Coronation Street: Kym Marsh vs Michelle Keegan

Part One: (Boxing) by Knowlesey

I asked Michelle Keegan why she and Kym Marsh felt the need to fight in the ring. This is what she told me.

"When I joined 'The Street' Kym was a good mate, but I was always aware that the other girls were somehow wary of her. Then, last month I was passing her dressing room when I heard the sound of squealing and panting - I peeped in, expecting to find her being screwed by some guy. No, but she was sitting in a chair with a slim girl on her knees, licking her twat as if her life depended on it!

I waited outside, and was shocked when a weeping, red-faced Samia Smith crept out, her face smeared with Kym's creamy juice. Poor Samia told me Kym had terrorised the other girls, beating both Tina O'Brien and Jane Danson badly. Samia had never suffered that fate, because she agreed to be Kym's bitch, servicing her regularly.

I confronted Kym with this a couple of weeks ago, and told her I wanted the bullying to stop. Her reaction was that I could take Samia's place if I wanted the little tart spared. Obviously I wanted none of that, but agreed to fight her and the winner would become the Queen of Coronation Street. That's how we ended up fighting. But I don't make the other girls go down on me - I give them their freedom instead!"
* * * * * *
Round 1
- Here we go - the girls are ready to rumble! In comes Kym, nice jab there, but Michelle's coming back, planting stinging punches in Kym's face, now a good right to the belly, and Kym's hurt! She's backing off and Michelle's following up - lovely hook to the mouth there, and Kym's on the ropes! She needs to get off those ropes, 'cos Michelle's ginving her a two fisted beating here - got her with a right! Kym's down folks - down in the first! This could be over quick!

Kym's up at 6, bleeding from the mouth already! Here comes Michelle again - nice left jab there rocks Kym's head back - now the right to the cheek, and Kym's wobbly again! She's holding on to Michelle, but Michelle's landing nice little shots to Kym's body - those hurt! There's the bell - that's a big round for Michelle Keegan folks - she's got Kym Marsh in deep trouble!

Round 2 - Kym's corner gave her a rocket between rounds, but she got really tagged early there, so let's see what she's got. Here comes Michelle again - neat jabs smacking into Kym's face, reddening those cheeks up for her - but back comes Kym! Boy what a left hook she swiped across Michelle's face there - and Michelle took it! She's hurt though, and Kym knows it - that's better Kym! Lovely combination punching to Michelle's ribs and belly and the younger girl's looking shocked!

Michelle's trying to take a breather - holding on - but she's getting hit. Now she pushes Kym off, and boy - she lands a solid right in Kym's face, and Kym stumbled into her - Michelle's got her in the belly again, but Kym comes back! Two great lefts from Kym to Michelle's cheek, and that's bruising up nicely - come on Kym - nail her! Yep - got her again with the left, but there's the bell. Kym's round, but that knockdown keeps Michelle in front.

Round 3 - These two are evenly matched - now they're both cagey, Michelle jabs and Kym sways - both girls faces show the power of the punching, and here comes Kym - she's getting some good digs into Michelle's body and there's that big left hook again - Michelle's looking shaky now. Kym traps her in the corner and gets her again to the body - another left to that swollen cheek, and another! But Kym's too close, and Michelle holds her - that's cunning stuff from the youngster!

The ref breaks them - cheap bodyshot from Kym there hurts Michelle - hurts her and annoys her, 'cos on she comes! Michelle is flailing punches, and most of them are missing, and Kym's just picking the girl off with good, accurate blows to that face and she's backed Michelle up against the ropes - closing seconds - Kym's got her with that left to the cheek again, and there's blood smeared across Michelle's face - Kym's cut her! Bell! Kym's round and I make that even now.

Round 4 - Michelle's corner worked hard in that interval, but she's got a nasty cut along her cheekbone, and that right eye's swelling shut - here comes Kym, and oh she's got her already! Looping left hander landed smack on that cut and opened it up again - this could be a tough round for the youngster!

