Nikki Cox vs. Denise Richards by anonymous 2-7-02

Denise couldn't believe she had to retest against that amateur Nikki Cox. She couldn't even keep a decent sitcom and here she was challenging the blonde for a starring role in a major film?!! Denise was furious. Nikki by contrast, was confident and excited; she felt like it was a no-lose situation. She increased her value just being considered for the role and if she won the part, she'd be catapulted to stardom...

The two starlets completed their auditions and left. Nikki went home while Denise went out for a few drinks with friends. It was then that one of Denise's friends decided to play a little joke on her. Denise suddenly got a call on her cell phone. It was one of the casting directors.

"Denise?" said the voice on the other end.

"Yes??" she said excitedly, shushing her friends...

"I'm sorry Denise, you're a great actress but, you know, Nikki was just a little more 'right' for the part..."

Denise's face flushed. Her friends who were in on the joke chuckled quietly to themselves.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her face contorted in anger and flushed with rage.

"Wellll...." the voice hesitated... "Let's just say that Nikki was willing to do whatever it took for the know what I mean..."

"WHAT!!! THAT FUCKIN' WHORE!!!!" Denise screamed into the phone, "WELL YOU CAN JUST BITE ME AND GO FUCK OFF!" she ranted.

Denise jabbed at the off button on her phone and put it down. The rest of the evening was all about her friends poking nasty barbs at her without Denise realizing this was all a joke. They got her more and more fired up and decided they wouldn't tell her until morning. They all finished drinks in the early evening, then everyone took taxis home.

As Denise got into the cab she gave the driver a different address than hers unbeknownst to her friends. She gave the cabbie Nikki Cox's address.

It was near sunset when the taxi pulled up to Nikki's beach front house. The redhead had been on her deck sunning herself when she heard the doorbell ring. She pulled on a long T-shirt to cover her bare breasts and her maroon thong. The little bit of sweat mixed with the suntan oil on her body to give her a slick coating. Her hair hung free about her shoulders.

When she opened the door, Nikki was shocked to find Denise standing there, her bust heaving with exaggerated breaths as she fumed about what she thought had occurred. Denise was wearing a cut-off T-shirt, a micro-mini and knee high black boots.

"You SLUT, you are such a fucking SKANK!! I can't believe you would do this!" Denise stormed.

Denise pushed her way into the house as Nikki stood stunned. The redhead backpedaled as she could sense Denise's anger. Denise approached Nikki slowly, still with a bit of a buzz on, then suddenly hauled off and cracked Nikki with a right cross.

Nikki shrieked as her body was rocked by the punch and her head snapped. Denise followed with another punch to Nikki's belly and then another to her face, knocking the red head to the floor, her face flushed, but not drawing any blood.

As Nikki got to all fours, Denise unleashed a solid kick into Nikki's enormous chest. Nikki moaned and rolled onto her back grimacing in pain. Denise walked over and bent down to grab her hair... As she did, Nikki easily saw under her mico skirt that Denise wasn't wearing underwear. Nikki's hand shot up and dug deep into Denise's womanhood.

"OOOOoooooaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" Denise squealed as she stumbled away, grasping her crotch.

Nikki got up and gave chase, experienced from having many fights like this in her stormy career. She punched wildly at Denise's head and back, landing several and forcing Denise back until she stumbled and fell back onto a couch. Nikki leapt onto the blonde carrying the two of them to the floor as the couch tipped over backward. They rolled around slapping, scratching and punching wildly at one another. Suddenly the rolling stopped with Nikki astride Denise. She rained punches on the blonde as her breasts, which were freely hanging, swung wildly beneath her T-shirt.

Denise covered up momentarily, then she latched onto Nikki's huge rack. Nikki screamed and grabbed Denise's tits as they squeezed each other's precious assets with all of their might. Fleshed oozed beneath fabric as the two girls winced and grimaced.

Nikki stood and hauled Denise up with her. They stumbled around the large room, both off balance, both hauling on the other's massive tits. Then as if by mutual consent, they let go of the other's tits and grabbed her hair. Denise began taking roundhouse swings at Nikki's head and chest. Nikki began to stumble away, dazed and when Denise went to grab her, her hand slipped off because of the sweat and lotion.

But Denise caught and tore Nikki's T-shirt instead, baring her big breasts. Nikki was standing there in just a thong, her eyes wide with anger and surprise, her massive chest heaving with her deep breaths. Nikki's breasts were swollen and red from Denise's attack and she had a hand print visible on her cheek from Denise's smacks and punches.

