Helen Hunt vs. Courteney Cox by Doug Haig 15-Aug-99

Courteney Cox and Helen Hunt began staring at each other from across the small, barely-furnished room, and without a word they raised their fists and came at each other. Helen struck first with a side sweep kick to Courteney's knee, but the brunette managed to keep her balance only to get blasted in the mouth by a hard left from the blonde, her head snapping back from the force of the blow, and an unexpected spurt of blood jetting from the brunette's split lip. Wasting no time, Helen barreled in and gave Courteney a painful kidney punch before planting another punch in Courteney's face and stepping back before attacking again.

As Helen charged in again she took a hard clout to her small left breast from Courteney before Cox quickly wrapped her muscular arms around the blonde and took her down to the carpet. Helen broke free after the spill with Courteney on top of her and grabbed two handfuls of her foe's brown hair and pulled furiously as Courteney let out a small yell as her scalp erupted in pain. Courteney tore at Helen's black jogbra blindly and tugged it down, uncovering her smaller breasts, sinking her sharp red nails deeply into the firm orbs as Helen shrieked out in pain and Hunt tore at her hair even harder than before.

Helen managed to tug Courteney off her onto the rug beside her, but her face twisted in pain as blood began to flow from her luscious breasts where Courteney's hard red nails were piercing the skin, her hair pulling assault slacking off as she let out a cry of pain. Courteney started to twist each breast in her hands and smiled cruelly as Helen bellowed out even louder, but her smile turned to a twisted look of pain as Helen managed to smash her knee against her pussy and pushed hard against it.

Courteney struggled to ignore the pain, but it was too much as Helen plowed her knee in hard again and floor her kneecap against Courteney Cox's sore cunt. Courteney pushed hard against Helen Hunt's breasts, driving the blonde away from her as she clutched at her throbbing cunt and Helen clutched at her hurting breasts. Helen's beautiful liquid blue eyes blazed in anger as she looked at the blood on her hands from Courteney's attack and with a scream of rage she smashed into the unprepared brunette's upper chest, shoulder-first, sending Cox flying backwards and onto the floor.

Courteney fought to catch her breathe which had been knocked out of her as Helen stalked forward towards her. Courteney's foot shot out at her fast approaching foe's pussy, but Helen was prepared for it and she quickly grabbed Courteney's ankle and with a cruel smile Helen Hunt smashed her heel down in between Courteney Cox's thighs, Helen's foot crunching into Courteney's pussy like a freight train. The brunette screamed out in anguish as Helen added more weight behind her foot, then twisted the foot trapped in her hands to the left causing the blonde some more extreme pain. Courteney was soon screaming out so loud that it hurt Helen's ears, as her foot felt like it would break any second and her cunt still being crushed under the blonde's heel.

Helen bent at the waist as she strained to put the brunette bitch in even more pain when suddenly, Courteney's foot shot up and blasted into the soft underside of Helen's right breast, smashing it flat against the blonde's body, and Helen Hunt both felt and heard one of the milk sacs in her breast exploding from the force of Courteney's kick. Releasing her grasp immediately of Cox's foot, Hunt staggered back, her left hand gingerly touching her crushed mammary. Pain coursed through Helen's body; she could never remember being clouted that hard in the breasts, ever. Courteney, who was still rubbing out the pain in her pussy, was in no shape to capitalise immediately, but she had put Hunt in enough pain to effectively buy her some time.

Courteney was livid and in anger she lashed out screaming "YOU FUCKING BITCH... I'LL SHOW YOU!!!" slapping Helen across her right cheek so hard she left a red imprint of her palm, the rings on Courteney's hand scraping Helen's face painfully, as Helen yelped and rubbed at her face.

"IF YOU FUCKIN' TOUCH MY BREAST AGAIN, COURTENEY, I'LL BEAT YOUR UGLY FACE IN, YOU TWO-BIT WHORE!!!" Helen Hunt screamed back at her as she punched Courteney Cox squarely in the mouth, again mashing her lower lip into her teeth and sending her staggering back a step holding her hand to her mouth.

Helen's rings had ripped open Courteney's lips severely, and as Cox fell back she moaned in pain, realising the amount of blood on her face. Helen's pink nails were bared like talons as she grabbed at Courteney's silver jogbra, tearing it down and assaulting Cox's much larger breasts, but as she did, Courteney ripped an uppercut to her chin that sent the blonde beauty crashing into a nearby table. Helen's mouth was smashed shut, and Courteney had hit her with enough power to almost knock her out. Hunt was holding on to her swelling jaw as Courteney charged at her and brought her knee crashing into Helen's taut stomach.

