Rebecca Romijn-Stamos vs. Courteney Cox-Arquette+Jenny McCarthy by Blizzard

"I'd better top off the tank!" said Courteney loudly to her passenger Jenny.

"What?" yelled Jenny as music blared from her portable CD player headphones.

Courteney rolled her eyes and reached over to pluck the left side speaker away from Jenny's ear and yelled, "I'm stopping up here to fill up!"

Jenny smiled and nodded, then returned to her reclined position listening to her CD. The 'Scream 3' girls had just spent a couple of wild days in Vegas and were heading back to LA in Courteney's convertible. It was a scorching hot day and the gas station sign up head danced in the heat shimmering off the blistering desert sand. Courteney thought she knew how to kick up her heels and have a good time, but a few days with Jenny made her realize Jenny was the fucking Queen of Crazy. The ex-Playmate really knew how to party!

The brunette eased her car into the gas station entrance and pulled up to the pump, hopped out. She stuffed her credit card in the slot and, as she waited for approval, Courteney glanced around. A leggy blonde caught her eye getting out of a convertible near the mini-mart entrance and as the statuesque woman headed in the door of the store, Courteney recognized Rebecca Romijn-Stamos! She laughed half aloud as she watched Rebecca enter the store then stole a quick glance at the convertible where she saw Rebecca's husband, John Stamos, reclined in the passenger seat reading a magazine.

"Hey!" Courteney said to Jenny, the oblivious blonde still immersed in her headphones. As she began to pump gas, Courteney repeated, "Hey!" and snatched Jenny's headphones off Jenny's head.

"What?!" snapped Jenny with a mock sneer.

"Look who's here," said Courteney, nodding at Stamos.

Jenny stood up in her seat and gazed in his direction and asked, "Is that Johnny Stamos?" A coy smile teased her lips, "Where's his loser wife?"

Inside the mini-mart, new employee Bob was having a shitty day. He was planning to go back to his telephone psychic scam he'd been working before giving this mini-mart thing a shot. There was too much going on these days for a gas station employee; used to be all you did was pump gas and check oil. These days it was a whole lot different! Mini-marts, electronic pumps, credit card machines that just didn't fucking work and a damn intercom system allowing conversation between him and the gas pumps - the same one he'd accidentally left 'on' this particular time. As Rebecca selected a couple of soft drinks and a bag of chips for their trip home, she heard Jenny over the intercom mention John's name.......and 'his loser wife.' Bob was busy trying to calm a patron whose credit card had been rejected and the fact that the intercom was on was the least of his worries. Rebecca moved closer to the checkout counter to listen in on the conversation at the pump.

"The overgrown bitch just went inside," meowed Courteney. "I was so happy when her role on 'Friends' finally ended. It was just a few episodes but it was way too many as far as I was concerned. Such a pompous bitch....I wanted to gouge her eyes out!"

"I always wanted to fuck her husband!" giggled Jenny. "He's a third rate actor, but I'd fuck what few brains he has right out!"

They both erupted in snickers but Rebecca's face turned to stone inside. She stepped up the counter as the denied credit patron angrily stormed out the door to get cash from his wife. As she paid for her items, Rebecca heard Courteney and Jenny continue as the intercom remained open. The dip-shit with 'Bob' on his name tag was a real fucking Einstein!

"I suppose I'll have to say 'Hi' to the gangly bitch," bemoaned 5'5" Courteney as she replaced the gas nozzle. "I have to pee."

"Have fun," chuckled Jenny as she replaced her headphones. "I'm going back to Ted Nugent!" she announced as clamorous guitar riffs emanated from her headphones. "Well I make the pussy purr with a stroke of my hand!" she sang along, winking at a grinning Courteney.

Courteney walked to the mini-mart and sighed as she saw Rebecca at the counter. She stepped inside just as Rebecca turned to leave. "Courteney!" exclaimed Rebecca in a sugary tone. "Fancy seeing you here!"

"Hi Rebecca," greeted Courteney cordially. "Just on my way home from Sin City."

"John and I were just there too!" said Rebecca. "Too bad we didn't run into you and David!"

