Supreme Court: Nikki Cox vs. Alicia Silverstone by Bear

While attending an industry show, Nikki and Alicia begin talking and found they had a mutual interest, tennis. Both women participate to keep the figures that made them the celebrities that they are. A match was arranged and they were to meet the next weekend at the home of the mutual friend so they could play a few sets.

But competitive fire burns hot in both and what started out as a friendly game soon turned serious with both competitors no longer congratulating their opponent for good shots. The match was very close with Nikki winning the first set 7-6 (7-5), and Alicia taking the second by the same slender margin.

It was now the third set, and the two were beginning to question each other’s calls of balls that hit near the lines. As the set progressed, the brief arguments became more frequent until in the 12th game of the set, with Alicia ahead 6-5 and having a match point, Nikki called a ball out that from Alicia’s angle looked like it was clearly in. She protested and the two met at center court with only the net separating them.

Neither was wearing what would be called traditional tennis attire. Nikki in a tight pair of black spandex shorts that hugged the curves of her hips quite flatteringly and a tiger print cut-off shirt that exposed her belly and fit snugly over her large breasts. Alicia was wearing jean shorts and a white tee also cut to expose her mid-section.

Alicia pointed with her racket to the spot where she believed that the ball had landed and said, “How could you call that one out. It was clearly in. I win!”

Nikki responded, “From my angle it was clearly out! How can you tell from way over there whether it was in or not.”

“I guess I have better eyes,” Alicia sneered. “Not to mention a better game and better outfit.” Alicia brushed Nikki’s chest with her racket and giggled, “Where’d you get those rags anyway, Sluts-R-Us?”

“At least I don’t look like I came from a home for wayward brats,” Nikki said as she shook the lower part of Alicia’s shirt with her right hand.

Alicia dropped her racket and grabbed Nikki’s wrist, “Keep your hands off the merchandise, bitch.”

Almost in unison, Nikki’s left hand and Alicia’s right both found the other’s hair. Nikki pulled down on Alicia’s shirt, tearing away the strip of material that extended from the bottom of her breasts, the lower half of which were exposed to the bright California sun.

“Fucking bitch!” Alicia screamed as she released Nikki’s wrist, “You’re gonna pay for that.”

Nikki took her hand out of Alicia’s hair and was able to break Alicia’s hold on hers. Taking a step back from the net, Nikki taunted Alicia, “Come on blondie, you want a piece of me?”

“I’m going to beat you, just like I did in the tennis match,” Alicia said as she started to swing her leg over the net.

Nikki, seeing an opening, stepped around behind Alicia as she straddled the net, grabbed the metal cord holding up the net and jerked it up hard, hitting Alicia squarely between her legs. The sudden shock caused Alicia to freeze in place, making it easy for Nikki to grab her shirt at both shoulders and tear it from her body. Alicia was naked from the waist up and still in severe pain from the attack on her crotch as Nikki took her in a side headlock and pulled her over the net.

“Now we’ll see whose going to beat who,” Nikki said as she tightened her grip around Alicia’s head, pressing the blonde’s face to her breast.

Alicia was unable to break Nikki’s grip on her head, so she swung her right arm up between Nikki’s legs, slamming her firmly in the crotch. The sudden shock made Nikki release her headlock and drop to her knees with her back to Alicia.

Once she got her bearings, Alicia stood up straight and turned to see Nikki on her knees clutching at her damaged crotch. She ripped Nikki’s shirt off her, leaving both topless. She wrapped Nikki’s shirt around her neck and began to choke her.

With the restricted flow of oxygen to her brain, Nikki rabidly began to lose consciousness. Only the realization of what Alicia might do to her if she passed out were kept her fighting to stay awake. Just as she resigned herself to her fate, Alicia released her deadly choke and pushed on the back of Nikki’s shoulders, forcing her to all fours.

“Your not getting off so easy,” Alicia said. “I want you to admit who the better woman is and I know how to do i.”

Nikki felt like she was dreaming when the shirt was unwrapped from around her neck. Her faculties were just beginning to return when Alicia took her by the hair and walked her over to the post supporting the net. Alicia sat Nikki down with her back against the post and pulled both of her arms backward, then tied her wrists around the post with her shirt.

Nikki’s vision was clearing and as she looked up at Alicia standing in front of her wearing nothing but her shorts, the sun directly behind her gave her the appearance of an angel. The illusion was quickly dispelled when Alicia dropped to her knees, straddling Nikki’s legs and leaning over face-to-face with the helpless redhead.

Alicia lifted Nikki’s head and said slowly and deliberately, “Now, admit I beat you, both in tennis and woman to woman and I’ll spare you any more pain.”

Nikki’s response was instinctive, “Never, you fucking bitch.”

“OK,” Alicia said with a grin. “Have it your way.”

