Gena Lee Nolin vs. Nikki Cox by Shanahan Nov 09, 1999

After her sitcom "Unhappily Ever After" was canceled, buxom starlet Nikki Cox decided to audition for a lifeguard role on "Baywatch", seeing as how she was magnificently built, and how that particular show went through female cast members like water. The beautiful young redhead tested well several weeks later, and looked phenomenal in the red lifeguard swimsuit; but sadly, she found out she would only get on the show the next season only if somebody else was dropped from the current cast.

The someone in question was the fabulous Gena Lee Nolan, who was nearing the end of her contract and was up for renegotiations. Needles, to say, the stunning blonde wasn't too happy about the prospect of losing a steady acting job to a younger woman, especially one with a body and looks like Nikki's. Gena felt threatened, and decided to do something about it.

"Look, you little bitch, you can forget about ever taking my job!" growled Gena later that day as she cornered Nikki. "There's no way you'll ever push me aside!"

"Fuck you, you old bitch!" shot back the young beauty. "I'm gonna push your fat ass right out the door net year!"

Gena saw that talking and threats weren't going to do any good with this girl. She realized she would have to fight to keep what was rightfully hers.

"I'm gonna kick your ass, little girl!" snarled the older beauty through clenched teeth.

"Yeah?" giggled Nikki. "Where, you sow?"

"Here, on the beach. Tonight at twilight, after everybody's gone and the set is closed. Come alone - I want you all to myself!" spat Gena.

"But can you handle me, honey?" smirked the younger woman

"Guess we'll find out, sweetheart."

They gave each other one last menacing stare, and then turned and went off in opposite directions. It was just past noon.

The afternoon came and went, and by the time the sun began to set in the western sky, both women had made their way back to the beach set, a small stretch of sand dotted with a few non-permanent building structures. No real houses around here for almost a mile, either - none occupied, anyway. The air was warm, with just touch of chill - bearable, even if you had little or no clothing on.

Which is what Gena and Nikki planned on wearing. They both arrived at the same time, and without a word began to remove their shoes, shirts, and cut-off jeans to reveal a pair of solid-color bikinis - Gena in purple, Nikki in pink. Seconds later, the bikinis were off as well. They would wrestle each other nude.

"Ready?" inquired Nikki with a smirk as she loosened her fiery hair from its clip and let her locks fall across the back of her neck and her shoulders. "You can still back out - or just get knocked out. Your choice, slut."

Gena shifted her weight to one hip and smiled, her long yellow hair cascading about her back and shoulders. "Go for it, you little bitch. No rules, no time limit. We fight until one of us is finished."

Nikki grinned and licked her lips in anticipation, then settled into a wrestler's crouch.

"Not here," stated Gena. Then she pointed out to the surf, about twenty yards away. "There. It'll add some ... unpredictability."

"I like the way you think," added Nikki. "Not that I like you. Just the way you think."

"I'll like you when you're out cold," replied Gena.

"Whatever" shrugged Nikki, shaking her head slightly.

They made their way into the water until they were ankle-deep, wet gray sand oozing up between their toes. They turned and faced each other ten feet apart, bending at the knees and stretching out their arms and hands. Gena, as the challenged party, counted down with the fingers of her right hand. Five ... four ... three ... two ... one...

The battle was joined. Screaming at the top of their lungs, Gena and Nikki rushed one another, bare feet splashing through the surf, until they crashed together, arms wrapping about busty upper bodies like pythons. Gena wrapped her arms around Nikki's waist and began constricting, while Nikki coiled her own arms around Gena's, pinning them tightly against the blonde's body as the redhead started to squeeze her foe senseless. Twirling and twisting around, both women lost their footing and went down into the water, still grabbing each other tightly.

Hitting the wet sand, they released their holds and went for each other's faces, scrabbling and slashing as they clawed and mauled each other's soft cheeks, noses, and mouths with their short but sharp nails. Nikki cried out, only to take in a mouthful of water. She began coughing hoarsely, trying to breathe air again. Gena went for the gasping redhead's eyes with her thumbs, but Nikki seized the blonde's wrists and held her off. The redhead aided her efforts by planting her right foot against Gena's jaw, toes gripping the blonde's chin and pushing away at it. They twisted about in this fashion, corkscrewing towards the right, until Gena managed to push Nikki's foot away from her face to get fully atop the redhead and straddle Nikki in the wet sand.