Denise hissed at her red-headed foe "I'm gonna make it so you don't work for months you CHEAP SLUT!!"

She charged Nikki, who dodged slightly out of the way and shoved Denise down. Denise stumbled and hit the side of the couch, dazing her slightly. Nikki ran over and grabbed Denise's shirt and pulled. It tore off easily, the flimsy fabric giving way without much effort. Denise groaned and rolled over, her breasts exposed, still slightly dazed from her crash into the couch. Nikki dropped down, straddling the blonde again and dug her long fingernails into the blonde's bountiful breasts.

Denise screamed, her face showing she was now fully alert, although it was contorted in pain. Nikki's breasts were also exposed however, and Denise rapidly latched on. The two girls again dug their nails into tender flesh as tears began to flow from in both pairs of pretty eyes. Nikki got up, pulling Denise with her. The two starlets again stumbled around the room, stretching and pulling flesh, each moaning and crying from the other's attack.

Suddenly, Nikki hauled up on Denise's tits and then shoved her backwards. Denise lost her balance and instinctively let go of Nikki's breasts. Flailed wildly, Denise tried to keep her balance and regain her footing. Nikki shoved her again and the big blonde fell back into an end table. She wailed in agony as she crashed through the heavy wooden furniture and collapsed to the floor, rocking in pain. Nikki dove down onto Denise, grabbing her hair and slamming her head into the floor.

Denise was completely out of it from this attack and almost helpless. Nikki was still in tears, the fire in her breasts unremitting despite the fact that her foe had already released her grasp. Denise had been beaten but Nikki wanted to destroy her. She knew the damage Denise had inflicted on her would preclude her from doing any work for several weeks and similarly what she had done to Denise would prevent her from working, but now she wanted to humiliate her.

Nikki saw her chance. She turned and mounted Denise in a reverse face-sit as Denise slowly was coming to. Suddenly, Nikki's face lit up as she had a bright idea. The red-head smirked as she stood up and shimmied out of her thong, gently swaying her wide, round hips to get out of the fabric. Naked, her well-trimmed bush and heart shaped ass totally exposed, Nikki replanted herself back on the battered blonde's face.

Denise began to stir, slowly reaching a frenzied state when she realized she couldn't breathe. Nikki, knowing she was in a position of dominance, pressed down harder with her pussy and her ass, smothering the blonde. Denise's muffled cries were barely audible under the redhead's smother.

Nikki really went to town, reaching under the blonde's micro-mini skirt, she began fingering Denise until she could feel the blonde losing control. Denise went wild now, her muffled screams were all Nikki could hear, but the trapped blonde bucked and kicked frantically until she reached orgasm.

Simultaneously, the redhead had a massive orgasm all over Denise' face. Nikki promptly got up, satisfied as Denise curled in a ball on the floor, mortified, brutalized and embarrassed.

"That'll teach you to NEVER come here with that kind of attitude, you feeble pussy," Nikki hissed as she collapsed exhausted on the couch, her chest heaving.

As Nikki sat on the sofa glaring at Denise rolling on the floor, the phone rang. Denise continued to moan quietly as Nikki answered it.

"Yes??" pause.... "Oh, hello sir, yes... Oh.....yes, yes, I understand..."

Nikki continued with the phone call as Denise became more and more alert.

"Oh, okay, well.....well, thank you sir. Oh yes, as a matter of fact, she's right here. We were just discussing that very thing. What, yes....yes. Sure, I'll let her know."

Denise had gotten to her feet and was leaning on the wall picking Nikki's pubic hairs from her lips.

Nikki hung up the phone and turned to the brutalized girl, her hair all matted and her face flushed. Denise saw Nikki start to stand up and she took a wide stance facing her.

"C'" Denise gasped. "I'm not finished wit….."

Nikki walked over to Denise and kicked her square in the crotch again. Denise gasped, whimpered, clutched at her pussy and then slowly dropped to her knees moaning. Then her body tilted forward and stopped with her forehead on the carpet and her ass raised. Nikki smirked, turned on her heel and walked toward her bedroom. Then she stopped and looked back over her shoulder at Denise who had toppled over on her side breathing rapidly.

"Oh, " Nikki said with a smile. "That was your producer who called. Congratulations, you got the job. They want to start filming in four days.....hope you've recovered by then. Stupid cunt!"

Denise rolled over on her back, her knees drawn up to her chest, beaten, battered….and baffled!