Singing Groups: The Corrs vs. She-Daisy by John J © 2002 by John J. All rights reserved.

Though there is always some level of rivalry between professionals in any field, the reason for this team catfight wasn't about some deep-seated grudge, hatred or vendetta. This was about money, pure and simple. An agent representing a multimillionaire contacted the agents for both sister bands and made them an offer. Both groups laughed off the offer until they heard the amount of money for the winners. After very short discussion, both groups quickly accepted the offer, the date was hammered out and agreed on.

The afternoon of the fight arrived and the Corrs arrived first at the secluded mountain estate. A long winding road brought them from the front gate up to a huge mansion hidden by the mountain and trees. As their limousine arrived at the mansion, a beautiful woman, actress Victoria Pratt, greeted the sisters at the door. The lovely blonde actress brought the Irish singers into the mansion and gave them a tour, starting with the upper floors. She brought them down to the basement, and showed them a huge gym and weight room, complete with a professional quality wrestling/boxing ring. Victoria finally brought the group down another level, to the second basement, which was the fight arena level. After allowing them to look around a bit, Victoria brought the ladies up the third floor and showed them their dressing rooms, each of which was outfitted with more clothes, hair care items, and cosmetics products than ten women could use. The ladies were all provided with a set of matching black halter style dresses with a deep plunging V-neckline that showed lots of cleavage. The dresses were not designed for a bra, so none was included. The outfits were completed with matching black panties and high-heeled shoes. Victoria left as the ladies started to prepare for the fight.

Not very long after The Corrs arrived, the She-Daisy sisters were allowed through the gate. A few minutes later, their limousine pulled up to the mansion. The lovely actress Jennifer Garner was at the mansion door to greet the She-Daisy sisters. The sultry redhead star of "Alias" brought the sisters into the mansion, and gave them a tour as well. She bypassed the dressing rooms for the moment and showed them all the various areas of the mansion. She took them down to the basement level and showed them the gym area. Jennifer then brought the trio down to the second basement and showed them the huge room used as the fight arena. The sisters looked over what was obviously the fighting area. The area was currently divided into three sections like a house, a living room, a bedroom, and a yard. The trio turned and saw the viewing area, which was very spacious. The owner's seat was quite obvious, second level, protruding out on a balcony, with a complete view of the entire fight arena. After the ladies looked around, Jennifer brought them up to a different section of the third floor and showed them their dressing rooms. Their dressing rooms were arranged the same as the Corrs' rooms, except that their fight outfits were white instead of black, but styled exactly the same way. As the ladies examined the dresses, they found that each had been custom fitted for its intended wearer to provide maximum cleavage effect; and a length that stopped at mid-thigh. Jennifer left as the sisters started to get ready for the action.

About two hours after showing them to their rooms, Victoria knocked on the door to the Corrs dressing room and said, "Thirty minutes to fight time, ladies. I'll be back in ten to take you down."

On the other side of the mansion's third floor, Jennifer went through the same routine with She-Daisy.

Ten minutes later, Jennifer returned to the room for She-Daisy and called them out. The three sisters emerged and Jennifer led them to the elevator.

On the elevator, she explained, "You all saw the three rooms where the fighting is going to take place in the arena, right?"

Kelsi, Kassidy and Kristyn all nodded in unison, so Jennifer continued, "Good. The rest will be explained in the arena."

In another elevator, Victoria was asking the same question of Andrea, Caroline, and Sharon Corr and they too nodded.

In the huge fight arena room, the lights darkened on the crowd gathered to watch the fight. A spotlight illuminated on a single figure standing at the podium, actress Natasha Henstridge.

The sexy long-legged blonde spoke into her microphone and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have brought in two well-known female singing groups, and they are going to fight it out tonight, in a no holds barred catfight for your viewing pleasure. Before I introduce the ladies, let me explain about how the fight is going to progress." She paused a moment, then continued, "As you can see, the arena is divided into three areas, bedroom, living room and yard. The ladies will pair off in three pairs, each pair will fight in an area they select. Once a lady is knocked out or submits, she's out of the fight and can't return. The winner can then join one of the other fights, giving her team a 2:1, or even potentially 3:1 advantage. If two ladies join a fight, one from each side, they will split off to a different room and fight separately until someone is defeated, only then may the winner rejoin the other fight. The ladies will continue fighting until all members of one team have been defeated."

Natasha paused again before finishing, "As I said earlier, this is a no holds barred fight so holds or tactics are illegal meaning nobody will be disqualified. Before, I introduce the ladies, let me introduce you to the referees, one will be in each fight area. First, I'll be the referee in the bedroom. Jennifer Garner, the star of the ABC hit, 'Alias,' will referee in the yard and, finally, Victoria Pratt, the star of 'Mutant X,' will referee in the living room." She went on, "And now the moment you've all been waiting for. Here are the ladies that are going to fight tonight! First, we have The Corrs! Andrea, Caroline, and Sharon! Come out ladies!"

