Tishara's Big Fight: Tishara Lee Cousino & Christi Shake by kit

Whenever I'm out with a girl I always compare her to other girls of similair size and shape and wonder which of them would win a catfight. Fortunately I've been able to see this come true several times in my life, and the last time it happened was the best. About a year ago I was dating this really good-looking sophomore named Tishara. We had met at a postgame football party in October and quickly become an item. Tishara was as fine a chick as I had ever had. She had thick, long, dark hair. A pretty face. Voluptious 36d guns. A tiny 21" waist. A hot 34" ass that I just loved tearing up. And tan, velvety legs. She was 5-7 and 120 pounds, and very capable of moving it in the bed. I liked her. I really liked her a lot. Everything was going great until March. Right before spring break we were out at a bar one Saturday night, and I had gone to the bar to get some more drinks while she went to the restroom.

"Hi, Ricky! What are you doin' here?" I heard a female ask.

Turning around I saw Christi, the object of my lust for the past few months.

"Hey," I said, excited to see her. "What's goin' on?"

I had met Christi the fall semester in class, and this semester she sat in front of me in another class. We were both journalism majors. We made small talk for a moment.

"Where's your girlfriend?" she asked, standing rather close to me, even though the area at the bar where we were wasn't that crowded.

"In the bathroom."

"Aw, that's too bad. I was hopin' we could have a good time together," she said with a purr.

Christi and I had always sorta flirted with each, and lately our flirting had gotten a little more steamier. Too be honest, she had the hots for me just like I had the hots for her, and as of late, I had seriously considered cheating on Tishara and going out with Christi just to see if she was really as hot as she looked. Christi was a fox. Hands-down she was hot and had the looks of a slut. At 5-7 and 122, this junior co-ed had the total package. She had long, platinium-blond hair. A sexy, sluty face. Firm, round 34d's. A trim 24" waist. A fantastic 34" ass. And a pair of the nicest looking legs I'd ever seen.

"And where's your boyfriend...whats-his-name?"

"Oh that bastard. We broke up last night. He just wasn't cuttin' it in bed," she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Well, I'm sure you're a real challenge for any guy."

She grinned and sorta brushed her chest across my arm. "Wanna find out?"

At that exact same time, Tishara came up and literally wedged half of her body between me and Christi. "Find out what?"

"Hey! Watch out!" Christi said loudly as she was pushed to the side.

Instantly I could see the lightning bolts fire between their furrowed eyes as Tishara slipped her arm around mine and had her right breast pressing fully into Christi's left one. My mind went 1,000 miles per hour as I wondered how they liked the feel of the other one's tit as they compared fullness and firmness. They sized up perfectly and I wondered just who would come out on top in a catfight. I picked Christi.

"Uh, girls," I said, doing the unthinkable as I knew I must calm them down. "Christi, this is my girlfriend, Tishara...this is Christi, I have her in class."

"Hi," they barely muttered to each other as they remained pressed at the tit and looking hard at each other and after a second or two, Christi eased back and asked me to dance.

"Uh, honey, he's mine," snarled Tishara. "Go find your own man."

"Honey?" asked Christi, turning more towards Tishara. "Bitch, I'm not your honey."

I could see in Tishara's eyes that she was shocked and probably wishing she hadn't of said that. She didn't reply, and I could tell by the look in Christi's eyes that she sensed Tishara to be somewhat of a chicken since she called her a 'bitch' and nothing happened.

"Well, bitch," said Christi, squaring off.

"Uh, look, Christi," I said, trying to get myself more between them.

"Just go find your own man," said Tishara.

"No, Ricky, this is between her and me. She called me honey and won't let me dance with you," snapped Christi who I knew was trying to impress me. It was working!

"Look, just leave us alone," said Tishara, trying her best to act tough.

"Why don't you make me, bitch," Christi challenged. Tishara said nothing as Christi stared her down. "Humph...bitch, you're pathetic."

"I am not!" spat Tishara.

"C'mon, let's go," I said, anxious to get Tishara out of this jam. As much as I wished she'd fight, I could tell she wouldn't.

