Rachel Leigh Cook vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt (III) by Interac

Life wasn't easy for Jennifer Love Hewitt; she was recognized in the cat fighting world as a pathetic weak bitch. The woman you go to find to have your first win in a fight. At the scream awards she got into a shouting match with Hayden Panettiere when she heard someone remark, "Come on Hayden at least challenge yourself." With that Hayden agreed and walked away from Jennifer.

Even women that she held wins over that were not avenged such as Lacey Chabert and Emmanuelle Chriqui were more respected in that underworld then she was. There were two losses that Jennifer had suffered recently that had the loser stigma associated with her more than ever. The most recent was Jordan Ladd who had beaten her handily. It was the war with Rachael Leigh Cook that ended with Rachael bear hugging her into submission then using a Breast Smother to knock her out. She wasn't done though as she sat on Jen's face and made her do something that a lot of others made Jen do as well.

She had not seen Rachael once since that night and that was irritating to Jennifer. She wanted another fight, hell she had seen Jordan multiple times and each time they started fighting only for it to get broken up. Each time it was broken up Jennifer was on the short end.

She had gotten a call from a friend to meet her at her beach side resort. She promised her something that she wanted for years. As the person got closer she recognized the brunette and the brunette recognized her. Both women stopped and just looked at each other. Rachael Leigh Cook was more equally proportioned then Jennifer, her waist wasn't so small and her tits weren't as large.

They stood there both with a sheen of sweat glistening there bodies. Even though it was Rachael who won the last fight she was who jumped at Jennifer tackling her to the ground. Both women got their hands intertwined in the others hair and started to roll around the ground.

"Bitch!" "Slut!" they grunted as they rolled around scratching and pulling at the other's hair until Jennifer got her knees in between them and flipped Rachael over the top.

Jennifer got up to her feet and turned around only to be tackled back down by Rachael. When they fell Jennifer was able to buck Rachael off right away Jennifer rolled away and got up as did Rachael. They stared at each other and images of their first two fights flashed through their memories and they realized the one thing they’d never done was a test of strength.

Jennifer raised her right hand first and Rachael lowered her own right hand to waist level. They each met the challenge and finger locked and slammed their chests together. Both women tightened their hands and started grinding their breasts into the others. The moment they tightened their fingers they realized one thing. They were equal and they wanted to now find a way to get out of this without losing face in front of those watching them fight. Jennifer was going to say something but felt how her breasts were dominating Rachael's in every way.

Rachael slammed her foot on Jennifer's and Jennifer let go and jumped back. "Bitch, you cheated. You knew I was stronger so you stepped on my foot."

"So what." Rachael said and went to slap Jennifer but her hand was caught at the wrist by Jennifer and it shocked both.

Jennifer turned Rachael's wrist over and heard the gasp and then jumped into a clothesline that knocked Rachael down hard to the ground. Jennifer got on her knees and grabbed at Rachael's shirt and started slamming her up and down until the shirt finally it ripped away "I know I can do this I just know it."

Jennifer rose both arms over head and started hitting clubbing blow after clubbing blow. After the tenth one she had to stop and take a breath. Rachael started to roll away crying the entire time; Jennifer started to crawl after her. "I knew I would do it and I'm doing it I'm dominating you."

Jennifer reached for Rachael who turned into her and grabbed at Hewitt shirt and threw Jennifer face first into the edge of the hot tub. Rachael took off Jennifer's shorts while she was dazed then stood up and flipped Jennifer into the hot tub. Cook stayed on her hands and knees getting a breather then finally stood up and reached for Jennifer.

She got a hold of Jennifer's shirt and hauled it off. She turned around spinning the shirt around before finally throwing it away. She turned around and got hit with a flying cross body as Jennifer jumped out of the hot tub.

Rachael's body hit the ground hard and Jennifer slid right off of her but was able to roll back and started taking her opponents shorts off. Jennifer stood up with Rachael's shorts in her hands and then threw them at Rachael who was on her knees. As the shorts flew in her direction Rachael launched herself at Jennifer's legs tackling her down to the ground.

Rachael lunged and hit a slap but it was only to distract Hewitt from what she wanted. She grabbed at Jennifer's panties and stood up taking them off. Jennifer did not care as she kicked Rachael in the stomach and then leg tripped her down to the ground as well.

Jennifer reached grabbed at Cooks panties and hauled them upwards eliciting a scream from her rival. She leaned back for full pressure and when the panties ripped she wasn't losing any position.

