart, but the brunette is far too strong and reaches forward, taking Garth arms in a surfboard like maneuver. Jennie screams out as Connelly applies the crushing scissors pressure to her ribs and the wrenching, twisting power to her arms simultaneously, but is strong enough to slip out of Jennifer's grips. Connelly sits back, allowing the full brunt of the body scissors to wilt the thin blonde.

Garth desperately rakes her sharp fingernails down Jennifer's thighs, hoping a second time to break the grinding body scissors. It is Connelly this time that gasps in pain as Jennie's claws leave reddened welts down her thighs. Jennifer responds with a forearm smash the back of Garth's neck, but the blonde refuses to quit and drags her nails down the tanned flesh of Connelly's thighs again, leaving two fresh rows of five bloody red welts. Jennifer again smashes the blonde across the back, but follows this time by reaching up and under Jennie's arms.

Cradling the blonde's small breasts, she begins to maul the soft flesh in her hands, kneading the lily white tissue and pinching Jennie's rosy teats. Garth squeaks out a high pitched scream as Jennifer claws and mangles her treasures. Garth grabs at Jennifer's hands, weakly pulling at the wrists as tears stream down her gorgeous face. Connelly's baby blue eyes gleam with deceitful pleasure as she feels the soft, warm, damp, flesh melt under the pressure of her expert fingers. Each twisting turn of Jennie's nipple, or clawing of the soft underside of her breasts induces another baleful moan, and brings Jennie one step closer to begging for submittal. Desperately, Garth slips her hands down and backward, finding the warm cave between Connelly's thighs. A moment too late, Connelly feels Garth probing her womanhood before her groin explodes in agony.

Jennifer's thigh's pop open like a bank safe as Garth again probes and rakes Connelly's crotch. Jennifer's hands shoot to her agonizing cunt as Garth tries for a third pussy punishing finger rake. Grabbing Jennie's hand with one of her own hands, she prevents the blonde from raking her again. Jennie slams her head backward, catching the brunette with a stunning backward headbutt across the bridge of the nose. Blood trickles down her face as Garth wastes no time and cunt rakes the brunette a third time. Jennifer cries out in unmitigated agony, and slams her forearm across Jennie's back, pushing the blonde out of the scissors hold and away from her. With her other hand, she yanks hard on Jennie's thong, returning to the wedgie that started the match so well.

Jennie rolls out from between Jennifer's thighs, pausing to mule kick Connelly between the legs one last time. Seeming to have gotten the best of the exchange, Garth goes to all fours and then to her feet. She slowly peels down the thong, delicately pulling it from her tortured twat. She tosses it out of the ring, going nude for the rest of the fight. Connelly, mean time, has rolled over to her stomach and crawled half way across the canvas. Garth sends her the rest of the way across the canvas, toe kicking the battered brunette in the muff. Jennifer lets out a wailing scream, and collapses back to the mat, only to be thong hauled back to her feet.

"How's that feel?", Jennie whisper's in her opponent's ear, jerking her thong vengefully.

Jennie turns the brunette around and shows some rare power, picking the brunette up in a bearhug like hold, only to give her a crotch splitting reverse atomic drop. Jennie looks over to her old friend Shannen Doherty, master of the crotch claw, and nods her head that it is indeed time to finish the brunette. Jennie hauls her up, again using Jennifer's thong as a pulling handle. The center strap of the thong has long since disappeared between Jennifer's thighs, showing the world her heavy, furry bush in front, and her shapely pinkish, ass cheeks behind. Garth tosses the heavier brunette to the ropes and gives her a brutal clothesline across the breasts as she returns.

Garth repeats the process, seeming to take more pleasure in hauling her opponent up by her thong, and then jerking her around than the actual clothesline. A third trip to the ropes ends in a a devastating knee lift to the ovaries. Bent over, clutching her gut, Jennifer's head is suddenly wedged between Jennie's thighs. Garth takes her time, signaling to the crowd to get their opinion.

A hearty roar ensues, especially after Jennie slaps Connelly across the ass, leaving a huge, hand shaped welt on the pale brunette's significant ass. Garth follows through, hefting the brunette up and pile driving her in the center of the ring. Jennifer's head pops out of Garth's thighs like a cork upon striking the mat. She wavers once and slumps to her back, leaving herself lying spread eagle, flat on her back in the center of the ring. Jennie has little trouble pulling the thong down, yanking it out of Jennifer's twat and pulling it down around her ankles.

Jennie rolls the brunette over with little resistance and quickly loops the thong around Jennifer's wrists. Tying Jennifer's hands together for some reason brings Connelly back to life and she struggles mightily as Garth finishes her knot, securing her opponent's hands behind her back. Jennie leans forward to the struggling brunette, whispering in her ear, before wedging her thighs apart. Holding up her left hand, she slides it down the sweat slickened inside of Jennifer's thighs until her fingers find Connelly's warm, dampness.

Jennifer mutes a pained cry as Garth's fingers first penetrate her, but she is soon wailing, "I give! OHHHHHH GOD! Make her stop, I GIVE!"

Just as quickly, Garth withdraws her offending hand, and slaps Jennifer across the ass, "I thought you might..."

Garth climbs from the ring, sorely and slowly, where Shannen hands her back her robe and thong. Not bothering with the undergarment, Garth slips into the robe and ties the strap around her waist.

Interviewer: Jennie, what a win for you. It looked all over when she got that body scissor on you...

Jennie Garth: It's never over until I am walking out of the ring with a win. She grabbed my breasts, so I let my fingers do the walking and showed her who was the superior woman.

INT: Who's next Jennie?

JG: I hear the Winona is moaning about a shot at the belt. (Holding up her fist) This will be the only belt she'll get from me...

Jennie walks back to the dressing room.