Cindy Crawford vs. Cameron Diaz by TNT

"Ooooopfh." The erotic grunt followed the all-too-familiar THUNK of a fist smacking into tight abs and Cindy sucked air as her lovely body doubled over ever so slightly. She felt her scalp ignite in fire as long strong lightning fast twisting fingers buried deep into her silky hair, spin several times curling the luxurious strands tight, then yank upwards painfully. "Aieeeeeee!" the super model screamed as she was suddenly jerked back upright just as a luscious long strong leg whipped out and slammed into the back of her knees. Another scream escaped Cindy’s luscious lips as she dropped like a rock, straighth down on her ass onto the warm sand. "Uhhhhhhh," the dazed bikini-clad one-time supermodel gasped as the wind whooshed out of her lungs and her long legs jerked involuntarily, wildly, as her world began to spin.

"Get up honey, the fun's only beginning!" The sickening sweet words seemed most cruel as they passed Cameron's delightful pouty lips and slammed into her dazed and downed rivals' ears.

"Let her get up…and don't give me any sass, girl!" The words were spoken slowly, deliberately and with determination.

Tyra Banks had agreed to referee the unrehearsed, informal, disagreement on a lonely stretch of deserted beach. She seemed all business, at least to Cameron who resented her first official call. Cameron had wanted to move in fast and relieve Cindy of her beautiful black bikini, then pound her silly but instead she paused to shoot Tyra a miffed look, roll her eyes, and then tug at her own skimpy white bikini top. In her mind’s eye, she could see herself wrapping it tight around a naked Cindy's neck and tightening it ever so slowly, ever so painfully, feeling her body tense and then go limp against her.

Cameron watched Tyra walk over to Cindy and heard her calm, gentle-but-firm instructions to her fellow modeling legend; “Get your ass up and get ready to fight.” Cameron smiled and bit back the impulse to giggle as Tyra reached down to gently tug Cindy’s top, pulling the fabric just enough to recover the exposed, erect nipple that had popped out. Little did Cameron realize how badly Tyra was fighting her own strong impulse to rip the downed supermodel’s top off and have some fun of her own with the delightful twins that were so lovely, so close and soooo vulnerable. "C’mon hon, rest time’s over, get your pretty little ass up!" Tyra added as she treated the downed supermodels' sexy derriere' to a good swift kick courtesy her fast moving bare foot. "Whoops sorry, sweetie, I forgot we refs are to be neutral!" she snickered as she backed off and allowed Cindy to get up. Tyra winked at Cameron and silently mouthed, "Kick her ass!"

Cameron tossed her head back as she ran her fingers through her golden mane. She smiled and tugged on a thin shoulder strap of her skimpy white bikini as she watched her rival rise to her feet still a bit unsteady.

"Ready for some more Cindy sweetiepie?" the tall blonde teased as she stepped forward. Cindy’s face flushed with instant rage as she lunged.

(Whoosh) THUD! "Ungggggh!" Cindy grunted as her groin exploded in mind-numbing pain. Cameron had sidestepped, pivoted inward and fired her knee up hard hitting the ex-supermodel square in the groin. Tyra winced at the unmistakable sound of sheer agony; a hard kneecap introducing itself to a sensitive pubic mound (Hello! How's it goin' down there?)

Two lightning fast hands blazed forward, long fingers sunk into lustrous silky brown hair and jerked sideways hard. Cindy shrieked as she felt her head yanked viciously, her upper body twisted violently a split second before she slammed once again to the sand.

"Gossssh, you're soooooo easy bitch," Cameron snipped as she fired a snap kick to the downed lovelies' rips that sent her rolling over and over several times. Cindy's gorgeous hurting body stopped as it smacked into Tyra’s legs.

"C'mon Cindy, get up and kick the dumb blondes' ass!" Tyra chirped as she reached down, grabbed a handful of brown hair and yanked the groaning model to her feet. To Cindy's chagrin the busty model reached out, grabbed her left breast and squeezed the firm mound hard through the think black bikini top.

"OUCH! Damn you! You hurt my boob," Cindy snapped as she raised her hand and treated Tyra to a surprising hard and fast stinging backhand. Tyra snarled, made a fist and cocked her arm back.

"DON’T! Don't hit her; she's all mine!" Cameron shouted. Tyra snarled and shook her head reluctantly, but she stepped back as Cameron charged in like a gorgeous steam locomotive. "You're goin' down hard," the tall angry blonde hissed as she came in low, grabbed Cindy around the waist, lifted her up carried her several feet, then threw her to the sand with an amazing judo flip. As Cindy sprawled once again in the gritty sand and cut loose with a string of unpleasantries she felt determined fingers grab her ankles, dig in painfully then pull hard.

