Courtney Cox vs. Michelle Williams (Full Circle by S.P.Eider 22-Apr-00)

Courtney Cox was alone in her Dojo. The 29 year old woman was wearing her usual black thong and nothing more. She sat in the centre of the room, cross legged, in the classic lotus position. Had there been anyone to see it, Courtney's position fully exhibited the flawlessness of her copper-tanned body. Her long legs were folded beneath her, their flexibility clearly apparent by the absence of any strain in Courtney's face whatsoever. From the waist up, her body was vertical, her back straight in an exquisite display of faultless posture. Her stomach was utterly smooth. Devoid of excess fat or blemishes, it's perfection would have put a shop mannequin to shame. Courtney's eyes were closed, deep in meditation and her only movement was the steady rise and fall of her ample chest in time with her composed, serene breathing. Her beautiful face was calm and at peace, framed by her black shoulder length hair. She was waiting.

Although no formal challenge had been issued and no contact had been made by Michelle's Dojo, Courtney knew she was coming. She could feel it, sense it. The air was electric, the walls of the Dojo itself seemed almost to be anticipating the combat that was to follow. Courtney opened her eyes suddenly, their bright blue pigment more intense than ever. She was here.

The door of the Dojo swung open and Michelle Williams entered. She wore only a white silk kimono that could have been painted onto her voluptuous body. As she entered the Dojo and walked towards Courtney, the light made patterns as it reflected on the silk. It was as though a spotlight was being beamed down onto Michelle as she made her entrance. She came to a halt in front of Courtney and allowed the Kimono to slip delicately to the floor, revealing her soft, white skin beneath. Like Courtney, Michelle wore a black thong and nothing more. Her body was less defined than Courtney's, but was no less beautiful as a result. Michelle's chest eclipsed Courtney's in terms of both size and support, being larger and firmer. At only 21 years of age, Michelle's body had retained some of it's teenage puppy-fat. She was by no means overweight, but she did not have the sleek lines of a super-model. Although still athletic, her body was natural, like the majority of the world's women.

Courtney stood up in one graceful movement and looked down on her slightly shorter opponent. Michelle took a moment to tie her blond locks behind her head. Courtney did the same with her own dark hair. As their inevitable conflict approached, Courtney allowed Michelle a moment of pity. As student and pupil they had sparred many times. Michelle had never won. In fact she had never came close to victory. In respect of their defunct friendship, Courtney vowed to finish Michelle as painlessly as possible. They bowed slightly and combat began.

Courtney's vow to finish the fight as painlessly was broken immediately. But not by Courtney. Michelle moved with a speed Courtney had never seen before. As it was, she barely even saw it now. Michelle's leg moved swiftly and her foot impacted into Courtney's face with a resounding smack. Courtney was knocked back, both in shock and pain. Such was her surprise, she failed to block another blow from Michelle who punched her hard in the stomach. The blow caught Courtney totally off guard and left her winded and bent double. From her prone position, she saw Michelle's knee approach her face rapidly and could do nothing to stop it's merciless collision, cracking into her nose and knocking her head upwards.

Dazed and exposed, Courtney was powerless to avoid a crunching roundhouse kick to the face. She felt Michelle's foot distorting her features, seeming to almost linger as the bare sole moved across her face. This was followed by a powerful kick to the stomach that again bent Courtney double and an elbow to the back that knocked her to the mat.

If Courtney hoped that Michelle would now back away she was mistaken. Michelle dragged her to her feet by the hair and moved quickly behind Courtney's unsteady figure. In an instant Michelle had wrapped her arms around Courtney's waist and pulled tightly, squeezing the breath from her with a powerful bear-hug. Courtney groaned as Michelle's arms dug into her stomach making it almost impossible to breathe. She could feel the blond girl's abundant bosom pressing against her back, Michelle's nipples firm with excitement. Michelle pulled again, lifting Courtney from the mat. As she so she raised her knee and brought Courtney down onto it hard, directly between her legs. Courtney grunted in pain as the impact of the blow rocked her entire body. Michelle repeated the move again, slamming Courtney's weakening form down onto her raised knee. Courtney cried out as Michelle's knee thudded into her groin, a wave of nausea beginning to come over her. She felt Michelle's arms bracing, once more preparing to lift her from the mat. This time, Courtney didn't let her.

