Rachael Leigh Cook vs. Mila Kunis by Oberon and The Unknown Handler (from CWC3)

Rachael Leigh Cook is standing in a ring in an underground boxing arena, in a location far removed from the glare of Hollywood, where she and a rival agreed to meet to settle an odd difference that had arisen between them. She is wearing a black bikini and short red miniskirt, showing off her soft-looking body in a way that has the gathered audience gawking at her smooth, exposed skin. Patiently, but anxiously, she waits for her opponent's arrival as she grabs the ring announcer's microphone and calls her out.

"I heard Kunis say she can out-bearhug me in a fight, as well as out-catfight me. Well, Mila, if you had the guts to come here to justify your claim, now's your chance!"

The words have barely escaped Rachael's lips when Mila, wearing a black robe and a pair of heels, comes storming into the ring. "You think I'm scared of you?" she hollers at her rival. "You'll be having nightmares after this!"

With that Mila kicks off her shoes and drops her robe, revealing a pair of black panties and matching push-up bra that enhances her modest assets. With Rachael startled at Mila's aggressiveness, the TV actress takes advantage by marching right over and shoving her with both hands. Rachael is knocked a step back, but keeps her feet and reaches toward Mila, the two petite women set to lock up.

Rachael was startled, but not too much so to maintain her turf once the initial shock wore off. Before engaging Mila, she stepped forward and shoved her in turn, causing her to pinwheel all the way back to the turnbuckle where Mila landed with a resounding slap-thud.

"So much the better if you're not afraid to fight," Rachael intoned, ripping off her red miniskirt to reveal the black thong bikini bottom she wore underneath. "I'll as likely have sweet dreams about squeezing out your submission!" she added, waiting to see what Mila had in mind next.

Mila was a little unnerved, since her shove had achieved little impact and Rachael's had knocked her onto her ass. But she wasn't about to show any fear - neither woman had much experience at this, and intimidation was as important a factor as anything. So she scrambled quickly to her feet and approached the older brunette.

As Mila got close, she tried a couple of slaps to the body and face, but Rachael blocked them with relative ease. Finally, as if by mutual consent, the two women simply locked up. There was a momentary struggle in which neither achieved much, but then Mila felt herself being forced backward... one step, then another as Rachel tried to bring her down.

Sensing that she wasn't going to win a test of strength, at least not of this sort, Mila suddenly kicked Rachael in the shins. The momentary surprise of her opponent was enough to let Mila slip free, and she didn't want to waste the opportunity. Dropping down, she surprised Rachel by wrapping her arms around her knees, trying to bring her tumbling down.

Almost instantly at the sensation of Mila's arms wrapping around her knees, Rachael curled her fingers into claws and drove her fingernails into the younger actress' eyes. Screaming as Rachael twisted her talons clockwise and counter-clockwise, Mila dove forward, tightening her arms around Rachael's knees and sent her crashing to the mat behind her.

When Mila tried reestablishing her grip around her opponent's legs, Rachael twisted her nails in her rival's eyes once more, then grabbed generous amounts of Mila's hair with both hands, pulling upward first and then to the side, dragging Mila to the canvas next to her. Using the inertia she started, Rachael tightened her grip on Mila's hair and rolled her face down. Holding her in place with one hand, she massaged her knees with the other for a moment, trying to rub the impact of Mila's kick out of her shins.

Turning so that she was facing away from her rival, Rachael knelt astride Mila's body, reaching for her legs. A second later, she sensed Mila beginning to rise from behind her. Grabbing her ankles, Rachael tucked them under her armpits, leaning backward to apply fierce pressure on her ankles and thighs, pinning Mila face down, mashing her breasts into the mat under her.

Rachael let a slight smile of enjoyment surface on her face as she suppressed her opponent's struggles by leaning back each time Mila tried to squirm her way out, putting more pressure on her legs. After a time, she released the hold and turned back around so she could lay on top of Mila and wrap an arm around her throat. Securing the choke on her neck, Rachael ground her chest and stomach in Mila's back to taunt her, then leaned into her ear, whispering, "Let's see you fight dirty now, whore!"