In pain, Helen managed to throw a weak roundhouse into Courteney's left ear, just hard enough to give the brunette pause and Helen reached out, ripping Courteney's sportsbra down, unleashing the larger breasts from their containment. Helen Hunt's manicured fingers immediately digging into each of the sensitive breasts as Courteney Cox screeched out in pain. Courteney grabbed at Helen small thick nipples, twisting them savagely and smiling as Helen let out a moan of pain, but her own chest was getting battered and soon Helen was gaining control and twisted their positions around arching Courteney's back over the table as Helen tried to push Courteney's larger breasts up into her face.

Courteney's incredibly well-toned legs swung out and she secured a front scissors around Helen's small waist and began to squeeze with all her leg strength as Helen screamed in pain from this new attack. Helen retaliated by reaching down and pulling at Courteney's full bush, ripping handfuls of hair from it with wild abandon as Courteney looked on in horror, crying out in pain with each hard tug. Helen pulled and twisted Cox's pussy, and then punched at each of Courteney's swollen and bruised breasts as the sobbing brunette now brought her head forward and bit Helen's left nipple, hard, drawing blood and almost severing it from Hunt's breast.

A red-faced Helen Hunt went ballistic, swinging wildly all over the front of Courteney Cox, battering her with punches and slaps from all directions.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCH!!! I'LL FUCKING DESTROY YOU FOR THAT COURTENEY!!!" Helen yelled out as Courteney struggled to block the blows.

But more and more made it through her limited defenses. Helen pulled her off the table by again grabbing each breast in a death grip and tugged an agonised Courteney off the table to her feet, screaming in pain as she frantically reached out for Helen's breasts. Cox's left eye was swollen and almost closed from the pounding it had taken from the three rings on Helen's right hand, so Courteney never saw the left-handed roundhouse that smashed into her cheek and stopped her counter attack, as Helen held her in place by her right breast and now uppercutted her left tit again and again as Courteney bellowed out in utter agony with each devastating blow. A battered and bruised Courteney started to slump from the intense breast pounding, but Helen pulled her upright by her breasts again, cocking her fist back as Courteney struggled with the intense pain.

Courteney saw her chance and quickly clamped her teeth around onto the small left breast of her blonde foe, sinking her teeth in as Helen screamed out and tried to pull the brunette off by her hair. While Helen Hunt was distracted, Courteney Cox drew her arm all the way back and like she was bowling brought her fist around in an arc and slammed it into Helen's cunt with all the strength she had left. Helen's pretty blue eyes went glassy as her pussy exploded in agony, then she shrieked as Courteney captured her swollen red clit between her nails and began squeezing it savagely.

In a matter of seconds, tears were flowing down Hunt's face, making a mess of her makeup as she sobbed out, "OHHHH DEAR GOD.... NOOOO....COURTENEY.... GET YOUR FUCKING HAND OUT OF MY PUSSY YOU BITCH!!!!"

"What's wrong Helen?? Don't like having your pussy torn out??..." Cox triumphantly shouted into Helen's face, giving the sobbing blonde a final clit tweaking that sent shudders of total pain down Helen's back.

Courteney let her fall to the floor, then grabbing Helen by her feet, she dragged the blonde across the rug face-down and by the time they were in the middle of the room Helen's swollen and bruised breasts were horribly rug burned. Courteney Cox flipped Helen Hunt over onto her back, then straddling the blonde actress she cocked her fist and slammed it into the blonde's right breast squarely on the nipple as the blonde gasped in pain.

As Courteney swung again Helen rolled quickly to one side, and then swept Cox's legs out from under her, the startled brunette crashing hard onto the floor next to the blonde. Courteney landed hard on her ass, bruising her tailbone. Getting the momentum back, Helen Hunt unleashed an uppercut to Courteney's right breast that almost knocked the sweaty tit right off her body.

Courteney Cox staggered back, holding her aching breast as the blonde came forward and smashed her other breast right on the nipple driving it into the tender flesh as Courteney moaned in pain, yelling out in anguish as she was hit again in the right one and she was slowly driven back into a wall. The blonde smiled and pounded on her breasts repeatedly, grinning each time Helen landed a particularly painful shot.


Courteney was barely blocking her blows, unprepared for her very strong punches as they slammed into her now aching breasts, unable to return any as the blonde used her reach to strike at her but keep beyond her own fists.

Helen sneered over at her, "What's the matter Bitch?? They're gonna have to start calling you 'pancake tits' after I'm done with you."

Courteney kept on mouthing the words, "No More" as Helen continued plowing her right fist against Cox's left breast, flattening out the orb against her ribcage.