Courtney snapped her head back quickly. It cracked into Michelle's face with a satisfying impact. Michelle immediately released her grip on Courtney and put her hands to her injured face. Still with her back on Michelle, Courtney took full advantage of the situation and sank an elbow into Michelle's exposed gut. Michelle gasped as air expelled from her lungs with the force of the strike.

As Michelle stood gasping for air, Courtney turned to face her. Any sympathy Courtney may have had for her ex-student was now extinct. Courtney did not want only to win. She wanted to hurt Michelle, to remind her of her place in this Dojo. Courtney grasped the back of Michelle's head and brought her own forehead crashing into the bridge of Michelle's nose. Michelle buckled under the blow but to Courtney's satisfaction, did not fall. Retaining the grip on the back of Michelle's head, Courtney pulled Michelle's body towards her own until they were pressed against one another. Their breasts squeezed together and their bodies touched like lover's embrace.

Maintaining their close proximity, Courtney raised her knee sharply and buried it into Michelle's groin, causing the blond girl to cry out in anguish. Courtney welcomed the sound as though it were a classical symphony and demanded an encore with another merciless knee fired between Michelle's legs. As her knee thudded into the blond girl's groin, she felt her opponent's entire body shudder in her arms. The sensation only encouraged Courtney to continue her assault. Moving her hands from the back of Michelle's head, Courtney wrapped them tightly around her opponent's waist. She pulled their bodies closer together, enjoying the feel of Michelle's body against her own. Michelle gasped as Courtney tightened the bear-hug, depriving the fair haired girl of breath. As Michelle struggled to take in air, Courtney again kneed the young fighter in the groin. This time the cries came not only from Michelle but also from Courtney, and they were of pleasure, not pain. Again and again Courtney sank her knee into Michelle's pussy, each strike bringing Courtney closer to the elation of victory.

Satiated, albeit temporarily, Courtney allowed Michelle's body to flop to the mat where she lay moaning quietly to herself. Michelle had feared this would happen and her fears were fast becoming reality. She was on the wrong end of a clinical, expertly administered beating and there was little she could do about it. She had thought she was ready to face her old teacher, to best her in combat and earn her respect the only way fighters really could. Instead she had alienated her old friend and would soon have nothing to show for it but a battered and bruised body. Michelle realised it was time to concede, and told Courtney just that.

Courtney's reply was simple. She dragged Michelle to her feet, Michelle grateful for what at first seemed like friendly support to help her stand. It wasn't. As soon as Michelle was once more on her feet, Courtney punched her in the gut with all her strength. Michelle grunted as she blow connected and bent forward. As she did so, Courtney kicked her full in the face with the front of her left foot. The blow both jarred and stung at the same time, splitting Michelle's lip in the process. Courtney was unrepentant as she began to unleash punches and kicks to Michelle's breasts, as though jealous of their greater size. Her fist sunk into the white flesh of Michelle's left breast bringing a screech of pain from the younger woman. Michelle's right breast was targeted next as Courtney kicked her hard, her heel digging deep into Michelle's bosom as the blow connected. Michelle cried out again, her eyes moist with tears. A final roundhouse kick by Courtney to Michelle's jaw was enough to put the blond on the mat once more.

