Jennifer Connelly vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by technetium

Sarah and Jennifer met in a party. Sarah was in pink sport top, black skirt and black ankle boots, while Jennifer was in a blue see-thru one-piece blue dress that left her big jugs clearly visible and sandals. Sarah almost immediately started making remarks about Jennifer's barely there attire.

"Honey, how can you go around dressed like that? You know, you start looking old..."

"Oh, shut up, Sarah! I guess you're envious because you're such a poor actress..."

"What? Me jealous? Why you're the most undeserving Oscar-winner like, ever... you were pathetic in that movie!"

Jennifer set her glass down on a nearby table and looked at Sarah with and icy gaze.

She snapped her tongue and continued, "Excuse me? I'M pathetic? Oh, this is great.... You're not even able to act in your dull show and ...."

"Oh, Jennifer, puh-leeze! At least I have a show. And I'm so credible in it that Buffy continues to be one of the top rated shows, unlike 'The $treet' that series of yours that got itself quickly canceled. Maybe it's YOU who isn't so credible!"

Jennifer's face flushed deep red and she threw a slap at Sarah. "Shut up, whore! I'm better than you!" she screamed.

Sarah held her aching cheek and answered, "Well, after what happened with Madonna, I thought you'd have been a bit more cautious ... but I see I was wrong!"

Sarah then punched Jennifer in her soft tummy, leaving the brunette bent forward trying to catch her breath. She stepped back, trying to cover her stomach but Sarah hit her again, then as Jennifer bent forward, Sarah sent two uppercuts to the brunette's bulging bra.

As Sarah moved closer, Jennifer tried to slap her again but Sarah blocked it easily and replied with a backhand to Jennifer's left cheek that sent the brunette reeling back on her heels. Jennifer crashed to the ground, sobbing.

"Your repertoire is pretty limited, slut!" taunted Sarah. "Can't you do anything but slap? And not very well at that!"

Jennifer sat up and whined, "You skinny little bitch, you'll pay for your stupid words!"

"Pay? ME? Look at you, old soft cow! Sitting on your ass crying."

Sarah approached Jennifer as she tried to get up and aimed another punch at her belly. This time, however, Jennifer blocked the fist and grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair, pulling violently. She tried to bend Sarah over, but the blonde used her other hand to reach up and rip down the front of Jennifer's dress. Jennifer's right boob tumbled out of the torn dress and became an easy target for Sarah's flashing fingernails. Jennifer frantically tried to shield her bare breast, but in no time Sarah got both hands clamped down on Jennifer's tits.

The big brunette screamed hysterically as Sarah shoved her backward until her butt hit the wall. Then Sarah punched Jennifer's tits with a fury despite her effort to cover them. Barely able to stand under Sarah's two-fisted attack, Jennifer tried punching back. After several swings missed their target by a wide margin, she managed to land one on Sarah's chin.

Instantly, the slim girl fell stunned. Jennifer hit Sarah's surprised face with a kick that send her slender body sliding across the hardwood floor and when she came to rest, Jennifer straddled her and sat down on Sarah's tummy. Taking advantage of Sarah's dizziness, Jennifer ripped open Sarah's top, snapped apart her bra and dug in with both hands, pinching the blonde's erect nipples and making her scream in anguish.

"Now," Jennifer laughed. "I MAY have a limited repertoire of moves, but I am clearly stronger than you!" as she stretched Sarah's elastic nipples to their limit, pulling Sarah's shoulders up off the floor.

Sarah sobbed, unable to react with her arms securely pinned by the bigger brunette's knees. Only after Jennifer was satisfied with Sarah's gasping reaction to her tit-torture did she lean down and lower her big, soft breasts onto Sarah's red face.

"Now, I'll use my superior tits to dominate your insignificant face! Nightie-night, hon!"

Jennifer pressed her breasts hard on Sarah's terrified face as the ample, gorgeous breasts molded themselves to Sarah's small face easily. She enjoyed the sensation of the blonde's breath on her sensitive skin as she looked up at the crowd that had gathered around with a big grin. However, her smile suddenly faded!