At their introduction, Andrea, Caroline and Sharon Corr walked out together holding hands. The crowd cheered and hollered for the lovely Irish sisters, as they strutted around, mingled and signed some autographs before they settled down beside the podium and waited.

Natasha continued, "And their opponents... She-Daisy! Kelsi, Kassidy and Kristyn! Ladies, come on out!"

Hearing their names, Kelsi, Kassidy and Kristyn walked out together! The crowd again cheered, yelled and whistled for the sexy country trio as the sexy sisters wiggled and strutted, mingling with the audience and signed autographs for some of their fans. After a few minutes, they also settled down at the opposite side of the podium.

Natasha took a deep breath and said, "Ladies, the Corrs have heads; She-Daisy has tails." Then she flipped the quarter and they all watched as the coin dropped. When it settled down it showed heads and Natasha continued, "OK. The Corrs get first pick of who fights and in what room."

Andrea stepped up and said, "Our pick is Sharon in the bedroom area." As Sharon moved toward the bedroom area Kelsi moved forward and said, "We pick Kristyn as her opponent." Kristyn moved over, next to Sharon, looking her opponent up and down slowly.

Natasha signaled to Kelsi to make her selection and Kelsi said, "And for our pick, I'll fight in the living room." She strode quickly over to the living room area as Andrea stepped up and said, "And we'll use Caroline as her opponent in the living room." Caroline got up and walked toward the living room section of the arena as Andrea and Kassidy headed over to the yard section of the arena.

Natasha, Jennifer and Victoria took their places in their respective areas, and the ladies all moved into place, in opposite corners of their respective areas. When everyone was in place and signaled they were ready, Natasha announced, "OK ladies, let's FIGHT!" and the referees moved out of the way as the ladies all closed with their adversaries.
In the bedroom, Kristyn and Sharon quickly locked up, the blonde using her size advantage as she muscled the brunette to the wall. Kristyn gave Sharon a hard shove and slammed her against the bedroom wall, then followed up with a solid forearm chop to Sharon's tits that took her breath away! A gut-busting knee doubled Sharon over, leaving her wheezing and coughing. Sharon went down on the carpeted floor in a heap when Kristyn pounded her in the back with a double ax-handle.
Out in the living room, Caroline and Kelsi started off with a test of strength. Both beauties' back and arm muscles tensed as they each tried to overpower the other and force her to her knees. They stood straining, stalemated for almost two minutes, although it seemed like an eternity to the two heavy breathing women. Then, Kelsi gained an advantage and forced Caroline to take a step back as she got her off balance. Caroline went down to both knees as Kelsi surged forward and powered her down. Before Caroline could recover, Kelsi kneed her in the nose and Caroline flopped onto her back on the carpet.
In the yard, Kassidy tried to lock up with Andrea, but Andrea slipped under her grasp, moved smoothly behind the bigger brunette and rolled across the grass. Kassidy quickly spun around and charged after Andrea but as Kassidy moved in, Andrea jumped in the air and drop-kicked her. Kassidy caught both of Andrea's heels in her gut and the big brunette wobbled and then dropped gasping in pain. With a rough yank of Kassidy's hair, Andrea pulled her into a standing head scissors, then poured on the pressure as she squeezed her thighs on Kassidy's neck.