Alicia began with a viscous attack on Nikki’s breasts; scratching, punching, and squeezing her exposed chest. The attack had two immediate effects on Nikki. It sent waves of pain to her brain, but the pain also helped her regain consciousness and get her bearings as her adrenaline cut through the haze caused by the lack of oxygen. But still, Nikki’s groans and cries weren’t enough to satisfy the brutal blonde.

Alicia sat down straddling Nikki’s thighs and said, “You ready to admit defeat, or do I have to hurt you some more?”

She certainly wasn’t prepared for Nikki’s response, “Do your worst!”

But like the trooper she was, Alicia was more than happy to oblige. She went back on the attack, but this time she also drove punches into Nikki’s stomach and bitchslapped her, inflicting even more pain. But a plan was starting to crystallize in Nikki’s brain and she was trying to work her hands free from the binds behind her. Once her hands were free, she waited for the right time to put her scheme into action. When Alicia got to a point where she thought Nikki may be ready to give up, she again sat on Nikki’s thighs to make her inquiry. But now Nikki’s hands were free and Alicia was in the exact position Nikki wanted.

“Ready now?” Alicia said, a cocky smile on her lips.

“Well…actually….” Nikki’s words came out slowly. “NO!”

As the word left her lips, Nikki grabbed Alicia’s shorts right at the waist with her left hand, pulling her forward to make an opening between the waistband and Alicia’s belly. A space into which her right hand plunged to find its target, Alicia’s already aching pussy.

Nikki’s let go of Alicia’s shorts and slammed her left hand between Alicia’s breasts, knocking the blonde backward flat on her back on the court between her legs. Nikki’s right hand was already doing untold damage to Alicia’s crotch and her screams of pain were matched by Nikki’s fury on the attack. Nikki leaned forward, sliding her left hand up off Alicia’s chest to her throat as she rose up onto her knees.

Kneeling over Alicia, Nikki kept her left hand clamped on the blondes throat as her right hand inside her shorts continued to inflict painful damage. Alicia’s focus was now totally concentrated on putting an end to the attack on her cunt and she had both hands on Nikki’s wrist trying to pull her hand out of her shorts.

Nikki, sensing her plan had resulted in the desired effect, released both her choke and crotch claw and rose to her feet to assess the situation more fully. What she saw was Alicia, on her back with her knees drawn up, her face flushed, and her mouth open grasping in agony at the pain in her crotch.

“What say we get a closer look at my handiwork,” Nikki said as she bent down, grabbed the top of Alicia’s shorts and jerked them down her legs and off her feet.

Now the damage she’d done was clearly visible. Red streaks and dark welts covered the area between Alicia’s legs and as she sat up and looked at the damage, Alicia cried that much louder.

“You bitch,” she gasped between clenched teeth. “Look what you did to me!”

Alicia lay naked on the court with Nikki standing over her holding her tattered jean shorts. Nikki tossed them aside, then she stomped on Alicia’s stomach, causing her hands to jerk up from her crotch to her belly. Nikki grabbed Alicia’s ankles and planted her heel down on Alicia’s cunt, leaned forward and began to twist and grind her heel into Alicia’s tender pussy, feeling the pelvis beneath as she pushed down. Alicia writhed in pain, her hands clutching Nikki’s ankle, unable to relieve the pressure on her brutalized body.

“Now who’s ready to admit defeat?” Nikki questioned.

Alicia managed to struggle to get to a seated position, her eyes wild as she suddenly reached out, grabbed Nikki’s shorts and pulled them down around her knees. Nikki laughed at Alicia’s desperation attempt at retaliation, then pumped her heel into Alicia’s crotch again, adding a little more pressure until Alicia’s body slumped back and she covered her face with her hands, sobbing softly. Nikki removed her foot, stepped back and kicked off her shorts.

“So, you want to finish this naked? Well, that’s fine with me. You’ll be the one left starting up at my body,” Nikki said.

She dropped down onto Alicia’s body again and captured her wrists, spread her arms wide and pinned them to the court, completely immobilizing the blonde. Nikki slid up and sat on Alicia’s chest just below her breasts.

“I guess you’d call this game, set and match!” Nikki said as she lowered her breasts onto Alicia’s red face.

Alicia struggled, bucked her hips and kicked her legs trying to free herself, but the lack of oxygen overcame her quickly and Nikki’s big breasts smothered her into unconsciousness. With the blonde completely defeated, Nikki got to her feet, picking up Alicia and sitting her on the court with her back against the center of the net and her arms draped over the metal cord holding her up.

Nikki slapped Alicia’s face to wake her and, as she came around, said, “I just wanted to make sure you saw this before I left.”:

She stood in front of Alicia and flexed.

“Now say goodnight,” she said.

Alicia’s head was still cloudy but her last clear memory was seeing Nikki’s foot descend as she kicked her square in her damaged crotch. Then she lapsed into total unconsciousness.