Mila tried to buck her opponent off, but her weight was too much. Again she tried, this time rising up at least slightly but then collapsing back down. Clearly, she wasn't getting out that way. The fight had barely started, and already she was increasingly frustrated. With Rachael's weight pressing into her, her hardening nipples poking Mila's bare skin through Rachael's bikini top, the frustrated brunette kicked her legs in frustration. But unwilling to simply give up, she shocked Rachael by suddenly sinking her teeth into her arm - not enough to draw blood, but enough for the startled woman to leap to her feet.

"How's that for fighting dirty, bitch?" Mila yelled up at her. Furious, Rachel attempted to land a kick to Mila's side. But she didn't do it hard enough, and her alert target surprised her by grabbing onto her ankle and tugging as hard as she could.

Off balance, Rachael stumbled and then fell on her ass. Not wasting any time, Mila lunged atop her, struggling to pin the slightly bigger woman down.

"Let's see how quickly I can twist your legs, slut!" Mila growled as she worked to pin Rachael to the mat. No sooner did she finish speaking when Rachael slammed both legs around her midsection and crossed her ankles, trying to squeeze the breath from her body.

Now a great deal more prepared for the counter attack, Mila buried the fingernails of one hand into Rachael's eyes, digging and twisting to return the favor for Rachael's earlier eye attack. Rachael screamed from the intrusion and kicked her limbs closer together, grinding her inner thighs into her rival's ribs as she squeezed and squeezed.

Grunting from the increased pressure, the younger actress fixed her free forearm into Rachael's throat and pressed down as hard as she could. Cutting off her opponent's screams, Mila produced a series of choking noises instead as her first hand persisted in savaging Rachael's eyes.

Responding to a tighter kick of the scissors around her midriff, Mila added to Rachael's discomfort by leaning forward and sinking her teeth into Rachael's nose, clogging both nasal passages as she continued to press Rachael's windpipe and slash her nails to the left and right across Rachael's eyes.

Uttering louder choked screams, Rachael ground the tight scissors around Mila's midriff with heightened determination as she reached for a handful of her hair with one hand. Seizing it, Rachael shook Mila's head back and forth as best she could with Mila's teeth embedded in her nose, using her free hand to claw Mila's eyes.

The ensuing scream freed Rachael's nose from Mila's clamping jaws and Rachael suddenly yanked Mila's head to the side, using her legs as leverage as she rolled her opponent alongside her, trying to establish a position of dominance. Coughing and gagging as Mila's forearm left her throat, she kicked the scissors tighter as she grabbed hold of Mila's hair with both hands, tugging and yanking fiercely as the two women went rolling end over end in the ring.

Groaning from the extreme pressure around her waist, Mila immediately took to clawing Rachael's encircling thighs to loosen the tightening scissors, often working all the way around to Rachael's ass as her nails dragged and slashed along her yielding skin. Realizing this wouldn't be enough to force her foe to release her, Mila dragged her nails over Rachael's hips and inner thighs and dug her nails into Rachael's womanhood through her bikini.

Rachael howled as Mila's nails tore into her, raining vicious slaps and nail slashes across her face until the scissors loosened and opened. Enraged at her rival's treatment of her, Mila dipped her head lower and sank her teeth into Rachael's boob as one hand grabbed hold of the other and the fingers pressed inward.

Screaming again, Rachael rammed her knee between Mila's thighs, thudding Mila's womanhood and prompting her to unhinge her jaws with a thick grunt. From then on they targeted each other's chests, taking turns biting, clawing and slapping each other's breasts with increasing fervor until Rachael somehow managed to get on her feet.

Dragging Mila with her, Rachael wrapped a bearhug around her foe, lifted and squeezed mightily. Screaming from the pressure, Mila grabbed her hair with both hands as she wrapped her legs around Rachael's thighs, trying to topple her.