Back in the bedroom, Kristyn yanked a fistful of Sharon's long dark hair to pull her into a standing head scissors. But before the blonde could lock in the scissors with any pressure, Sharon grabbed the back of the blonde's calves and pulled Kristyn off her feet, dumping the blonde hard onto her back. Sharon grabbed one of Kristyn's legs and twisted it around her own leg in a painful step-over toehold. Kristyn yelled in pain as she pounded the floor with her fists while Sharon poured on the pressure and pushed down on the trapped leg. As Sharon worked over her trapped leg, Kristyn struggled to get herself free. The blonde swung her free foot up and kicked Sharon’s shoulder. With a hard kick, she knocked Sharon back and freed her leg. When Sharon fell back, she hit her head on the wall and fell to the floor dazed.
Meanwhile, in the living room, Kelsi splashed on top of Caroline, knocking the air out of her, then slid over a tiny bit and wrapped her hands around Caroline's neck. Caroline gasped as Kelsi started to choke her, grabbing Kelsi's hands and trying to pry them from her neck. She quickly discovered that tactic wasn’t working, so she tried a different approach - pulling at the front of Kelsi's dress. She pulled and ripped Kelsi's pretty white halter dress until it was a tattered mess. The remains of the dress pooled around the redhead's waist, leaving her topless but she didn’t waver in her attack. She kept her fingers tight around Caroline's throat until Caroline started to feel light-headed. Caroline started to punch at Kelsi and one connected solidly with the redhead's boob. Kelsi gasped in shock and her grasp weakened a bit.
Out in the yard, Andrea had Kassidy securely controlled in her scissors. She tightened and relaxed her thighs at infrequent intervals, keeping the pressure on Kassidy's neck. Kassidy knew she had to do something to avoid being at an even bigger disadvantage so she sunk her nails into Andrea's thighs and raked down! Andrea howled in pain as Kassidy's long, sharp nails carved deep bloody furrows in her previously perfect creamy white thighs. Andrea rolled one way and checked her legs, while Kassidy rolled the other to gulp down some air. After a short rest, both beauties got back to their feet ready for action. Kassidy charged Andrea and the smaller brunette barely dodged the bigger girl. As Kassidy sailed past her, Andrea spun and kicked to Kassidy's midriff. Her foot landed with a satisfying THUD and Kassidy went down.
In the bedroom, Kristyn moved to Sharon, yanked the dazed brunette up by her hair and pushed her against the wall. Sharon hit the wall with her back and looked up with unfocused eyes as Kristyn moved in with her fists raised. Kristyn fired a hook to Sharon's jaw that snapped the brunette's head to the side, then followed with a solid hook to her gut. Sharon groaned in pain as her knees did a little dip. Kristyn punched again but this time Sharon ducked and the blonde's fist smashed into the wall. Kristyn yelped in pain and hopped up and down holding her hand. Sharon took advantage as she grabbed the blonde's arm and twisted it violently up behind the blonde's back in a hammerlock. With her grip on Kristyn's arm secure, Sharon used her free hand to grab a fistful of blonde hair. She pulled Kristyn forward a couple steps and then whacked the blonde's head on the bedroom wall a couple times. When Sharon released her hold, Kristyn fell dazed on the carpeted floor.
In the living room, Kelsi's grip was slightly weakening and Caroline was able to pry the redhead's fingers from her neck. Caroline fired two punches at Kelsi, aiming for the redhead's bare boobs. Kelsi yelped and rolled away after both punches found the mark as if her nipples were little budding brown bulls-eyes! Kelsi rubbed her bruised melons while Caroline rested and sucked in badly needed air. Kelsi went back on the attack angrily just as Caroline was getting up. Kelsi moved in and used a hard yank of Caroline's dark hair to pull her head into a standing scissors. Caroline gasped as her sore neck again came under attack, struggling vainly to pry Kelsi's legs apart or at least pull her head out or get her off balance. She couldn't get any of them accomplished as Kelsi reached around and picked the brunette's legs up into the air. Kelsi steadied herself as she got Caroline upside down, then the redhead kicked her legs out and slammed Caroline’s head down on the living room floor in a nasty piledriver! Fortunately for her, Caroline had shifted her weight slightly during the move and didn't hit quite like Kelsi hoped. Still, she was dazed, although not out cold as Kelsi had planned.
In the yard, Andrea hauled Kassidy to her feet with a fistful of her long hair. She put her in a side headlock, then the smaller brunette ran forward, kicked her feet out and dropped on her ass. Kassidy’s face slammed into the ground and her spine telescoped together sending shivers all through her body. Andrea quickly returned to the attack as she grabbed both of Kassidy's arms and wrenched them back hard as she dug her high heels into Kassidy's lower back and wrenched violently back on her arms. Kassidy howled in pain, but stubbornly refused to submit. Andrea tried to turn up the pressure, pulling back harder on Kassidy's arms which put more pressure on the trapped girl's lower back. Blinking back tears, Kassidy still refused to submit. Kassidy bucked, bounced and thrashed until she managed to pivot as Andrea tried to add even more pressure. Andrea's feet slipped off Kassidy's back, breaking the surfboard hold. Andrea released Kassidy's arms as she planned her next move.