"Aieeeeee!" Cindy yelled as she felt herself pulled backwards; her chest felt the hurtful friction of the sand as she clawed frantically to somehow stop the slow torture. "Leggo of me," Cindy bawled. "STOP!" Her angry demands, hisses and snarls only brought laughter and giggles to both her opponent and the "impartial" amused referee.

"Soooooo happy to oblige such a hot, pretty, sexy supermodel," Cameron said as she suddenly raised her captives' feet high in the air, heard a loud scream then pushed down hard, releasing Cindy's feet the last second. Cindy yelped again as her feet slammed down hard into what suddenly seemed to be hard pavement instead of soft sand.

Quick as a jungle cat, Cameron grabbed the long legs just above the ankles, twisted hard forcing Cindy on her back. With a wicked smile the tall blonde bombshell forced the legs apart, extended her own luscious perfectly muscled leg, flexed her lovely bare foot, and placed it firmly, painfully in her rivals most tender, sensitive part.

"Arggggggh!" The agonized yell echoed in the salty sea air and actually sent a shiver down Tyra’s' spine, as she watched the grimace encompass Cindy’s face. Cameron smiled, ran her tongue between her lips and chirped," Whooops, soooo sorry 'bout that; I should be more gentle; more sensitive."

Agonized groans slowly morphed into soft whimpers, then low groans of semi-pleasure giving evidence of Cameron’s sincere apology and her foots' change of intention.

"Oooooooh, stop it; you bitch, you dirty, nasty bitch, ooooooooh," Cindy rasped in a rather unclear mixture of pain, pleasure, protest and reluctant acceptance. Her long arms and hands flailed wildly as the muscles in her gorgeous long legs flexed and strained, hoping to break out of her captors firm, determined grip.

"Yeah, squirm and writhe that lovely hot supermodel but ohhhh so ancient and old body of yours," Cameron taunted.

Tyra watched with interest and cheered the blonde on, occasionally mockingly apologizing to Cindy for her forgotten and ignored duty of impartiality. "That really isn't nice or legal, Cameron honey. Ooooooh, and THAT is so NOT allowed." Suddenly, without warning, Tyra leaped on Cameron, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off of Cindy.

"What the hell?" Cameron hissed in unbelief as she felt her lovely lean body bent backwards in a reverse headlock.

"Sorry sweetie, just got show my impartiality," the gorgeous model said as she reached around, playfully slid her hands over Cameron’s chest, tugged lightly at her bikini top and swatted at her tight abs. "Just wanted to give you a couple of ideas girl; now go get her again," Tyra whispered in her captives' ear. Cameron winced as she felt a sudden twinge of pain in her ear lobe. Tyra playfully nipped her ear, pulled her head to the side and gave her a quick but passionate deep French kiss before releasing her and giving her a hard shove towards Cindy.

"Wooooooo. Uhhhhhhmpfh." Cameron couldn't believe the strange, yet sensual behavior of the ref. Her body felt the "tingle" and her mind though a bit confused decided to adjust her attack on her rival that was now mad as a hornet and prancing towards her.

"Gonna tear you apart, you tall, lanky blonde stringbean!" Cindy snarled as she prepared to charge.

"C'mon, my pleasure to, bitch, lets get it on!" Cameron lunged in fast, kicked her long leg up and out, stretching her foot, aiming well, smacked it hard into Cindy’s leg.

"Aieeeeee!" Cindy screamed, twisted to the side moaning, did a double spin and fired a kick to Cameron’s chin, a slap to her face and a punch to her stomach. The blonde shrieked, nailed her rival with a solid punch to the jaw, a kick to the groin, and one of the hardest bitchslaps she'd ever delivered. A strong wrap around the waist, a mighty struggle and Cameron was in total control of a flustered, losing Cindy. The blondes hands were all over her hair, her arms around her waist and her fingers were all over her luscious body. The fun turned into a test of strength then a real take 'em down fight.

"Argggggh!" Cindy grunted as Cameron wrestled her to the sand after slapping her silly. Seems Cindy wished to conquer and annihilate Cameron; to strip her naked, and even invite Tyra to join the fun. Cameron, smart broad that she was, got wise, and moved fast. Her response was an all-out attack; blistering epitaphs, nasty names, dirty challenges. An all out no holds barred launch on the once famous still simply gorgeous supermodel.

