Tiffani Thiessen vs. Nikki Cox by TNT

"This'll teach you to keep your big mouth shut!" Nikki Cox shouted as she cocked back her fist and fired a devastating punch toward her rivals beautiful face. "Uhhhhhhh!" She grunted as her opponent ducked her wild swing and her own stomach burst into pain. Sucking air hard, her lungs burning and her full lips forming an involuntary - but most definitely sensual pucker - as precious oxygen left her.

"You fight like a girl!" the calm, throaty voice boomed in Nikki's ears. Her eyes blurred and she shook her head trying hard to focus. RIPPPPPPP! She heard herself scream as the front of her dress was ripped open and she felt the cool air on her hot bosom. "Nice bra...Quite sexy, but a bit overstuffed though. Here, let me fix it for ya." The confident tone of the steely voice flooded Nikki's ears once again. She screamed as she looked into the beautiful determined glaring eyes of the furiously angry Tiffani Thiessen. "Front latch, how convenient. Instant, complete release!" Tiffani snarled as she skillfully popped the front of Nikki's bra open with a smooth, well-practiced move; her face breaking into a beaming grin as Nikki's two huge pale milk jugs bounced free and fell right into her waiting hands. "Gawwwwd, you're stupid and oh, soooo easy," Tiffani rasped as she clamped her claws on the redheads huge melons, digging her strong fingers deep into the soft mountains of flesh.

WHAM! "Unggggggh..." Nikki gasped as her butt was slammed hard into a nearby wall.

"And just what were you saying about MY big mouth, huh slut?" Tiffani said as she slammed her knee up hard and fast into the gasping redheads' crotch. The sickening THUD of her hard kneecap connecting with Nikki's tender pubic bone filled the plush ladies lounge.

It had been a chance meeting in a ritzy restaurant. Too much booze had been downed by both babes by the time they were getting ready to exit the "little girls room" and stopped to primp their beautiful faces - not that it was needed! A derogatory snip by Tiffani, set the hot tempered Nikki off. Now, however, Nikki was questioning the wisdom of shooting off her own "big mouth," as the lower half of her body was overwhelmed by an agonizing numbness. She felt her legs begin to buckle as Tiffani's knee treated her to yet another thumping blow to her groin.

"Uhhhhhh....oh you bitch...unnnnnnhhh.....stop it," Nikki groaned as she reached out and desperately latched onto the front of Tiffani's blouse as she toppled forward. RIPPPPPPP! Payback was brief but oh so sweet! Tiffani's overfilled black lace bra came into full view as Nikki dropped to her knees with two handfuls of Tiff's top.

"That was a mistake; a bigggg mistake!" Tiffani growled as she gave up her nasty breast attack to concentrate on Nikki's thick stiff, pink nipples. Tiffani pinched the hard nubs, then twisted and yanked viciously until...

BONK! Tiffani gasped as hundreds of brightly colored swirling stars flooded her vision and she suddenly felt dizzy.

Nikki smiled, feeling instant relief as Tiffani's breast mauling stopped. And although her own head throbbed from the headbutt she’d delivered, Nikki was pleased with herself. She’d seen a woman do that in a movie and, considering her predicament, she figured, ‘What the hell!’ She tried it out of desperation and, strangely, happily, it worked!

Nikki swept her leg around and hooked Tiffani's leg, then shoved her hard! Tiffani screamed as she went down, toppling backward, her long legs flying upward. One heel pinwheeled to the carpet and her short skirt fluttered up as she let out a startled grunt when her butt bounced on the carpet. Nikki moved in, her long leg flashed out and drove the toe of her high heel into Tiffani's ribs, flipping her over onto her stomach. The agonized scream the kick caused echoed like sweet music in her ears as she bent over, grabbed the back of Tiffani's torn blouse and pulled! The sheer fabric ripped easily, baring Tiffany’s broad back and the clasp of her heavy duty bra.

"Back clasp, hmmmm. Less convenient, but just as much fun - plus, I love a challenge," Nikki rasped as she unsnapped Tiffani's bra and dragged it off, pulling the heavily laden cups out from under the wriggling girl. "Black lace…sexy….I’m surprised a slut like you has such good taste in underwear," Nikki rasped. “Matter of fact, I’m sorta surprised you wear any at all,” she said as she tossed the bra over her shoulder and then slammed her fist in her palm angrily. “Oh crap! I shoulda just strangled you with it!" the redhead muttered as she reached down and grabbed a handful of Tiffani's' hair.

"Yiearrrrrrgh!" Her fingers had barely touched Tiffani’s silky brown hair when a volcano of pain erupted in her belly as Tiffani's fist found its mark! Nikki coughed up a wheezing grunt of agony as she dropped to her knees clutching her churning tummy. Tiffani whirled around on her knees and grabbed her tormentor in a powerful, erotic, breast to breast bearhug and both women gasped as four huge breasts slammed into each other. Nikki grunted, wishing desperately that her arms hadn’t been trapped uselessly at her sides when Tiffani closed her in her powerful embrace. It free, they could have at least offered her a bit of hope, but as it was, all her hands could do was hold Tiffani’s hips and suffer in her crushing embrace.

"Gonna squeeze you senseless….crush you into submission, you carrot-topped bimbo," Tiffani grunted as she squeezed her busty rival with all her might. Both women moaned, grunted and groaned as each tried to push, pull or throw the other off balance using their hips and legs. Their knees felt the burn of the carpet as they struggled, the friction shredding their pantyhose.

"Glad I wore such a short dress," Nikki thought before she muttered a curse in her rival’s ear.

Tiffani was equally glad for the shortness of her skirt for it freed their legs so both could maneuver easily as they rocked and swayed.