Mila was surprised that her opponent, slightly bigger than her but still petite, was able to support her weight. But even with Mila's legs wrapped around her, Rachael continued to squeeze. And as Mila let out an audible groan, her tormentor even managed a bit of taunting.

"Maybe now you'll stop all your biting, you little bitch!" Rachael hissed as she continued to squeeze.

"Maybe I won't need to!" Mila responded - then brought her legs up even higher, somehow reaching them around Rachael's back and squeezing for all she was worth. This was too much for Rachael, and she finally toppled. But it was forward, not back, and after the initial shock of hitting the ground the best Mila could do was pull herself free and scamper away on her butt.

Rachael, though, was in hot pursuit, coming after Mila on her knees. Hoping to buy a bit of distance so she could regroup, Mila kicked out to try to fend Rachael off. But as she did so her rival grabbed onto her bare foot, pulled the struggling woman slightly closer. Mila, though, immediately responded by lashing out with her other foot - this time catching Rachael on the forehead and stunning her.

Released from her opponent's grip, Mila suddenly sprung forward, tackling the dazed woman flat on her back. In proper control for the first time, Mila scampered up until she was straddling Rachael, pinning her arms with her knees. Reaching down, she set her sights on Rachael's larger chest - latching onto her breast and tugging her bikini top to the side to give herself better access as she squeezed.

Driving her fingers into Rachael's breast as she bore down on her shoulders, Mila twisted back and forth as the trapped woman kicked her legs in the air, attempting to kick high enough to slam them around Mila's neck. Leaning in to avoid the kicking limbs, Mila removed the remainder of Rachael's top with her free hand and proceeded to twist her opponent's other breast.

As she did this, Mila extended her legs, pressed her inner thighs against Rachael's cheeks. Lifting her right leg so she could drape the ankle over her left ankle, Mila stretched her legs as far as they would go, catching Rachael in a compact headscissors. Both hands mauling Rachael's breasts behind her, Mila concentrated her energy into compressing her head, watching her face turn red from the fierce pressure.

Answering Rachael's renewed exertions to disengage herself from her clutches, Mila released Rachael's breast with one hand, moving it quickly down to her opponent's crotch and plunging her fingernails into Rachael's snatch through her bikini. Rachel gave another strangled scream and redoubled her efforts to extricate herself from the headscissors that held her, screaming again as Mila afflicted her breast and womanhood.

An instant later, Mila's screams mingled with Rachael's as the taller actress sank her teeth into her womanhood, screeching through her clenched jaws as they clinched into her, holding on with grim determination. A new succession of screams escaped Mila as Rachael freed her arms from under her legs, loosened her bikini top and grabbed both her breasts, mauling them with as much resolve as she kept her teeth anchored between Mila's thighs.

Mila brought her hands to Rachael's face, plowing her knuckles into Rachael's eyes and wrenching them violently back and forth, hoping to force Rachael to scream and unhinge her clamping jaws. The maneuver was greeted with success when Mila's crotch was freed within the next agonized moments.

Mila grabbed Rachael's wrists and twisted them as she surged backward, forcing her opponent's fingers from her tortured tits before she slashed the heel of her foot into Rachael's face, catching her in the nose and knocking her to the mat. Scrambling to her hands and knees, she grabbed Rachael's breasts and hauled her into a bearhug that pushed a harsh expulsion of wind from her opponent's lungs.

Rachael responded by reaching around Mila's grasping arms, digging her fingernails deep into Mila's ass cheeks in retaliation. Screaming from the intrusion, Mila leaned in and buried her teeth into the area between Rachael's neck and shoulder. Rachael gripped Mila's ass tighter, returning the favor for the bite by sinking her teeth into Mila's neck, high up below her ear. Undaunted, Mila persisted in biting Rachael's neck, squeezing her bearhug with renewed vigor.

Realizing that Mila wouldn't give up her old easily, Rachael decided to fight fire with fire. Pulling free from Mila's teeth as her rival did likewise from hers, she slid her hands up from the petite woman's buttocks to her lower back, returning the bearhug in kind.