WHAM! “Unnnhhhhh." THWACK! "Oooooph. Stop it! Please…HELP!" Cindy tried retreating desperately from Cameron who was soon all over her with slaps, punches, swift kicks to her legs and lovely derriere. As Cameron chased Cindy around and down the beach, Tyra roared with laughter and shouted out "impartial instructions."

"Blondie, blondie; catch her, slap her, pound her, strip her, spank her! You know, do the other stuff too," she shouted as her body began to wiggle with delicious lusty anticipation.

"Noooooo….stop that! What are you doing? Argggh!"

The time had come to get down to serious business. Cameron’s fingers were now at Cindy’s throat; squeezing, twisting, digging in painfully.

"Arrrghhmmmmph. Grrrrrrlettttgommmph!" Muffled angry throaty sounds, garbled words demanding, pleading for relief. All going in one ear of the determined intender and out the other.

"Nice hair, so much fun to pull. Nice breasts, soooo much fun to pinch and squeeze. Such a lovely face, so much fun to… “


"C'mon ladies; too much talk, too little action! Get her Cam!"

"I can't believe she's winning!" Cindy thought with a sense of disbelief, regret and chagrin.

She’d seen Cameron on several occasions and her films. Although she admired her lovely body greatly, she considered Cameron as just another wimpy blonde. She had no idea how strong and cunning she really was. As the tall blondes' lightning fast fingers tormented her body, pinching, pulling, slapping and punching, Cindy decided to go for it all. Survival time.

"Eeeeyahhh!" she shouted as she fired an elbow deep into Cameron’s gut. A hard backfist met a perfect cheekbone full force.

Two arms flew upwards, locked around a lovely head. With a mighty grunt, a hard pull and a swivel of the famous lovely hips, Cindy flipped Cameron head over heels and sent her long lovely lithe body crashing to the sand.

"Uhhhhhhh…" Cameron groaned as her backside slammed into the beach. Her long legs kicked upward, spread apart; even her toes seemed to writhe on impact.

"Now its my turn, blondie. You're history!" Cindy snarled as she took a quick side glance at Tyra who looked dumbfounded. "Whatsa matter ref? You surprised and disappointed your favorite’s gonna lose?" Cindy snipped, suddenly feeling cocky.

She looked at Cameron who seemed to be still stunned and gasping for air. Her eyes fell to her rivals chest. Cameron’s bikini top had shifted and one lovely breast was half exposed. Cindy couldn't wait to "fix" the problem and expose more than a bit more. She noted the two erect nipples and strongly desired a good hard pinch. She was going to give the blonde babe a much deserved payback. "Eiiyaiiih!”

“STOP!" The loud shout startled Cindy who literally stopping her foot in mid-stomp.

She had raised her lovely leg up high and was preparing to send Cameron’s midsection into earthquake level five pain. Cindy's eyes filled with anger, confusion, frustration as she glanced over at Tyra who had just emptied her lungs in a desperate attempt to disrupt the inevitable.

(Whooosh) "Umpppppfh. Argggggh!” Two long luscious, desperate quivering legs moved fast, instinctively and slammed into Cindy’s leg. Cindy grunted as she went down on top of Cameron. Her fingers went straight for the blondes throat. Cameron grunted, shifted her weight, buried her fingers in Cindy’s hair and with all the survival instinct of a jungle cat, strained and struggled against her determined rivals. The two rolled over and over, Cindy’s death grip slowly loosened in the struggle. Cameron gasped for air as her long legs wrapped around the supermodels waist.

"Uhhhhhh…oooooooh.." Cindy’s groans and gasps were full of rage and bitter disappointment as she struggled furiously against the blondes' python-like legs that slowly stole her wind.

"Yeah, now you're doin' it! Get her; make ‘er squirm!" the ‘impartial’ ref urged as she watched Cindy struggle desperately.

"Bitch! Unnnhhhhhh! You're no ref… you're just a… wicked bitch!" Cindy rasped in between gasps for air and groans of agony as she clawed angrily at Cameron’s legs and thighs.

"OUCH! Stop that!" BONK! Cindy gasped as Cameron’s fist smacked into her jaw, an instant reward for the painful clawing and scratching she was dishing out. Cindy’s beautiful eyes rolled as her head snapped sideways. She grunted a sigh of relief as she felt sudden instant freedom from the vice like scissors. "Noooooo…unggggggh!" But her relief turned to intense burning pain in her head as angry fingers buried deep into her silky hair, jerked her upward, then her lower back exploded in agony as it was slammed by one incredibly hard knee. Her luscious body flopped; intense pressure appeared under her chin, forcing her head backwards.

