Blood Feud - Nikki Cox vs. Britney Spears by SamDog (Dec-13-99)

Nikki Cox was stretching in the middle of the living room. She was waiting patiently for her opponent to arrive. When she did, Nikki would destroy her completely. Nikki daydreamed of pounding on her rival's tits till they ballooned up so much they would be close to exploding while she clawed her cunt as she wailed in agony and surrender. She cupped her full tits in her hands, her large nipples starting to become hard as she daydreamed of suffocating her foe with them.

The doorbell brought her out of her daydream just as she was mauling rival's breasts bloody with her nails. Nikki opened the door and let in Britney Spears. The blonde glared at her foe as she walked in, planning in her head every move she'd use to make the redhead scream like an animal. Britney stripped to a leopard print bikini and briefly stretched. Nikki had already disrobed to a blue bikini.

Ready to go, Nikki taunted, "You fucking slut. This'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make!"

"Say that again after you've started begging me for mercy!" Britney fired back.

It all started at a party. Nikki, having had a little too much to drink, and had made quite a few disparaging remarks about Britney. Livid, Britney made some comments of her own and a fight nearly broke out. They had agreed to fight a week later at the beach house of a mutual friend. All of the furniture had been cleared out except for a sofa and a few chairs. Both were confident and determined to make the other shut up once and for all.

Nikki and Britney circled each slowly as they started to pound each other with punches. Nikki drove the blonde back with a flurry of punches to her face and then stomach, almost doubling her over with one particularly hard blow.

The redhead's right hand flashed out and ripped down the right cup of Britney's bra, firing a hard left jab into the tender target as her rival flinched in pain. Nikki unleashed a hard left to Britney's jaw that staggered the blonde, her guard coming up just as the redhead slammed home a hook that battered her right tit around painfully.

Suddenly, Britney drove her elbow right between Nikki's breasts, knocking the wind from the hellcat, then brought the back of her fist onto the redhead's face, her knuckle smacking hard into her left eye. A forearm smash across her chest brought a pained look to Nikki's face , then tears steamed down her pretty face after two successive elbows to her chest.

Britney cocked her right fist back and plowed it into Nikki's jaw, knocking the sexy actress right on her well shaped ass, as Nikki was seeing stars. Before she could come to her senses, Nikki was tugged downwards as Britney dragged her head to the floor by it and smashed her elbow into the small of Nikki's back, smashing her down onto her chest and face with a loud scream from the redhead. Rolling Nikki on her back, Britney straddled her and tore down Nikki's top, exposing her huge jugs to her sharp nails.

Nikki's screams filled the room as Britney's nails dug deeply into the soft titflesh, the redhead bucking wildly as she tried to escape the savage mauling. Nikki was in dire straits as her blonde rival's fingers crushed and pulled at her tender boobs, now covered with scratches and bright red marks. Britney mashed the redhead's breasts together, pushing them together with all her arm strength as the soft flesh oozed out between her hands and fingers as her nails dug in deeply. The younger blonde she continued to crush, squeeze and claw the huge globes of flesh, while tears began to stream down Nikki's pretty face, her face a mask of agony.

"How does that feel, bitch? Bet you wish you kept your big mouth SHUT!!" Britney taunted.

Desperate, Nikki ripped off the rest of Britney's bra and began pulling her nipples. Screaming, Britney switched the placement of her hands on Nikki's tits and clasped a handful of flesh from underneath each globe. She smiled through her pain as she twisted the soft and very sensitive flesh in her hands, Nikki's face drained of color as her tits were mauled. As the flesh oozed between her fingers she ground it between her knuckles, eliciting a scream of torment from the redhead's lips. Britney was in complete control as the blonde laughed at Nikki. Suddenly, Britney was dragged off her by her blonde hair and slammed shoulder first onto the floor, losing her grip on her rival's tits.

Nikki's long legs wrapped around her foe's waist as she started to squeeze hard, her rival's face twisting in pain as her sides were all but crushed between the redhead's sexy legs. Nikki grabbed two handfuls of titflesh and started twisting, causing her rival to bellow out in pain. Britney grabbed at Nikki's wrists trying to pull her fingers from her boobs as her face flashed in pain. Nikki's grip was too tight, and unable to release herself from her torture the blonde fought back, twisting her nipples.