Pulling out of her enemy's twin-handed grasp, Gena clamped her left hand over Nikki's mouth while her right hand pinched Nikki's nostrils shut, suffocating the redhead. Undeterred, Nikki reached up with her own hands and squeezed them about Gena's throat, choking the blonde ruthlessly. Both women's eyes were shut tight as they struggled to breathe, the outcome of the match resting in two sets of greedy, relentless hands as the sun set further. Both women on defense, both on the attack, both finding it harder and harder to concentrate on two fronts as they found themselves in a stalemate.

Suddenly Gena began to rise up, lifting Nikki off the ground by her tits as the blonde tried to stumble to her bare feet. The redhead's agony was excruciating, and she shrieked again like a banshee as her tits were stretched like taffy - but the battered blonde just wasn't strong enough now to lift the redhead to a fully standing position. Stumbling back down into the surf, Gena wrapped her arms about Nikki's waist and lifted her younger foe to a perpendicular position before crushing her in a bear hug. The redhead's hands were still fastened on the blonde's breasts, and her legs were still entwined about the blonde's waist, but none of that mattered to Gena as she began to pour on the pressure, trying to snap Nikki's spine. Nikki moaned in anguish as the blonde squeezed the life from her, but she was also saving her strength for her next attack.

A moment later she was on the offensive again, rearing up in Gena's arms to better position herself for her counterattack. squeezing the other girl's midsection with her smooth thighs as she made her move to finish the fight once and for all. Releasing Gena's breasts, Nikki wrapped her hands about Gena's throat and began to once more choke the life from the lovely blonde, hands squeezing like a vise around the golden-haired girl's neck. Gena gasped, eyes shut in agony, while Nikki gritted her teeth as she poured on the pressure with both her hands and legs. Both women grunted and groaned as they struggled, woman to woman, one female trying to escape, the other intent on destroying her. Losing consciousness as the breath was squeezed from her body, Gena finally fought back fast with several slaps of one hand to the redhead's face, causing Nikki to lose her chokehold.

But now they were both off balance, Nikki sailing backwards through the air as she lost her grip, and Gena stuttering forward in relief of escape, and they both plunged headfirst into the brine behind them. The water was only about two feet deep at this point, but more than enough for someone to be drowned, which is what both girls were intent on doing to each other as they came to grips again in the waves. Lost in their rage and hatred was the cold of the water which covered them head to toe and now had soaked their hair completely. Locking hands, they struggled and pushed against one another, but neither could take charge. Rising to their feet, they continued their test of strength, straining and struggling, until Gena launched out with a kick that caught Nikki square in the cunt. Nikki yelped and then kicked Gena in the stomach, evening up the damage done. Their fingers still locked, the two women began to push out further into the ocean, the surface rising first to their knees, then to their thighs, then waists, until finally they were up to their chests, hands still joined.

"Bitch!" though Nikki to herself as she labored for air. " I can't let her beat me - I can't - but I can't breathe!"

Similar thoughts flashed through Gena's mind as she felt Nikki's thumbs pressing harder against her throat. "Slut's got a grip like a vise! How can this skinny bitch be so strong - how can she squeeze so hard from that position?"

Both unwilling to submit to the other, they struggled in this fashion for a few more moments until Nikki, who was getting the worst of it with both her nose and mouth sealed off, released her chokehold and slammed her left fist into Gena's jaw. The blonde was stunned and fell to the side as she lost her grip on the redhead's face. Nikki then rolled to the right, more and more until she was atop Gena, then she fastened her hands about the blonde's neck and began choking her again, trying to finish the fight.

Gena was far from finished, though, and reached up to clamp her own hands about the redhead's neck to return the favor. Grunting and groaning, they rolled over and over in the surf, first one woman on top and then the other, four hands tightening murderously about two throats until at last Gena was on top. They choked and throttled and strangled each other for the next minute or so, each woman intent on ending the bout - and each other's life - right then and there.

Whispered gasps and curses emanated from their pursed lips and agonized windpipes until the blonde suddenly let go and began raining down a flurry of punches and slaps into the redhead's face. Shocked by the sudden beating she was receiving, Nikki relinquished her grip and began trying to cover up with her elbows and forearms, but it was too late. A right hook caught her flush on the temple, knocking her senseless. Gena then took advantage of the moment to reach down and clutch Nikki's magnificent smooth breasts, one in each hand, before squeezing them without mercy, as if they were party balloons she intended to pop.

