Nikki Cox vs. Jenny McCarthy II by CROZ 04-Jan-00

It had been over a year since Nikki Cox had suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Jenny McCarthy. The two had started to fight it out at a party, which lead to a sea-saw battle at Jenny's place. Jenny managed to defeat Nikki with a humiliating breast smother, then took pictures of her topless defeated foe and had sent them to every tabloid magazine she could think of. For weeks the pictures had been front page material and Nikki had to endure the shame of the whole world knowing of her defeat.

For months Nikki had bothered Jenny for a rematch, but the busty blonde turned them all down seeing nothing to prove. Finally, after months of nagging phone calls and an incident where her car was keyed, Jenny agreed to another fight but only if Nikki had to completely leave her alone if she won.

Jenny drove on her way to the motel where the two had agreed to fight. She checks the direction making sure she is going the right way on this street. Jenny sees the neon light for the hotel and pulled in. Jenny stopped the car to look at run down hotel that stood before her.

"Figures a white trash whore like Nikki would pick this place," Jenny thought to herself.

She grabs her bag and the key that Nikki had mailed her and headed for room 16. Jenny was getting soaked in this stormy weather and ran towards her room. To her surprise she found the door slightly open. She walked in to find Nikki already waiting on the bed in a black denim shorts and a baby blue shirt that showed of her trim stomach along with her luscious chest. Her gorgeous red hair hung down.

"Well, well, look who actually decided to show up. I thought maybe you'd wuss out." Nikki said sadistically.

Jenny stood there soaked as she took of her jacket to show off a soaked white tank top that a pink bra clearly showed through and a pair of tight blue denim jeans.

"Me not show? Now how could I miss kicking your ass again."

Nikki rose to her feet and spoke, "Well you seem so dam confident bitch, why don't you lock that door and come over here so I can whoop your ass. I don't want you running away on me."

"You wish slut." Jenny responded. "But you are right I better lock the door, I don't want anyone to hear you scream when I crush you tits again."

Jenny walked over to door and locked it behind her. She then began to take of her boots and take down her pants to revel a pink pair of undies that road so far up Jenny's ass that it was in plain view. She then pealed off the soaked white tank top. Jenny stood there in her pink underwear staring at her rival.

"Come on now, don't tell me that my body intimidates you so much that you can't face me in your underwear."

No to be out done, Nikki sat down taking of her shorts revealing a pair of red silky undies. She stood up and attempted to pull off her baby blue shirt. Jenny waiting for this moment ran and tackled Nikki while the red head hands were still tied up in her shirt. The two felled two the floor and became an entangled mess. Jenny came up on top of Nikki.

"You cheap slut" Nikki proclaimed.

Jenny responded with some open hand slaps to Nikki's face, knocking her face from right to left. Jenny grabbed two hands filled of red hair and started ramming Nikki's head into the ground. Nikki letting out small grunts as the back of her head is being smashed into the hard floor. Her grunts turned into a squeal and Jenny dropped a elbow down onto her left tit.

"That's what I like to hear" Jenny laughed as she used one hand to hold Nikki's shirt.

That kept her arms in a tangle and the other raining elbows down onto Nikki's chest. Trying to inflict more damage, Jenny stopped dropping elbows and pulled down the left cup of Nikki's bra, causing Nikki's tit to spill out. Jenny started mauling the orb as Nikki began to shriek. Jenny was smiling, really enjoying herself. She started lowering her chest into Nikki's face taunting her.

"Maybe if you kiss my tits, I'll let you go."

"Fuck you bitch" Nikki managed to squeal out.

Jenny continued her mauling as well as her humiliation by keep lowering her chest into Nikki's face. While Jenny was distracted, taunting Nikki, Cox managed to slip out her right arm out of her tangled shirt. Jenny never saw the right cross of Nikki, which knocked her from her straddle to the floor. Jenny held her head for a minute trying to see strait. The stars just stopped spinning around Jenny's head as she was tackled on to her back. An enraged Nikki straddled her blonde opponent and started choking her with bare hands. Jenny's face grew bright red as she try to pry the redheaded hellcat hands off her throat.

"Die bitch!" Nikki said as she looked down in pure hatred at her blonde opponent.

Jenny was now in serious trouble. She was gagging and starting to black out. She had to do something fast. Desperate for an escape, Jenny tore down the rest of her adversaries top and tore her nails in Nikki's luscious chest. Nikki, caught by surprised gave out a little squeal as she kept her choke hold on. Jenny was squeezing Nikki's breasts with all she had left, while Nikki held strong with tears of pain in her eyes.

With Jenny's world going black she tried one last thing. She grabbed each of Nikki's melons and started slapping them together. Nikki screamed out, but held strong. Jenny feeling the grip on her throat loosing a little repeatedly slammed Nikki's tits together. Nikki could hold out no more and pushed away from Jenny. The blonde took in a much need breath as she tried to soothe the burn in her neck. Across the room Nikki sat on her knees rubbing away the pain in breast.

"Bitch, I'm going to kill you." Jen said staring daggers across at her topless rival.

"Bring it." Nikki answered back.

The two hellcats charged and became entangled in hair. The two rivals spun around screaming and tugging on each others hair. Curses and insults were hurled back and fourth as they each try to take the other down. Jenny lifts a knee that nails Nikki in her side. Nikki lets out a little grunt. Jenny fires another knee into the thigh of Nikki. Another grunt comes from Nikki as she tries to fire back with a knee of her own. Jenny blocked the knee shot and fires another knee into Nikki's stomach. Nikki knowing that she was loosing this battle lets go of Jenny's hair, pulls down Jenny's pink top and takes a helping of the blonde's breast.