"Oh wait a minute, Courteney," Helen said. "You haven't seen my new wedding ring yet"

With that Hunt smashed her diamond ring as hard as she could into Courteney's trembling right breast. Cox screaming out in horrible pain as Helen's ring cut inside her tit, ripping her nipple bloody and splitting the brunette's areola. Courteney was sobbing non-stop now as Helen tore into her breasts. Steeling herself against the pain, Courteney knew was coming next so she left her right side vulnerable hoping to sucker Helen in and it worked.

As Helen Hunt slammed her fist into her right breast Courteney Cox unleashed a punch to the blonde's exposed cunt that had all her weight behind it, and the low blow put the blonde on the floor moaning. Courteney stood over her foe and reached down grabbing a handful of Helen's thick blonde tresses and raised her up by it as Hunt yelled in pain. Cox drove her knee repeatedly into the blonde's left breast till the blonde was screaming out in agony.

Courteney twisted Helen by her hair and started to drag her across the floor by it, tugging at it as the blonde screamed as her hair was strained to the roots. Helen felt like she was being all torn up as she was dragged across the rough carpeting, struggling to free herself from the brunette's clutches. Courteney suddenly stopped and wrapped her strong legs around the blonde's head in a standing head scissors then she reached down and started to pull down Helen's breasts as they hung down her chest. Stretching her arm down, Courteney managed to catch the right nipple and tugged up harshly on the firm and tender breast by it, as the blonde let out a muffled moan of pain. The brunette released her scissors still holding the right breast and slammed her knee into the blonde's cunt eliciting another loud moan as Helen's hands went to cover her pussy from more of Courteney's attacks.

Smiling now, Courteney Cox grabbed both breasts firmly and pushed them upwards and in mashing them together as she dug her sharp red nails in and pushed Helen Hunt screeching at the top of lungs against a wall. Courteney clawed and squeezed the small breasts as Helen struggled repeatedly to rip her manicured hands from her chest with no success. Courteney had Hunt pinned against the wall by her breasts as she pushed them upwards, stretching the tender skin to its limits, then Cox raked the scratched underside of each globe as she held them aloof, while the blonde continued to scream in agony. Courteney turned the now sobbing blonde around trapping her in a full nelson and slammed Hunt against the wall, squashing Helen's breasts on the hard surface of the wall.

Sobbing out in pain, Helen managed to swing her right arm around and smashed it back across Courteney's face, nailing Cox with the point of her elbow across the tough brunette's jaw. Re-opening the deep cut's on Courteney's lips, Cox watched in horror as fresh blood streamed out from her mouth. Helen managed to clock Courteney in the face with a forearm smash, taking a blow to the belly that she easily ignored and twisting, she elbowed Courteney in the ribs then added a another forearm smash, this time right across her foe's breasts, sending Courteney retreating back a step.

Before Courteney could counter-attack, Helen sent a kick into Courteney's midsection with all her weight behind it, enjoying the moan that escaped from Cox's torn lips as she flew backwards into the wall. Courteney bounced off and right into Helen's knee, who barely missed landing a match-ending blow to her cunt, instead landing in her intestines and Courteney fell to her knees in obvious pain, clutching at her wounded stomach.

Helen, miffed at having missed her shot to end it quick and painfully for her foe, grabbed her by Courteney's thick black hair, pulling her head back. Helen blasted Courteney in the mouth with all the power she had, a thick stream of bloody spittle getting knocked out of Courteney's mouth as Helen's rings all caught on the brunette's swollen, split lips.

While Courteney fell backward, Helen grasped again at Cox's hair and smiling cruelly pulled the woman back close to her, then Helen Hunt rammed her knee repeatedly deeply into Courteney Cox's left and right breasts as Courteney cried out with each painful blow, as Hunt's knee smashed Cox's raw nipple in as hard and as far as they would go, the brunette's pink nips disappearing into her swollen globes of titflesh. Helen got behind Courteney and grabbed her by her wrists, criss-crossing Courteney's slender arms around herself.

Helen Hunt rammed her knee into Courteney Cox's lush back and proceeded to pull her arms tightly around Courteney's body, Courteney putting a painful bearhug on her own breasts! The brunette's arms dug into Courteney's sides as her forearms were pulled tightly against her own tender titflesh, crushing them very painfully and deeply into each cantaloupe-sized breast.

Helen, with an evil smile etched on her beautiful face yelled, "Bet this feels good, Courteney!!! Lets see if I can get your breasts to deflate!!!"