Courtney walked over to Michelle's stricken form and rolled her onto her stomach. Then, slowly, Courtney picked up Michelle's left leg and stepped over it with her own right leg, placing her foot alongside Michelle's left thigh. Michelle's shin was against the bottom of Courtney's thigh, whilst the backs of their knees were touching. Their legs completely entwined, Courtney knelt down. As she did so her thigh forced Michelle's lower leg down across Courtney's calf, placing excess pressure on the trapped limb. Michelle's foot nestled in Courtney's crotch and Courtney took in her hands and forced it even further downwards, wrenching the joint whilst Michelle's leg was still being bent painfully over Courtney's calf. The leg lock was immovable. Michelle screamed as her leg was bent over Courtney's leg onto itself, muscles tearing as Courtney knelt Even lower.

Courtney released Michelle's foot. It could go nowhere except again rest against Courtney's crotch, which suited her just fine. She took a moment to enjoy the sensation of it there for a while before returning to the task at hand. Courtney leant forwards, increasing pressure on the agonising leg lock as she did so. Placing her hands beneath Michelle's chin, Courtney then jerked back hard on her captive opponent's head, pulling it backwards and stretching her neck excruciatingly. Michelle wanted to pull Courtney's hands from her chin but her arms were supporting her on the mat. If she lifted them, she would have to take the full force of the hold in her neck. As it was, the hold was already more than she could bear. Instead she could only plead with Courtney to release the hold, screaming her submission.

Her cries fell on deaf ears. Courtney was enjoying herself far too much to acknowledge the words that Michelle spoke. She only heard the sounds of her constricted opponent in agony. Michelle was at her complete control. She pulled back further on Michelle's chin, increasing the volume of her howling for mercy. As she did so, the leg lock tightened still further, Courtney's sex pressing harder against Michelle's foot, forcing it down and painfully bending Michelle's leg and ankle over Courtney's own calf. Sensing her approaching triumph, Courtney began to move gently up and down. Although her movement was only slight, it's effects were enormous on both her and Michelle. For Michelle, Courtney's gyrating amplified the pain in both the leg lock and neck stretch. She was begging for her freedom now, promising Courtney anything if she would only stop the pain. Unfortunately for Michelle, the effects of Courtney's movement on herself were equally emotive, only in a considerably more pleasurable way. The combination of Michelle's trapped foot rubbing against her dampening pussy, coupled with the knowledge that her every move was hurting Michelle Even more was too much for Courtney to contain. She exploded with ecstasy, her screams of joy joined with Michelle's moans of anguish. Their voices formed a chorus, united for a brief time at opposing ends of pleasure and pain.

And then silence. Courtney's appetite for victory finally satisfied, she let Michelle's head fall to the mat and stepped from her vanquished opponent, releasing the leg lock as she did so. Michelle did not move as Courtney let her leg drop lifelessly to the mat. Courtney looked at Michelle a final time, then turned and headed towards the Dojo exit. Her thong was wet and she dripped sweat from Every part of her body. She reached up and let her hair down, shaking her head as she did so to let it fall naturally. Courtney was about to open the Dojo door when she heard a voice.

"Going somewhere?" asked Michelle.

Courtney turned, incredulous. Michelle was standing at the centre of the mat, bruised, bloodied, but standing no less resolutely than when she had first entered the Dojo. She glared at Courtney, a final unspoken challenge. Courtney accepted and approached Michelle rapidly, vowing to finish the job properly this time. Without breaking stride, Courtney kicked Michelle hard in gut as soon as she was within range. The blow caught the already weakened Michelle seemingly off guard and doubled her over as had happened many times before. Only this time, Michelle wasn't as off guard as Courtney had thought. Although the kick hit Michelle hard in the stomach, she was still able to grab Courtney's outstretched leg before it returned to the mat.

Holding Courtney's leg against her side, Michelle aimed a powerful kick at the top of Courtney's right arm, just below her shoulder. Although Courtney felt little pain as the blow connected, her arm was instantly rendered useless. Courtney was still trying to move her right arm when Michelle fired an identical kick into her left arm. The outcome was immediate, and just as effective as before. Courtney's arms now hung uselessly by her sides, Courtney unable to Even lift them, much less offer any kind of resistance to Michelle's subsequent attack.