Jenny tries to hit Nikki with another knee, but the hold on her chest keeps her at bay. Returning the favor Jenny took hold of Nikki's boobs. It became a stand off between both sexy ladies to see who could withstand the most. Jenny threw back her hair as Nikki gritted her teeth and started to twist Jenny tits like taffy. Jenny needing to increase her pain on the red headed actress slid her hands down a little and grabbed hold of each of Nikki's nipples.

"Aggghhh" Nikki screamed as her nipples were turned like television knobs.

Nikki slowly being driven back, took hold of the under side Jenny tits and pulled back, leaving five blood colored scratches. Jenny screamed out in pain as Nikki did it again. Jenny still pinching Nikki nips gave out another scream as her rival scratched her chest again. Nikki took hold of the bottom of Jenny's abused boobs and drove her back against the wall. Forced against the wall, Jenny let go of her grip on Nikki's knockers and tried to pry her rivals hands away from her own chest.

"I'm going to crush these pieces of shit you call tits flat."

Nikki said smiling. Jenny, with tears streaming down her face, was still trying to get Nikki to release her grip. Thinking quick she grabbed Nikki by her hair fired a knee up into her sensitive crotch. Nikki's smile turned into a crying scream. She fell to the ground with her behind to Jenny. Nikki was on all four, crying, and massaging her aching manhood. Jenny stood, still against the wall, rubbing her wounded mammaries making sure there wasn't any permanent damage. Jenny wiped the tears out of her eyes to see Nikki on her knee leaning forward.

A devilish smile came across the face of Jenny as she ran forward and like a football punter, kicked Nikki from behind through her spread leg smashing Nikki's crotch with her foot. Nikki gave out an ungodly scream as both of her hands shot down to her crotch trying desperately to soothe the pain. Jenny smiling, walked over to her prone victim.

"You have got to be the stupidest slut I ever beat the shit out off." Jenny said as she kicked the crying red head onto her back. "I mean I kicked your ass, humiliated you by telling the whole world about it, and your dumb bimbo ass comes back for more."

Nikki could only stare up through her teary eyes.

"Stay right there Nikki, I have to get something."

Jenny walked over the her bag and pulled out the familiar Polaroid camera.

"You remember this don't you Nikki." Jenny started snapping picture of the prone Nikki. "Wait, this would be better if your ugly ass was stripped naked."

Jenny put down the camera and walked over the beaten Nikki. The blonde grabbed hold of Nikki underwear and started to pull them down. Nikki tried a meager attempt to keep them on, but Jenny gave another punch into Nikki's crotch. The Cox girl gave out a cry and feel backwards sobbing. Jenny peeled of the underwear and threw them aside. Jenny picked up the camera and started snapping more pictures of Nikki's naked, beaten body.

"Well, I already put you out with my beautiful breasts, how about this time I put you out with my beautiful ass."

Jenny stood with her legs spread over Nikki's. She held the camera in her hands, taking shots of Nikki. Jenny held the camera out in front of her and snap a picture of herself. The flash snapped, but so did Nikki's fist - right into Jenny's crotch!

Jenny, totally caught off guard, dropped the camera and stood open mouth and wobbly legged. Nikki fired another fist into her rivals crotch this time eliciting a scream from the blonde hellcat. A third shot had Jenny falling forward holding her womanhood and balling like a baby.

Nikki slowly rose to her feet. Still holding herself she walked over to the sobbing Jenny. She grabbed both of Jenny's legs and spread them wide. Jenny lifted her head and looked at Nikki through her teary eyes, only to see Nikki smile in return. Nikki then stomped down on Jenny's crotch. Jenny screamed again and again as Nikki repeatedly this move over and over.

"How's that feel you fucking slut."

Jenny was sobbing uncontrollably as Nikki finally stopped stomping and let Jenny's legs fall lifelessly to the floor. Nikki then reached down and pealed of Jenny pink undies which slightly stuck to her crotch.

"Now it's time to pay the fiddler Jenny."

Nikki walked over and sat on Jenny's stomach. She reached back and grabbed a hold of Jenny's crotch and started to lower her chest down on to Jenny's face.

"Maybe if you kiss my tits I'll let you go," Nikki said, repeating Jenny's earlier offer.

Jenny looked up through her glass eyes and managed to squeak out a, "Fuck you!"

"OK Jenny, have it your way."

Nikki squeezed Jenny's crotch and she let out an glass shattering scream.

"Still won't do it?"

Nikki smiled back. Jenny humiliatingly lifted her head to kiss Nikki's boobs.

"Oh, don't even think about biting my tits like you did last time or I'll crush your cunt into sand."

Jenny lifted her head and gently kissed Nikki tits.

"Very good but I'm afraid its time to say goodnight."

Jenny's eye lit up as Nikki dropped her bounty onto Jenny's face. In a matter of minutes the meager struggles of Jenny had stopped and Nikki rose of her defeated foe which was laying unconscious from Nikki's breast smother. Nikki got dressed still holding her sore woman hood and walked over the closet where she pulled out a small video camera she had hidden.

"You have a date with a publisher."

Nikki started picking up and crumbling the pictures that Jenny had taken of her. She came across one a smiled. It was a picture of Jenny's face just as she was nailed in the crotch by Nikki's first punch.

"I'll make sure the publisher gets that one too," Nikki thought as she left the room leaving her sleeping victim still laid out on the floor.

The End