Hunt sneered as Cox wailed in pain and strained against the strong blonde's strength. But Helen Hunt started to saw Courteney Cox's arms back and forth, pulling and pushing the trapped globes of flesh painfully. Courteney desperately pried at Helen's manicured fingers with her hands, trying desperately to wrench the blonde's grip away. Courteney had no luck until she seized one of Helen's pink polished nails between her fingertips and bent the glossy nail backward, as Hunt's look of triumph turned to one of blistering pain as Cox tried to rip her nail off her finger. Letting out a gasp of complete pain, Helen re-tightened her armlock on Courteney as the pain in Cox's breasts became unbearable.

With Courteney Cox in agony Helen Hunt suddenly released the brunette and let her agonised rival to drop to the floor face-first. Reaching down Helen grabbed a handful of Courteney's titflesh from underneath her and tugged Cox onto her back by it as Courteney moaned in pain, still recovering from the previous assault.

Straddling Courteney and sending a slap to each of Courteney's unfettered breasts, Helen twisted her rings around and slapped Courteney's tits as hard as she could, then gave Cox a savage nails-first thrust with her hands, directly on top of Courteney's bloodstained nipples. Courteney reached up and tore into Helen's exposed lemon-sized breasts, but before she could latch on her scream reverberated around the room as both of Helen's fists found their mark, striking the outside of each of Courteney's larger breasts. Helen again drives her hard ringed fists into the outside's of her rival's breasts, this time grinding them between her knuckles and rings much to Courteney's obvious pain.

Courteney frantically rakes her red nails down both of Helen's breasts in a much practiced move, catching both nipples, but Helen only grimaces and punches Courteney in the left eye. Courteney's manicured nails flick out again, catching Helen's raw sweaty breasts, giving the fetching blonde a blistering trowel with her sharp fingernails, but managing to rake the side of the blonde's left breast brings a gasp from Helen's sensuous lips and having enough of Courteney's nail rakes she rises to her feet with Courteney's hair in her hand and tugs Courteney up to her knees by it. Helen rams her left knee into Courteney's right breast, crushing the already swollen mammary extremely hard against Courteney's breast bone.

Courteney's utterly agonised cry shakes the windows in there frames as Helen yells, "Now to finish you off the right way, you washed-up Bitch!!!"

Helen triumphantly clutches both of Courteney's breasts, crushing them in her beautiful hands as she radiates in her triumph over the tough Courteney Cox. Courteney's face is awash with pain as tears begin to stream down her tortured face, her hands wrapping weakly around Helen Hunt's wrists as she tries a futile attempt to pull them off her breasts, as Helen laughs at her feeble attempt and gives them a good squeeze causing Courteney to sob out in utter pain. Suddenly, with nothing else left open to her, Courteney rears her head back and with all her remaining strength she rams her forehead into the unsuspecting Helen's cunt. Helen is more surprised than hurt, but it gives Courteney a needed second to wrap her arms around the blonde's legs and take her down to the floor. Helen loses her breast holds as the two women wrestle around the floor, kicking and punching till Courteney manages to trap Helen in a neck scissors just as Helen's fingers again find her swollen and bruised breasts as both women lay on their sides. Courteney screams as Helen rips her breasts around her chest as her legs strain with the effort of keeping Helen trapped between them.

Courteney's eyes soon have tears flowing again from the savage assault on her breasts and a few second later the pain becomes unbearable for her and she rakes her red nails down both of Helen's forearms to get her to release them. When that does not work she digs her nails into each of Helen's wrists until blood is seeping out from her nails and Courteney finally succeeds in ripping Helen's strong hands from her ravaged breasts.. Helen is bucking wildly to escape the neck scissors as her face begins to turn blue. Courteney taunts Helen as her incredibly toned legs crush the pretty blonde.

"Guess you're no as tough as you think you are, huh, you loser Bitch!!!"

Courteney grins from ear to ear.

Helen, still woozy, barely croaks out, "Fuck You Courteney!!!"

Helen pulls herself away from Cox, and massages her aching neck muscles. She glares at Courteney as she rises to her feet under her own power.

"Guess I'm not the washed up bitch after all, you fuckin' cunt-rag"

Not to be outdone, Courteney fires back with "I can still kick your lame ass ANYTIME, Helen. You couldn't kick a whiffle ball two feet, Bitch."

Helen still has that weird look on her face as she says, "Why don't you step over here and we'll see just what I can't kick, shit for brains. Or are you all talk no action...."

Courteney bounds over, screaming at Helen, "Let's have at it bitch, beating you will be a pleasure!!!"