As I tried to push past Christi, the blonde suddenly slapped my girlfriend across the cheek.

"Chicken shit," said Christi, just as she finished slapping her. It was more of an attention-getter slap as opposed to one of those full-palm hard slaps. Still, I knew it had to sting, although the real damage was done psychologically.

"Christi!" I said, stunned, as Tishara ducked behind me. "I can't believe you."

"C'm on, bitch! Fight me!...Chickenshit!" we heard Christi say as we quickly made our way out of the bar.

Needless to say, I didn't get any pussy that night as Tishara cried all the way to her apartment and wouldn't let me come in to console her.

Although we talked on the phone the next week, Tishara still wouldn't let me see her. I knew she was embarrassed and ashamed and feeling like a piece of shit, but still, enough was enough. When I asked her on Wednesday if it was over between us, she said she didn't know, but would I be patient and just give her more time. But patience is a virtue and since Tuesday Christi had been all over me; asking me what happened; how Tishara was; and how could I date a woman that was a chickenshit.

"So, are you still dating that bitch?" Christi asked me Thursday in class.

"I don't know. It might be over," I said.

That night I didn't call Tishara. That night I was busy getting my brains fucked out by Christi.

On Friday, just before I was going home for spring break, Tishara showed up at my apartment. She was on her way home also, but wanted to stop by and see me first.

"I'm sorry about this week," she said as I held her.

We made love, and it was probably the worst I'd ever had. Usually Tishara is a really hot fuck, but that day she just wasn't into it. That day she was a dead fuck. During spring break we talked twice, and I had decided that if she didn't shape up then I was going to move on and date Christi, even though I really liked Tishara. We agreed to get together on Sunday night when we got back to college.

"Baby, I did a lot of thinkin' over spring break," she said Sunday night over at my place, "and I realized that I don't want to lose you and that I love you."


"Let me finish," she said. "I know I've been something of a bitch and hard to get along with, but this thing has really been eating me up and driving me crazy. I can't take it anymore, so I've decided that the only way out is to challenge that slut to a fight. Think you can talk her into it?"

"Hell yeah," I thought with a rising penis. "Probably. I'm sure I can," I said. "But have you ever even been in a catfight?"

"No, not really. In eigth-grade I got into a pushing match, but we didn't hit each other or nothing," she said sheepishly. "Think I can win?"

"I don't know...maybe," I said. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, definately. I've gotta do something, and at least this way you'll know I'm not a complete coward."

"Alright, I'll talk to her."

That night we made love and it was great. Tishara was back to her old self.

As I suspected, Christi was all over the idea of fighting with Tishara when I mentioned it to her in class Tuesday.

"Oh, I can't wait," she said. "It's been awhile since I've kicked a bitch's ass."

Nine months in fact. I learned that this would be her sixth fight and that she'd never lost. It was settled that the fight would take place at my apartment the next afternoon (Wednesday). That day I skipped my classes and arranged my living room for the fight. I moved out the t.v., lamps, coffee table and breakable items, leaving a long sofa, two recliners and a desk to heavy to move against the walls. Around 3 p.m. Tishara showed up wearing a pair of short, tight, denim cut-offs and a blue mesh jersey with the number 7 on the front. It looked sexy, as it had been cropped off and went just past her belly button. We hugged and kissed, and she said she was nervous but not scared when I asked her how she was feeling.

"Win or lose, will I still have you?" she asked.

Of that I wasn't sure. I knew Christi would want me as her prize, and since I'd now slept her, I wouldn't mind it if she won.

"Well you know that Christi thinks ya'll are fightin' over me," I said, dodging the question.

"So if I lose, I also lose you?" she asked as a fact.

"Don't think like that," I said, trying to keep her confidence up.

"Maybe it's not worth it. Maybe I'll just let you have her," she said, becoming rather pissed and turning as if to leave.


"Just fuck you!" she said, almost to the door.

Right at that moment Christi knocked on the door. Tishara froze in her tracks and then took a few steps back as I went around her and let the blonde in.

"Hey, babe," she said with a big smile. "Ready to see me kick some ass?"