The two women were now pulled in close to each other, squeezing for all they were worth. The friction of their chests against one another knocked Mila's bra further ajar, until her bare breasts were pressed against Rachael's.

Mila glanced down, embarrassed to see her smaller assets being engulfed by Rachael's. But the bigger problem was that her rival's upper body strength was proving superior to hers, and she could feel herself losing this struggle.

Noticing Mila's breath growing shorter and several groans escaping her lips, Rachael pressed her advantage - pulling with all her might until she herself toppled backward, Mila still in her clutches. With Mila having lost her grip, Rachael quickly rolled them over before her opponent knew what hit her.

Now lying atop the stunned TV starlet, Rachael grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the mat. Flattening Mila's body under hers, Rachael pressed down, her chest again overwhelming Mila's as the smaller woman gasped and desperately tried to bridge, getting nowhere.

Switching tactics when she found she couldn't uproot Rachael from her position, Mila slithered her legs around Rachael's midriff and kicked a tight bodyscissors closed. Pointing her toes at the ceiling, she worked her opponent's waist with her thighs, forcing a thick grunt from Rachael, followed by a series of pained groans.

Rachael tried twisting her body left and right to loosen the leg hold, but Mila kicked the scissors tighter, as if to inform her efforts to extricate herself would result in even tighter squeezes on her body. Slithering forward as much as the leglock allowed, grinding Mila harder into the mat, Rachael came to rest on top of Mila's face, lowered her breasts over her nose and mouth and ground her boobs back and forth.

Mila screamed and tried to bite into the boobs that blocked her breathing passages, but Rachael's breast smother didn't allow room to execute the move. Instead she kicked the scissors even tighter around Rachael's waist, causing her opponent to grunt and groan louder as her curvaceous waist was compressed into a tighter space. As Mila crushed Rachael's waist, she struggled to free her wrists from her grasp.

Rachael struggled to get to her knees so she could press her breasts further into Mila's face. Finally achieving this, she groaned again as Mila bent her legs at the knees, curling them inward as her thighs crushed Rachael's midsection, pulling Rachael's body closer into her. This done, she extended her legs outward again, pressing her inner thighs against Rachael's side as she twisted her hands left and right, trying to wrench her wrists from Rachael's grasping fingers.

Mila screamed again as Rachael's breasts pressed into her face with renewed enthusiasm, pulling in on the bodyscissors and stretching her legs, repeating the move again and again until Rachael began to scream from the relentless compressions of Mila's legs. Mila was now using the leg scissors to topple her opponent from her perch, thrashing back and forth to force Rachael to the canvas.

Releasing Mila's wrists to keep her balance, she reached around to the back of Mila's head, grasping her hair with both hands to maintain the breast smother. Seeing her chance, Mila wrapped her arms around Rachael's upper chest, and suddenly jerked to the left, dragging Rachael to her right and slamming her into the canvas.

Squeezing her opponent with all four limbs, she fought furiously to pull her head from the boob smother, giving Rachael a series of quick bites, just hard enough to cause her additional incentive to remove her breasts from the smother. Finally this succeeded, and Mila fought not to hyperventilate as she withdrew her arms and stretched her legs again.

Rolling Rachael onto her stomach, Mila extended her legs again, crushing her, pressing her thighs into Rachael's stomach and the small of her back with renewed vigor. Rachael howled and screamed from the persistent pressure, exerting supreme energy to crawl out of the brutal scissor lock.

Placing her hands on the canvas, Rachael arched her upper body to alleviate the pressure of Mila's legs. Mila responded by releasing the leglock, crawling on top of Rachael's back and pulling her on top as she rolled to her back. Bending her legs at the knee and pressing her thighs into Rachael's ribs, she wrapped an arm around Rachael's neck from behind, strangling her as her legs compressed Rachael's midsection.

Almost desperate to break free now, Rachael lifted one leg and slammed her heel into Mila's womanhood, stunning her enough to squirm her way out of the scissors while she bit into Mila's arm enough to cause her opponent to retract the limb.