The two gorgeous women come together and begin pulling each other's hair.. Their cries soon echo around the room as they manage to tear a few clumps from one another's scalp until Courteney catches Helen in the belly with a knee lift. She tosses Helen to the floor by her hair and straddles her, attacking Hunt's burning nipples as Helen returns the favor and rips away at Courteney's large breasts and sinks her pink thumbnails into them, getting an instant response from Courteney in the form of a loud bellow, as Helen scratches her hard across her blazing nipples.

Courteney grimaces as Helen tugs them outwards and then smashes the huge breasts together, another more agonised cry escaping her lips as Helen repeats the vicious move again, and in agony now, Courteney Cox releases Helen Hunt's nipples and tries to tear her foe's hands from her aching breasts. Courteney tugs with all her might but can't seem to free her breasts when suddenly, Courteney drops her chest down onto Helen's face, trying to breast-smother her to defeat, and Helen's hands release her two globes of tortured titflesh. Soon her breasts cover all of Helen's face as she bucks wildly beneath her to no avail.

Courteney grinds her huge breasts in her rivals face enjoying every second when Helen suddenly bites down hard on Courteney's torn left nipple, the one Helen's rings gave such a going-over earlier. Cox screams out and tears her body away from Helen's, releasing her soggy nipple from Helen's bite. Both women get to their feet and start fighting again. Courteney charges forward and takes a left hook, then a right uppercut and she is staggered, Helen slaps her down her left fist and slams her fist into Courteney's swollen and scratched left breast, driving it in and totally crushing Courteney's breast under her fist, as a moan escapes from Cox's mashed lips.

Courteney swings a hard roundhouse at Helen's head that would have taken it off had it connected, but Helen ducks under it at the last second and comes back up throwing a left uppercut that plows into Courteney's milky right breast sending it careening upwards, then quickly steps back out of range of a left jab to her face. Helen charges in again and tags both breasts at the same time with her ringed fists, each fist landing perfectly on Courteney's blood-engorged nipples, all but driving them into her lungs.

Courteney staggers back on wobbly legs then cries out as Helen tags each breast with multiple blows that crush the grapefruit-sized breasts painfully against her chest as she slams the punches home with all her weight behind each one, driving her in agony into the corner. Before Courteney can fall Helen strikes her left breast with a straight right and uses it to hold her against the wall as she batters her right breast again and again with hard hooks and uppercuts as tears flow down Courteney's tortured looking face. Helen switches hands and batters the left breast all over. She draws her arms all the way out and then brings them flying in to crash into the outside of each of Courteney's bruised and swollen breasts , the flesh oozing out in all directions as Helen grinds her fists together, her face aglow at the agonised sobs issuing from Courteney's mouth as Helen's rings rip into Courteney's breasts.

But Cox suddenly rushes forward, her left arm cocked to jab, but Hunt struck first with a quick jab that bounced off her face then followed up with a fast strong right to her belly. Cox almost doubled over from the strong blow and just narrowly averted a blow to her ample chest by knocking away a left cross headed straight for her breast. Conscious of the damage her rival could inflict on her chest if she hit it, Courteney Cox backpedaled quickly out of her foe's reach as Hunt's follow-up blow hit nothing but air.

Helen Hunt wasted no time as she stepped towards Cox and swung a left roundhouse at her head. It was not Courteney's wisest move as Helen easily blocked it. Courteney then rammed her left fist into Hunt's ribs, then as Helen's hands dropped to protect her lower body Courteney drove a solid right into Helen's face that staggered the pretty actress. As Hunt brought her guard up to protect her face, Cox smashed her fist into the center of Helen Hunt's creamy and unbridled breasts, crushing them flat under her fists as Courteney put all her strength and weight behind the blow.

Courteney's rings painfully slashed across Helen's throbbing, blood-engorged nipples, as Helen cried out, "Owwwwwww!!! OHH GOD!!! My breasts!!! MY BREASTS!!! STOP PUNCHING ME IN MY TITS, BITCH!!!" as she backpedaled furiously to avoid another such blow.

She almost tripped on her own feet in her rush to get out of range. Cox stayed put and assessed the damage instead of charging in right away to finish off Hunt. Wading back into the fight, Courteney tried to send a left jab at the blonde's undefended face, but Helen's arm flashed up and blocked it, knocking her arm off to the side leaving Courteney wide open as Hunt blasted Cox in the left breast with a straight right to her fiery nipple, trying to send her nipple right through her body.

"UUNNNHHH!!! OHHH FUCK!!! HELEN---MY TIT--YOU COCKSUCKING ASSHOLE!!!" slipped past Cox's lips as Helen's punch hit home hard, crushing the mammary painfully beneath Helen's knuckles and rings as she backpedaled to escape any other blows.

