Kimberley Conrad vs. Gwen Hajek by Kit

Another full house was on hand for the quarter-finals of the blonde division. The crowd had already seen three great catfights and anxiously awaited the main event. Gwen Hajek, Miss September, 1987, entered the ring first. The audience hooted and hollered as she disrobed and revealed her luscious tan body. Her 5-7, 118 pound frame was covered by a tight, skimpy carnation pink bikini. Her tan skin and blond hair really stood out.

As Gwen walked around the ring, the heavily favored, Miss January, 1988, Kimberley Conrad approached the ring. At 5-9 and 122 pounds, Kimberley was just as sexy in her frilly, little, deep purple bikini. Her many fans chanted her name as she slipped through the silk ropes of the ring.

After being introduced, special referee, Miss April, 1992, Cady Cantrell called them to the center of the ring. After her brief instructions, Kimberley and Gwen went back to their corners and awaited the bell. They hadn't spoken to each other, but the tension between the two was high. Just before the bell sounded, Kimberley shot Gwen the finger, and then turned her back to her and leaned over, giving Gwen an eyeful of her ass.

When the bell suddenly sounded, Gwen rushed her, and as Kimberley turned around, Gwen planted her fist into her stomach.

"Umph!" grunted Kimberley as she staggered back into her corner.

Gwen rushed in and tried to press the fight, but Kimberley quickly righted herself and stopped Gwen with a pair of crisp, cheek-stinging slaps. Gwen winced in pain, but managed to latch onto Kimberley hair and sling her around the ring in a circle.

"OUCH!" cried Kimberley as Gwen yanked out a clump of her hair. "Ssshhiiittt!!" she screamed as another wad was removed.

Kimberley freed herself with a right hook that buckled Gwen's knees as it drove across her chin. For just a few seconds, Kimberley rubbed her scalp instead of attacking the dazed blonde. When she did go at her, Gwen knocked her backwards with a backhand that drew blood from the corner of Kimberley's mouth. As Kimberley spun around from the blow, Gwen kicked her in the ass and sent her flying into the ropes.

As Kimberley bounced off, Gwen caught her by the hair and wrestled her to the mat. Kimberley took two big handfuls of Gwen's hair and pulled as Gwen focused her attention on Kimberley's prize tits. With one clean swipe, Gwen stripped the little bikini top to Kimberley's waist and sank her long, sharp claws into the left orb. Kimberley cried out in agony as her tit felt the full affect of Gwen's talons.

"You bitch!" yelled Gwen. "Le' go my hair," she said as she released Kimberley's tit only to drive her fist deep against it.

"UGH!!" grunted Kimberley.

Gwen went back to the left tit as she re-sank her nails into it and twisted. She also added even more pain as she slid her hand inside of Kimberley's bikini bottoms. Kimberley's dark, hairy pussy rang with pain as Gwen had no trouble in yanking out the curly pubs that lay directly on the entrance to her love hole.

"IIIIIEEEEE!!!!" screamed Kimberley as she pulled hard on Gwen's hair.

As Gwen was jerked towards Kimberley's face, the two traded a pair of nasty slaps, and Gwen added one more before Kimberley leaned up and bit into the tit that was hanging over her head.

"FFFFUUCCCKKK!!!" shouted Gwen as Kimberley teeth sank into the bikini top covering her large melons.

Almost immediately Kimberley was forced to scream bloody murder as Gwen lowered her mouth down and sank her pearly whites into Kimberley's already sore and throbbing left tit.

"AAAAAAUUUURRRRGGG!!!!!" screamed Kimberley as her large nipple was nearly bitten in half.

Gwen kept up the pressure by shaking her head like a dog chewing on an old shoe. Kimberley's tittie was pulled back and forth as she cried out once more.

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIII GGGGGIIIIIIVVVVVEEEE!!!!!!" she begged yelling at the top of her lungs.

Cady immediately grabbed a handful of Gwen's plush, blond hair and yanked back hard, forcing her to release her bite. This added to Kimberley's pain as her tit stretched like putty in Gwen's teeth, snapping back suddenly and jiggling on her chest.

The heavily favored Kimberley lay crying like a baby as Gwen danced around the ring celebrating her surprise upset.

Post-fight quotes:

Kimberley: I want a rematch. I demand a rematch...That blond slut got lucky. Lucky I tell you...If the cunt has any guts, she'll fight me again.

Gwen: I trained extremely hard for this fight. I knew I was the underdog...I jumped on her hard and fast. That was my gameplan...I'm here to stay. I'm gonna win this division.