Kimberley Conrad vs. Shannon Tweed by Kit

This interview was taken three weeks after Kimberley Conrad-Hefner's divorce from Hugh Hefner.

Q: First off Kim, I want to thank you for allowing this interview. There's alot of people out there that hated to see this happen.

K: Yes, I know. And I think that they should have an explanation.

Q: Tell us then, what really led to the break up?

K: I can tell you in two words, Shannon Tweed.

Q: Shannon Tweed? I don't understand.

K: Yes. I'm going to tell you the story about what really happened. Hef will deny it, of course, and she might also.

Q: Go on.

K: I knew that when I married him, he had alot, and I mean alot of ladies in his past. I figured that it would be hard for him to remain faithful to me all the time, but I felt that that was okay if he was just fucking for sex and not for love. As long as he still loved me, and did his thing quietly on the side.

Q: So, you didn't care if he cheated on you?

K: Oh, I cared. But, I knew that it would happen. As long as it wasn't all the time and with every fluzzy that came along.

Q: So how does Shannon fit into this. She's married.

K: I'm getting to that. While Hef and I were dating, I noticed Shannon hanging around alot at first. Since we were young in our relationship, and there's had been going on since the early 80's, then there wasn't much I could do except to try and please him better in bed than she could. After we got more serious, I told him that he needed to decide between us. Three or four times she and I nearly came to blows.

Q: So Hef choose you.

K: Yes. After a few weeks, I noticed that she wasn't around much anymore. So I just guessed that I was the better woman.

Q: And weren't you?

K: Yes and no. I mean, I was better than anyone else around, but not better than her.

Q: I'm a little confused.

K: A few years after we were married, I learned, from some good sources, that he had asked her to divorce Gene Simmons and marry him. So when she turned him down, and that was the second time, she had turned him down before marrying Gene, then he settled on me.

Q: This hurt you?

K: Very much. I felt like the second string. I wasn't so mad at her as I was him. Well, after the baby, he became more loving to me, and I didn't think he was fooling around anymore. At least not much. So I figured that I'd won his heart.

Q: And had you?

K: Yes. For awhile, I think. But then that bitch started showing up. Not all that much, but at parties and things. She was always hanging around him, and then I got to noticing that whenever I couldn't find him, I couldn't find her either. But I could never catch them, and Hef denied it totally.

Q: But you think otherwise, right?

K: Oh yes. I even confronted her about it once.

Q: What happened?

K: I told her that I knew that she was sleeping with my husband and that I wanted it stopped. She was real cool, that slut. She denied it and told me that I was being silly. She said she would always have a special place for him, but that she wasn't a low-down slut that would cheat on her husband. I warned her anyway. I told that I didn't want to see her back in my house, because if I did, I'd whip her ass.

Q: Really?! What did she say?

K: She just kinda laughed and said that the house belonged to Hef, and anybody that had ever been a playmate. I also spoke to Hef about it again, but he became angry with me and said that Shannon, and all playmates, where welcome.

Q: So did she come back?

K: Yes.

Q: Did you fight her?

K: Did we fight? Brother, did we ever.

Q: Were you nervous? Had you ever fought before?

K: Yeah, I was scared, but I'm always scared before a fight. And yes, I've been in four fights now in my life.

Q: Tell us about it. Your fight with Shannon.

Kimberley took a sip of coffee and then opened a new pack of cigarettes. She placed the butt between her soft lips and cupped her lovely hands and I could hear the lighter light and glow against her face. She took a deep drag and exhaled upwards.

K: One night Hef was throwing a pajama party, and of course Shannon showed up. The thing is, Hef was out of town, and wasn't due in until around 11 p.m. Now, I didn't know if Shannon knew this or not when I greeted her at the door. But when she asked if Hef was back yet, I knew that they must be having an affair.

Q: What time was that?

K: About 10:30. I told her no, but he should be in any minute. About ten minutes later, Hef called me and said that he'd be about an hour late and to tell everyone.

Kimberley took another long drag and flicked off the ashes.