Seeing her chance, Hunt roared forward swinging, reaching upwards and clocking the stunned Cox on the side of the head with a roundhouse that left her wide open for a straight right to the other breast.

"OOOHHHHHH, SHIT!!! IT HURTS!!!......," Cox started to cry out till Hunt popped her right in the mouth with a left that sent her back into the wall.

Courteney's face seemed to explode in blood as Helen's fist burst both of Cox's lips again. Courteney Cox was pummeled with blow after blow to her breasts then face as Helen Hunt spared not a second as she tried to end the fight right there. A fast left followed by a harder right to the belly doubled Cox over and Hunt stepped back and swung a hard vicious roundhouse blow, with all her weight behind it, to the side of her brunette's head that put her on the floor.


Cox was shaking her head back and forth on her hands and knees as Hunt stumbled against the wall. As for Courteney, blood was dripping slowly down her cheek, her lips were bloody and puffy, and a bruise was forming where Helen hit her twice already on the side of her face. Still, the brunette actress was not about to quit and tried to recover as best she could. Courteney staggered to her feet, raised her fists, and motioned Helen to come and get her. Hunt was faster, but Cox the stronger as evident by the punches they threw at each other.

Each time Hunt got in close she tagged the brunette's right breast, but she also got slammed by Courteney's hard ringed fists in the head or face. Cox smashed Hunt extremely hard in the face, getting some long deserved payback as this time Helen's nose snapped under Courteney's punch, blood fountaining down her face and onto Hunt's sweaty breasts. Courteney immediately stepped up her punches, nailing Helen's upper lip, puffing it up painfully after repeated hits. Cox suddenly surged forward swinging a wide roundhouse and Hunt easily ducked it and jabbed again into her brunette foe's right breast but Cox suddenly threw an uppercut that caught the blonde right on the jaw and sent her reeling back on her heels, Helen's mouth smashed shut. The blonde's eyes started to roll back into her head, and she struggled to stay on her feet.

"GODDAMNIT COURTENEY, DON'T HIT MY FACE ANYMORE, YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!!!" Helen screamed at her brunette rival.

Cox was right on her and slammed a left into Helen Hunt's unprotected breasts sending her stumbling back against the wall from the painful blow as Hunt winced in pain, and looking down realised that her left nipple was bloody and swollen. As Hunt bounced back off the wall, Courteney nailed her in the mouth with a straight right that snapped her head back and sent blood spurting back.

Cox had no intention of repeating her earlier mistake and she wailed Hunt with a left-right combo that again sent her foe to the wall. This time as Helen came back off Cox slammed her in the right breast and Hunt's mouth opened in a silent scream. Suddenly, Courteney's fist blasted Helen in the face again, loosening her teeth, then Cox's right cross smashed into Hunt's left cheek, Courteney's rings slicing Hunt's face painfully. Cox stood back and watched as Helen fell like a stone to the floor in agony. Cox grinned at the sight of her foe on the floor in obvious pain.

Helen Hunt tried to get back into the fight and recover, her mouth was bleeding and she clutched her right breast with her fist. Courteney waited for her, Cox's brown eyes blazing with anticipation at the damage she intended to inflict on this blonde bitch. Courteney's right breast was very swollen and looked bigger then her left one. Cox charged at her, swinging a right roundhouse for Hunt's head. At the last second Hunt ducked and as she came up she smashed her fist into her foe's undefended right breast.

The look of pain flashing across Cox's face gave Hunt a needed boost of energy and she uppercutted it with her left forcing her foe back wincing at the blow. She followed up with another straight right and pain blazed from the brunette's battered face. As Courteney brought her hand up to defend her face from further blows. Hunt slapped it away and clocked Cox's right breast with a hard cross that had her legs wobbling under her as she opened her mouth and cried out in pain. Hunt then sent an uppercut to her rival's chin, but it lacked enough power to put out the brunette, only managing to stagger her backwards, she followed up with blows to her reeling enemy's belly, chest, and face driving Cox against the wall, desperately trying to block the punches. Hunt tried again with a punch to the jaw, but she was obviously running out of steam and getting very tired as it only snapped her foe's head back slightly.

"DAMN YOU COURTENEY!!!" Helen yelled. Helen cocked her arm back to deliver another breast punch when Cox got in a hook to the face and followed up with a breast punch of her own that backed Hunt away a step.

Cox seemed to have gotten a second wind and she started to batter Helen Hunt's pretty bruised face and breasts until the blonde started her backpedaling to escape and managed to drive her into a corner. Cox smiled cruelly as she began slamming her fists into Hunt's small breasts, her blonde rival's face twisting in utter pain by the third blow as her breasts were crushed under Cox's forceful punches.

