Courtney Cox vs. Melissa Joan Hart by Shanahan 16-Oct-99

Upset by her mauling at Melissa Joan Hart's hands weeks earlier, Courtney Cox challenged the Teenage Witch to a nude wrestling match right on Melissa's bed, which the younger woman had eagerly accepted. Melissa had choked Courtney's co-star and Friend, Jennifer Aniston, unconscious in two of the blondes' three fights. She'd then done the same to Cox at the end of the third bout, hand-smothering and face-sitting the beautiful brunette into oblivion …

They stripped to the skin, faced each other on their knees on Melissa's plush white bed, interlocked their hands, and began. Neither woman could gain the immediate advantage as their arms twisted and turned about, when suddenly Melissa pushed forward, knocking Courtney to the bed, where both women broke off their finger locks to wrap their arms about each other's head and squeeze hard. They rolled over and over on the bed, first one woman on top and then the other, hanging precariously close to the edge at times, but never quite falling off.

Melissa braced her hands against Courtney's shoulders and managed to push free of Courtney's embrace before twisting behind her opponent and sliding her long legs about Courtney's waist, both women now lying on their sides. Courtney groaned as Melissa squeezed her thighs about Courtney's waist from behind, and her anguish intensified as Melissa reached in front to wrap an arm about Courtney's neck and tighten it like a noose.

Courtney strained to throw Melissa off, but with Melissa's legs around her it was impossible, especially now that Melissa was flat on her back, with Courtney struggling helplessly on top of her. Melissa held on with her right arm, her left hand clasped about her right wrist as she poured on the pressure, choking the fight from Courtney, who was gasping and coughing all the while. A look of glee colored Melissa's pretty face, and that glee was radiant as she reared back on the bed and released her headlock, only to reach up higher and cover Courtney's mouth with one bare hand and pinch her nostrils shut with the other, suffocating her. Her thighs still squeezed methodically about Courtney's waist like a vise, Melissa locking her ankles and pointing her toes skyward as she crushed her opponent without pity.

Courtney could only mouth "mmppph" as she strained to breathe, her bare hands clutching hard at Melissa's wrists, but to no avail as Melissa grinned with satisfaction and continued to close off her enemy's breathing passages. She was fully intent on smothering the fight out of the brunette with one of her favorite moves.

Melissa continued to squeeze and smother Courtney mercilessly, her smooth thighs tightening about Courtney's waist from behind, her bare hands cemented over Courtney's breathing passages and cutting off her air supply. Courtney bucked and twisted in Melissa's twin grips, trying to break loose before she suffocated, but Melissa was proving to be too strong for her. Courtney's chest rose and fell as she tried to suck in air that wasn't coming in, and soon her overall struggles began to soften as Melissa turned up the heat on her prey - legs squeezing harder, one bare hand sealing tighter over Courtney's mouth, the other expertly pinching Courtney's nostrils shut to completely deny her of precious breath.

Courtney's eyes were shut tight in agony, Melissa's eyes were closed tight in ecstasy as she reveled in Courtney's struggles. Melissa even taunted Courtney by licking the side of her face, even as she maintained her dual crushing holds. Only a little longer now and Courtney would smother, giving victory to Melissa.

Until Courtney nailed Melissa in the ribs with an elbow, knocking the wind out of Melissa and enabling Courtney to pull those strong hands off her face so she could breathe again. Courtney gasped and coughed even as she rolled over and straddled Melissa and plunged down with both hands to latch them onto Melissa's ample breasts and squeeze them hard. Melissa let out an anguished cry as her chest was assaulted, but soon that familiar devilish smile emerged on her pretty face again as she sought to turn the tables again.

Reaching up with both hands, Melissa again plastered them over Courtney's breathing passages and again began to rob the brunette of breath. Courtney tried to hold out and twist Melissa's tits off, but she was growing light-headed at her lack of oxygen and again began to tug at Melissa's wrists madly, trying to escape. To make matters worse, Melissa had again wrapped her long legs about Courtney's waist and started squeezing with her thighs, Melissa's ankles locked together and her toes pointing up at the ceiling as she regained control of their nude bedroom combat.

Courtney pulled like mad, but Melissa's hands stayed put, until Melissa decided to help Courtney out - by switching her smotherhold for a stranglehold, hands slipping down to Courtney's neck and squeezing hard about her throat as Melissa pressed her thumbs hard into Courtney's windpipe and began to choke the life out of her. Courtney's gasps and coughs filled the room as Melissa poured on the pressure and began to force Courtney's head back, strong hands like a vise as Melissa used her absolute favorite hold. She cackled below as she felt Courtney's consciousness running out between her fingers again.

Courtney again tugged hard at Melissa's wrists, trying to pull free of Melissa's two-handed chokehold, but again Melissa proved too strong for her. Courtney had been weakened by Melissa's previous attacks, Melissa's smothering grips having had the desired effect, to weaken Courtney by depriving her of breath until Melissa could move in for the kill, which she now had. Courtney was trying desperately to stave off defeat, but Melissa would have none of that, and was making her point with her powerful hands - choking, gripping, squeezing about Courtney's vulnerable neck.

Twisting hard to the side, Melissa pulled Courtney down to the bed as she continued to choke her and squeeze her with her thighs. Melissa shook Courtney's head back and forth as she throttled her, and Courtney's escape attempts grew feebler as the breath was violently squeezed from her body. She coughed hoarsely as her face turned red, and eventually her arms fell uselessly at her sides as her strength was gone, at which point Melissa made her finishing move.

Pulling both women up to a dual sitting position, Melissa's legs still wrapped about Courtney, Melissa released her chokehold to fasten her hands on the back of Courtney's head and then stuff Courtney's face full into her bare breasts. Flesh sealed off Courtney's mouth and nose as Melissa pushed her enemy's face in hard to her chest, Melissa's thighs still like a vise about Courtney's waist to prevent flight - but Courtney was too spent to resist any more. A few minutes of Melissa's grinding, mashing, and stuffing, harder and harder, relentless and unyielding, until Courtney had been breast-smothered unconscious, finally falling back onto the bed when Melissa ultimately released her from her holds only when she was good and ready to.

Unwinding her legs from about her opponent's torso, Melissa sat back against the headrest as Courtney lay there out cold on the mattress, as Melissa ran a hand through her hair, and smiled. Victory was hers. Sweaty yet exhilarated, she made her way to the bedroom door. She stopped only to look back at Courtney's prone form, before smiling again and clicking off the lights in the small, now-still room.