Still holding Courtney's leg by her side, Michelle unleashed a merciless kick between Courtney's spread-eagled legs. It hit Courtney squarely in her pussy, a place that had recently been the recipient of nothing but pleasure. Courtney screamed, in both anger and pain. Michelle responded in kind and kicked her again.

"What's the matter?" she inquired "You liked having my foot there a minute ago. Don't you like it now?"

Michelle kicked her repeatedly, the top of her foot thudding into Courtney's tender groin again and again. Courtney winced but could do little to stop the attack. Her recent gratification was fast becoming a distant memory. Michelle however was just beginning to feel such a sensation. She changed tactics suddenly, kicking Courtney in the belly. Courtney let out an "ooofff" as the blow connected, much to Michelle's delight. She kicked Courtney again, this time in the chest. Michelle smiled as she felt the soft flesh of Courtney's breasts give under the sole of her foot. The impression was not unlike jumping in wet sand. Michelle's next move was aimed at the same place, only this time it was less of a kick and more a light caress.

Her hold on Courtney's leg unwavering, Michelle brought her own right leg up slowly, as though she were executing a kick underwater. She allowed the sole of her foot to move gently over Courtney's breasts, stroking them until Courtney's nipples were hard and firm. When Courtney was as aroused as she was going to get, Michelle scrunched the toes of her foot around the nipple of Courtney's right breast and pulled the appendage for all she was worth. Courtney screamed and tried to grab Michelle's leg. Sadly for Courtney, the feeling had only just returned to her arms and they were still very weak. She could do nothing to dislodge Michelle's toes from her increasingly sore nipple. She succeeded only in increasing her own pain as Michelle's toes retained their firm pinch whilst Courtney tried to pull the foot away. Courtney's nipple was stretched away from her breast, bringing a sharp scream from Courtney's mouth. The pain intensified as Michelle twisted her foot slightly, twisting Courtney's trapped tit with it. Courtney screamed again, a high pitched scream, like that of a school girl having her hair pulled by a bigger girl. Courtney's eyes had started to water and she could do little to escape from the unorthodox, yet wholly effective grip that Michelle had caught her in.

For her part, Michelle was surprised to find herself in such control with such a simple technique. Not that she was complaining. She twisted her foot again, taking great delight in the pain that was clear on Courtney's face as she did so. She could feel the soft flesh of Courtney's breast against the sole of her foot and allowed herself a moment to appreciate the sensation before again scrunching her toes around Courtney's sensitive tit. The nipple between Michelle's toes was acting almost like a volume control for Courtney, whichever way Michelle twisted it, Courtney's screams grew louder.

Realising that the strength in Courtney's arms might return at any moment, Michelle considered how to best capitalise on her position. Allowing Courtney's leg to drop to the floor, Michelle ensured that Courtney did not have time to utilise her now unfettered limb. Immediately, Michelle began to lower her own leg, pulling Courtney down by the nipple as she did so. Courtney was left with little choice than to be dragged down by her nipple, until she was bent forward, her face down towards the mat. Once she had Courtney in position, Michelle finally let go of Courtney's teet with a last vicious tug.

Before Courtney could stand upright, Michelle drew back her foot and unleashed a quick front kick into the face of her stooped opponent. The top of Michelle's foot smashed into Courtney's features, snapping back her entire head with the impact of the blow. Courtney's stood upright, her hands clutching her injured nose and leaving her entire body undefended. Michelle chose a target almost at random, allowing the movement of her body to decide where she would strike. Michelle pivoted on her right leg, whirling around like spinning-top. She extended her left leg out and buried her foot into Courtney's stomach at the conclusion of the awesome spin-kick.

Courtney was once again doubled over and Michelle wasted little time in executing a devastating axe kick. Michelle's right leg kicked up until it was parallel with her upper body and her shin was touching the tip of her nose. It then dropped back down mercilessly, the heel of Michelle's foot thudding into the back of Courtney's neck and pitching the brunette forward onto the mat, barely conscious.