Concentrating exclusively on Hunt's breasts, Cox's fists mashing the tender flesh over and over and she soon had tears rolling down the pretty starlet's blue eyes as she tried to cover up her chest, but each time she did Cox hammered her in the face or belly and she soon started sobbing, as blood flowed down Helen's face.


Helen grabbed Courteney by her thick black hair, but before she can do anything, Courteney sends a fist crunching right against Helen's broken nose. As soon as Helen brings her hands up to her face, Courteney delivers an excruciating hard kick between Helen's sexy legs, bashing her soft pussy.

"UUGGHH!!! OHH NO!!! COURTENEY!!! MY CUNT!!!!!!" howls Helen in misery as she staggers to the wall, with both hands clutching her burning groin region.

Courteney tries to go on the offensive but moves in too fast as she is greeted with a shoulder in the gut.

"So you wanna fight dirty, huh Courteney?" roars Helen, as she viciously sinks her sharp teeth into Courteney's full left breast.

"AAHHGG, NO BITING HELEN, YOU BITCH" screams Courteney as she tries to pull away from this breast torture.

Helen does release Courteney's luscious breast from her mouth and rises to her feet. Courteney moves back a few steps and turns her back to Helen, examining her bitten breast. Helen moves in again and easily clamps on a devastating full-nelson. Courteney drops to her knees, gritting her teeth in anguish as Helen increases the pressure on the full-nelson. Courteney's face turns red from the pressure as perspiration begins to form on her sexy belly and underarms.

"Give up, Courteney," yells Helen, hoping for a quick victory, but nothing but moans come from Courteney's lips.

After two minutes applying the full-nelson, Helen grows tired and releases the hold. Courteney crumbles to the floor where Helen rolls her over onto her back and proceeds to mount her in a full-body pindown. Courteney is frustrated and humiliated at having another women on top of her in a breast-to-breast, pussy-to-pussy pindown, but at least she does manage to bridge each time before the count of three. Helen gets a little frustrated herself in not being able to pin Courteney and starts bitch-slapping Courteney's pretty face while still on top of her. Courteney does her best to protect herself, turning from side to side, her arms are pinned under Helen's knees, so she does take a number of stinging slaps that leave red marks all over, and sharp scratches from Helen's many rings.

Finally, Helen gets off of Courteney and shouts, "You should have quit when you had the chance!!!!"

She grabs Courteney's ankles, slightly spreading her legs, and brutally drops her leg over Courteney's sensitive womanhood.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" moans Courteney in complete misery.


She rolls into a ball, pawing her tender pussy as Helen asks, "One more time, Bitch???!!!"


But Helen Hunt pries apart Courteney's legs again and this time jumps high in the air, letting her right leg fall right over Courteney's pain-whacked pussy for the second time. Courteney's screams fill the room as she sits up on impact and then falls back into a fetal position trying valiantly to relieve the pain from her burning bush. Helen takes this opportunity to take a some jabs with her bare foot into Courteney's chest area, flattening her swollen, sweaty breasts on impact.

"This is too easy" laughs Helen, as she takes a few more jabs into Courteney's globes of flesh, trying her best to smash her breasts open.

Helen grows tired of this and decides to pull Courteney's arms back and plants a foot to her moist back, obtaining a surfboard type hold on the beaten actress.

"Give up, bitch, before I break your back, Courteney!!!", roars Helen, looking to end the match.

"Never Helen!!", responds Courteney as she gets to her knees, still in the surfboard.

She manages to get to her feet and actually backs Helen into the wall, breaking the hold.

However, Helen retaliates with a punch to the Courteney's belly and slams her pretty face into her ready and waiting knee, Courteney's smashed face cascading blood. Courteney turns to face Helen, but you can tell she is almost out of it. Helen senses this and goes for the kill, driving a horrific kick to Courteney's already throbbing crotch region. Courteney doesn't even have the strength to scream as she falls face first onto the carpet, her lithe body spasming in pain.

Helen Hunt reaches down and pinches Courteney Cox's nipple between her pink nails and now has Courteney in trouble as she forces her up to her knees from the pain of her nipple assault. But Courteney rams her fist into Helen's stomach again and again, causing her to arch over in pain, and Courteney lets loose a hard uppercut that slams into the tender underside of Helen's creamy left breast, sending the small breast flying painfully upwards as Helen lets out a l moan of pain. Seeing her chance Courteney takes full advantage and slams another blow into the other breast as Helen, her face contorted in pain, struggles to regain control, ripping and tugging Courteney's left breast around by the nipple.