K: I decided then that now was the time to take her out. After all, I had promised her a whipping if she showed back up, and she did. That meant that she wasn't too concerned about me.

Q: How'd it start?

K: I waited just a few minutes past eleven and then told the butler to tell Miss Tweed that Mr. Hefner wanted to see her in his private study downstairs. I knew she'd come running.

Q: Did she?

K: Of course. I was sitting in his big chair behind his desk with the back turned and she burst in and said, "Hef darling." That's when I spun around and shocked her. Her mouth nearly hit the floor when she saw me.

Q: Go on.

Kimberley took a sip and another drag.

K: "What's going on here?" she asked real demanding like as I got up and walked to the door and bolted it shut. "I know that you're having an affair. I told you what I'd do if you ever showed up here again." " Yeah, it's true. I'm fuckin' his dick off whenever I feel like it," she said. "I don't care about that," I said moving towards her. She kinda backed up and said, "I'm not afraid of you, but now's not the time. Hef'll be back any minute." I told her that he was going to be an hour late and that would be just enough time for me to have my way with her. "You're just pissed because I've got a better body, and that I'm better in bed," she said.

Q: Excuse me Kim, but what were you'll wearing?

K: She had on this black sheer robe, panties, and pumps. She was braless of course. But I've got to say, that she is very attractive. I was wearing a baby blue teddie with a snap crotch, matching nylons and pumps.

Q: Sounds hot.

K: Oh, we were. "Okay, then bitch," she said removing her robe and tossing it away. "If you want to fight, then let's fight. But I've got to warn you, I'm going to tear you apart," she said crouching over.

Q: Now I know that you're tall, but isn't she taller.

K: Well, yes. I'm 5-9 and 122, and she's 5-10 and 128. So it was pretty close.

Q: And measurements?

K: 36-24-36 for me, and 36-25-36 for her...she's fatter. (grin)

Q: Go on, I'm sorry.

K: She wanted to lock fingers, but I was more interested in other things. I leapt at her and grabbed a handful of hair and tit alike. She cried out and went for my breasts. I backed away before any damage could be done, and gave her a hard slap across that slut face of hers. She acted like that didn't hurt, because she came at me and grabbed my hair and shoved me hard against the wall. I took her hair, and for awhile we just stood their pulling hair and cursing. Finally I worked my way out and pushed her to the side. We tripped over a foot stool and landed hard on the floor, the wooden part not covered by the rug. She banged her head hard and that let me roll on top of her. I took her by the hair and slammed her fuckin' head into the floor several times.

Kimberley snuffed out her smoke.

K: Suddenly I felt my jaws slam together as I saw stars. I rolled off and we lay there for a few seconds trying to get our senses back. We rolled to our knee about the same time, traded slaps and went back to the floor, wrestling and pulling hair.

Q: So it was pretty even so far?

K: Yes. She's a good wrestler and has strong legs. She managed to wrap them around my waist and had my sides aching in no time. But I escaped by grabbing her right nipple and nearly twisting it off her tit. I remember she screamed in my ear and tossed me away by the hair. After we got our breaths, we got to our feet and kicked off our heels. She put up her fists and I did too.

Q A little fist-fighting, huh?

K: Little nothing. She and I stood toe to toe and slugged it out. I'll tell you that bitch can hit. She busted open my bottom lip, but I gave her bloody nose. We drove each other around the room until I backed her into the corner. I gave her an uppercut that I could swear broke her jaw, but that bitch dropped me to my knees with a knee to my crotch. God, that hurt. I backed away moaning and holding myself for dear life. Luckily for me, she was slumped in the corner rubbing her jaw.

Q: Wow. What a fight.

