Tori Spelling vs. Courtney Cox (from Jeff's Celebrity Catfight Tournament at WRDWVR's site)

The Beverly Beauties leave their locker room first, Jennie Garth leading the way, Tori following her partner wearing a shiny pair of orange satin hot shorts and tight cotton T shirt, also cut off at the midriff. Tori's larger frame hosts a good sized pair of well rounded cantaloupes and wider, firm butt. Judging from Tori's ten penny nipples trying to poke their way through the thin material of her cotton T-shirt, Spelling has dispensed with a bra this evening and is VERY excited to be wrestling the girl from Friends tonight. Cox waits until Tori and her retinue are in the ring before sprinting to the ring, and sliding under the bottom rope, ready to rumble in a blue one piece that does little to hide her trim buttocks and small, but lively chest. Her blue eyes are alive with energy as Garth slips out of the ring, leaving the blonde and brunette ready to wrestle. The two lock up without further introductions.

The two young ladies jockey for supremacy, but it is Cox who reaches into her nasty black bag first, driving a perfectly legal knee low between her tied up arms, catching Spelling in the ovaries with a loud, "ummmph" and following on with a less-than-legal knee between the thighs. Two more swift knees to the same location follow with the same result, and Tori falls moaning to the mat rocking back and forth on her knees, both arms wrapped around her midsection. Courtney takes her time, slowly brushing her long brown bangs out of her face and clearing her eyes sweat, before walking a slow circle around Spelling as if looking over a animal specimen.

Cox makes it almost all the way around Spelling, looking for a weakness before dropping an elbow right between her shoulder blades and then another across her kidneys. Tori only curls up further, drawing her feet under her and rolling into the fetal position. Wishing to inflict some serious pain, Cox smiles and slyly reaches between Tori's boots, snaking her hand between Spelling's curled up thighs, and sends two fingers past her hot shorts and on a deep probe of the fuzzy blonde hair in Tori's crotch. As if electrocuted, Spelling's thin hips tighten, her tensed muscles bulging like never before.

Cox than takes control of Tori with a handful of her overly long, dyed blonde hair, giving her and open handed slap to the face before sending her to the ropes and body slamming her in the middle of the ring. Having done some damage, Cox lifts Tori's Shirt takes the opportunity to lightly tease her long finger nails along the areola of pink teats, tickling her nipples to their fully erect state before nearly tearing them off her chest with a double nipple ripper.

From the ring apron, Jennie winces in pain, watching Cox apply the most dreaded of all breast torture, the double nipple pinch. Latching onto Tori's tortured cherry red teats, Courtney is able to look Tori right in the face, eye to eye and scream obscenities at her. Visibly shaken, Tori still refuses to throw in the towel, and manages to get a finger into Courtney's eye and break the double nipple lock.

Cox regains control of the match by picking Tori's feet up off the mat in a face to face bear hug, trapping one arm at Spelling's side, leaving the other free. Tori lets out a long low moan as Cox adjusts her pressure points, crushing Spelling's lower ribs while grinding her clenched fists and forearms into her opponent's kidneys. As Cox continually cinches down and tightens her grip on Tori's helpless torso, Garth fidgets out side the ring, wondering if she should enter the fray and rescue her partner. Tori reaches up with her free hand as though to strike Cox, but Courtney simply rolls her forearms, digging them further into the soft area below Tori's ribs and lower back.

Gasping in agony, Spelling falls forward into Courtney's face, reaches behind Cox and grabs the ropes near the corner, pulling with all of her might. With Tori's not insignificant weight ruining her center of gravity, the much thinner Cox loses her balance and tumbles back into the corner buckles, Spelling landing right on top of her. Cox is stunned by the blow to the head she received from Tori falling on her, but Spelling is hurt too and staggers back out of the corner, nursing her sore nipples. Cox tries the same, holding the ropes for support, she falls to her knees making her way out the corner on all fours, rubbing the back of her head. But stalking her way across the ring with surprising quickness for a big girl, Tori manages to get the upper hand by driving an elbow into the back of Cox's neck. Very happy with herself, Tori rises slowly, cupping her large sweat soaked breasts.

Spelling turns her back to Garth in the corner, a single drop of sweat making it's way slowly down the valley of her spine as she bends slowly at the waist, her hot shorts climbing higher and higher up her wide butt. Tori reaches down, caressing Cox's concussed head before taking a little vengeance and tearing into the brunette's small breasts with such ferocity that Cox is left flopping on her back like a fish out of water at the end of Tori's teat torture. Tori turns to face Garth, signaling with OK sign before again bending down to attack Cox's small breasts.