Back in the bedroom, Sharon hauled Kristyn up with a violent pull of her long blonde hair but she hesitated as she decided how to proceed. Then she whipped the blonde across the bedroom toward the far wall. But Kristyn reversed the whip, and instead it was Sharon who found herself sailing into the wall; hitting on her back with the thud. Kristyn charged in and threw her body into Sharon’s, crushing her against the wall for a second time and knocking the last of the air out of her lungs. Kristyn grabbed the front of Sharon's little dress and pulled as she dropped on her back and rolled up her feet, sending Sharon flying up and over with a monkey flip. Sharon’s dress wasn't intended for that kind of abuse and it tore apart in Kristyn's hands. Sharon groaned as she lay rubbing her sore back, while Kristyn popped up with the torn dress and headed for her. Kristyn wrapped the ripped dress around Sharon's neck and started to choke her with it.
Out in the living room, Kelsi was on the attack! Dropping on the carpet next to Caroline, she grabbed one arm and one leg, then the redhead slammed a high-heeled foot into Caroline's side and yanked back on the arm and leg. Caroline yelped as the bow-and-arrow worked her back as Kelsi refused to ease the pressure one bit and, in fact, poured on even more pressure! Caroline gritted her teeth and swore obscenities at Kelsi while she pounded the floor with her fist. Caroline still refused to give up and Kelsi realized the bow and arrow couldn't get a submission so she gave it up and switched tactics. She kicked Caroline over on her stomach, straddled her back and jerked back on her chin in a painful camel clutch. Kelsi reared back as she hard as she could, making Caroline gasp in pain as her neck felt like it would snap. Still, Caroline wouldn't give up despite the tears streaming down her pink cheeks.
Pivoting on her back in the grass, Kassidy swept Andrea's legs out from under her. Andrea tried to bounce up and get in better position, but before she could Kassidy moved in and stomped her belly - twice! Andrea gasped in pain as Kassidy's high heel dug into her belly and again as Kassidy followed up with a leg drop across her throat. Andrea's legs flew up, then flopped back down as Kassidy's weight came down on the smaller girl's neck. Kassidy tried to get her legs swung around to catch Andrea in a scissors, but Andrea evaded the attempt and kept one of her legs trapped. As Kassidy tried to twist and wiggle free and get Andrea in the scissors, she twisted the wrong way and Andrea captured both of her legs in a double toe leglock. Kassidy howled as Andrea ratcheted up the pressure as she worked over her legs. Andrea slid forward, putting all of her weight on Kassidy's trapped legs.
Bedroom again: Kristyn had the torn dress wrapped around brunette Sharon's neck several times as she continued to pull it tight, choking her. Sharon gasped and groaned, unable to breathe although she did tear at Kristyn's dress with both hands until the blonde’s firm body was left with only her panties. Sharon sank her nails in Kristyn's nice round, firm boobs and squeezed as hard as she could. While the brunette squeezed and scratched her melons, blonde Kristyn poured on more pressure with her choke. Kristyn shifted position slightly giving Sharon a new target. She drove her knee up into Kristyn's exposed crotch and Kristyn immediately released her choke as waves of pain surged through her pussy. With a rough pull on the blonde's nipple, Sharon rolled Kristyn over as the two beauties switched positions.
Living room again! Kelsi released her camel clutch from Caroline, grabbed a fistful of brunette hair and yanked Caroline to her feet. Just as Kelsi started to whip her into the living room wall, Caroline reversed it and sent Kelsi flying out of control straight at the sofa. The redhead smashed into the sofa THUMP and as Caroline charged toward her, Kelsi rolled out of the way. Brunette Caroline slammed into the sofa knocking the breath out of herself! Kelsi pulled Caroline to her feet and tore off her dress. She carefully set up the now topless brunette then put her down hard with a vicious swinging neck-breaker. Caroline hit the floor moaning in pain, her eyes welling with tears as the wicked move hand nearly snapped her head off. With Caroline down and almost out at her feet, Kelsi yanked her to her feet by the hair and spun her around so the two lovely singers were standing back to back. Kelsi reached back over her shoulders and applied a hangman to the brunette, leaning forward and lifting Caroline’s feet off the floor. She gritted her teeth against the pain and although her neck hurt badly, she refused to give up.
