Alyssa Milano vs Courtney Cox by Technetium (from Delphi Catfight Forum)

Alyssa enters the ring wearing just the green bikini bottom. Courtney wears a grey one-piece dress without shoulder-strap, very short, black pantyhose and black shoes.

Alyssa teases her, "Hey! You understood your body should make a bad impression compared to mine!!!! How old are you?"

Courtney seems not to hear her foe and takes off her shoes, coming close to Alyssa.

Courtney knows Alyssa is quite static and charges her immediately, proving a better dexterity. After two kicks in the stomach, Courtney slaps Alyssa several times in the face. Alyssa tries to protect herself, moving her hands to her face, and Courtney takes advantage of the situation grabbing Alyssa's boobs in her hands, squeezing them hard. Alyssa's big tits are a tempting target and their nakedness makes everything easier. Alyssa tries to take Courtney away, pushing her pace backwards, but all her attempts lead to nothing. Courtney moves her right hand from Alyssa's tits, grabbing her hair and pulling down.

Alyssa loses her balance and falls to the mat. She rises on all fours trying to catch her breath for a while. But Courtney is quick and doesn't allow Alyssa to rise completely, grabbing the back of her bikini bottom, pulling it hard, lifting Alyssa's legs from the ground and making the front of her bikini slip between her cunt lips. Alyssa screams and tries to keep her balance with her hands, moving her legs in order to try to escape the holds.

With every movement she makes, however, Courtney shakes a little more her bikini, causing more pain to the trapped brunette. Alyssa's hands lose their connection and she falls to the ground, knocking her face. Courtney continues to shake her foe, deaf to her moaning. Alyssa tries to catch her bikini, pulling it forward to make Courtney loses her hold, but this only adds pain to her crotch.

Finally Courtney releases her hold, giving some rest to painful Alyssa. Again Courtney is close to Alyssa and hauls her up by the hair. She then brings the dazed brunette around the ring, finally slamming her head into the corner. Alyssa cries in pain while her nose starts to bleed. She hits Courtney's body with her elbow, giving a sign of reaction. Courtney tries again to lifts Alyssa by her bikini bottom, but this time Alyssa doesn't allow her foe to complete the move and kicks her two times in her ankles, adding a final elbow to Courtney's face. Courtney slides backwards, losing her hold, and gives Alyssa the opportunity of turning around and taking a breath.

Courtney is nimbler than her opponent and drives her right leg towards Alyssa's stomach, hitting her and pushing in the corner again. Courtney stretches out her leg again, but Alyssa ducks and Courtney's leg goes between the ropes. Courtney loses her balance too and falls forward, crashing in the turnbuckle. Alyssa goes behind her and takes advantage of her weight, pushing Courtney's body in the corner again and again. Courtney is dazed but she manages to bring the leg back into the ring, gain her full balance again.

As soon as her legs are still on the mat, she stretches them backwards, tripping Alyssa up. Alyssa falls to ground, hitting her bottom hard, and Courtney kicks her two times in her crotch. Alyssa tries to roll away, but Courtney kicks her again and again. Courtney then hair hauls poor Alyssa and slaps her painting her cheeks deep red. Then she grabs the front Alyssa's bikini with her left hand, pulling it up with all her mighty, slapping her boobs with the free hand. Alyssa screams in pain, crying. Courtney keeps on , pulling more and forcing Alyssa on the tips of her toes.

Alyssa finally loses her balance and falls backwards, but Courtney's hold is firm and Alyssa's bikini slips towards her knees. Courtney finally takes it away letting Alyssa's legs fall to the ground. Then she leans forward to grab Alyssa's hair again, but this time Alyssa seizes her dress and brings her to the ground, next to her. Then she grasps Courtney's hair and slams her face several times into the ground. Courtney screams in pain, with her nose that starts to bleed, incredulous the the reaction of her foe. She tries to lift her face from the ground, but Alyssa changes tactic and brings herself behind Courtney's back. She then traps her foe in a full nelson for at least five minutes, knocking the wind out of her.

Alyssa then puts one knee in the middle of Courtney's back, grabbing her feet with her right hand and her chin with her left one, trapping her in a perfect bow and arrow. Courtney tries to escape the hold, but she is too weak and she slips into semi-unconsciousness. Some minutes later, Alyssa releases the crashed foe, just to lift her again and throw her to the corner, where Courtney hits again the steel post and falls to the mat. Alyssa goes close to Courtney and kicks her back again and again. With every kick Courtney screams in pain, increasing Alyssa's rage and excitement, as proved by her now erect nipples. Courtney turns around, but Alyssa continues her action, finally hair hauls Courtney again and slapping her until she falls to the ground, begging to stop.

Alyssa brings her own right foot near to Courtney's lips, threatening her, "Now I want you to lick my feet, or I will destroy you!!"

Courtney is too weak and terrified to react in any other manner and licks Alyssa's feet for ten minutes. Alyssa enjoys the situation, touching and massaging her own breast and moaning in a loud pleasure.

Then she leaves the ring, naked again and winning again .