Sarah managed to wriggle her hands free and she started scratching Jennifer's boobs. Jennifer screamed in pain, trying to maintain her smother hold, but realizing Sarah was breathing better now that she couldn't concentrate on smothering while she tried to wrestle Sarah's hands back under control. Jennifer made a last effort to close the smother, but the outcome was terrible. Instead of being closer to Sarah's nose and mouth, her tits ended up just the right distance for Sarah to counterattack!

Sarah opened her mouth and chomped, leaving a teeth mark on Jennifer's right boob. The poor brunette screamed at the top of her lungs, frantically trying to pull free and get up to escape this new torture. But Sarah maintained her bite while clawing with her fingernails for some time.

Then, Sarah had to open her mouth to take a breath and Jennifer scrambled to her feet. Just as Sarah snapped her leg up and drove her knee into Jennifer's crotch! Jennifer fell on her back, sobbing and crying as she held her wounded womanhood in both hands.

Sarah got to her feet and hauled the heavy brunette up by her nipples, screaming: "Now, it's my turn to destroy your overrated boobs!"

Sarah dragged Jennifer around the room by the nipples for several seconds and she was unable to do anything but scream. Then, Sarah threw her against a wall and Jennifer dropped to her knees. Sarah paused to pull Jennifer's dress down off her shoulders and let it fall at her ankles. She lifted Jennifer back up by the hair, spun her around and slammed her against the wall. As Jennifer's tits mushroomed between her chest and the hard wall, she screamed in anguish:

"No, Sarah, please, no!!! You're destroying my tits!!!! Nooooo!"

"You deserve it, slut!" grinned Sarah, deaf to Jennifer's lamentation.

Sarah pushed the back of Jennifer's shoulders to increase the pressure on her tits as she adding a few knees to Jennifer's ass. Jennifer was panting hard, her face crimson and tears streaming down her cheeks. She couldn't see any escape from her situation.

Suddenly, she felt the pressure on her tits ease, and when she tried to turn around to check what was going on, Jennifer felt a deep pain on her crotch. Sarah had abandoned her pressure on Jennifer's back just to pull up her panties in a fearsome wedgie! The busty brunette was forced up on her tip-toes as Sarah paraded her around he room once more holding her up by her panties. Jennifer's bare tits bounced and swayed as she was twisted and turned around, completely under Sarah's control.

Then the cotton gave way, the panties broke and Jennifer ended up being thrown roughly across the room where she hit a table and collapsed sobbing.

"Ah, no, don't you think it's over!" said Sarah, with a big smile.

She pulled Jennifer up and threw her on her back on top of the low table, then walked around to the other side. Sarah grabbed Jennifer's arms and stretched them out on the table, pulling them to their limit. Jennifer's back arched, thrusting her tits into the air as her legs opened obscenely putting her thick, lush pubic area on full display. Sarah bent over and lowered her tits on Jennifer's face, then started to swing her shoulders from side to side, giving the brunette a humbling tit slapping.

"My tits may not be as big as yours, you fat cow, but they're stronger than yours!"

Jennifer moaned, "N-o-o-o, p-p-leeee-ze n-n-n-o-o-o-o-!" but it wasn't enough to convince Sarah to stop.

But as so often happens in these situations, Sarah pushed her domination a little too far. She'd forgotten about Jennifer's hands and the destroyed brunette got a hold of Sarah's hair and tugged violently, pulling her backwards. Now it was Sarah's turn to scream, as she fell to the floor. Jennifer rolled off the table top and landed on Sarah, dropping her whole weight on the surprised opponent.

"Bitch!!! I'll destroy you!!!" screamed Jennifer, slapping Sarah, venting on the blonde all the rage and frustration for what she'd suffered in the previous situations.

From below, Sarah suffered the situation in silence for a minute, but as soon as she got her wits back, she grabbed Jennifer's hanging breast. The brunette screamed as her flesh was squeezed and pulled downward. She tried to deliver the same hard slaps, but her action was considerably less effective after a long, hard fight.

"I'll rip your tits, whore!!!! I'll destroy them!!!" yelled Sarah, continuing her devastating attack on Jennifer's soft tits.