Tori lifts her now see through T-shirt before leaning forward and dropping her dripping melons into Cox's face in her signature submission move, the breast smother. Cox's narrow face fits perfectly in the cavernous cleavage between Tori's tanned breasts. Leaning even further forward, she forces the soft breast flesh into Courtney's face, cutting off light and air. Cox, still a little shaken, manages to slide an unnoticed hand down the front of Tori's shorts. Noticing a fraction of a second too late, Spelling is unable to stop Cox from yanking up and out on the thong she wears beneath her shorts.

Tori staggers backward on her knees, where she quickly begins to unzip her shorts so that she can pull the thong out of her crotch and butt where it has embedded itself. Cox quickly regains her senses and grabs a hold of the light blue thong before Tori can get her shorts all of the way down, pulling Tori to her feet, painfully wedging the thong even further up Tori's cunt. Cox blasts the 90210 beauty across the back before sending her to the ropes.

Upon returning, Courtney allows Tori to pass and hooks the thong from behind, stopping the bigger blonde dead in her tracks. Tori immediately falls to her knees peeling at the hot shorts in an effort to free herself of the thong that embedded itself deep in her groin and butt. This time Cox helps, pulling down Tori's shorts and kicking her in the groin. With her shorts around her ankles, it is obvious that the thong truly has become Tori's worst nightmare.

Courtney grabs Tori's ankles, flinging the shorts aside and spreads them, looking down at Tori's face, then her bare crotch, where the thong has buried itself, parting her pussy lips and exposing everything between them. Still feeling the effects of Tori's smother hold earlier in the match, Cox leans back and delivers a groin stomp with every ounce of her weight.

This time it is Tori flopping about on the mat like a fish out of water. Cox takes her time in standing up, slowly dragging the laced portion of her boot over Tori's exposed crotch, smiling even as she is grinding the metal eyelet and laces home. Tori lets out a agonized groan as Tori's boot travels the length of the crotch, ripping and tearing at her already tenderized cunt.

Tori rolls to her side and then under the lower rope, trying to take a little time out from the hellish crotch punishment being dealt out by Cox. Kneeling on the concrete, her hands firmly wedged between her aching thighs, Tori forms a target too tempting for her lithe opponent. Following Tori outside the ropes, Courtney jumps from the ring apron, landing a crushing knee across Tori's back, driving her to the concrete floor. Cox immediately climbs back to the apron, again springing from the edge with an out stretched knee meant for Tori's kidneys. Instead Tori finds the strength to roll over, leaving behind bare concrete for Courtney's knee. With a dull smack, Cox lands on the cold floor, crushing her knee into the hard floor.

Both girls spend some time on the floor collecting themselves, Tori, still holding her aching crotch and Cox trying to use the ring apron to help herself to her feet. It Tori though who is on her feet first, and she delivers a swinging low kick, driving Courtney's leg our from under her. With Courtney still on her back, Tori climbs into the ring.

Garth gets her two cents into the fight, stomping Cox across her damaged joint. With Tori waiting inside the ring, Jennie applies a twisting step over toe hold, wrenching Cox's knee in directions it wasn't designed to go. Done with her knee lock, Garth strips Cox of her one piece suit, leaving her buck naked, on the cold concrete. Taking a handful of Cox's hair, she leads her back to the apron and tosses her pasty white body back into the ring.

Like a well oiled machine, Tori catches Cox on her way back through the ropes with a knee lift rocking her small breasts. Spelling latches on and tugs her the rest of the way into the ring by her nipples, bringing her center ring before decking her with a kick to the knee. Tori looks behind her to Garth outside the ring giving her another OK signal. Tori falls to her knees, cramming her tits into Cox's face again. Courtney flails away knowing that a sleeper hold like "Tori's Titty Smother" can finish her. With Tori struggling to apply her submission hold Garth eggs Spelling on, screaming encouragement and pounding on the mat with her fists.

Jennie's small breasts dance invitingly as she jumps up and down, encouraging her partner, screaming "Finish her!"

And finish her she does, giving one last thrust and slapping her huge breasts into Cox's face. Cox struggles valiantly, but she finally wakes up, it is Jennie in the corner of the ring, congratulating Tori on winning a marathon of destruction.