Andrea again tried to slide forward across the muddy yard to add a camel clutch to her hold as Kassidy bucked violently. Andrea didn't expect the quick move and she lost her position on top of Kassidy. The two beauties rolled apart, got to their feet and then ran at each other to continue the battle. Kassidy feinted a punch and Andrea moved to block the blow and counter with one of her own. Kassidy easily blocked Andrea's and fired off her real attack, a spin kick to the head that snapped Andrea's head. Stunned, she staggered back from that kick as Kassidy moved in and caught her in a bearhug. Kassidy pinned Andrea's arms at her sides and poured on the pressure as she crushed Andrea's middle with all her strength. Andrea gasped as Kassidy crushed her ribs. The smaller brunette tried to kick free but Kassidy had her securely held. She was trapped!
While in the bedroom Sharon was moving into a dominant position as she straddled Kristyn’s chest. The brunette had trapped the blonde's arms at her sides and now as she slid forward, Sharon wrapped her fingers around Kristyn's neck and started to choke. Her fingers turned white from the pressure she was applying as she tried to knock the blonde out. After a few minutes of choking, Sharon could feel Kristyn weakening. She slid up and pressed her butt down onto Kristyn's face, then started to grind her ass on the blonde's face.
Living room: Kelsi applied a little more pressure to the hangman hold that she had Caroline trapped in and, as her neck started to creak, Caroline had finally taken all the pain she could take and began tearfully crying, "Enough! Please stop! I give up. No more!"
Kelsi hissed, "Louder!"
Caroline cried out louder, "You win! I give up! Leggo….please!?"
Victoria Pratt moved in and said loudly, "The winner of this first fall is KELSI! She-Daisy has a 3:2 advantage now since the Corrs have lost a team member. Kelsi, you’re free to join one of the other fights. Caroline, you’re eliminated!"
Caroline tearfully crawled away from Kelsi, not wanting any more to do with the wild redhead.
In the yard, Kassidy maintained the pressure on her bearhug and Andrea was getting nervous. But when Kassidy tried to shift her grip slightly, Andrea saw her chance and gave Kassidy a head butt in the face. Kassidy yelped and staggered back holding her face, as she was forced to release her bearhug. Andrea pulled away and gulped down air as Kassidy got herself back together. Andrea charged in and hit Kassidy flush in the tits with a drop-kick, her high heels shredding her flimsy dress. Kassidy fell backward and flipped over. Andrea quickly moved in again and went for a leg drop to those well-battered boobs, but Kassidy rolled away and Andrea’s ass hit the ground hard. Before Andrea could get up, Kassidy had her pinned as she threw herself onto the smaller brunette's face with a tit smother. After a couple seconds, Kassidy let out a scream and sat up rapidly. Andrea had bitten her breast!
Kelsi hurriedly checked on her teammates situations and figured Kristyn was in worse shape than Kassidy, so she ran into the bedroom to help Kristyn. The redhead charged in as Sharon was grinding her ass on Kristyn's face. Sharon never saw the redhead enter and was totally shocked when Kelsi tackled her off of Kristyn. Kristyn lay getting her breath while Kelsi and Sharon fought, rolling around on the bedroom floor, each desperately trying to get into the dominant position. As the two beauties rolled into the side of the bed, luck was with Sharon and she used the bed for leverage to straddle Kelsi. She bounced on Kelsi's belly, knocking the air out of the redhead but by this time, Kristyn had pulled herself together and she moved in behind Sharon. Kristyn grabbed the brunette by the hair and pulled her off Kelsi and secured a choke hold with her arm around the brunette's neck from behind.
Andrea took advantage of Kassidy's momentary shock at having her breast bitten and rolled her over but Kassidy quickly recovered as her back hit the muddy ground. Straddling Kassidy's stomach, Andrea bounced up and down, driving the air out of Kassidy’s lungs. Then Andrea balled her fists and started pounding Kassidy's tits with a barrage of lefts and rights. Quickly, Kassidy's perfect melons turned black and blue as Andrea’s hard fists left them bruised and swelling. Andrea sank her sharp nails into the battered melons, squeezing and scratching like a woman possessed while Kassidy cried in pain. Giving a rough tug on her distended nipples, Andrea forced Kassidy to her feet where she put two hard knife-edge chops into Kassidy's battered boobs. As Kassidy went reeling back from the chops as Andrea backed up, planted her feet and then charged! The smaller brunette leaped in the air and launched herself high heels first right into Kassidy's tits with a running drop-kick that added even more damage to that she’d already done to the blonde.
Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Kristyn had Sharon held in place with the choke as Kelsi stood back and punched away at the defenseless brunette. Kelsi took careful aim as she fired punches into Sharon's boobs, face, ribs and belly. Kelsi also threw several low blows and Sharon gasped and moaned whenever Kelsi's fist smashed into her pussy. Then the redhead and blonde traded places, with Kelsi holding Sharon while Kristyn hit her. Kristyn whipped Sharon's head from side to side as she hammered the brunette repeated in the jaw with her fists. As Sharon’s body started to slump, Kristyn gave her some attention a bit lower; she pounded her fists straight out into the brunette's tits, flattening Sharon's proud globes against her ribs, then she kneed Sharon in the gut so hard it almost knocked Kelsi over!