Kym looks cocky here folks - can she finish Michelle off though? She's taken a lot but hasn't gone down - can't be long though surely? Kyms unloads lefts and rights to the body, now a couple of lefts to that eye, smearing blood over Michelle's face, but back comes the younger girl! She clipped Kym with a left of her own right in the mouth and now Kym's on the ropes as Michelle stands back and belts her face with lefts and rights - Kym can't get off the ropes! Boy is Michelle giving her a beating - she's down! Kym's down - it was a right to the jaw that did it and she doesn't look good!

Kym's on her feet at 8 - not long left on the clock! Good bodyshots from Michelle bring squeals of pain from Kym's lips, and ..... Kym can't take them! Solid punches to the body and she's on her knees gasping for air - there's the bell, but the count continues - she's up at “Seven” but it's Michelle's round - all Kym's good work had come undone!

Round 5 - This is a great fight folks - I thought Kym had Michelle beaten, but the youngster's come back and I'm not sure Kym can take much more. Early seconds, and it's Michelle looking for those bodyshots again, but Kym nails her with that left hook! Michelle can't see much out of that right eye now, and Kym lands again - Michelle's struggling to get off the ropes and takes four or five solid blows to the head, but she's in the centre again, trying to look composed!

Kym is pretty bruised up herself folks, but here she comes - right jabs smacking into Michelle's face again - she's in her own corner this time - left hook to that eye - left to the body - that hurt! Come on Kym! Michelle can't get out of her corner and Kym lays into her belly and ribs, and now - oh yes - she's giving those lovely big tits a good belting! Michelle doubles over - silly girl - left uppercut - Michelle's down - it's late in the round, and I don't think she's getting up!

Tough girl Michelle Keegan! She's on her feet at 8, and the ref's not happy with Kym for going for the tits. Kym's on top now, though - good right to Michelle's jaw, and the youngster looks groggy now, another right, a left to that horrid eye and that's the bell! I reckon Kym's evened it up again - what a fight!

Round 6 - Both girls look weary - Kym's attacking though - nice left to Michelle's belly, and another - that's softened her up a bit. Now a right to the ribs, left to the face - she's bleeding again - another left and Michelle's wobbly folks! Come on Kym! Yes - another solid bodyshot, then a right to the jaw, now a left, and another - got her! Michelle's on her backside in the middle of the ring - what's she got left?

Michelle's up at 6, but she looks finished really. Here comes Kym, looking for that split cheek again, but no! She went to throw a left at that eye, but Michelle got her in the ribs with a right hook, and Kym's on the ropes again. Nice left from Michelle rocks her head back, spanking right cross, and now Kym's down, on her back, but rolling onto her side, she scrambles up.

So Kym on her feet again at ‘Seven” - what a round! Michelle's got the older girl on the ropes again. A lovely right to the mouth sets her up for a couple of straight lefts, and Kym's bleeding badly now from the nose - she takes another right to the mouth and just slides down the ropes and onto the canvas.

Will Kym make the count? Yes! Up at “Nine” - but a mess. There's the bell! Lucky Kym Marsh - Michelle could have finished her and that's her round!

Round 7 - I have to say that Michelle's right eye is now completely shut, but Kym is looking worse! Her lips are raw and bleeding, she is badly cut across the bridge of her nose, and over her left eyebrow - I think she's had enough!

Here comes Michelle again - good shots to Kym's ribs there, nice left to the face, and another, a good right to the belly, now to the head, and she's down! Kym is being beaten up now, folks - it's a sad night for her - a sad night for me too, 'cos I really love her!

Kym is so, so proud! She's got back to her feet at “Eight” although her corner was yelling at her to stay down! Here comes Michelle, peppering that battered face, and Kym's trying to cover up on the ropes. Oh no! Michelle's put the palm of her left glove on Kym's forehead and she's holding her steady - stop it! Big right from Michelle and that's it! A shower of blood and snot spray across the ring, and poor Kym's completely out! Flat on her back, arms above her head, legs apart - just how I like her normally, but not like this!

Afterward - It's a familiar fight scene; the winner (Michelle) parading around the ring, arms aloft - battered but finally victorious while the loser (Kym) struggles to get to her feet - shakily. Kym comes over to her and hugs her conqueror.