"Uh, Christi, the fights off," I said, glancing back at Tishara. "She's gonna let you have me."

"What!" exclaimed Christi. "Is that right, bitch?"

"Yeah, you can have him," said Tishara, nervous and unsure about all this.

"Did you tell her about us?" Christi asked me, puzzled.

"What!" shouted Tishara. "What did she say? Did you fuck her?"

The cat was out of the bag. "Uh, well...yeah," I stammered.

"Damn right we fucked," gloated Christi, "and I'm gonna fuck him again right after I whip your ass, bitch."

"You fuckin' bastard!" Tishara yelled at me, taking a swing and slapping me pretty good along the side of the head.

"Bitch!" shouted Christi, lunging to my rescue as she shoved Tishara hard backwards. "Your fight's with me now!"

I stepped back and close the door as Christi and Tishara stood a few feet apart glaring quietly at each other. Win or lose, Christi was now my new girlfriend as I admired her backside from behind. She had her hard, tight ass tucked into a pair of little white shorts and her long bleached hair looked even brighter as it flowed down her baby blue Polo shirt.

"Well, bitch?" said Christi.

"Well, what?" Tishara answered. "He's your's now."

"Fuckin-A, bitch," said Christi, "but you're still not leavin' til I kick your fuckin' ass."

"This is stupid," said Tishara. "I don't want to fight."

"Well I do," snapped Christi. "Let's just see how stupid it is when I've got you down beatin' the shit outta ya."

My cock started to really swell. At least with Christi I now had a girlfriend that was willing to fight over me.

Then, for a split second or two, I locked eyes with Tishara. Scared and nervous as she was, her eyes still said that she loved me, wanted me, and was going to fight for me. I think she could see in my eyes that I loved her as well and wanted her to fight for me.

"You fuckin' whore," said Tishara, pouncing at the blonde.

"Cunt!" barked Christi, lunging as well.

Semi-ducking, Christi blocked Tishara's attempt to slap her, and came up on her from behind. Grabbing two big fists of the brunette's long, brown hair, Christi slung her in a circle three to four times before letting go and sending her flying back first on to the couch.

"Fuckin' slut!" swore Christi, jumping on Tishara and straddling her across the hips.

Christi got off at least three good slaps across Tishara's face before taking her by the tits and squeezing.

"Aaaahhh fuuuuuck! Mmmmy tits!" cried the brunette as the blonde twisted and squeezed on her.

"I'm gonna rip these fuckers off!" shouted Christi, rearing back and slapping Tishara across the left tit.

"Ooooww! Gaaawd!" wailed Tishara, running her fingernails down both of Christi's tan thighs.

"Ssshhhhit!" cried the blonde, but grabbing the brunette's left arm and pulling it towards her face.

Tishara bucked and lunged with her hips, screaming, and giving a slap to the face as Christi chomped down on her forearm. Losing her bite and her balance, Christi then toppled head over heels on the floor and quickly rolled clear of Tishara's kicking feet. Like two foxy felines, the blonde and brunette were instantly up on their feet and swinging at each other with slaps.

"He's mine, bitch!" shouted Tishara, landing a slap to the face and taking a fist of hair.

"Fuck you! He's mine!" yelled Christi, matching the slap and hair pull.

For the next 10 or 15 seconds I watched one of the wildest, wooliest hair pulling fights I'd ever seen. Toe-to-toe Christi and Tishara fiercely shook each other's brains out as they shouted and swore the whole time.

"Cunt!" yelled Christi, adding a hard slap to the face.

"Slut!" Tishara shouted, giving back with equal vengence.

With hands twisted to the wrists with hair, the blonde hardbody and brunette brickhouse threw themselves on the couch and then bounced off and on to the floor where they locked up their legs and rolled.

Between the shouts, screams and name-calling, Christi and Tishara rolled over and over each other to the wall and then back towards the couch as both fought in vain to get her legs wrapped around the other's waist.

"You blond trailor trash," huffed Tishara, finally coming to a stop on top with her legs knotted from hip to ankle with Christi's legs as they both stretched out each other's hair.