"Actually," said Courteney. "This was a 'girls only' getaway. I'm with Jen, Jenny McCarthy."

"Jenny?" gasped Rebecca dramatically. "She left her baby home to go to Vegas?"

"She needed a little breather...her husband doesn't mind," replied Courteney.

"Well it was nice bumping into you, hun!" said Rebecca, her anger continuing to simmer deep inside. "Hope someday to work with you again. Hmmmn? Wouldn't that be great?"

"Yeah....great," muttered Courteney half-heartedly. Then as Rebecca turned to leave, Courteney asked for the key to the ladies room.

"Lock's busted," grunted Bob. "Ladies room's round the side of the building here," he said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "Stick the garbage can in front of the door if you're gonna be a while."

"Great," sighed Courteney. "But I'll only be a minute." When she turned to go, she saw Rebecca still standing in the door. "Want me to guard the door for ya?" offered Rebecca.

"No...thanks anyway," answered Courteney. "Say hi to John for me," she said as she breezed out.

Rebecca strode over to John while Courteney disappeared around the corner of the building. She gave him the drinks and bag of chips, then said, "I'll be back in a bit.....gotta use the little girls room."

"Hope it's a big girls room!" he joked as he went back to his Playboy magazine.

Courteney did as Einstein Bob suggested and shoved a disgusting aluminum garbage can against the bathroom door She was just finishing when suddenly the door was kicked open, sending the garbage can tumbling over with a clamor. She jumped off the seat and screamed as she fumbled with the khaki shorts and panties at her ankles.

"Knock-knock!" growled 5'11" Rebecca as she stormed in. "It's your friendly neighborhood pompous bitch!"

Rebecca nailed the shocked Courteney with a looping left hook that just about separated the brunette's head from her neck. Groggy, Courteney swooned awkwardly back on the toilet, using her right hand on the side of the tank to keep her from falling clear to the grimy floor. Rebecca savagely grabbed two fistfuls of dark hair and rammed the overwhelmed Courteney face first into the concrete block wall. The small brunette cried out in once, then slowly slid down the wall to her knees on the floor with her shorts and thong still around her ankles.

"Why......Rebecca......why.....?" mumbled the semi-conscious brunette.

"You two faced cunt!" growled Rebecca as she hauled her adversary to her feet by one ear, drawing a high-pitched squeal from Courteney. Spinning the feeble brunette around, Rebecca held her securely with her right hand in a clutch of hair. "You have to ask why?"

"I...never.....did you!" whined the dazed Courteney just before Rebecca snarled and buried her fist in the soft curve of belly just inches from the top of Courteney's neatly trimmed landing strip.

A tormented groan erupted from the brunette's lips and her ass was driven back as she folded forward at the waist and collapsed in a gasping, writhing, heap at Rebecca's feet. Courteney rested on her knees with her cheek on the tacky concrete floor as the statuesque blonde towered over her, still consumed by hostility. Rebecca dragged her defenseless, sobbing, rival to her feet yet again. Courteney was suffering horribly, intense pain radiating through her slender frame from Rebecca's explosive attack. Courteney's hands clutched her churning belly as, wincing, she stared up at Rebecca with puffy, tearing eyes.

"P...p...please.....," Courteney sniveled pitifully. "What's...wrong!"

Rebecca's face flushed a deep shade of crimson at the dishonest bitches drivel. She forced the whimpering Courteney against the toilet bowl and held her leaned back against the wall as she clutched the front of her red tank top.

"Why? " mewled Courteney mournfully.

"Why!!" mimicked Rebecca nastily as she picked up a grungy rubber toilet plunger from beside the toilet. Courteney's teary eyes widened in horror as she saw the bottom of the filthy plunger as Rebecca raised it and held it over her face. "Oh my Gooooo..,"

Rebecca shoved the plunger down, muffling the brunette's frightened plea as the disgusting plunger molded itself to face. Courteney's arms flapped the air momentarily, then grabbed the wooden handle as Rebecca pumped the plunger onto the gagging woman's face.

