Jennifer Connelly vs. Madonna by Rob

Jennifer was at a Southern California beach, wearing a tiny black thong that left her generous butt cheeks bare and her mouth-watering breasts shaking and shimmering. She was enjoying the attention of all the men on the beach who were practically drooling over the gorgeous star. Suddenly Jennifer noticed the guys were starting to look elsewhere. Yep, Madonna had shown up for a topless photo shoot. Jennifer didn't like the fact that the men were ignoring her. so she sauntered over to the shoot, walking right up to Madonna.

"You know, dear, at your age you really should wear a bra!" Jennifer said to the singer. Madonna, who didn't take crap from anyone, replied "Maybe so, but at least I don't look like an overweight cow, honey!"

The photo crew and the onlookers snickered at that remark and they began forming a circle around the two women, sensing a fight in the making.

Jennifer was furious and she let fly with a hard slap that made Madonna stagger back. To the delight of every man on the beach (and quite a few of the women) the fight was on!

Jennifer socked Madonna with some hard rights and lefts but took a few shots herself, mostly to the stomach. The blonde noticed she could hurt Jennifer that way. The busty brunette was soft in the tummy and couldn't take the vicious hooks Madonna was throwing.

Rather than covering up, Jennifer kept throwing huge punches, hoping to land the big knockout blow to end the fight quickly.

"I'll kill you, you has-been old hag!" Jennifer screamed, tears flowing down her face from the pain.

Madonna danced lightly around on the sand, letting her bigger foe punch herself out. Jennifer's wild swings gradually grew slower and she was breathing heavily. One big boob had escaped from her top and it bobbed up and down as Ms. Connelly vainly chased her opponent.

"Now it's my turn, Miss Big Tits!" Madonna hissed. Jennifer was standing still, gasping for air with her long legs spread wide. With that, Madonna started pumping hard punches to the midriff of Jennifer. The poor girl gurgled and moaned with pain as it felt her insides were being pounded to jelly. "You'll regret ever messing with me, cunt!" the blonde bombshell sneered as Jennifer desperately tried to backpedal to escape the fists thudding into her tender tummy.

"N-no! Don't!" Jennifer whimpered. "UHHH! G-g-guuuuh! Oh dear God! I - I - OHHHH! GOOODDDD!" she screamed. Jennifer backed away only to run into a picnic table. Another fist to the face sent her sprawling over the top. She thought if she just stayed still, Madonna would back off but she wasn't going to be that lucky.

The angry blonde stepped up between Jennifer's wide-spread legs and pulled those black swim bottoms to one side. The she shot her right hand, fingers stiffened, directly up Jennifer's dark womanhood.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! M-M-My P-P-PUSSY!! YOU'RE SPLITTING ME OPENNNNNN!!!" Jennifer howled as her eyes bulged and her body twitched like a fish on a hook.

Madonna howled with laughter and posed for pictures as Jennifer squirmed and thrashed helplessly all over the table. Finally the blonde withdrew her hand with a wet plop and stepped back to observe the effect of her final hold.

"I call that the cunt thrust. Hurts like hell, doesn't it, Titsie?" Madonna smiled.

Jennifer clutched her aching crotch with both hands, weeping uncontrollably, but she nodded, "Don't hurt me any more! Please!" the wrecked woman blubbered. "I'll - I'll never bother you again, Miss Madonna! Please!"

Madonna stepped back, apparently satisfied with seeing Jennifer totally whipped and humiliated. Jennifer started to limp away, head down and crying.

"Just one more thing, Boobsie!" Madonna said as she yanked Jennifer's top completely off and jerked Jennifer's swimsuit bottom up giving her a killer wedgie until Jennifer screeched with pain as she rose to her tip toes.

When she was finally allowed to leave, Jennifer stumbled away, topless and whimpering over her defeat. The crowd cheered as Madonna strutted for the camera crew.