Out in the yard, Kassidy looked spent and Andrea hurried to finish her off. As Kassidy wobbled from the drop-kick, the smaller brunette moved in and snapped her head around with quick left/right punches. Then a brutal spinkick to the head took Kassidy off her feet and left her on her back dazed and disoriented. Andrea moved in and straddled her, sliding backward to plant her butt over Kassidy's face. Andrea pulled and twisted on Kassidy's sore nipples, but the brunette's cries and sobs were muffled under Andrea's firm ass. With a handful of hair, Andrea hauled Kassidy's face snug up into her butt crack, smothering her. Andrea ground her ass back and forth and side to side on Kassidy's face as the bigger brunette’s struggles and thrashing slowed more and more.


Inside, Kristyn backed up a few steps and charged into Sharon who managed to pull free from Kelsi and jump out of the way just as Kristyn came charging in. Kristyn couldn't stop in time and Kelsi couldn’t get out of the way in time. The big blonde's knee slammed into her sister's pussy and Kelsi cried out, then dropped to her knees clutching herself in agony. Kristyn and stared in shock, then knelt to help her wounded sister, Kelsi, who gave her sister a shove and hissed, "Stay the fuck away from me, bitch!"
Kristyn glared back and said, "Hey, it was a fucking accident. If you would’ve held her like you were supposed to and this wouldn't have happened."
While the siblings bickered, Sharon took advantage of the opportunity to rest and get her wind back.
Kelsi gasped and shot back, "Oh yeah? So you think this is MY fault?"
Kristyn, trying to be calm, said, "Look, we’re both at fault partly. Let's concentrate on the problem at hand - her!" Kristyn pointed at Sharon.
Kelsi glared angrily at her sister, then muttered, "OK for now. But later, we ARE gonna have this out!"
Outside, Andrea kept the pressure on Kassidy’s face as she ground her ass down, depriving her of air. As the minutes of facesitting slowly ticked by, Kassidy's struggles grew weaker until, finally, her arms went limp and her hands slipped down off Andrea’s thighs to the grass. Only then did Jennifer Garner move in and lift Kassidy's arm, letting it drop and watched it fall at her side. She picked up Kassidy's arm a second time and again it fell limp. A third time Jennifer raised Kassidy's arm and, for the third time, it fell at the brunette's side without a trace of resistance.
Jennifer told Andrea to get off and the brunette beauty complied, but she watched Kassidy like a hawk, ready to pounce at the slightest movement or sound as Jennifer started the official count out, "1... 2... 3..." still, Kassidy showed no signs of moving. Jennifer continued, "4... 5... 6..." as Kassidy moaned slightly and turned her head a bit, groggily. Jennifer droned on, "7... 8..." Kassidy moved just a bit more, still groggy and clearly unable to rise as Jennifer finished, "9... 10!" then yelled, "YOU'RE OUT!"
Kassidy hardly knew what was going on at this point, as she struggled to roll over, pulled one knee up and started to push herself up, then sighed and flopped in the grass on her bare breasts where she lay still. Jennifer raised Andrea's arm and said, "The winner of this fight is ANDREA! The Corrs have tied She-Daisy. Both teams have lost one team member. Andrea, you can now join the bedroom fight but once you and one of the She-Daisy girls pair off to fight on you own, you MUST split off and go to a different room. Keeping it two separate, but concurrent fights."
In the bedroom, Kristyn turned her attention back to Sharon as the big blonde yanked the brunette up by the hair and threw her into the wall. Holding her pinned with an arm across her throat, Kristyn drilled her fist over and over into the brunette's sore midriff while Kelsi pulled herself back to her feet and moved toward them to help Kristyn. Just at that moment, Andrea rushed in and tackled the redhead to the carpet. Kelsi let out a yelp more out of surprise than pain as she twisted around and kicked Andrea. Before the two petite beauties could get any further, Natasha came over and separated them, telling them, "Alright you two. You’ve paired off for your fight so you pick one of the other fight areas and go in there to finish this."
Without a word, Andrea grabbed Kelsi in a headlock and dragged the struggling redhead out into the yard and the action in the bedroom once again returned to Kristyn and Sharon’s bitter struggle as Sharon took advantage of Kristyn's distraction at Andrea’s unexpected appearance, and lunged at the big blonde. Sharon tackled Kristyn football style and slammed her down on her back with a CRASH! Sharon came down on top of Kristyn and tried to secure her position, but Kristyn bucked and pitched wildly until Sharon fell forward face first onto the carpet. Kristyn jumped on her back and clamped her in a Boston Crab. Sharon howled in pain, as the blonde wrenched her trapped back until Sharon nearly passed out from the intense pain in her lower back. Kristyn added still more pressure to the hold, but she was careless and got too close to Sharon who grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and yanked! Kristyn tumbled off down to the carpet and they rolled in opposite directions.
As soon as Andrea got Kelsi into the yard, she tried to throw her down, but the redhead managed to pull her head out of the brunette's grasp and Kelsi retaliated with a series of hard kidney punches as Andrea gasped and cringed in pain. With Andrea’s lower back throbbing Kelsi continued her attack when she applied a side headlock. She ran forward then dropped and drove Andrea’s head into the hard ground. Kelsi's bulldog worked perfectly as Andrea lay groaning and struggling to get back to her feet. Kelsi scooped up her brunette rival with an arm between her legs as she heaved her up into the air and slammed her down with a body slam. The fiery redhead followed that with a breath-taking leg drop across the boobs. As Andrea gasped for air, Kelsi tore her dress off leaving Andrea topless like everyone else.
In the bedroom, Sharon pulled herself to her feet and raised her fists as she moved toward Kristyn who took one look and matched the brunette's posture. Both women stepped closer with their fists raised and circled slowly. Kristyn staggered when Sharon caught her in the jaw with a solid right. And Sharon fired another right toward the blonde's tits, but Kristyn deflected that punch and countered with one of her own that flattened the brunette's left tit against her chest. Sharon winced and quickly backed up as she covered her battered boobs with her hands. Kristyn chased after her and snapped Sharon’s head with a left jab to the jaw. Sharon angrily spun around and back-fisted Kristyn across the mouth and she moaned as her jaw started to throb. The two beauties each backed away to reset their defense, then they closed in again, ready to fight some more. Kristyn moved fast as she landed a perfect uppercut right under Sharon's chin. The brunette's eyes glazed and she staggered back with her hands at her sides, all but out on her feet!
While in the yard, Kelsi tossed aside Andrea's torn and shredded dress but Kelsi occupied herself with her dress, Andrea lashed out with her high-heeled shoe and kicked Kelsi in the knee. The redhead bellowed as the knee buckled and she dropped to the ground. Andrea went over to Kelsi and stomped on the redhead's sore knee as Kelsi writhed around in pain. Then Andrea grabbed that same leg and put it in a stepover toehold. Kelsi howled in pain as Andrea cranked up the pressure and bent the injured knee in a horribly painful direction. Before Andrea could work the hold in really good to cause an excruciating amount of pain, however, Kelsi raised her other leg and kicked the brunette away. Andrea stumbled back when Kelsi's heel hit her in the shoulder and knocked her onto her back. Kelsi struggled to her feet and hobbled over to Andrea and quickly nailed the brunette with an elbow drop to her sore, bare boobs. Andrea groaned as Kelsi mashed her melons back into her breastbone.
In the bedroom, Kristyn stood and studied Sharon as she wavered, barely able to stand. Kristyn set herself, spun and cracked Sharon in the jaw with a huge kick! Sharon's head whipped to the side and the brunette pirouetted with her arms spread, then dropped like a ton of bricks, out cold! But stubborn Kristyn, thinking of her reputation more than the fight, wanted to get a surrender not a knockout, so she grabbed Sharon's legs, spread them and gave her hard stomp in the pussy. The pain brought Sharon around and she screamed as the waves of nausea caused by the pain flooded through her. Kristyn wrenched Sharon over onto her belly and pulled her legs over her back, twisting the brunette in a Boston Crab. Sharon howled in pain and cried out loud as Kristyn turned up the pressure. It didn't take long for Sharon to sob quietly, "I give! Please stop. No more! I'm done!" Her plea was barely audible, but Natasha heard it clearly and the sexy blonde referee raised Kristyn's arm as she said, "The winner of this fight is KRISTYN! The Corrs are again disadvantaged. She-Daisy has two members left to only one for The Corrs! Kristyn, you’re free to join your sister in the yard to double team Andrea." Kristyn strutted proud as a peacock, out of the bedroom into the yard.
There, Kelsi had just grabbed Andrea’s nipples and was pulling her to her feet. Holding the brunette by her hair, Kelsi hammered her with several vicious chops to the boobs. Andrea retaliated by pounding her fist into Kelsi's gut and the redhead gasped, shocked by the unexpected counterattack. Andrea stepped back and ran at Kelsi, putting the redhead on her back with a running clothesline. Andrea next nailed the redhead with a leg drop across the throat. Using her red hair, Andrea pulled Kelsi's neck between her thighs and clamped on a head scissors, applying major pressure on the redhead's neck.