Knocking Mila's back to the mat and scrambling on top of her, Rachael wrapped her legs in a figure four around her neck while she sat on her chest, twisting her body to one side so Mila's neck was forced into her thigh. Her position secure, Rachael tightened her legs around Mila's neck, enjoying Mila's strangled screams.

Mila flopped around trying to free herself, her legs frantically kicking as she screamed. With her hands, she tried prying Rachael's legs from her throat, but it was no use - the grip was way too strong.

In desperation, Mila reached up and latched her hand onto Rachael's bare breast, squeezing for all she was worth. Rachael tried to pull her hand away, but Mila was hanging on for dear life. And when she gave Rachael's nipple a pinch, the heretofore dominant woman involuntarily flinched just enough that a speedy Mila was able to extract her head from between her legs, rolling away and trying to catch her breath.

Rachael immediately lunged after her, and a frazzled Mila, having had the fight mostly taken to her so far, scrambled to her hands and knees and tried to gain some distance from her. Wasting no time, Rachael lunged forward. Mila nearly got away, but Rachael caught up to her just enough to grab her by both ankles. Mila tried to yank free, but the next thing she knew Rachael was tugging her back by her feet.

While Rachael was dragging Mila inexorably toward her, Mila still had enough fight to continue putting up resistance and she was determined to turn the fight around as long as she could, with the chance of beating her rival somewhere on the distant horizon. To demonstrate this she suddenly jerked her legs free of Rachael's grip at the last moment, curled her knees and kicked Rachael viciously in the chest with both heels.

Mila's unexpected double kick rammed Rachael's breasts, knocking the wind out of her and knocking her flat on her back against the canvas. Quickly following up on this, Mila slithered back and wrapped her legs around a surprised Rachael's throat. Stretching her legs as far as possible, she positioned one ankle over the other and squeezed the tight scissors.

Rachael immediately took to clawing Mila's thighs to loosen the submission, however her legs were crossed behind her opponent's head which allowed her enough leverage to compress the scissors as tightly as she wanted. Rachael gasped within Mila's constricting thighs, still trying to scratch her way out, but Mila was hell-bent on keeping her limbs coiled around her throat to choke the fight out of her. Pushing herself up by her hands to avoid her opponent's kicking legs, she arched her back and kicked the scissors tighter, stretching her own legs and pushing her inner thighs deeper into the sides of Rachael's neck.

Screeching through her clenched teeth, Rachael tried twisting her body left and right in an effort to roll Mila off her, punctuating her movements with a kick of her legs or an attempt to arch her back. In response Mila persisted in squeezing her rival with her grasping legs, her thighs bulging, relaxing and bulging again as they tightened around her neck. After what seemed a long time, Rachael's kicking legs finally found a means to wrap themselves around Mila, sliding under Mila's armpits and behind her head.

A second later Mila grunted as Rachael crossed her legs and kicked a tight scissor lock, twisting Mila's body to the left as Rachael twisted her upper body in the opposite direction, hoping the sudden movement would uproot Mila from her position of dominance. Mila answered this by kicking her legs tighter around Rachael's neck; Rachael responded in kind by twisting Mila's upper body to the right as Rachael twisted to the left underneath her.

Through this, Mila fought to keep herself propped up by her hands as she compressed Rachael's neck with yet another kick of her shapely legs. Screeching even louder, Rachael kicked hers and toppled Mila from her hands, slamming her face down into the canvas and twisting Mila to the left again, then to the right, then to the left, working her thighs and strangling Mila as she twisted her own body and fought to roll on top of her opponent.

Mila uttered a low, guttural sound and fought to stay on top of Rachael, tightening her leglock around Rachael's neck in retaliation. Rachael's twists grew more fervent as she struggled to roll Mila beneath her, and with a fierce twisting movement she finally succeeded at this.