"Arrgghhmmmpphhhhhh!!!" was Courteney's garbled plea as her stomach convulsed and she nearly heaved.

Meanwhile, at the gas pump, Jenny's rock session was interrupted by a blaring horn. She only faintly heard it over Ted's screaming riffs, and glanced in the side view mirror to see an apparently pissed off patron in the car behind her waiting to fill up. She waved, slid into the driver's seat and moved the car out of his way, parking next to John Stamos.

"Hey Johnny!" Jenny called as she looked over and smiled.

They engaged in small talk for several moments before John mentioned Rebecca had been in the ladies room for quite a while. An unsettled feeling came over Jenny. Courteney had said she was going to the bathroom too...and, come to think of it, that had been quite a while too.

"Really...," said Jenny, glancing back at the corner of the building. "I'll...uh....I'll see ya round, handsome," she said, then slipped out of the care and followed the sign at the corner of the building toward the ladies room.

"You're fulla shit, sweetie!" hissed Rebecca as she worked the sickened brunette over with the fetid plunger. "Maybe I can suck it outta ya!"

Courteney's muffled whining mixed with sickened retching as her futile struggles gained her no relief. Her fingernails slashed at Rebecca's forearm and produced a sudden shriek from the tall blonde. A weak slap on Rebecca's cheek accomplished nothing except to further enrage her. Rebecca shoved the plunger firmly on Courteney's face, pinning the back of her head to the wall. Balling up her left hand in a tight fist, Rebecca drove her knuckles deep into Courteney's unguarded and unprepared stomach.

Rebecca tossed the plunger to the floor and watched with a satisfied smirk as her annihilated foe flopped onto the toilet with her mouth frozen agape, unable to draw a breath. A short but powerful left cross knocked Courteney cold and she slithered back against the porcelain tank still upright on the toilet seat. Rebecca stepped back massaging her knuckles, admiring her brutal handiwork. Courteney's head lay tilteed back facing the ceiling, her mouth ajar, a slight trickle of blood running from the corner of her lip. A putrid, dark ring was tattooed on her face where the filthy plunger had been pressed, from the bottom of her chin all the way around the bridge of her nose and back again. Her legs were spread wide as she'd lost her shorts struggling against the plunger. Courteney Cox was an icon of destruction!

Jenny turned the corner and walked thru the open rest room door just as Rebecca was turning around to leave the demolished Courteney slumped on the john. Jenny stopped and stared in shock at the sight of her vanquished girlfriend. Rebecca turned around and a split second later Jenny's sandal crashed into her jaw from the 5'6" kick-boxing enthusiast's impressive side kick. Rebecca cried out in surprise and anguish as she backpedaled back into the unforgiving wall. Jenny moved in and snapped another kick to the tall blonde's gut, leaving Rebecca pitched forward wheezing.

"I'm gonna kill you for that you fucking cunt!" screamed Jenny as she pulled a gasping Rebecca out the door by her hair.

A bone-jarring knee sent the folded over Rebecca sailing onto the sand flat on her back where she lay writhing in a daze. The incensed Jenny waited until Rebecca struggled to her hands and knees and then while Rebecca was still gasping for breath and began to laboriously crawl away from the smaller blonde, Jenny ripped a cruel snap kick up between Rebecca's open legs that pulverized her precious crotch. Rebecca howled in grief as she went sprawling forward, landing face down and plowing a furrow in the hot desert sand.

She whimpered as she pridefully and painfully pushed herself up on her hands and knees again as pulses of pain tormented her bruised and battered womanhood. Jenny grabbed Rebecca by her long curly mane with one hand and the back of her cotton shorts with the other, then started to drag, forcing the supermodel/actress to crawl around behind the garage building.

The battered Rebecca began to show the first signs of resistance when she suddenly straightened up on her knees and threw her elbow back toward Jenny's pussy. But Jenny evaded the elbow and held the blonde off with two fistfuls of hair while she repeatedly drove a knee into the yelping Rebecca's back. Jenny's light blonde hair fluttered in the hot air as she pummeled Rebecca savagely until a numbing neck chop finally sent her into a fit of convulsions. Rebecca toppled face down in the sand and lay with her long legs trembling and shaking uncontrollably.