"Bitch, you're just jealous because my body is better," puffed Christi, trapped below, but still very much in the fight.

"We'll just see whose body is better, bitch," grunted Tishara as she started rolling her 36d's against the blonde's 34d's.

With dick in hand, I stroked as I watched these two absolutely hot babes get it on in a rough tit-on-tit and crotch-on-crotch battle. For nearly one full minute, Tishara rubbed, rolled and grinded tits with Christi while gyrating their hips in pelvic-crunching fashion and twisting their hands in each other's hair. Not only was that driving me crazy, but their legs were as well. Slowly, but strenuosly, their long toned limbs slithered at the thighs and calves while their muscles bulged and flexed in unison with each other.

"Who's on top now, you fuckin' piece of blond trash," growled Tishara in her ear as every inch of their fantastic bodies was in an individual catfight with it's counterpart.

"Fuck you, you sorry sack of fuckin' shit. Just wait til I get out," hissed Christi, her body standing up well and fighting right back. Shifting for better positioning, Tishara raised her hips up and parted her legs. I shuttered because what I knew was about to happen, did happen.


"Uuuuggghhhh!!!" groaned Tishara from the pit of her gut as her body jolted violently and suddenly forward.

Christi's left kneecap had landed full, flush and solid between the brunette's pussy and asshole. "How's that feel, bitch?" she asked, yanking Tishara over by her hair. Rolling quickly to her knees next to Tishara. Christi balled up her right fist and lifted Tishara's head off the floor by her hair. With her eyes semi closed and holding her pussy, Tishara was almost defenseless as Christi put her fist into her face. Knuckle to mouth, I heard the pop as Christi reloaded and punched her in the face again, drawing blood and pulping her lips. Taking full advantage of her situation, Christi straddled Tishara across the chest, pinning the brunette's arms to her side and trapping them with her legs.

"No...stop. I give," I heard Tishara softly cry out as Christi grabbed two fists of her hair.

"What was that honey? You'll have to speak louder. I didn't hear you," said Christi, lifting and bumping Tishara's head against the carpet a couple of times.

"Ppp...ppp...ppplease," Tishara said louder between the sobs.

"Christi, get off. She's had enough," I said, tugging on the blonde's left shoulder.

She shook me off. "Stay out of this, Ricky. This bitch has some suckin' to do."

I backed off a step as Christi wiggled her hot ass against Tishara's big guns. "Bitch, who's your momma?" Christi asked, lightly slapping her face. "Answer me, bitch!"


"What am I?"

Tishara wept as the blood from her mouth and tears from her eyes ran down her cheeks and into her hair. "You're my momma, she sobbed.

"That's right, bitch," said Christi, twisting Tishara's hair. "Are you gonna give him up?"

"Oh please...get off,"

Christi gave her another little slap. "Are you gonna give him up?"

"Yes, yes! I give him up. He's your's."

Christi smiled and pulled Tishara's head up by the back of the hair. "Now smell my pussy, bitch." Tishara cried out and tried to shake her head, but Christi held her tightly by the hair as she guided her face into the crotch of her white shorts. "Like it, bitch?" teased Christi, humping her pussy against Tishara's nose. "This is what a real woman smells like."

That was enough. Tishara didn't deserve to be treated like this, and I wasn't about to let her. She'd stood up for me and put up a pretty good catfight. I didn't mind Christi taunting her, but humiliating her was entirely different.

"Alright, Christi," I said, really taking ahold of her this time.

"Bitch," spat Christi, slapping Tishara good across the cheek as I pulled her off. "Get the fuck outta here. We've got some fuckin' to do." I wanted to help Tishara but couldn't because Christi was still trying to kick, slap or pull at her hair as she got up and staggered out of my apartment. ''And don't ever come back! Slut!" yelled Christi as Tishara left.

Alone with my champion, Christi and I fucked the rest of the day and night and into the early hours of the morning. I was worn out and wondered if even I could keep up in bed with this blond hellcat. The next day I called Tishara to see how she was doing.

"I'm sorry!" was all she said as she abruptly hung up on me.