Nikka Costa vs. Britney Spears by Aspen

Thursday night came around, and Britney was back on her 'Dream Within A Dream Tour.' She had always felt comfort in the performing aspect of her career although lately she had difficulty separating her struggling wrestling career from her slowly diminishing popularity in the music market. At first, she always felt this way, but after being applauded by thousands of screaming fans after she takes the stage, she was usually able to separate matters. She worked hard trying to find something to fall back on, trying actress, wrestler and singer.

Her role in her latest Pepsi commercial was another degrading attack on her mental and physical being. Her demise was beginning to infiltrate the population as a hit. She was glad it didn't fit into her musical performances because she counted on that for her self-confidence. She was ready to take the stage in a pink tank top and tight vinyl pants. The show wasn't sold out for ticket sales for her shows had been down for the past last year, but at least her opening act, Nikka Costa, had been pretty well received.

When Britney took the stage to do one of her latest songs, 'Overprotected' thoughts of her in ability to find victory in wrestling left her and as she started synchronizing her dance moves with her troupe, the lack of good movie offers left her mind as well. But the lack of response from the crowd to her songs had her rushing her band a bit. Next, she sang, 'Crazy" a fun and happy song hoping to break the tension. When she tried to interact with the fans, however, she felt she was in a losing battle. Suddenly, she wondered if she was having a nightmare!

Unfortunately for Britney, the rough crowd had her reeling into her third song, 'Boys' but somehow the performance wasn't refreshing her like others in the past and she was wondering what she was going to do to win them over. By the end of the song, fans were even more hostile, mixing boos with insults, although there were some cheers as well. She began to notice little things; that the crowd seemed to be a bit older than normal but she tried to focus as she started her fourth song, one of her big hits, 'Oops I Did It Again!'

Like with her other songs, boos and hoots filled the arena at the break as she tried to maintain her composure. She was starting to wonder if the majority of the crowd was here to see Nikka. If that was the case, why hadn't they left after she performed. Her nerves were killing her at this point as she started her fifth song, 'Stronger'. She closed her eyes and set her mind to doing the best she could do despite the harsh crowd reaction. Much to her delight, the fans started cheering as she mapped out her routines in her head. Since she has performed so often, it was easy for her to do this even if she were blindfolded.

Little did Britney know that as she performed, creeping up behind her on-stage was Nikka Costa! The fans were reacting to Nikka's appearance as she stealthily crept up behind Britney with a guitar raised over her head, waiting for the right moment. Nikka was wearing a long red dress with a slit down the entire side that showed off her gorgeous legs. Finally, just when Britney opened her eyes to cheers, the acoustic guitar came crashing down on her head. Thin wood flakes fluttered like confetti as Britney dropped forward on her knees, her voice not missing a beat even though her lips had stopped moving.

The cheering fans were already preconceived on who Ms. Spears was as they watched her glance around in confusion. Nikka moved in from behind still holding the neck of the guitar in her grasp as she put it across Britney's neck and pulled the young star's body back into her hips. Britney struggled in the choke hold but was unable to get her hands under the wooden weapon. After a few short seconds, as Britney's fifth song was still playing, Nikka flung the blonde forward onto her pneumatic chest on the stage. The fans went nuts as Nikka pulled out her microphone and addressed the audience.

"I thought I'd give you a little encore performance tonight! Whadda you think?"

The crowd grew even louder when Nikka reached down, grabbed Britney by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She gave a signal to the band who started to play, 'Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' as Nikka started to sing in place of Britney's. As the song began, Nikka kneed Britney in the stomach twice, then locked her in a side headlock.

"You're a Not Girl, Not Yet A Woman," Nikka sang to the struggling Britney, then planted her foot behind Britney's leg and shoved her over backward. Spears fell flat on her butt with still no clue of what is happening. Nikka sang a little more of Britney's song, calling on the crowd to start a mosh pit in front of the stage. Chairs are quickly removed and by the end of the song most of the fans had moved up and were all concentrated in a small area at the edge of the stage. When Nikka ended the song, she looked down at Britney who was struggling to get to her knees. With a loud thump, Nikka drives her foot down on Britney's back, flattening her to the stage 'n sync with the drums and guitar who start playing, 'I love rock & roll.'

Britney had remade this song on her third album and Nikka didn't think she did it justice, so she wanted to make sure Brit got a good beating during this performance. After several thunderous stomps to the still struggling Britney in rhythm with the music beat, Nikka ripped Brit to her feet and forced her to the edge of the stage. Britney looked at the hostile crowd with fright just as Nikka shoved her into the mosh pit.

Nikka continued to sing as Britney's body was tossed violently from person to person until she was almost 30 feet from the stage before they being sending her back toward Nikka. During the process, the crowd managed to rip Britney's vinyl pants to shreds leaving her in a pair of pink panties. When Britney reach the stage, Nikka stepped aside as the front row tossed the young blonde up onto the stage. Nikka was delighted to hear the wild cheers of the crowd as she pulled the dazed and dizzy Britney to her feet by the hair.