"Well done Michelle," Kym says, then drops to her knees and presses her bleeding lips to Michelle's feet! She got her ass whipped tonight and she knows it! I'd love to see a rematch!!
* * * * * *
Part Two: (Boxing) by Ken

Kym Marsh endured a lot of ribbing from the cast of ‘Coronation Street’ in the weeks that followed, all the more because the Sun tabloid ran pictures of the fight along with the story of her battering. Too proud to accept defeat gracefully, Kym became even more cruel to the other girls on the show and Michelle felt she had no choice but to step up and put an end to it once and for all!

The Rematch…

Round 1 - Kym dominant, peppering Michelle's body with painful shots, catching her with some crisp jabs to the face in closing seconds.

Round 2 - An angry Michelle unloads big right hands to Kym's face, splitting her lips, but Kym hurts Michelle with hooks to the ribs as the round ends.

Round 3 - Michelle gets upper hand as the pair trade blows in centre ring, but experience starts to tell as Kym clinches and hurts her again with body shots.

Round 4 -Kym again taking punches early, she punishes a tiring Michelle with more blows to the ribs, then floors her with a left hook to the face.

Round 5 - Kym gives Michelle's body a beating, then switches to the face, flooring her again and leaving her features bruised and swollen.

Round 6 - Michelle finding it hard to see as the bruising to her face makes it swell, but she nails Kym with a lovely right, dropping her to the canvas, only to be floored again herself by a big left hook.

Round 7 - A battered Michelle is floored by a chopping overarm left which cuts her eyebrow badly, then she staggers blindly into a huge right uppercut which leaves her sprawled on her back and senseless. A great fight, but it ends with Kym Marsh knocking out a brave-but-overmatched, Michelle Keegan in the 7th round.

Afterward - Kym is mobbed by her fans and carried from the ring, leaving Michelle spread-eagled on her back in her wake.
* * * * * *
Part Three: (Boxing) by Munro

A month after the fight, Kym and Michelle were back in the ring for a rematch - this time at Michelle's insistence. With the tabloid stories of her defeat, the proud young actress felt she had no choice but to put on a brave face and 'demand' a rematch. To her dismay, Kym quickly agreed and, in a public announcement, even set the time and place!

Round 1 - Michelle, confident and aggressive, is soon finding Kym's face with her left jab, the older girl looking vulnerable, but landing a couple of decent bodyshots towards the end of the round, making her young opponent wince.

Round 2 - Kym comes out punching, connects with a left to Michelle's jaw, then covers up as the youngster throws punch after punch at her, some landing to her body, but most of them are blocked or taken on her gloves. Michelle is short of breath in the closing seconds, and is rocked by a nice right hook to the cheek.

Round 3 - Michelle is quick out of the blocks, catching Kym with a left to the mouth. Then she takes a couple of solid punches to the body and looks hurt. The younger girl misses with a couple of haymakers before taking another solid right to the gut, then one to her face. Michelle's knees are wobbling as she clinches. The more experienced Kym softens her up with short, sharp blows to the body that have Michelle squeezing her eyes in pain at the bell.

Round 4 - A smiling Kym is taking control, smacking punches firmly to Michelle's reddened face as the young actress protects her aching body. The poor girl is backed onto the ropes where Michelle's right and left hooks thud into her mouth. DOWN SHE GOES! Sobbing with pain, Michelle crumples to her knees; rocking back and forth on her haunches; shaking her head. She's up at “Eight!” A sneering Kym rams two lovely right hands into her ribs, followed by another to the head and the youngster is floored again at the bell!

Round 5 - Tears are streaking Michelle's bruised cheeks as she stumbles from her corner; blood dribbling from both nostrils; breathing hard through her mouth. She's in no shape to defend herself as the brutal Kym floors her with a stunning left to the jaw. Bravely, Michelle staggers to her feet at "eight" but Kym rips a right hand into her battered rib cage - finishing her off with a barrage of punches to Michelle's swollen face that drop the younger girl senseless on the canvas at her feet.

Afterward - Once Michelle's corner have brought her around and cleaned her up, Kym drags her across the ring, slides down her shorts and pulls the younger girl's face into her hairy snatch; forcing the beaten beauty to lick and kiss her to three climaxes before leaving her, humiliated and kneeling, alone in the ring.

It was the last time they fought - at least in public. Michelle has been noticibly subdued on the set ever since this rather public humiliation at the hands of her nemesis: ‘Kruel’ Kym Marsh!