Christina Ricci vs. Jennifer Connelly a CWC II Match by Chris 24-Jun-00

Christina Ricci stalks down the corridors toward one of the bedroom arena's. Passing a technician whose jaw drops at the sight of the gothic beauty. Her black leather micro bikini is working beyond overtime to keep her more than ample bust contained. She points to one of the bedroom doors and indicates this is the one she has chosen.

Inside the arena the Jumbotron springs to life revealing the image of the barefoot bikini clad Ricci entering the bedroom. She survey's the scene. It is not so much a bedroom as a thickly carpeted room with a huge bed mattress lying in the middle of the floor. She moves quickly to the wall and fiddles with a small device there, then looks into one of the camera that are positioned in the room.

Techs in the booth hit a button so that the camera the pale dark-haired beauty is facing is active, and in the arena Christina's lovely face is blow up to gargantuan proportions, as she smiles wickedly and says..

"Hope Jennifer doesn't mind.. I've just adjusted the thermostat in the room up to 90 degrees.. the way I see it.. a competition is not worth anything if you're not soaked in sweat afterwards."

Suddenly there is a noise at the door, and Ricci turns with a lascivious smirk plastered across her lovely features as she says....

"It's show time."

Opening the door to the arena, Jennifer is struck by the heat that seems to radiate from the small room. Hesitating for a short moment, she takes a deep breath and then enter.

Wearing her outfit of an electric blue bikini top and black boxing pants she see Ricci at the far end of the room. Flipping her long black hair, tied in a single pony tail for the occasion, she strides over the floor in her white tennis shoes.

Smiling wickedly, she says, "Hello Christina, I didn't think your mother would let you stay up this late!"

Then standing with her hands on her delicate hips, Jennifer awaits the first move of the so called "Gothic Goddess."

Ricci stands in the sweltering heat looking at her more than beautiful opponent, the sweat already starting to appear on her pale body.. her black nailed hands resting on her slightly more lush hips as she smirks and says..

"Well, doesn't the little Rocketeer girl look sweet with her tennis shoes on. What's the matter cupcake, scared you're going to muss your toenail polish.."

The Gothic Beauty smirks as she wiggles her black painted toe nails almost taunting the equally dark-haired beauty.. after a moment, Jennifer sighs and removes her shoes.. every cautious of the predatory girl in front of her. But there is no sneak attack on the part of Ricci.

With the shoe matter settled the two girls slowly and cautiously approach one another. It seems as if the heat in the small room has been turned up higher, but it is only from the close proximity of the two, that this feeling of heat has emerged. Slowly Christina extends her hands for a test of strength, which Jennifer gladly accepts. The two dark-haired beauties remain almost frozen, the only sign of their activity is the shaking of their arm muscles and the tensing of their behinds as the two struggle to assert a dominance over the other.

Inching their way closer and closer the full, but now glistening breasts of the two girls start to press and mushroom out between their slick bodies. Suddenly, Jennifer jumps back and falls backward with her foot pressed to Ricci's stomach, flipping the girl over onto her back.

Had this happened in the ring, the impact would have been much more sever, but Jennifer had misjudged the angle and Ricci landed on her back on the soft mattress on the floor of the room. Jennifer whirled around, just as her dark-haired rival sprung to her feet saying...

"Ohhh, we do like our action a little rough don't we Jennifer."

"Oh, so that's the reason you chose to fight in here? You're afraid of the floor!" Jennifer spat.

She then lounges forward at the Gothic Goddess, but is again surprised as the pale child swiftly moves to the side, kicking the running girl in the side as she passes harmlessly by. Had the kick been only a little more powerful, Jennifer's ribs would surely have cracked.

Groaning with pain Jennifer must use the entire length of the room to come to a complete stop. Holding her both hands on her aching left side, she turns to face her opponent.

"You little bitch! I'll make you..." is all she can say before Ricci tries to follow up her initial attack with another kick against the shaken beauty. Seeing Ricci running towards her in the corner of her eye, Jennifer suppresses the pain and dives to the right. Christina´s eyes widen in horror as she suddenly is faced with a wall instead of her intended target. Crashing into it, she groans and sinks to the floor.