Reaching down to Courtney's near-spent body, Michelle grabbed a handful of Courtney's hair in each hand and dragged the unsteady brunette to her feet. Courtney screamed as Michelle pulled on her hair spitefully, retaining the grip as she buried a knee into Courtney's gut. Courtney's cries of pain turned to gasps for breath as Michelle kneed her again, gritting her teeth as she did so and using her grip on Courtney's hair to ensure that her old teacher was forced to look into the face of her ex-student and conqueror.

Releasing Courtney's hair, Michelle kneed her one last time, burying her knee deep into Courtney's groin. Courtney stopped screaming, the noise escaping her lips was little more than a muted gurgle as she sank to her knees. Michelle quickly stepped over the brunette's stooped head, facing towards Courtney's exposed back. Trapping Courtney's head between her ample thighs., Michelle then locked her ankles. Courtney's head was clasped tightly in a standing head scissors.

As Michelle felt the heat in Courtney's cheeks against her inner thighs, she knew the fight was over. Her ex-teacher was a spent force, a beaten fighter awaiting the inevitable finishing move that would end the contest. Michelle decided not to keep her waiting. Tightening her grip on Courtney's head, Michelle reached forward, wrapping her arms around Courtney's waist. She then drew a deep breath and in one movement, lifted Courtney from the mat.

Standing proudly at the centre of the mat, Michelle effortlessly held the older woman upside down. Courtney attempted to writhe free, her pendulous breasts swinging from side to side as she struggled in vain to escape. She was trapped twofold, her waist ensconced in Michelle's arms and her head firmly trapped between Michelle's voluptuous thighs. Courtney cried out in both pain and frustration as Michelle leant back, just slightly, but enough to stretch Courtney's neck and upper body further still. She screamed again as Michelle found yet more reserves of strength and tightened her thighs, squeezing her inverted opponent's head once more. Courtney clawed uselessly at Michelle's legs, aware that she was rapidly losing consciousness. Blood was rushing to her head, where pressure was already being exerted by Michelle's punishing head scissors. As a wave of blackness swept over her, Courtney's last sensation was that of falling weakly to the mat....

When Courtney awoke, Michelle was astride her and they were both naked.

"I am sorry, Courtney," said Michelle, with genuine sympathy, "but I must complete my victory. You have taught me that mercy only leads to further conflict. Now it is time for me to teach you something." Michelle grasped Courtney's hair in her hands and gazed into the face her stricken foe, before saying coolly; "Nobody fucks with me."

Courtney struggled with what little strength she had left but it was a futile gesture. Michelle moved forward until her bare crotch was resting on Courtney's chin. She then pulled Courtney's face deep into her sex, rubbing her pubic mound against the face of the stricken woman.

Michelle started to moan softly to herself, as the excitement in her groin grew in force. She began to thrust her hips back and forth, whilst simultaneously pulling on Courtney's hair, ensuring that Courtney's face was always in the right position to enhance her increasing pleasure. Michelle could hear the muffled sobs of submission coming from below her and she responded to them by pulling Courtney's face Even further into her blond thatch, grinding her pussy into the face of her defeated teacher.

Michelle screamed in ecstasy as her hips continued their thrusting rhythm across Courtney's now wet features. Michelle delighted in her victory, the satisfaction of her triumph adding to her already piquing gratification. She continued to rub her sex into Courtney's face, pulling the older woman's hair spitefully as she did so.

Michelle was content. She had faced and beaten all comers and would continue to do so. Her defeat of Courtney meant that Michelle was now the Sensei of this Dojo, as well as her own. Michelle knew running two Dojos would not be easy. There would be many challengers to her position from both camps.

Michelle didn't mind. In fact, she relished the prospect. As she smothered Courtney into total submission, Michelle anticipated all the others she could do this to. Male or female, young or old, all were welcome to challenge her. Michelle knew, they all would lose.