"I'm gonna knock your overrated ass out and leave you bare-assed to bake in the sun!" threatened Jenny angrily.

Rebecca lay in miserable agony, suffering face down on the blistering sand. She'd been caught off guard by the crazy blonde and she realized Jenny could fight...far more than she'd ever imagined. It would take her years to live this one down...once her husband finally came around back and found her naked, beaten body where Jenny left it.


Rebecca wailed as Jenny's foot pounded into her pussy again. She just knew she was going to puke - the pain was so nauseating. Disabled and unable to resist, Rebecca was easily relieved of her drawstring shorts by Jenny's busy hands. She whimpered as Jenny rolled her onto her back and raised her legs, then pulled both her shorts and her tiny thong up and off her spectacular legs. Jenny dropped the shorts, crossed Rebecca's ankles and twisted, flipping her back onto her belly. Immediately, Rebecca felt the scorching sun heating up her pale ass flesh, and she gritted her teeth as she dug down deep for the will to attempt an offensive move.

When she felt Jenny straddle her back and her hands fumbling with her top, Rebecca reached back behind her, grabbed Jenny's wrist and rolled onto her back, pulling Jenny down onto her as she let fly with a punch of her own. The cunning Jenny whipped her head aside to avoid the punch arcing up toward her, then abruptly dropped her ass down hard on Rebecca's stomach, forcing a whoosh of air from the pinned blonde.

"Here comes the knocked out part, bitch!" snarled Jenny.

But Rebecca scooped up a handful of sand and flung it into Jenny's face just as the smaller blonde reached back to deliver a haymaker. Jenny screeched as her eyes were blinded, then screeched in a higher octave as Rebecca's hands shot up under her belly shirt and latched onto her tits. Rebecca ferociously mauled Jenny's soft globes, digging in her fingernails and clawing, leaving the temporarily blinded blonde howling in titty-pain hell!

Jenny's fists began to rain down on Rebecca as she desperately fought a foe she couldn't see. Rebecca took several blows before she was able to buck her hips, dismounting the determined Jenny, and roll aside. Rebecca came up straddling the now flattened Jenny as her hands dove once more for the blonde's vulnerable tits. Screaming in pain, Jenny's arms whipped the air and landed a double neck chop to the stunned Rebecca, leaving her rattled and briefly dazed. A palm strike under Rebecca's chin sent the big girl toppling backward off of Jenny with a yelp and a spinning head. Rebecca flopped around on the sand while Jenny struggled to get to her feet. Jenny spied an old coiled up rubber air hose that had split and been discarded behind the building. She grabbed it and uncoiled it just as Rebecca rose to her knees with her back to the smaller blonde. Rebecca gasped; her hands shot up to her throat; when Jenny wrapped the hose around her throat and began choking her.

"DIE, BITCH!" screamed Jenny with rage flickering in her eyes.

Rebecca panicked when the hose tightened on her windpipe, fearing the crazy blonde bitch was going to kill her. She reached up with both hands and buried them in Jenny's mane. Summoning all of her strength, Rebecca laboriously struggled to her feet with her nemesis glued to her back. Jenny continued to choke Rebecca as she scissored her legs about Rebecca's hips. Awkwardly, the gagging model worked her way over to the building, then turned around with her back to it. With her air supply almost gone, a fading Rebecca slammed Jenny back against the rugged concrete block wall. Hearing her grunt, Rebecca repeatedly hammered Jenny’s back on the wall until she felt the hose slacken as Jenny took blow after blow.

One final, powerful backward thrust cracked the back of Jenny's skull against the concrete and she went limp with a moan as she was knocked into a stupor. Rebecca slumped forward and shook her semi-conscious opponent forward until Jenny’s body was slung over her shoulder. After pausing briefly to suck in some badly needed oxygen, Rebecca saw a wooden pallet on the sand.

"You fucking lunatic!" she gasped to her unresponsive foe. "There's a big difference between an ass-kicking an a homicide!"