Jennifer stood up and those watching the fight talked about the look in her face. A look that they never saw in Jennifer before, a look of confidence. She walked around Cook's body and then stopped and lifted her foot and slammed it down on Rachael's stomach. Cook sprang upwards and tried to scream but the scream would not emerge as Jennifer ground the heel of her foot into Rachael's soft stomach.

Jennifer finally stopped the attack and stepped over Rachael's body and bent down and grabbed the front of her opponent's bra she stood up and lifted Rachael's body off the ground. She started slapping her forehand and backhand as she was slapping her she was screaming "In what world do you think you could beat me. You got lucky one time, ONE FUCKING time. There watching you get your ass kicked and do you know why." One final slap before letting Cook drop to the floor "Because you are the weakest most pathetic bitch in Hollywood"

Cook turned on her stomach and Jennifer took off her bra and threw it away. She stayed in her dominant position and put her foot between Rachael's shoulder blades and flexed. She walked away and then heard "We're not done yet bitch."

Jennifer turned around and Rachael was on her feet running full speed at her and before Hewitt could react Cook was in the air and driving her shoulder into Jennifer's soft belly. The impact of the move raised Jennifer's body and as she hit the ground she was rolling around like a fish just taken out of water. Holding her stomach and screaming in pain as Rachael rolled onto her back breathing hard as she had still gotten the worst of the fight.

Rachael remembered her first two fights with Jennifer and knew then they were evenly matched or were it that they both believed they were evenly matched because of how often they lost in the past. Rachael slowly got on her hands and knees and crawled towards Hewitt who was coughing now and still in considerable pain. She remembered how in the first battle it was just a mistake made by her that allowed Jennifer to win then in the second fight she would not lose and did not.

She got to Hewitt and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up then threw her facefirst into the ground. She stood up slowly bringing Jennifer up as well, she stayed at Jennifer's side and lifted her leg up and slammed a knee lift into Jennifer's belly. She then aggressively put Hewitt's head between her legs. She reached and squeezed at Hewitt's boobs and then wrapped her arms around Jennifer's trim waist

"It's a good thing you got yourself back in shape. Six months ago I would never get my arms across your rolley-polley body"

She tried lifting Jennifer up but Jennifer started kicking her legs blocking the attempt. She tried it one more time not even budging Jennifer. "I'm ending this whether you like it or not."

She hit three punches to Jennifer's left side and then three more to her right side. Again Rachael Leigh Cook went to lift Jennifer up again and this time got her higher but Hewitt started kicking her feet doing anything in her power to stop from being piledriven.

She got her feet back on the ground and Rachael screamed "Shit! What don't you get? Do you think I'm going to stop? No I'm not! Now let me end the damn fight, you weak little bitch!"

"NO" Jennifer stood up straight and lifted Rachael up on her shoulders then fell backwards. Dropping all of her weight down onto Rachael's body and the ground. Jennifer was physically beaten and very tired but she knew Rachael was moments away from being beaten.

Jennifer found the energy to stand up and bring Rachael up as well. Hewitt forcefully put Cook's head between her legs and wrapped her arms around Rachael's waist and with a quick jerk motion got her up in the air. Rachael started to kick her legs and Jennifer was struggling to keep her up and couldn't find the strength to leap and piledrive her. Instead she stumbled forward, slipped and ended up driving Rachael's open and unprotected stomach into the rim of the hot tub.

Cook was left with her legs in the hot tub and her body hanging outside while Jennifer backed way and bent over with her hands on her knees as she took two deep breaths, then straightened up and started hitting forearm smashes to Rachael's back and then grabbed Cook's hair and straightened her head and slammed her knee in her rival's face.

Rachael flew upwards and was knocked out in the hot tub. Jennifer looked over at the people watching knowing that they would tell everyone what just happened but that wasn't enough.

She got in the hot tub and grabbed Rachael by the hair and pinned her against the walling so only her head was out of the water and pressed her breasts on Rachael's face. Those around were begging for Jennifer to let her go.

"No, I'm proving a point." She leaned back and started slamming unprotected punches over and over onto Rachael's face.

"Stop that now."

Jennifer looked over and saw Emmanuelle Chriqui coming down. She stepped out of the hot tub "I figured you would be here." She smiled as Emmanuelle got closer. "So I made a condition to my showing up her."

Some of the women and men watching Jennifer fight Rachael got in Emmanuelle's way. By the time they moved Jennifer love Hewitt was gone.