Nikki wailed like a banshee before burying her hands in Gena's long wet golden hair and yanking hard, trying to rip it loose from the blonde's scalp. Gena cried out herself in agony, before deciding to give Nikki something else to scream about. Lowering her head as best she could as the redhead tugged away at her hair, Gena opened her pretty mouth and snapped her lovely head forward until she closed her open jaws on the redhead's left udder and bit down hard, ivory white teeth sinking into soft, salty pink flesh.

Nikki's screams the first time were as nothing compared to her new expression of anguish, as she felt the blonde's teeth sinking deeper and deeper into her gem of womanhood.

"I'll kill you!" Nikki managed to splutter before resuming her hair-pulling attack. She tugged and pulled and yanked for what seemed like all time until finally she felt Gena's mouth moving off her breast, heard the blonde squeal in agony and begin to claw at her redheaded tormentor's hands, trying to dislodge them from her golden locks. Grabbing two of Nikki's fingers, Gena pulled them back as hard as she could until Nikki yelped and released her foe's hair. Gena backed off and softly massaged her damaged scalp, her tears mixing with the ocean brine that glistened over both their naked bodies.

Nikki's eyes were wet with tears as well, and she cringed as she looked down to see the red marks carved into her left breast by her enemy's fangs. She felt her anger rising as well, and lunged at the blonde from her knees, surprising Gena, who was also on her knees.

"Want to really see my tits up close, you whore? Huh?! Well, try these on for size!"

Grabbing Gena by the back of her hair and pulling her down by the head, Nikki pressed the blonde's face into her naked full chest and began to breast-smother the yellow-haired girl. Her oxygen supply cut off, Gena shoved frantically at Nikki's shoulders, trying to escape, but Nikki held her fast. The blonde became wide-eyed at her lack of air, but couldn't break free. Making matters worse, Nikki reared backwards until her smooth back was flat against the wet sand, making it easier for the redhead to stretch out her long legs and wrap them tight about the blonde's waist, further entrapping her. She cackled at her foe's struggles, feeling it was only a matter of time before the other woman was finished.

Then the redhead felt Gena's teeth going to work again on her more-than-ample-chest, and Nikki squealed and immediately let go. Gena reared back and then plunged down with both her hands, fingers grabbing the redhead's throat and squeezing. Nikki squeezed back with her thighs, but knew she was getting the worst of the exchange as Gena straddled her and began to pound her foe's red head against the wet sand, small waves washing around and over the two females as they struggled fiercely.

"How does it feel now, bitch?" mocked Gena. "Who's getting choked out now, you fucking little witch? Who, huh? Who?!"

Feeling herself losing consciousness, Nikki rammed the heel of her hand up under Gena's chin, again and again, alternating hands, until Gena's fingers lost their hold and fell away from her throat. Nikki then reached up to clamp her hands about Gena's hanging breasts, and the blonde reached down to respond in kind, prompting more wails from the two lovely combatants as they tried to twist each other's tits off ...

Suddenly Gena pushed off the bottom, and both women were thrust back into the sea with no footing under them. Now it was a fight to the finish, with survival the prize. The stalemate was broken as Gena placed her hands atop Nikki's head and tried to push the young vixen under the surface of the water. Nikki responded by clamping her hands about either side of Gena's vulnerable neck and trying to drag the older actress beneath the waves. Their long, lovely, perfectly tapering legs kicked furiously below as the two beauties fought fiercely at the surface, each trying to drown the other. Without warning Nikki then surprised Gena by pushing forward, the redhead kicking her legs up and over to force both women down deeper, the redhead's hands still wrapped tight around the blonde's exposed throat.

They headed for the bottom, Nikki kicking in rhythmic strokes as Gena pushed away at her foe's chin and face, trying to throw her off. This is bad, thought Gena to herself. She was at home in the water, having portrayed a lifeguard on TV for several years; but Nikki seemed to be equally comptent beneath the surface, and now she also had the top position in their fight. Nikki began to throttle Gena with both hands, shaking the blonde's head back and forth as she tried to wrestle her opponent to the sea bed. Gena could feel the breath being choked from her body, but she couldn't throw the redheaded water witch off of her, even as she pinched Nikki's nostrils shut and clamped one of her hands over her foe's mouth again - a futile effort, since Nikki was already holding her breath. To make matters worse for Gena, Nikki was trying to wrap her legs about the blonde and pin her arms to her sides as she did at the very start of the bout.