Mila was quick to use the inertia Rachael had created to roll herself back on top. She was preparing to tighten the scissors again when Rachael uncoiled hers and slammed her legs around Mila's throat. Twisting to the left in a sudden motion and squeezing her legs, she rolled her rival underneath her, determined to keep her there. Again Mila compressed Rachael's neck, rolled and found herself atop Rachael. Rachael repeated her earlier movement, squeezing her legs and rolling Mila off her and the exchange went back and forth, with each woman not willing to allow the other the advantage.

Their legs worked overtime to force the breath out of one anothers lungs as they rolled and pinned, rolled and pinned, all around the ring. Eventually Rachael found herself crashing backfirst into the bottom rope. Sensing the contest had been hindered at this point, Mila quickly loosened her scissors and kicked out at Rachael with both heels again, connecting with her breasts a second time. Rachael gasped and sucked in breath and the scissors around Mila's neck loosened enough for Mila to wriggle her way out from between Rachael's crushing thighs.

Rearing up on their knees, they circled each other on the canvas, seeking an opening to exploit. Mila glared at Rachael as her opponent massaged her aching breasts, staring daggers at Mila as if her gaze could pierce straight through her.

With Rachael's hands otherwise engaged, Mila opted for a sudden attack - lunging toward her rival in hope of flattening her. But Rachel was full expecting such a move, and intercepted the petite brunette such that the two wound up with their hands interlocked, still facing each other on their knees.

Mila's eyes widened, the TV starlet less than eager for another test of strength of this sort. Still, she poured everything she had into this little contest - but again, it wasn't enough. Feeling herself being toppled backward, and trying her damndest to resist it, Mila was caught totally off guard when Rachael suddenly yanked her forward. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her stomach in front of her rival - and Rachael had deftly pounced atop, establishing a dominant perch with her knees pinning Mila's shoulders as the frustrated woman tried in vain to buck her off.

The animosity having mounted throughout the fight, Rachael decided to show who was boss. Leaning forward, she landed an open-palmed smack against Mila's panty-covered behind. Then another. Mila whimpered with every smack, her feet pounding the mat, but she was powerless to stop this humiliating spanking.

Finally, though, she got lucky. Seeking to add further insult to injury, Rachael got greedy - hooking her fingers into the waistband of Mila's panties as she began to slide them down. But to do so, she had to lean forward - and so, just as she was reeling from the humiliation of having her pale buttocks exposed, Mila felt Rachael's weight come off her shoulders. Shooting her arm up in desperation, she managed to latch on to Rachael's generous breast.

"Bitch, get off me!" Mila screeched as she gave Rachael's nipple a healthy tug. Inadvertently, Rachael did just that - lurching sideways to free herself from Mila’s grasp, but fully freeing her rival in the process.

Mila scurried forward on her hands and knees, Rachael quickly pursuing her. But as earlier, Mila had the presence of mind to kick back her leg - and this time her heel struck Rachael square in the nose, stunning her.

It wasn't enough to do serious damage. But it did hurt, and Rachael fell over clutching her face, then rolled onto her back. Having neglected the fight for a moment, she was brought back to reality when she felt something very unwelcome between her legs.

Raising her head, Rachael was horrified to find Mila's foot strategically placed. The petite rubbed her toes into Rachael's crotch - more sensuously than viciously, but that wasn't going to last.

"Bitch! I highly recommend you just give up now," Mila said, pressing down a little harder. "Because you're not going to like what happens next."

"I'm sure you're not going to like what happens to you," Rachael spat back, refusing to be intimidated by Mila's words as she held her leg between her thighs in a sudden motion, reaching over to grab Mila's other leg when Mila tried to kick Rachael's chest. Pulling Mila's other limb straight outward to pull it towards her, Rachael bent it at the knee as she released her caught leg. Settling her calf over her other calf, Rachael snapped her own legs over Mila's, executing a perfect figure four scissors as she reached behind her to place both her hands firmly on the mat, balancing her equilibrium as best she could to prevent Mila from flipping her and reversing the hold.