"Grrrrarrrgh!" Nikki growled as she suddenly twisted her hips and pushed to one side.

Tiffani lost her balance and both tumbled to the carpet, their luscious long legs thrashed wildly as Tiffani’s grip was broken. Quickly, each scrambled back to set out and conquer their opposition and long fingers wrapped in silky hair as they rolled over and over across the floor, smacking into a sofa, knocking over chairs and upending a lamp table..Several women "in need" ventured into the room, heard and saw the commotion and hurriedly exited to leave the combatents to settle their differences in private..

"Two gals are having a minor disagreement," one chirped as she guarded the door. "They want some privacy," the second lady said with a knowing wink to her companion as she cracked the door and leaned back inside to check on the progress of the “heated discussion."

"I'm gonna pound you senseless!" Nikki screamed as she fired a series of punches.

Tiffani blocked the first few wild angry blows rather easily, then drilled an uppercut to Nikki's chin that snapped her head back. Nikki grunted as Tiffani dove on her and grapevined her legs, one arm wrapped around her throat. Soon, Tiffani had the redhead gasping for air as her frantic struggles weakened.

RIPPPPP! "Nooooooo!" RIPPPPPP! "Please stop….don't…" Nikki's pleas were completely ignored as Tiffani slowly and deliberately shredded her dress.

"Nice pantyhose,” Tiffani observed as she hooked her sharp nails in the sheer fabric and slowly shredded it bit by bit.“Cheap, but nice!"

She quickly had the redhead stripped down to just a pair of expensive red silk French-cut panties and heels. Then with a fast series of movements, she caught Nikki in a powerful leg scissors! Nikki grunted and groaned, her legs sweeping back and forth weakly as Tiffani grabbed onto a full breast, closed her fingers tight and squeezed it slowly, painfully increasing the pressure bit-by-bit.

"My tit….my TIT….oh Gawd…leggo of my DAMN TIT!!" Nikki groaned as her body bucked and she pawed desperately at her captors thighs, tearing gaping holes in Tiffani's black pantyhose. But the more Nikki bucked and clawed, the harder Tiffani squeezed, her long, lean muscular thighs and calves bulged erotically through her torn pantyhose which were clearly visible now that her short skirt had been rucked up above her waist.

"Oh shut up!” Tiffani growled. “It seems like you’ve got a big mouth too!"

Tiffani teased her prey, recalling the opening volley that had started this tiff. Nikki screamed as Tiffani’s pinching fingers closed on a long pink nipple and began to slowly crush it flat.

"NOOOOOOO…..not that…..oh pleaseeeeee…" the fading redhead began to whimper as Tiffani again shifted position and started to work her hand slowly up her leg toward Nikki's groin.

RIPPPPPP!! "AIEEEEEEE!" Nikki shrieked as the crotch of her panties was ripped out.

"Awwwww, zip your lip! I haven't even done anything," Tiffani shouted. "…YET!" she added and felt Nikki’s body tense.

"Arggggggg! Uhhhhhhh....Yieeeeeumppppfh." Nikki's groans turned to agonized cries, then her screams were muffled when Tiffani clamped on a painful crotch claw that took Nikki’s breath away. Then she yanked the thick thatch of red pubic hair so hard it lifted Nikki’s butt off the floor….finally, Tiffani REALLY got nasty! She clapped her free hand over Nikki’s screaming mouth, muffling her cries.

"Hey! Are you ‘bout done in there?" one woman yelled through the door when Nikki’s screaming could no longer be heard.

“Hurry up!” "For petes sakes, we need to use the potty!" several angry voices yelled.

Tiffani's angry fingers continued to work their nastiness and the groaning redhead soon found herself being dragged back up to her feet, although Tiffani had her hands full trying to keep Nikki upright on her rubbery, wobbly legs!

"Now one more thing, big mouth," Tiffani shouted as she hauled Nikki over to the sofa, then bent her forward over the arm and held her face down in the seat cushions.

Whack! "Uhhhhh…" WHACK!! "UNNNNNhhhh!!" Nikki groaned with each angry spank that set her deliciously sexy milky white upturned derriere to jiggling. And Tiffani giggled each time her open hand landed a stinging spank - as did the lookout lady who stood with her head shoved through the door, providing a play-by-play description to her anxious friends in line outside.

"Sorry,” Tiffani corrected herself. “I meant to say just TWO more things!" Tiffani chirped, her tone mockingly apologetic.

She jerked a trembling, blubbering Nikki back to her feet, standing her upright with her back against the wall and held her there via a nasty handful of her disheveled, toussled hair. Then she grabbed Nikki by the throat forced her to bend forward, pulling her flushed, red and tear-streaked face to her huge left breast. Nikki's arms flailed and she started to weaken from the Tiffani’s famous ‘one taa-taa breastsmother.”

"That's number one…." Tiffani snipped as she jerked Nikki's head away. Nikki gasped for air, then groaned as Tiffani plunged her face back down into her huge right breast. “And this is number two!” Within seconds, the redheads beautiful lovely body went completely limp and as her knees unhinged, she slid down Tiffani’s body, hitting the floor on her knees, her head lolling on her relaxed shoulders. When Tiffani let go of her, Nikki toppled over and her head bounced off the tile floor. BONK!

"Stupid, silly, mouthy, redheads,” Tiffani mused with a wry smile. “God! They’re soooo easy; and soooo much fun!"

Tiffani took a last, longing gaze at the beautiful redhead’s body which was now clad only in her stiletto heels, then turned to the woman peering through the half-open door and announced, "Ladies, she's all yours...er, I mean the ROOM'S all yours! Oh what the hell, anyone wants this slut is welcome to her too I guess!"