Andrea didn't notice that Kristyn had entered the room as she stealthily moved up behind the brunette and kicked her in the back. Andrea howled in pain and lost the head scissors as she fell. Andrea turned over just in time to see Kristyn charging toward her. Andrea went for Kristyn's legs and she clipped the blonde's legs out from under her and brought her down. The two luscious singers pulled, pushed and grappled in the grass as each strained and struggled for the advantageous position. In the end, Kristyn's size won out as the blonde overpowered the brunette and pinned her. Grabbing Andrea's hair, Kristyn pulled her head between her ripe melons for a breast smother but Kristyn quickly pulled back with a shriek and rolled away; checking the ring of teeth marks on her tit.

Andrea rolled the other direction, with a satisfied smirk on her face, then the brunette pulled herself up. She hadn’t been on her feet more than two seconds before Kelsi pounded a solid right deep into her belly. Andrea gasped as the fist buried itself deep into her heaving gut and she doubled over in pain.

With a shove, Kelsi tossed Andrea to Kristyn who wrapped up Andrea's arms and pulled them behind her back, forcing the brunette to stay upright with her body arched over backward. While Kristyn held Andrea in her grip, Kelsi drilled a flurry of lefts and rights to the brunette's tits and belly, weakening Andrea considerably. Then Kelsi started to aim for her head, taking careful aim at Andrea’s jaw for what appeared to be intended as a knockout punch. As Kelsi swung, however, Andrea wrenched one arm free of Kristyn's grasp and spun out of the way. Instead of Andrea, Kelsi's heavy punch slammed into Kristyn's sore jaw! With all the punches her jaw had already taken, Kristyn coulsn’t take any more. She moaned and staggered, her eyes went glassy and she dropped to the grass out cold!