K: Uh-huh. After a few minutes I asked her if she'd had enough, but she told me to 'fuck off'. Back on our feet again, she ducked my punch and tackled me around the waist. She drove me onto the big leather sofa against the wall, and gave me a knee in the stomach. I moaned, but sent a series of hard punches against her kidney, and we slid to the floor all tangled up together. We then wrestled some more. I remember her pulling out some of my hair. We pulled hair, slapped each other just about every place in the body, and I tried to stay out from her legs. Somehow during this, my tits became exposed and she managed to pin me to the floor and use her tits on mine. I'd never been tit to tit before, but I'm very proud of how mine held up against her rough grinding and pressing. Meanwhile, I had snaked my legs around her waist and was pumping for all I was worth. I could feel her crotch against mine. They were bumping and thumping as if to say, 'We're what it's all about, let us fight.'

Q: Mmmm....sounds hot.

K: Well, it was...I guess. Anyway, I had her moaning from my legs and she was trying to break free. As we rolled onto our sides, I felt her fingers dig into my left tit. She could really squeeze. I'm telling you, Shannon is a tough bitch.

Q: What did you do?

Kimberley lit another smoke and refreshed her coffee.

K: Naturally, I grabbed her nipple and pulled. We both pulled like crazy and screamed. I felt as if my nipple might pop off any second. But I kept my legs pumping on her waist and I felt like I was wearing her down. Hell, it was about time. We had blood on our faces and chests, and tears were rolling down our cheeks. It was bad, but would get worse. I asked her to give, but she refused. So I started punching her in the tit. I was really hammering that soft white tittie of hers. That's the thing about her. She has big tits, but they are soft and mushy. She was really howling out now, and I think she would've given up, but when she gouged me in the right eye with her thumb, I went nuts in pain. I rolled away quickly and fought to regain my vision. Again, I was lucky that she was in no shape to attack.

Q: Did you get your sight back?

K: Yeah, but it wasn't the same. My eye was real blurry and later on that night it swelled shut. Anyway, neither of us did anything for a few minutes. "Bitch!" she yelled as I felt her dive on me and drive me into the floor back first. She was pissed, and somehow had all this energy. She hit me in the face and right tit several times before I could fight back.

Q: What did you do?

K: Like I said, she's got big tits and one of those fuckers was hanging just above my face. I latched onto it and pulled it to my face. She screamed like a motherfucker when I bit into that pink nipple of hers. She rolled away and I was right on top of her. As we rolled, my hand somehow got caught between the waistband of her panties. It broke loose real easy and I felt her hand go for my crotch as I went for hers.

Q: Oh my!

K: Yep. I tried to protect mine, but I couldn't do that and get at hers at the same time. So when my snap tore loose I knew that I better grab her first.

Kimberley shook her head from side to side and then lit another smoke.

K: The pain. I've never felt such pain in all my life. Both of us were hysterical with pain. We were bawling our eyes out as we plucked cunt hair after cunt hair out of each other. Since I'm so much hairier than her, she was able to yank out more at a time than me. But her vulva is huge and flabby. I worked my nails across it a dozen times or so. I really scratched it up, before I went after her insides.

Kimberley took a deep, hard drag.

K: I felt her fingers go inside of me, and I can't tell you how we clawed each other up. I was hurting sooo bad that I lost all feeling between my legs. I guess that's why I could fight on. But when she leaned up and bit my face, I nearly passed out.

Q: For Pete's sake!

K: Yep, it was bad. But as I tore my face free, she rolled her shoulders into me and I saw her other nipple only inches away. I took as much tit in my mouth as I could and started to chew. Well, that was it. I don't know how long I chewed it, but I realized that her hand was out of my crotch and she wasn't moving.

Q: So you won.

K: Yeah, if you can call it that. My body was raw and sore for days to come.

Q: Yeah, but Shannon must've been worse.

K: She was. I had drawn blood on both her tits with my teeth and they were already turning blue and black by the time she got up.

Q: So what happened?

K: I left her there. I went to my room and about 10 minutes later Hef came in and I told him I wanted a divorce.

Q: And he agreed?

K: Not at first. But I don't need this kinda shit in my life. I'm getting to old to have to be fighting like a dime store whore for my man.

And there you have it. The real reason for Hef and Kimberley's divorce.