Jennifer is quick to take advantage of the situation and grabs the young fighter by the legs, drawing her to the bed before she can fully recover....

The carpet started to roughly abrade the pale beauties back as she was dragged across the floor toward the mattress. It was moments like these that Christina hated Matches in an apartment setting, but she'd been in worse.. Moving her arms quickly she placed them behind her and lifted herself up and crab walked in Jennifer's tow. All the while her rival brunette taunting her.

"Well, little Goth Girl, we're gonna see how much you've got soon."

Christina just locked eyes with Jennifer and held her gaze as the two dark-haired beauties were moving closer and closer to the awaiting mattress. Slowly Christina's eyes began to sparkle and her lips slipped into a wicked grin. Jennifer saw this and wanted to know what Christina found so funny.

Suddenly, Jennifer felt her balance escape her, her heels had hit the mattress on the floor while she had kept her eyes locked with Ricci. She struggled to stay on her feet, but soon lost the battle with gravity. As her back hit the mattress, she was suddenly aware of another pressure. It was the gothic girl, scrambling to get atop her. Suddenly the two rivals were face to face, chest to chest and belly to belly.

Christina smirked and said, "The reason I chose here is not because I'm scared of the floor, but because I knew at some point you'd forget the mattress and I could use that to my advantage."

With that her black painted lips lowered onto Jennifer's red as she planted a slow and erotic kiss to the girls lips. Now it was going to be a test of not only the physical stamina but the erotic staying power of both girls that would determine the end of the match.

Not able to resist the passionate kiss, Jennifer gave in to it and instead began to wrestle for control over Christina's tongue. At the same time she wrapped her arms and legs around the smaller girls body, locking her in a tight grip. Realizing the danger too late, Christina found herself short of options as she was firmly secured on top of Jennifer. She was also stunned by the fact that the kiss had not thrown the dark-haired "Rocketeer Girl" into confusion and bewilderment.

Jennifer could feel the uncertainty in her opponent and decided to act: She began rolling the interlocked couple around and soon was on top of Ricci.

Breaking the kiss, Jennifer looked Christina in the eyes and whispered, "Was that the best you could come up with?"

Then Jennifer pinned the pale arms of Ricci´s over her equally pale face, contemplating what her next move should be....

Christina grinned, seeing that there was more spunk in the equally pale brunette than she had first anticipated.

Her black painted lips smirked at Jennifer as she said, "Oh no I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve yet.. and I'm now realizing how much fun this is going to be."

With that said, Christina arched her back so that her ample chest slapped up into Jennifer's equally endowed bosom, with a loud slap of wet flesh hitting wet flesh. She grinned as she saw the slight wince in Jennifer's eyes. Over and over again Ricci arched her back sending her chest on a collision course with Jennifer's and over and over the room filled with the erotic slap of flesh and the grunts of the beauty on top. Despite her pain, Jennifer knew a good move when she saw one, or in this case felt one, and so she started dropping her chest down on Ricci's.

Sweat dripped from Jennifer's hovering face and ran along Christina's pale cheek as the heat in the room was near sauna level, but over and over, like two ram's butting horns the two girls thrust their expansive chests against their Rival's. From time to time it would seem that one girl was winning the bosom bashing exercise, as she would moan out, but then she would return the favor and have her rival groaning.

It disconcerted Jennifer that, despite the pain she felt in her own chest and because of it she knew Christina's chest must be hurting, Ricci never lost the gleeful look in her eye, or the smirk on her face. It seemed as it the Gothic Beauty was waiting for something. Jennifer did not have to wait long to realize what it was.

Jennifer suddenly felt pressure against the crotch of her bikini bottoms. With her single focus on trying to crush Christina's chest with her own, Jennifer had failed to notice that Christina had gotten one of her sweat soaked pale legs out of the grapevine, and now this same thigh was pressed against one of her most sensitive regions.

Jennifer's mind wondered, "Why didn't Ricci just knee me there that would have gotten me off of her ?"

The reason was soon clear as Ricci's pale but well muscled leg began to press and pump between Jennifer's pale thighs. Soon the Gothic Girl was working her thigh in small tantalizing circles against Jennifer's groin, secure in the knowledge that she was working over every inch of her seductive Rival's womanhood.