Nikki and Britney continued twisting and mauling each other's tits, digging in with their short but sharp nails, grunting and groaning as they worked each other's chests over. Suddenly, Nikki snapped her head forward, smashing her forehead against Britney's, almost knocking her opponent cold. Britney was staggered, and Nikki took full advantage by slamming her foe up against the couch, knocking the blonde's head against the armrest over and over.

The younger blonde gritted her teeth in agony as the older redhead pinched her thick nipples ruthlessly between her thumbs and forefingers. Nikki dug her nails hard into her enemy's boobs and began to pull. Britney cried out as Nikki ravaged her breasts, and responded with a slap to her foe's face that broke both their holds. Nikki brushed her reddening cheek with her left hand and stared icily at her antagonist.

Reaching down, Nikki began clawing Britney's right tit with her hand. As Britney struggled beneath her, Nikki reached down with her free hand and after ripping off Britney's panties began clawing her pussy. Britney wailed like a banshee before trying to pull Nikki's hand from her womanhood. Lowering her head the redhead suddenly opened her mouth and snapped her head forward until she closed her jaws on the blonde's left breast and bit down hard, ivory white teeth sinking into soft, salty flesh. Britney's earlier screams were nothing compared to her new expression of anguish, as she felt Nikki's teeth sinking deeper and deeper into her gem of womanhood.

"I'll kill you!" Britney managed to splutter before grabbing Nikki's hair and trying to pull her head from her tit.

She tugged ad pulled an yanked for what seemed like an eternity until finally she felt Nikki's mouth moving off her breast. The redhead squealed in agony and began to claw at Britney's hands, trying to dislodge them from her red locks. Reaching down, Nikki slammed her fist into Britney's cunt as hard as she could until she released her foe's hair. Nikki backed off and softly massaged her damaged scalp.

Britney pulled herself to her feet, as Nikki already stood waiting. Nikki reached out with both hands clamping down hard on Britney's tits, squeezing the ripe flesh. Britney screamed out loud in pain and reached out for Nikki's tits, squeezing them as well. Both girls had their heads thrown back, squeezing the others tits, feeling the others erect nipples against their palms, the tit flesh seeping between their fingers. The girls held on to each others tits, moving round in circles as both refused to give. Nikki then broke the stalemate by releasing one of Britney's tits and slapping Britney across the face, shocking her as her eyes snapped open. Britney retaliated and slapped Nikki hard across the face, turning her face to the side, her red hair flying.

"You cunt" yelled Nikki as she reached down between Britney's legs, hoisting her up and then body slamming her to the carpet.

Britney screamed as she arched her back on the carpet, trusting her tits out. Nikki pulled her to her feet by her hair, scooped her up again and slammed Britney into the carpet again, Britney hitting hard and arching her back again. Straddling her, Nikki grabbed a handful of hair and slammed her head into the floor again and again, using her free hand to claw Britney's right tit as the blonde groaned in pain.

Britney grabbed Nikki's hair and pulled her head down, headbutting her and knocking the redhead off her. As Nikki groaned in pain, the blonde rolled her over spread-eagled, her tits heaving up and down as she struggled to recover from the blow. Britney stood over Nikki, one leg on each side of her body. With a cry, Britney jumped up and sat straight down, driving her firm ass into Nikki's unprotected stomach, flattening the redhead against the floor. Nikki lay under Britney, her eyes closed and her head rolling from side to side and then she shrieked out loud as Britney clamped down onto her tits, squeezing them. The blonde then started measuring her tits, sending first her right fist and then her left into her tits, squashing her nipples. Nikki bellowed out loud as she continued the punishment, turning her tits black and blue.

Desperate, Nikki attacked her nipples as Britney moaned slightly. Returning the favor, Britney sank her talons into Nikki's huge breasts, getting an instant response from her rival in the form of a loud bellow. Nikki grimaced as Britney tugged them outwards and then smashed the huge tits together, another more agonized cry escaping her lips as she repeated the vicious move again.