No! thought Gena. If she pins my arms and straddles me at the bottom, I'm dead. Just as Nikki powered her down to the bottom so that Gena was flat on her back, Gena made a last-ditch effort and did the only thing she could. Reaching beneath her enemy, she found Nikki's pussy with her right hand and squeezed as hard as she could, even as she felt her life running out between Nikki's fingers ...

Gena's pussy-squeezing ploy worked. Nikki grimaced in pain and let go, but the blonde did not. She continued her attack, squeezing as hard as she could, and brought her other hand up to join the fray. Nikki began to panic, trying to pull away, but Gena had her now. One final squeeze, and Gena was in complete control. Her advantage established, Gena began raking her foe's womanhood with her nails, harder and harder, until the redhead offered no resistance whatsoever. Gena then glided backwards in the water, placed the soles of her bare feet against Nikki's breasts, and thrust her away, before heading for the surface and some much needed air, the redhead too agonized to pursue the blonde and try to pull her under.

Returning to the world above, Gena sucked in a few lungfuls of sea air, her large breasts heaving up and down with exertion, before seeing Nikki surface a few feet away, still clutching her wounded crotch. Obviously in pain, the redhead tried to swim throuh the shallows for the shore, but the blonde rushed over on her bare feet and caught her opponent from behind. They were thigh-deep as Gena reached around in front and clutched her foe's breasts before squeezing them without pity. Nikki moaned long and loud as the blonde had her way with her, the blonde battler sinking her nails deep into the redhead's delicate breast flesh, hands crushing the soft mounds like wet sponges, even once in a while pulling mercilessly at Nikki's erect nipples with her fingertips.

"God, leave me alone ... " begged the redhead, on her last legs despite a valiant effort. She tugged at Gena's wrists, trying to pull those vicious hands off, but her attacker's grip was too strong.

"I will when I'm done with you, bitch!" was Gena's sinister reply.

She squeezed even harder now, Nikki's moans filling the air, Gena's mind heady with triumph: I'm going to win! I'm going to beat this little bitch! I'm going to ...

Fall. Before she realized what was happening, Gena was toppling backwards into the surf with Nikki atop her. The sneaky redhead had placed her foot behind Gena's ankle and shoved backwards with her shapely butt, knocking the blonde off balance.

Gena was the first to regain her knees, but before she could turn to face her foe, she felt a weight upon her back and pressure building under her chin. She then realized that Nikki had jumped on her back and trapped her in a camel clutch, the redhead's hands interlaced beneath Gena's jaw and pulling upwards like crazy. Gena's hands flailed in front of her as she sought escape, but now it was the redhead in control, rearing back hard, fully intent upon snapping her adversary in two.

"Gonna break you in two, bitch - gonna snap your fucking spine like a twig!" taunted the redhead.

Growing desperate, Gena reached behind her and did the only thing she could, wrapping her hands tight in Nikki's wet hair once again. Summoning all her strength, Gena reared up and pitched forward, hurling Nikki ass-over-teakettle, the redhead crashing down face first in the surf. Free again, Gena decided she had better finish the bitch before Nikki got lucky again.

Reaching down and in front of her, Gena secured her hands about the redhead's neck from behind and began throttling her. Nikki went wide-eyed and tried to claw her way loose, but the blonde only squeezed harder. She shook the redhead back and forth, sapping her ravishing rival's strength, as the last vestiges of light flickered from the sun on the horizon. The buxom blonde beauty held the cruel hold for a long, lingering few minutes, before releasing Nikki and watching her fall face down in the wet sand, scant yards from the dry beach. Gena dropped down upon her foe and shoved Nikki's head deeper into the mud, before grabbing her foe by the back of her red hair and sloshing her back and forth in the water to clean her up. Nikki offered no resistance at this point, and Gena pulled her young foe all the way up and tossed her bodily back into the ocean. Gena relaxed for a minute as the redhead gurgled and gasped as the waves washed over her face; then she seized Nikki by the ankles, stomped her enemy once in the pussy to elicit a groan from the redhead, and finally dragged Nikki to shore on her back.

Gena lifted Nikki to her feet by her hair again before seizing her opponent about the waist in a fight-finishing bearhug. Jacking Nikki upwards so that not so much as a toe touched the ground, Gena squeezed her enemy with all her remaining might, Nikki's arms hanging uselessly at the sides. Gena held her this way for long moments before steeling herself for one final backbreaking squeeze. The redhead cried out as all the pressure in the world collected in her waist, and the next thing she knew was the feeling of being hoisted ever higher in the air and then bodyslammed heavily to the sand. She tried to rise, but Gena dropped down on her chest with both knees, knocking her flat. Gena then straddled her prey, pinning Nikki's arms beneath her own thighs, sand sticking to both of their wet bodies.