Jennifer tried to get off, to escape Sarah's hands, but her grip was too strong. When the brunette lifted her hips, Sarah thrust her hips upward so hard that she displaced Jennifer and almost knocked her off. After one more thrust, Jennifer landed on Sarah's right side. Then Sarah unleashed her legs, kicking out in front of her to Jennifer's already battered chest with her heels. The brunette clutched at her breasts, sobbing while Sarah rose and caught Jennifer's right ankle.

Sarah raised the foot and stomped Jennifer's naked pussy with her left boot. The first blow left Jennifer breathless but the second one made her scream. Sarah added several more stomps, none of them effectively blocked by Jennifer's flailing hands. After another stomp, the brunette was almost unconscious. Sarah slapped Jennifer, awakening her, then hauled her up by the hair.

She left the trembling brunette swaying unsteadily in front of her as, with a Buffy-like movement, Sarah spun around and kicked up into Jennifer's chest. The kick sent her flying backward to the ground, where she lay motionless. The big brunette wasn't out cold, but Sarah knew it was only a matter of time. She looked at the crowd and rose her arms in victory.

"Now, slut, here's your punishment!" she cooed, looking at her sobbing opponent with an evil grin.

Sarah swaggered confidently over to Jennifer and, with a sharp movement, inserted the heel of her right ankle-boot in her pussy and leaned forward putting her full weight on the foot. Jennifer screamed at the top of her lungs as she frantically pawed and tugged at Sarah's foot, trying in vain to remove it from the humbling and painful position.

"Give up!!!" screamed Sarah, as Jennifer tried again and again to push the offending heel away with no success.

More than desperate, the crying brunette unzipped Sarah’s boot and raked her nails under Sarah's sole. Fortunately for Jennifer, the boot wasn't too tight, so there was enough space for her attack. In a moment, Jennifer dumped Sarah over and pulled the boot from her foot. Instantaneously, Jennifer brought her mouth to the bare foot and bit down - hard! Sarah screamed and tried to kick Jennifer in the head with her other foot, but Jennifer hammered Sarah's crotch several times with her right foot.

Then Sarah tried to grab Jennifer's foot, but Jennifer knocked her back down with a well-placed kick to the face. Sarah sprawled on her back, sobbing and holding her bleeding nose as Jennifer removed the blonde's other boot and bit that foot as well, leaving red marks on Sarah's toes and on her sole. Jennifer felt Sarah's legs moving and decided it was time to end the match - before Sarah could gather her strength. She safely pinned Sarah's arms above her head and once more lowered her big jugs onto the blonde's face.

"This time, you won't came back from it!" Jennifer yelled confidently, pushing harder and harder.

Sarah sobbed and trashed her legs, but her struggling soon became more feeble and her breathing more difficult. Then Sarah was out cold! Jennifer got up, leaning forward with her hands on her knees as she sucked in precious lungfuls of air. She finally rose upright and lifted her arms in victory, giving a harsh look to the crowd. "I won!" she said, simply.

However, she wasn't satisfied. She removed Sarah's clothes, leaving the blonde naked, then sat on her face and wiggled her butt as she worked Sarah’s nose into the crack of her ass. Jennifer sat facing Sarah's body, her hands on Sarah's perky little tits.

She started to squeeze, yelling: "Now it's your turn!!! I'll give you back everything you gave me, and more!!!"

Sarah painfully revived, only to scream start screaming in anguish.

Jennifer lifted her bottom from Sarah's face and asked. "Have you something to say???"

Terrorized, Sarah gasped, "Please, Jennifer, you won! I'm sorry! Please lemme go!!!"

Jennifer smiled and pressed her ass back down, shutting off any noise from Sarah's mouth. Just before Sarah passed out cold again, Jennifer got up and dragged Sarah up by the hair. Now it was Sarah standing on unsteady legs before her opponent.

“And one more thing, slut,” fussed Jennifer. “My punches are damn strong!"

She slugged Sarah in the face with all her strength sending Sarah sprawling on her back unconscious. Jennifer spat on her, got dressed somehow, and dragged Sarah’s limp, naked body to the front door and threw it into the front yard.