In agony, Nikki released Britney's nipples and tried to tear her foe's hands from her aching breasts, tugging with all her might but unable to free her boobs. Reaching back, Britney tore off Nikki's panties and sank her fingers into the redhead's pussy. Nikki screamed as Britney pulled out her pussy hair, sobs flowing from her lips as the blonde ravaged the inside of her cunt and began torturing her clit. Standing, Britney pulled Nikki to her feet and with great audacity put Nikki in a bearhug. With a smile, Britney rubbed her tits hard into Nikki's raw boobs.

"You've met your match, Nikki. It's time for you to retire," taunted Britney.

The singer's pair were definitely an equal for hers, as Nikki's tits felt like they are going to burst. Britney's arms were locked tight around the redhead's back, shifted her body back and forth as she ground their tits together.

Desperate, Nikki slammed her knee three times into Britney's cunt. Britney screamed in agony as her legs went limp, frantically struggling to hold on. Nikki slammed her knee twice more into Britney's cunt, before letting the blonde fall to the floor, holding her cunt in agony. Grabbing Britney's hair, Nikki hauled her to her feet and threw her against the wall. Britney screamed as a fist exploded on her left tit, her face losing all its color. Holding Britney up by the throat, Nikki concentrated her blows on Britney's left side. The redhead took her time, working the same sore spot, relishing the pain she was inflicting.

Nikki stepped back for a moment and let Britney fall to her knees. Suddenly, Nikki's left foot mashed into Britney's left tit. Pulling her back up, Nikki bent Britney over and pulled her head between her legs, as Britney's swollen tits hung down heavily. Nikki reached down with both hands and started squeezing both of Britney's tits.

"Britney, you stupid cow, gimme some milk!" Nikki laughed, enjoying the blonde's plight.

Finally, Nikki let go of Britney, as the blonde fell flat on her face. Britney weakly tried to crawl away, but Nikki brought her ass down on Britney's back, flattening her tits between her body and the floor. Sensing victory, Nikki rolled Britney over and sank her fingers into the blonde's tits. As her fingers worked the undersides of Britney's boobs, the blonde desperately reached up and tried to crush as much of Nikki's boobs as she could grab. Ignoring the pain, the redhead continued mauling Britney's boobs, as the blonde sobbed uncontrollably.

Her own tits were throbbing, but she twisted and gouged Britney's with such ferocity that the blonde was crying. Britney was forced to let go of Nikki's tits, the singer's hands grabbing at the redhead's as she tried to end the torture. Shifting her tit grip, the redhead twisted, shook, and pulled on Britney's boobs even harder. Britney was screaming, but Nikki was not ready to stop.

Standing, Nikki let go of Britney's tits, much to the relief of the blonde. But the redhead dragged the blonde over to the couch, draping her tits over an armrest. Britney realized what was to come only seconds before Nikki's forearm slammed down onto the trapped boobs. Britney screamed at the top of her lungs in pain again and again as Nikki repeatedly slammed her forearm onto her tits till she was sobbing uncontrollably. Britney was devastated, her pert tits in total agony as she fell off the couch to the floor a defeated mess. To her horror, Nikki then sat on Britney's face, facing her legs and ordering the blonde to please her. At first Britney refused, but the redhead began twisting her nipples, corkscrewing her tits. The blonde's tongue began licking the redhead's cunt, and after about a minute Nikki screamed in pleasure as she came.

Nikki began grinding her ass into Britney's face.

"By the way, your music sucks," the redhead taunted.

Reaching forward, Nikki started pounding on Kristi's tits mercilessly.

"When I'm done with you, you won't show your tits off to anyone."

Nikki began punching Britney's boobs, as her ass muffled the blonde's screams. Nikki's fingers sank into Britney's soft tits as she began clawing at them. She grabbed each tit and started pulling and twisting while she squeezed with her hands, the young blonde's boobs swelling as she finally was out cold. Finally Nikki stood, raising her hands in victory. Her own mauled tits were raw and bruised, but nonetheless Nikki gently cupped her boobs, grinning at her triumph over Britney. She then left, leaving the defeated blonde to fend for herself.

The End