Nikki was trapped underneath her golden-haired opponent. Exhausted, she knew escape was impossible, but she would never admit defeat. She summoned all her flagging energy in a last-ditch show of strength. She bucked up and down, trying to throw Gena off, but the blonde maintained her position, hands wrapped tightly around Nikki's wrists. Gena sneered as she began to press down on the redhead with her full weight.

"Ready to call it quits?" inquired the golden-haired beauty. "There's no way you're gonna get out of this."

"Screw you, bitch!" shot back Nikki, even as the air was slowly crushed from her chest. "If I wasn't stuck, I'd be kicking your fat ass!"

"Really," snickered Gena. "Well, slut, fact of the matter is, you are stuck, and you're gonna stay stuck." She gripped Nikki's wrists even tighter as she began to bounce up and down on her prey, tight butt-cheeks squashing the other girl's ample breasts. Nikki groaned as Gena increased the pressure, but her strength was spent. It was all she could do to lay there and hurl insults up at her captor, even as she struggled to breathe.

"You got lucky, that's all!" she gasped in pain. "No way are you tougher than me! Next time I'll pound senseless!"

"Stuff a sock in it, you little cunt, there isn't going to be a next time," retorted Gena coolly, even as she poured on the pressure.

"Well, finish me, you stupid slut!" spat the fiery redhead with the last of her air, defiant until the end. "Come on! Do it!"

Gena just stared at her victim for a long moment in disbelief, astounded by her younger foe's genuine arrogance and unbelievable stupidity. An evil smile then began to crease the blonde's pouty lips.

"You look a little bit out of breath, bitch," she whispered. "Here, let me help ... "

Reaching down, Gena clamped one hand over the redhead's mouth and pinching her nose shut with the other, forming a pair of airtight seals over Nikki's breathing passages. The wide-eyed redhead twisted from side to side, trying to wriggle free, but there was absolutely no chance of that this time. She smothered in Gena's fierce grip, her struggles growing weaker until she finally stopped moving all together. Nikki tried to suck in whatever air she could, but tasted only her foe's sweated palm as she began to pass out.

Suddenly the blonde's hands lifted from Nikki's face, and she could breathe again - but only for a fleeting moment. She opened her tired eyes and saw Gena descending upon her from above, the blonde's furry snatch coming up fast to meet Nikki's pouty mouth. The redhead tried to mutter "no", but her cry was soon muffled by Gena's soft pussy, as the sexy blonde began to grind up and down on her hapless victim's face. Nikki scratched and clawed at Gena's shapely round ass, but couldn't push free as Gena humped away on her foe's pretty face, with only Nikki's closed eyes and slicked-back hair visible beneath Gena's writhing, wet crotch. The blonde ground away on Nikki for what seemed like hours, her cunt hair soft and moist on Nikki's smooth skin and lips, until she felt Nikki stop struggling and could barely hear the redhead breathing.

Drawing back, Gena then pushed forward until she was flattened out atop Nikki, the blonde's hands once more snaking about Nikki's neck as she twisted the redhead's head from side to side on the sand, tiny silicate granules sticking to both of their heavenly wet bodies. Nikki was totally helpless, unable to defend herself with her arms and legs pinned, and could do nothing as Gena proceeded to finish her off. Tightening her hands like a vise about the young redhead's throat, the blonde maintained her murderous stranglehold and choked the other girl mercilessly for the next minute or two, harder and harder, relentlessly, until finally, mercifully, Nikki was choked out cold. The redhead's tongue lolled out of her mouth and a thin line of spittle dripped from the corner of her lips as she lay there unconsciousness on the sand, the breath totally squeezed from her voluptuous body.

Gena rose to her feet and stood over her unconscious foe, smiling all the while as she looked down at Nikki. Then she rubbed her bare sandy foot over Nikki's face, toes groping the redhead's nose and lips, before placing her sole upon the redhead's large breasts and striking an erotic victory pose - Gena's hands running through her long, golden, wet curls, her teeth and eyes dazzling, her big, firm, tanned breasts in full glorious view.

"Who's STILL the Baywatch babe, bitch?" she smirked.