Jennifer stepped in and ordered Andrea and Kelsi to back off and they complied. Kelsi watched nervously as Jennifer started the official count out on her sister, "1... 2... 3...4..." Kristyn lay still, only the raising and falling of her chest as she breathed for movement. Jennifer continued, "5... 6... 7..." as Kristyn groggily turned her head to the side and looked at Kelsi with blank, unfocused eyes. Jennifer ended, "8... 9... 10!" then "YOU'RE OUT!"

Kristyn didn’t knpw what was going on at this point but the medical team came over and carried the blonde away to explain it to her when she recovered. .

Jennifer raised Andrea's arm and said with a wry smile, "The winner of this fight is KELSI! Due to an error on the part of She-Daisy, The Corrs have once again tied She-Daisy. Both groups have one team member left. Whichever of you wins this fight wins the tournament for her team. Let’s finish this!"

Andrea chuckled under her breath, as she closed with Kelsi to resume. Kelsi, showed no sense of humor, in fact, if anything her anger flamed even brighter. She was intent on taking the brunette's head off for making her knock out her sister! Andrea just barely dodged a big right hook from Kelsi and when she tried to grab Kelsi, the blonde yanked Andrea's arm around and put her in a hammerlock. Andrea yelped as Kelsi twisted the arm viciously.

A couple stomps to the back to her leg buckled Andrea's knee and dropped her to the muddy ground on her knees. With Andrea down, Kelsi pulled back on hard Andrea's arms while at the same time, she put her heel in the brunette's lower back, applying a painful surfboard. After nearly two minutes in the hold, Kelsi abruptly released Andrea and before she could slip away, Kelsi grabbed her ankles and applied a double-toed leglock.

Andrea yelped as the redhead bore down with her full weight on the trapped legs as Kelsi slid forward a bit and used her torso to keep the leglock in place while she grabbed the brunette's neck and pulled back into a camel clutch.

Kelsi hissed, "Give up, bitch!"
Andrea shot back, "Fuck off!"
Kelsi slid forward a bit more and again yanked hard on the brunette's neck, warning, "I'll break your damn neck. Now give up!"
Andrea yelled, "Go to hell!"
Kelsi tried to apply more pressure to the brunette's neck, but in her eagerness she lost the leglock because she was too far forward. After another minute of the camel clutch, Kelsi released the hold in frustration and Andrea flopped to the ground on her chest groaning in pain. She rolled over rubbing her sore neck but as she started to sit up, Kelsi moved in and gave her a hard stomp to the belly. Grabbing a fistful of brunette hair, Kelsi hauled Andrea to her feet, then immediately put her back down with a knee lift to the face that busted her nose wide open.

Andrea fell back clutching her freely bleeding nose as Kelsi moved into position behind her and wrapped her legs around Andrea's neck in a figure-4 head scissors. Kelsi poured on the pressure, but then she backed off just when it looked like Andrea was ready to pass out.

Kelsi hissed, "Give up, slut!"
Andrea said, "No way!"
Kelsi turned up the pressure again but again she backed off just when it seemed Andrea nearly passed out.
Kelsi wanted to keep her conscious as she explained, "I'm not letting you pass out, whore! I'm gonna make you submit. I can keep this up ALL DAY if you make me!"
Andrea sneered, "Well, you're gonna HAVE to knock me out, 'cause I'm not giving up!"
Kelsi cranked up the pressure on the brunette's neck again as she squeezed as hard as she could, then backed off. She did it twice more, leaving Andrea hovering on the ragged edge between being awake and unconscious.
Finally, Andrea sobbed, "OK! I give up! Leggo!"
Kelsi laughed, "Louder, sweetheart! So everyone can hear you."
Andrea sobbed, "You heard me. I give up. Let me go."
Jennifer moved in and tapped Kelsi on the back, "OK. Let her go. It's over. You won."

Kelsi got up and raised her arms up in the air as Jennifer said, "The winner of this fight is KELSI! Since the last member of The Corrs has been eliminated, the tournament’s over.” When all six ladies were back in the arena, she continued, "The winner of Kim & Ginny’s singer 3 on 3 fight is SHE-DAISY!"

The three She-Daisy girls walked up, holding hands and smiled as they waved and flirted with the crowd. Kristyn and Kelsi didn't look at each other except to give the other a hateful glare.

While Kelsi, Kristyn and Kassidy celebrated their win, Sharon, Caroline and Andrea walked together back to their dressing rooms with heads hung and sad faces. They got their stuff together and then left quietly, carefully avoiding the She-Daisy victory party that continued long into the early morning. All that night, Kelsi and Kristyn hardly spoke to each other except when forced to, or when they pose for a group photo.

Vote result: She-Daisy: 242, Corrs: 204