Ricci's big eyes looked directly into Jennifer's as she said, "Thought you'd enjoy it if I took it up another notch."

And with that Christina continued her erotic assault on her opponent, hoping that Jennifer would not only enjoy it but succumb to it as well.

Jennifer's eyes went wide open as she tried to ignore the feelings that Christina's actions seemed to spark inside her. Knowing that the thrust of their chests were nothing more than a standoff, the circling of Ricci's thigh against her crotch brought her to the point of panic. She couldn't take that for more than a few seconds more.

Letting out a sigh, Jennifer rolled hard to the right, releasing her self from the hypnotic glare and actions from the little witch.

Struggling to get up on her feet, she said, between her heavy breathing, "'ll...."

Finally standing up, but unable to do more than just breath and regain her strength, Jennifer looked at Ricci, uncertain of what would happen next...

Christina laughs at Jennifer's obvious panic, while she remains on the ground. Her black painted lips open to speak as she says, "What's the matter Jennifer ? I thought you wanted to play like the big girls"

Before Jennifer can say a word the sweat soaked Gothic Beauty, launches herself at her rival's legs. With an awkward yelp, Jennifer is taken down to the floor, with Ricci atop her legs preventing any movement. Both girls luscious bodies slick with sweat allowed Ricci to slither like a serpent up the body of her rival. The Gothic beauties pink tongue lead the way up the body of the equally pale Jennifer, who was really starting to worry. Finally the two were compressed as tightly as two lovers, breast compressing breast and sweat slick bellies pressed tight.

Jennifer could see the manic glee in the eyes of the gothic girl, as she felt Christina pin her arms down and use her knees to separate Jennifer's.. Then it happened, Jennifer felt Christina drop her crotch directing onto her own and again begin the tantalizing circular grinding motion.. as she grinned wickedly into Jennifer's beautiful eyes. Christina seemed to be in control, but would it last, and if not what could Jennifer do ?

Lacking the strength to make a serious attempt to oppose the younger girl´s renewed erotic assault, Jennifer finally gave in to her feelings. The fight had turned into something that she could not possibly have prepared for. There would be other women to fight in a more usual way later, but for now it was all about raw lust and instinct.

Looking Ricci in the eyes, she whispered, "All right you little witch. I stand....I lie defeated...You win - now collect your prize"

Then the image from the closed-circuit television system suddenly blanked out as Jennifer could be seen accepting the final kiss of defeat, her red lips crushed from the pressure of a hard, black lip, kiss from the Goddess of Goth.

The words were sweet music to Christina's ears as she heard her latest rival submit in near ecstasy to her. Not knowing the camera's had faded to black, and there would be hell to pay in the booth when she found out about it, Christina continue to grind her body against her rivals. The pale Gothic Beauty, seemed to be enjoying more that fact that she was driving her opponent wild with desire than she was her own bodies reaction to the erotic hold that was torturing poor Jennifer.

This continued until Jennifer was forced to a peak so many times that she could handle no more. Jennifer came into this match expecting a fairly normal match, she had no idea she was walking into an erotic war with the gothic vixen. Finally after reaching her limit more than a few times, Jennifer blacked out into blessed unconsciousness..

When the screen in the main arena went black there were a chorus of boo's and angry shouts for it to be turned back on. The spectators had been given a view of the action up to the submission but wanted to see how the victor exacted her own personal celebration at the hands of the conquered.

It was amidst these shouts that a group of girls in stylish and fashionable clothing started shouting Jennifer's name.. This was almost immediately met with shouts of Christina's name from a group of girls attired like their favorite starlet. Soon the shouting was getting out of hand and came to name calling and slurs against each of the groups favorites.. The crowd in the arena grew hushed as the two factions edged their way closer and closer. Soon beer was thrown by one of the Goth girls and the fight was on.. Fans' cheered as seemingly miniature versions of Christina and Jennifer were suddenly going at it in an enraged fight in the arena stands.

The crowd was getting even more of a show than they paid for, but promoters were not happy at the events and security guards were called out to separate the two factions.. In all of the time at the CWC, no one had ever seen a group of fans more devoted to their two starlet's…