"Not one bit!" Rachael continued as she began working the muscles in Mila's legs inside the submission. Mila screeched as Rachael grunted and squeezed her legs as tight as she could, applying maximum pressure to both Mila's ensnared limbs. Mila screeched again as the hold tightened, arching her back in an effort to alleviate the pressure of Rachael's legs. Reaching over with one hand, Rachael slugged her in the stomach hard enough to knock wind from her lungs, before leaning back on her hand and squeezing tighter still.

"You opened yourself up to this too eagerly, honey," Rachael continued her taunting as Mila screeched and tried squirming back and forth to escape her clutches. As if emphasizing there was nowhere to go, Rachael clamped her legs tighter, putting greater pressure on Mila's limbs, pressing one calf into the other until it seemed the figure four would tear Mila's extended leg at the knee. And still Rachael refused to let go, maintaining the energy she was pouring into the agonizing submission.

To further compound on her opponent's disadvantage, Rachael shifted her weight, leaning into the hold to rain a series of brutal blows onto Mila's unguarded stomach. Each blow was rewarded with a pained grunt from Mila as Rachael steeped up the force of her punches.

Mila tried in vain to pry Rachael's legs apart, but was reduced to simply covering up her stomach when the punches kept coming. Squirming about uselessly, tears now in her eyes, Mila was increasingly doubting her ability to get out of this. So she decided that her only hope was that Rachael had gotten overconfident.

"Hey," she moaned, her voice shaking. "I thought you were going to beat me with bearhugs, and that you could beat me in a catfight. So what's with these fucking wrestling moves of yours? You know I'll beat you any other way..."

"Doesn't seem like you've been beating me up to this moment, does it?" Rachael observed evenly as she maintained the figure four leglock, trading in her punches for stomach slashes as if in answer to Mila's taunt. Rachael's fingers didn't rake along Mila's skin hard enough to pierce the outer layer, but still hurt like a bitch. Another few moments and Rachael's performance graduated from slashing her stomach to slashing her groin and thighs as well. The pressure Rachael's legs exerted into keeping the leglock firmly fixed on Mila's caught limbs didn't decrease or increase; however the steady nail raking was slowly growing intolerable.

"If you think you're gonna bait me into a lesser position, nice try," Rachael continued. "Of course, if you prefer I let you up and we engage in a double bearhug, I'd be more than happy to oblige you. To see, at this point, who can do a better job cinching the other in a tight squeeze, flattening breasts, grinding ribs, taking away the ability to breathe."

Mila knew she wasn't going to have any better opportunities than this, and frankly her main concern at this point was escaping the excruciating hold and all the pain that went with it. So she spoke up quickly.

"All right," she panted, trying not to convey how agonized she was. "Let me go, and we'll face off woman to woman. I'll squeeze you till you beg me to stop!"

Uncoiling her legs from the figure four, Rachael pushed herself to her knees, waiting for Mila to do likewise. Massaging the muscles in her calves and under her thighs, then massaging the front of her thighs, her groin and her stomach where Rachael had been nail-slashing her, Mila glared at her rival as she struggled into a kneeling position, catching her breath as best she could.

Rachael rose up on her knees, openly returning Mila's glare as she waited to see if her opponent would attack. When Mila could breathe evenly again, she twisted her glare into a fierce glower and dove at Rachael with startling suddenness, her arms reaching out to wrap around her midriff. As Mila completed the maneuver and clasped her hands at the small of Rachael's back, Rachael slipped her right arm under Mila's left and slipped her left arm outside Mila's right, ensuring the double bearhug would not be broken.

Defiantly, Mila compressed Rachael's midsection, leaning backward and pulling Rachael forward, flexing her arms and squeezing for all she was worth. Rachael had clasped one wrist with the other hand higher up, and answered Mila's compression by pulling Mila into her own bearhug as she tightened her arms around Mila's squirming torso and pressed her breasts and stomach into her foe's. Propping herself on one foot as she squeezed Mila's body in kind, she grunted as she pulled Mila upright, face to face with her.

