A Christmas Carol for K&G by albert

Its a couple of days before Christmas and Kim and Ginny are working in their small, cramped, dingy office on the third floor of a small office building in the run-down heart of a major metropolitan area.

Kim looks up from a pile of papers and smiles, "The quicker we work through all this, the sooner we can go play with our train set." She adds with a knowing leer, "And this time, it's my turn to drive."

"I know," Ginny answers, blushing.

The intercom buzzes and their secretary, who for some reason sounds like an Australian lass, says, "Hey, you guys, you'll never guess who's here, Andrea Corr. No kidding. Hey, miss, wait. You can't go in there without...."

The door to their office opens and the famous singer stands there, dressed, rather incongruously, in a mans white cotton shirt, a leather mini-skirt and high heels which stress her slender legs and make them even more shapely.

Kim and Ginny stare at this vision and they both think, "I hope to God she's wearing stockings."

Without saying a word, she walks over to their desks, which are next to each other. Cool and in control, she sits down in a chair facing them and crosses her legs. They both see the flash of her red panties and both women feel a moistness between their legs.

Kim is the first to recover, "Er, how can we help you, uh, Ms Corr?"

"Call me Andrea."

She leans forward and they can both see the shadow between her breasts.

"I have a story to tell you," she says, a soft Irish brogue-like purr. "And you DOdeal in stories, don't you? Some nights ago I was surfing the net and I came across your site. Intrigued, I clicked enter and what did I find. Stories, plenty of stories about everyone. But none about us."

She pouts, "And not one about me alone. Even some of your regulars have asked for Corr stories. But are there any? No. Aren't we beautiful enough, popular enough. Of course, there's plenty about that slag Britney....."

"I'm afraid, Andrea, we don't actually write many stories ourselves," Ginny says. "We just...."

Andrea shakes her head and they watch the swirl of her hair around her angelic face.

"I know that. Do you think I'm dumb? But you must have some influence. And if you choose to exercise your influence..."

She slowly undoes another pearly white button on her shirt, ".....you'll find me ever so grateful and amenable. Particularly amenable."

Ginny stands up, walks around behind their visitor and reaches around her. Her trembling hands cup Andrea's firm breasts and gives them a slight squeeze as she whispers, "I wonder just HOW amenable you'd be."

Andrea's head falls back onto Ginny's shoulder, she turns her head toward the redhead and sighs, "Oh very....."

Her voice is like a husky cough. Kim too moves over and stands in front of the smiling singer. Kim runs a right hand up Andrea's left leg until she feels the soft flesh above the satin finish of her hose.

"Stockings," she smiles at Ginny. "I knew it! An old-fashioned gal, just how I like them too. But, dear, sometimes we like to play rough."

She punches Andrea in the stomach and her body jerks forward in surprise and pain, her mouth gapes open. Ginny squeezes her breasts harder, pulls her back upright just as Kim punches her in the belly again.

"We've been remiss, Ginny, we haven't offered our guest a drink," Kim chuckles.

She goes over to a small liquor cabinet and returns with a half-empty bottle of vodka. Ginny holds Andrea's mouth open as Kim unscrews the top and carefully inserts the bottle between Andrea's lips. Andrea gags as the young blonde tips the bottle; her legs kicking helplessly. She swallows some but most of the clear liquid pours out the corners of her mouth like from an over-filling cup. The vodka falls on the front of her shirt, drenching it like she's a contestant in some wet T-shirt competition. The transparent fabric molds itself around her firm breasts.

"Look," Ginny says as she pinches the erect nipples. "See how hard they are? I think the bitch is enjoying herself."

Andrea's arms flail about in token resistance as she gasps, "Please….please stop!"

But her plea sounds more like an aroused moan. Kim extracts the empty bottle and puts it on her desk and lifts Andrea's legs, hooking them over the arms of her chair. She can see wisps of hair escaping from the panties which she reaches up under Andrea's skirt to rip off. Kim chuckles and tosses them to Ginny who stuffs them into their victims gaping mouth.

Carefully, like she's opening a letter, Kim inserts two fingers and spreads them to open Andrea's cunt. She takes a deep breath, inhaling the familiar aroma of aroused pussy. She looks up at Ginny, winks, then picks up the bottle and inserts it like a dildo. Kim laughs as she starts to work it in and out, slowly increasing the speed of her thrusting.

Soon Andrea is jerking toward an orgasm, she shakes her head from side to side, her hair whipping her face. Even the gag can't quite stifle the sounds she's making. Andrea comes again and again. After about ten minutes, Kim relents and removes the bottle. She raises it to her lips and then shoves it into her mouth, draining the remaining vodka as she slurps up Andrea's fluids from the bottle neck and rim.

"Why you naughty girl," Kim says shaking her head sadly when she's finished the bottle off. "Just look at the mess you've made on our nice clean chair. You should be punished."

Kim punches Andrea's cunt a few times and her exquisite jerks of pleasure turn into spasms of agony. She's barely conscious as they quickly strip her, leaving her only in her suspenders and stockings. They both stand back against their desks and admire their handiwork.

Ginny giggles, "What a nice present this was....."

Then light bulbs go on over their heads as this gives them an idea. They bend down and lift the singers limp, lithe body, which sags between them. They carry her to a corner of the office where there's a Christmas tree that's surrounded by several presents, some they're giving each other, others presented to them by their underpaid staff of writers.

They prop Andrea up against the tree and carefully balance her so she doesn't slump forward. Ginny removes the gag and, holding Andrea's mouth open, replaces the panties with a shiny red ball gag, one of dozens Kim used to decorate the office tree.

They take down a string of lights and carefully wrap them around Andrea's body, taking care to pull them tight around her breasts so that they bulge out like she's just had really bad implants. As a finishing touch, Kim spreads Andrea's legs and plants a blue bulb in her cunt.

They plug in the lights again and as the blue light winks suggestively at them from between Andrea's legs, Ginny says, "I better go get the camera."

"Sure," Kim smiles. But she's thinking, "Shit, now all we've got to do is persuade those lazy, good-for-nothing writers to write some damned stories about the Corrs.........