Blow after tremendous blow crushes Helen's right breast against her chest as Courteney hammers her breast flat, alternating between a few of those and the uppercuts as tears begin to stream down her eyes from Helen's attack on her left nipple and breast. Helen's in more trouble now though then Courteney as her breasts are bruised and swollen from Courteney's unexpected attack on her chest and she desperately drive's her knee deeply into Courteney's right breast, grinding her knee in savagely till she drives Courteney onto her back in utter agony as she tries frantically to get the knee off her breast.

Helen starts to straddle her, still grinding her knee into the breast for all she's worth. Courteney's beautiful face shows the agony of her predicament as she starts pummeling Helen's face and breasts with punches, catching her right in the mouth and sending her off her to the side holding her hand to her now mashed lower and bleeding lip, Courteney's rings smashing and ripping through Helen's face painfully. Both blonde and brunette crash together in a mutual bearhug on their knees, each starts to gain an advantage only to lose it till they suddenly part, each panting and hurt, eyeing each other like two cats over some prey. Courteney takes a swipe at Helen's left breast, her fingernail nicking the areola as Helen winces and retaliates by grabbing the nipple on Courteney's right breast and tugged her forward, into Helen right fist as it nails her foe in the nose, breaking it like the sound of a pencil snapping, Cox's nose starting it to bleed.

"Now we're EVEN!!! How's that feel you stupid fucking Bitch!!!" Helen screams.

Courteney retorts, "NOT AS BAD AS THIS, BITCH!!!" screaming as she plows her fist into Helen's right nipple so hard it almost rips through Helen's breast and came out Hunt's back.

Then with all her strength Courteney's other hand tries desperately to keep her bleeding and torn nostril closed. Abandoning her nose, Courteney and Helen each grab a handful of titflesh and it becomes a tug of war as first one pulls the other off balance and almost straddles her, then the other does the same, till Courteney gains a small advantage over Helen, whose breasts are much more swollen and battered from Courteney's earlier fistic assault on them, twisting first one way and tugging hard, then the other as now Helen begins to bellow from the pain and tears are beginning to form around her eyes.

It's all Courteney now as she enjoys her domination to the fullest, really ripping Helen's swollen and bruised breasts around like taffy till Helen shows her catfighting experience and jams her fingers past Cox's pussy fur and begins scratching at the walls of her pussy till soon blood is flowing past her wrist as Courteney's titty twisting is now completely forgotten, the blonde actress savagely ripping her pink manicured nails around as all Courteney can do is scream in pain and finally shrieks in utter agony, tears gushing from her pretty eyes as she is totally under Helen's control now. Helen Hunt tortures her some more before she seems to tire of it and suddenly stands and checks out her ravaged breasts, stroking the swollen flesh slowly as she moans in pain. She smiles through her agonised face at the blood on her fingers and hands from Courteney.

"Give up Courteney??" asks Helen in barely a whisper.

Courteney just lay there on the carpet, sobbing and gently cupping her mauled breasts.

Helen is about to open the door to leave when she is slammed against it face first. She cries out as Courteney smashes her sides with punishing blows as she uses her upper body to keep Helen up against the door. Helen uses her ass to slam back at Courteney who takes a further step back just as Helen narrowly misses her jaw with an elbow ,then quickly steps forward and rams her knee into the small of Helen's back. The pretty blonde screeches out in pain, another strike sending her in agony to the floor on her knees facing the door. Cox tugs Helen's head up by the hair and whips her backwards, bringing her forearm down across the blonde's chest again and again as her rival tries desperately to block the punishing forearms as each one wails into the center of her small and tender breasts, driving the nipple in deeply and painfully as the mounds of flesh shake and roll around it.

With Helen still trapped on her knee's facing the door, Courteney rams Hunt's head against the door twice, then Courteney yanks her head between her legs in a head scissors and reaches down with both hands and starts to tug upwards on each of Helen's small sweaty breasts with all her might, way past the point they were designed to withstand. The muscles on Courteney's shoulders and arms bulging from the effort she is giving as Helen's muffled and pain-filled screams try to escape from between her opponent's well toned and blood stained thighs.

"FUCK YOU HELEN!!!" Cox screams out.

Courteney continues to assault her blonde foe's smaller breasts till they are extremely red, swollen, and bruised. Helen's cries and movements becoming less and less until she passes out between Courteney's blood-streaked legs. The triumphant Courteney Cox adds a final tug on each breast before allowing Helen Hunt to fall to the floor, defeated and unconscious.