Jenny McCarthy vs. Nikki Cox by CROZ (Catfighting, Choking, Smothering, Strangling Forum 23-May-99)

Nikki sat on the edge of the couch surrounded by guys who were trying to make small talk. She loved the attention she was getting. She looked sensational in her royal blue long dress that was tight enough to show off all of her gorgeous features. Nikki was attending a party with her friend Jill. Jill had known this Millionaire which was having this huge shindig and she thought it would be cool for Nikki to come. Nikki was flirting with all the guys in the place. She eyed this one fellow that was sitting across the room. He stood about 6 ft. tall with brown hair. He was admiring some art work. Nikki walked up him and started hitting on him. Jenny looking over, sees Nikki all over her boy friend.

Jenny angrily walked over to Nikki and said, "Excuse me but this one is taken. Why don't you go somewhere else you whore."

Nikki was outraged.

"How dare you call me a whore, you fucking tramp," She said as she slapped Jenny across the face.

Asshole Jenny dug her hands into Nikki's hair taking her to the ground. The two became intertwined, cursing at each other and rolling around the room. People quickly rush over to break up the two hellcats. Both girls' hair is a mess and they both looked like they had just woken up.

"Let me go. I want to kick her ass," a screaming Nikki said, as being pulled away.

"Bitch, meet me at my house. I'm going to kick your fat ass," Jenny screamed back.

"I'll be there you fucking cunt," Nikki hollered back.

Both girls took off in their cars, Jenny leaving first. She left in such a rush she left her boyfriend at the party. Nikki had found out Jenny's address and she was on her way. She arrived at Jenny's house to find a note on the door.

"Come on in bitch."

Nikki walked in the house to find Jenny standing there in just her tiny black, two piece underwear. She was standing in a carpeted room with all the furniture moved into the hall or pushed against the wall.

"I didn't think you would come bitch. Why don't you come over here so I can kick your ass."

Nikki dropped her dress to reveal a blue bra and bottoms underneath. Her breasts were basically bursting out of her top. She walked over into the carpeted room and said, "Let's go bitch."

The two girls charged each other going for each others hair. Similar to what they did at the party. They rolled around for a while until Jenny comes up on top. She straddles the red head and start raining punches into her beautiful face. Nikki bottom lip starts to bleed and she is feeling light headed. She knows she has to do something quick so she reaches up and digs her long nails into Jenny's chest. Jenny abandoned her punching and tries to pry Nikki's hands from her chest.

Jenny tries to no unveil and Nikki manages to throw the Blonde to the side. Now Nikki is on top. She rips down Jenny's top and is just destroying Jenny tits. Jenny is starting to cry from the torture her chest is taking. She decides to return the favor. She pulls down Nikki's top and grabs onto each large melon. She uses all her strength to squash the Red heads chest. Both girls and giving out a moan and groins from the chest crushing fight. Both girls are trying to hold out before the other one gives up.

"Fuck you bitch, give up already!" Nikki manages to squeal out.

Jenny answers with, "In your dreams, whore! ...Ugh" as her tits are now being twisted clockwise then counter over and over again.

"How's that feel you dumb fucking bitch?" Nikki says.

Jenny can only reply with a moan of pain.

"What's that, can't feel it. Oh, well I guess I'll have to turn it up," Nikki says sadistically as she is now turning Jenny's orbs to their farthest possible distance.

Jenny is screaming at the top of her lungs. She knows she is at the end of her rope so she reaches up with her head and bites down on Nikki's left nipple. Nikki's face turns a pale white and she is totally caught off guard. She starts pulling back on Jenny head, but it is only making matters worse. Blood is starting to drip down Jenny's mouth.

Nikki is crying loudly, "Let go bitch, let go."

Jenny refuses and holds on for dear life. She even grabs Nikki's tit and starts mauling it. Jenny starts shaking her head like a rabid dog eating meat. Nikki is balling and starts sending punch after punch into the blondes face. Finally, Jenny open her mouth after her nose is bloody and Nikki flees away.

Jenny lays there for a minute trying to get her head strait. She gets to her knees and sees a crying Nikki holding her wounded mammary.

"Look at what you did bitch," Nikki says while holding her blood dripping chest.

Jenny laughs in pleasure.

"That nothing bitch, you should see when I'm done with you," Jenny answers back slyly.

She walks over to the kneeling Nikki and goes to pick her up by her hair. Nikki brings her fist right into Jenny's cunt. Jenny's mouth drops and she falls to ground holding her crotch. Nikki stands up a kick Jenny right in her tit knocking her onto her back. She sits down on the blondes chest and starts bouncing on it, each time Jenny giving out a yell.

"I'll crush these babies flat." Nikki says as she continues to bounce on Jenny's melons, with her well-shaped ass cheeks.

Jenny is begging Nikki to stop, but the Red head pays no attention. She decided to finish it all. She lowers her chest right on top of Jenny's face. Jenny eyes open widely as she sees what's going to happen. She starts to yell, but she is soon muffled by Nikki's chest.

Nikki is laughing in pleasure at Jenny's meager attempt to buck out of the breast smother. Jenny starts to feel herself losing it and thinks quickly. She slides her hand along the side her face until she can feel Nikki chest. She feels and finds Nikki's left nipple. She sinks her talons into it and is rewarded by a scream from Nikki. Nikki thought she had this fight in the bag and now she finds her self being tortured by this blonde bitch.

Jenny managed to throw Nikki of her. Jenny takes a much needed breath and goes over to the lying down Red head. Jenny picks up Nikki by the hair and whips her into the wall. Nikki crashes into it with the back of her head taking the worse of it. She is dizzy but still standing. Jenny runs over to her and unleashes a vicious punch to her stomach, knocking the wind out of the beautiful actress. Jenny then reaches out her arms and starts squashing Nikki's tits with her palms.

Nikki is crying out for Jenny to stop, but Jenny just answers, "I'll teach you to embarrass me bitch."

She stops her crushing, much to the relief of Nikki, but then grabs the Red head by her large nipples and throws her to the ground. Nikki is barely consequence by now as Jenny sits on her stomach. She grabs Nikki nipples and starts pulling this way and that. Nikki tries desperately to pry Jenny's hands away, but she has no luck. Jenny continues to pull her tits all around.

"Now bitch, I think you learned your lesson. Did you bitch?" Jenny says to a crying Nikki.

"Yes," Nikki cries.

"What was that?" Jenny says smiling.

"YES" Nikki screams.

"That's good, but just to make sure I'll . . . ," Jenny says as she lowers her chest onto Nikki face. Nikki kicks and screams, but is soon out cold.

Jenny gets off the sleeping beauty and goes and gets a Polaroid camera. She takes pictures of the beaten cutie. After a couple of snapshots Jenny picks up Nikki's by her hair and drags her to her front door. She opens it and tosses the topless Nikki out onto the porch. Jenny closes the door and looks at her pictures.

"These will make great tabloid material." Jenny thinks to herself as she heads for the shower to wash up from her brawl.

The End