Rebecca staggered toward the pallet with the moaning blondes body draped over her shoulder. With a heave, she flipped Jenny and the dazed blonde crashed down on the pallet, landing on her back with a hollow CRUNK! She gave a split-second yelp before fading away into unconsciousness. Rebecca stood over her, glaring down, panting heavily as she arched her aching back and massaged her chafed neck. Both women were perspiring heavily in the burning sunshine. Rebecca's naked legs were coated with sand and her arms glistened with sweat. As for Jenny, her belly shirt was soaked and clung to her magnificent heaving breasts which accentuated the sharp peaks of her hard nipples.

"I should leave your naked, knocked out ass blistering in the sun, bitch, but I’ve got a better idea," snarled Rebecca.

She pulled off Jenny's saturated shirt, then wriggled her shorts down her muscular legs. After tossing Jenny's clothes into the sand, she flipped the naked blonde over onto her belly. Rebecca used Jenny's own wet thong to bind the blonde's wrists behind her back, then smacked her bare ass with a stinging spank.

"Ummmffffff!" moaned the dazed Jenny softly and then she began to weakly squirm against her bonds as her head lifted off the pallet to stare dumbly ahead.

Rebecca hauled Jenny to her feet and stood before the wavering, unsteady girl, "I didn't say you could wake up, cupcake. Say good-night!"

She unloaded a vicious left hook that sent a yelping Jenny spinning backward. She was out cold before she hit the sand. Jenny lay where she landed, motionless with her legs spread. Rebecca gathered her shredded clothing and, after wiping her legs, with Jenny's shirt, slipped her clothes back on. Then, grunting and struggling, Rebecca lifted her limp opponent onto her shoulder and staggered and stumbled carefully around the building back to the rest room.

"Hey babe, you about ready to hit the roa.......What'cha got there?" gasped a stunned John as he rounded the corner looking for his wife.

"Some little Playboy slut with a newly adjusted attitude," replied a heavily huffing Rebecca.

John lifted Jenny’s head by her hair and studied the bruised and bloodied loser with a chuckle, "I see!" He followed Rebecca to the door of the ladies rest room where his wife dumped Jenny to her butt outside the doorway. He peered past his wife at the half naked and reviving Courteney who was still slumped on the toilet. "And who might this be?" he inquired.

Courteney looked up groggily and struggled to her feet as Rebecca walked up to her. She screamed furiously and threw a looping punch at Rebecca, but she easily brushed it aside. Then a straight left from Rebecca exploded on Courteney's chin and she collapsed back down on the toilet with her legs spread wide, out cold.

"Her smart-assed little sidekick," answered Rebecca with a naughty grin.

John smiled as his dick began to stiffen in response to the carnage of naked beauties before him. His wife grabbed Jenny’s bound arms and dragged her into the bathroom, scraping the blonde's knees across the tiles as she dragged her through the trash strewn about. She propped Jenny on her knees and pushed her head down between Courteney's spread legs, stuffing her mouth on her girlfriend's pussy.

"How 'bout you make this pussy purr with a stroke of that nose, you off-key bitch!" snarled Rebecca.

Apparently, she’d heard Jenny singing earlier over the intercom. She reached for the toilet plunger and examined the slim wooden handle. Then, squatting down behind Jenny’s raised hips, Rebecca worked it slowly into Jenny's cunt until it was half-buried in her.

"I can't bear to watch!" chuckled John as he covered his eyes so he could peer between his spread fingers. "I'm getting a woody!"

"That's what Jenny said," said Rebecca as she studied her rivals. She went to the sink and washed up while John shook his head and enjoyed the sight of the doubly humiliated Courteney and Jenny. "Some bitches just need an ass-kicking," he muttered.

Rebecca walked over to him, threw her arms around him and kissed him, "My sentiments exactly......let's blow."

They headed back to their car, leaving the battered duo in unconscious splendor but as they turned the corner of the building, John piped up, "Speakin' of blow!"

He glanced down at his crotch and leered at Rebecca.

"Watch it buddy, or you'll be joining them!" giggled Rebecca as she balled her fist and tapped his jaw.