Rachael grunted and groaned as Mila compressed her waist, fighting to keep her breath. Mila was writhing feverishly in Rachael's grasp, gasping and grunting as she endured the tight compressions of her opponent. Clenching their teeth and groaning as they put all of their remaining energy into the double bearhug, Rachael and Mila bounced up and down, dragged each other forward and whipped each other from side to side in their exertions to be the first to crush the last of the fight from their respective adversaries.

Rachael grunted again as she lifted up, pulling Mila with her and squeezed harder. In response, Mila pulled Rachael forward with her, throwing her head back and releasing short agonized gasps as Rachael kept squeezing. Mila appeared to be getting the worst of the deal, but she saw the strain on Rachael's face as the double bearhug persisted, and knew she was putting a hurting on her. But neither woman was willing to concede the match to the other just yet, and both seemed to sense the dual submission would persist for quite some time before one of them fell to the relentless squeezing.

Mila squeezed for all she was worth, her growing panic forcing every ounce of strength from her. But she was beginning to realize, to her horror, that it wasn't enough. The pressure from Rachael's larger breasts overwhelming hers was bad enough, made all the worse by the humiliation when she looked down and saw it for herself. But the bigger problem was that Rachael's arms were clearly stronger than hers, because she could tell she wasn't doing her opponent as much damage as was being done to her.

Against her own will, Mila could feel her arms loosening even as Rachael's remained just as tight - the stronger woman's face twisted into a scowl, Mila's eyes shutting as she fought back the tears. She tried to shake herself free, but it was no use. Finally, she collapsed forward, her chin resting on Rachael's shoulder. Her arms were still wrapped around her rival and she was nominally squeezing, but for all intents and purposes she'd lost this contest. Still, though, Rachael wasn't letting up.

"All right...I can't take it any more," Mila groaned. "Please stop." Wordlessly, Rachael just kept squeezing. "Pleeeeaaaaase," Mila sobbed out. "What do you want from me? I'll do anything... just stop!"

At first, Rachael was wary that Mila's admission that she could not continue might be a feint, a ploy to dupe Rachael into giving her a second wind so she would be able to launch an offensive. For that moment Rachael chose not to respond, in case her suspicions were correct, and maintained the squeezing hold. Realizing her opponent was not putting on an act, Rachael let up on the pressure, just enough to give Mila a breather, but not for long. As she was more or less satisfied that she had outcrushed Mila, additional humiliation was not necessary; however she elected to demonstrate her physical prowess in a final display. Leaning in close to Mila's face, Rachael spoke in a low, sultry whisper:

"Remember how cocky you were earlier? All I want is for you to listen real close, 'cause I want you to know that..."

Abruptly, Rachael's expression and tone of voice changed altogether as she suddenly reared back and slammed her chest and stomach into Mila's as her arms were still wrapped around her rival's torso, shouting her clarification of her strength to coincide with each collision of their chests and stomachs:























The slamming continued a few moments longer, just enough so Mila knew beyond doubt who was the stronger. This done, Rachael released the bearhug and allowed Mila to collapse against the canvas, almost ready to pass out by now. Rachael decided to assist Mila on her way to dreamland by scrambling forward, placing her knees on Mila's shoulders and reaching over to grab her wrists. Holding Mila's wrists to the mat with both hands, Rachael planted her ass directly on top of her face. Although Rachael permitted Mila space to continue breathing, she made it a point to press on with the facesit until her rival passed out from the lack of oxygen, which was likely to occur quite shortly. Almost beyond struggling to escape by now, Mila squirmed back and forth under Rachael's ass, her heels sliding up and down on the canvas. Her movements slowed... slowed... stopped. She had passed out.

Exhausted, but triumphant, Rachael stood on shaky legs and planted her foot on Mila's chest. She raised both hands over her head with some effort, awash in the cheers of the audience. As the bottom of her foot rested on Mila's sweaty, unmoving torso, Rachael hoped that Mila would recover from her defeat quickly enough, and would be up to challenging her to a rematch sometime in the near future.