She again dragged Britney to the edge of the stage, stepped back, raised her leg and put her foot on Britney's ass. With a sharp straightening of her leg, she kicked Britney back into the mosh pit. Britney landed face down, and when she was finally rolled onto her back, Nikka saw the crowd had destroyed Brit's Pink tank top while making sure to take some hair with them. Unfortunately, the rowdy crowd was slow getting Britney back on stage and 'I love rock'n'roll' ended by the time her limp body was rolled up on stage.

It was almost comical as the band waited in silence for twenty or more seconds until Britney's body was heaved back on stage. She hit the wooden stage hard barely still wearing just her bra and panties. The loud thump of her ass hitting the wooden stage was audible with no music playing and it drew a seductive laugh from Nikka as she played to the leering crowd.

Britney's head was spinning like never before and she felt like a kernal of corn being popped over and over. Nikka thanked the crowd for booing Britney off the stage so she could do another show. They started to play 'satisfaction' another Spears cover as Nikka again pulled Britney to her feet. This time, Nikka sent a right hook to the blondes face that sent her reeling off the stage and back into the mosh pit. The whole process was repeated again as the crowd savaged the rest of Britney's clothes before tossing her naked back up onto the stage where she rolled helplessly to a stop at Nikka's feet.

Nikka, who had on her thick red high heels, used her foot to slowly roll Britney over two and a half times before kicking her back out into the eagerly grasping hands of the crowd. One last time the Pop Princesses body was tossed, turned, clawed and spun over the heads of the crowd, this time with nothing to cover her body or protect her from their groping, grasping hands before - at a call from Nikka - she was thrown back onto the stage again. Oddly, this process was a little off center as Britney landed on one of the stage monitors. She was too delusional to show any facial expression as her body arched and she rolled off, landing beside. Nikka who watched the entire proceedings with complete satisfaction as she finished singing the tune.

Yet again, Nikka pulled Britney to her feet, holding her up by a hand in her hair as the Princess rocked back and forth in a daze, unable to stand on her own. Nikka again turned Britney to face her audience, grabbed her from behind between the legs and over the shoulder and picked her up, carrying her limp, naked body in front of her like a guitar as 'Baby One More Time' starts to play with Britney's voice.

Nikka parades back and forth across the stage, strumming Britney's body like her own personal instrument as the blondes legs bounce and flap around her elbow. After a minute or so, Nikka bodyslams Britney to the stage and the engineer cuts the track of Britney's voice, leaving it to fade with reverb while the song continues.

Nikka pulls Britney up again, savaging her like a guitar once more as the fingers of one hand dig into Britney's neck, while the gilded nails of the other scrape across her stomach leaving thin, fine welts on her tight abs. Nikka plays with Britney's body for a while before tossing her back onto the stage with a flip of her wild red hair and dismissive flip of her hands.

Britney's body looks totally dominated as she flinches inadvertently beneath Nikka. As the brunette finishes the song, she begins to dance erotically to the beat of 'Slave 4 u' as she slowly reaches up under her dress and rips off her panties, tossing them into the crowd where several fans get into fights over the souvenir. Nikka begins to shake her hips, giving the fans nearest the stage many pleasurable looks as her bouncing dress sways and flips her rapid movement. Then, Nikka straddles Britney, nudging her over with her foot so she lays flat as she sings while she slowly lowers herself onto Britney's face.

Nikka pounds her pussy on the youngsters features as she surrenders to her sexual urges and grinds her way through the first verse, rotating and her hips on Britney's face to arouse herself. Right on cue, just as the chorus comes, so does Nikka as she explodes on Britney's face and her crowd-pleasing moans of satisfaction fill the arena.

The drummer starts the beat again as Nikka works her orgasm, slowly, poetically, Britney begins to flinch uncontrollably but Nikka doesn't care. The second verse has her picking up the pace a bit, using harder, stronger thrusts until the chorus arrives and everything stops as her second, larger, orgasm swallows Britney's face as Nikka arches her back and grinds hard and then harder!

Britney's all but done as Nikka slowly rubs her love juice over the Pop Princesses motionless body. Finally, Nikka stands up to give everyone a good, close look at her victims cum-covered countenance. Nikka's red dress hangs from her body in the thin air as she dances to the final strains of the song. Then, Nikka leaves Britney naked, unconscious and creamed for all to see as she sways her sexy body over her until the song ends with Britney's voice announcing for all to hear over the loudspeakers, "I'm a Slave 4 U!"

The crowd went wild as Nikka's second performance of the day turned out to be far better even than her first. Nikka thanked the crowd for coming as she left the stage after what was certainly the best performance of her career. Britney awoke in the hospital all bandaged up. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was her manager and a record label exec standing over her bed. Before she can mumble a word, she hears.....

“Ms. Spears, we’ve got a serious problem!”

The next day, the review of the show hit the papers and both the performance and the supposed “gimmick” involving Britney and Nikka got fabulous reviews. Jive records and Britney's management quickly worked out an agreement to repeat the performance in a world tour. Britney had no choice but to go along with it since her music career was the strongest of her endeavors. Needless to say, her concerts once more started to sell out as the word of mouth spread about the “fabulous show” she and Nikka had put on.

For Britney, the role as everybody's favorite victim was no longer just in her wrestling career, now it had spilled over into Pepsi commercials and her musical stage performances. She’d wanted to shed a teeny-bopper image on the stage but this is one hell of a way of doing it!