"Awright! Nice move. Body or backbreaker, I think they call it right Cameron, hon?" Tyra’s' question brought a smile to Cameron’s face as she pushed down on her squirming, moaning rivals' chin almost bending Cindy in two.

Cameron leaned forward and whispered in supermodel Cindy’s ear, "Just what would YOU call it, dear? Backbreaker or bodybreaker?"

Cindy’s barely audible pain-filled grunt brought a laugh to both her opponent and the "impartial" ref. Tyra moved in closer and looked down and took an appreciative look at every inch of the supermodels' lovely body. Cindy's long silky brown messed up hair blew every which way in the gentle breeze. Her beautiful eyes were glazed, displaying sheer vulnerability and pain. Her lovely pouty lips quivered. Her full firm breasts bulged out erotically from her skimpy bikini top, the thick nipples rock hard and fully erect. Her tight abs strained; her bikini bottoms seemed to move slightly lower with each squirm. Her long lovely legs, the muscles taught and straining kicked wildly every once in a while.

"Noooooo…argggggh….aieeeeee!" Cindy suddenly screamed loudly as Cameron’s free hand that had been resting on her victims' tight abs morphed into a painful stomach claw.

"#@#$#$#@$# you bitch." The victims' angry words only brought more pressure and more pain from Cameron’s determined hands.

"Nooooooo…pleaseeeee…not that…" The loud, desperate plaintive cries brought another round of delight to the impartial ref as she watched Cameron’s stomach claw morph into a flat palm and slide downwards. Cindy’s face and neck began to redden as Cameron’s face flashed a wicked smile, her hand slipping underneath her captive's bikini bottom. "D…Do…Dooooo SOMETHING, ref," Cindy wailed as her squirming turned into desperate writhing, her long legs and arms stiffening.

"Why of course, I will hon; 'cause I'm a good and nice impartial ref," Tyra giggled as she moved in, reach down and tugged at Cindy’s bikini top. Cindy looked up just long enough to see Tyra’s' big impish smile and realize that both of her firm beautiful breasts were slowly experiencing very unwanted freedom. Long strong fingers captured the beautiful orbs, squeezed firmly, moved upward and tugged then pinched and tweaked the stiffening thick nipples to their ultimate rock hardness.

"How's that? Feel better now, Cindy girl?" Tyra chirped as she suddenly released her twin captives, stood up and took a step back, chuckling all the way.

"#$#@#$#%$#$%$! @#$#@#$#%$!" Cindy's angry string of expletives would have instantly made one think she was a drunken sailor, not a once famous, perky, lovely, cute and very pretty supermodel. Both Cameron and Tyra could have sworn their ears were burning as they planned their next moves and listened to Cindy's angry and almost comical tirade.

"Sooooo sorrry!" Cameron squeaked in mock sarcastic apology as she raised both hands high; she interlocked her fingers, made a double fist and came down smashingly hard. Cindy cut loose with a primal scream as her body jackknifed. A good push and the lovely supermodel rolled off her uncomfortable perch, dropped to the sand and rolled, clutching her tummy and groaning. Cameron leaped to her feet as Tyra backpedaled. (A good ref always stays a bit away from the action?)

"Ungggggh…ooooooh!" Cindy’s groans seemed to be both pitiful and a bit erotic. She stopped rolling and landed on her back, several feet away. Her beautiful breasts bore the traces of wet sand as did her bikini top that dangled uselessly to the side. Cameron glanced at Tyra, winked and moved in. She extended her leg, flexed her foot and placed it on a luscious firm breast. She giggled as she watched Cindy grab frantically for her foot. She kicked the hands away hard, then returned.

"Yieeeeee!" Cindy yelped as Cameron’s toes spread apart just enough to make a most erotic capture and pinch together.
"Another great move, from the winner," Tyra chirped as she licked her lips and cheered Cameron on. The nipple pinch courtesy of the lovely blondes' toes was repeated several times to the cheers of the impartial ref. Both nipples received equal painful attention to the delight of both winner and ref.

"Finish her!" Tyra suddenly shouted getting a bit impatient. I mean even playing ‘Toe-nip tag’ can become boring.

"Awwwwwwck!" Cindy's bellow signaled the beginning of the end as Cameron released her final nipple pinch, swatted each breast with a barefoot swat, reached down, grabbed Cindy by the hair, yanked her to her feet and treated her to several jaw-jarring bitchslaps. In a most lightning fast and catlike move, the tall blonde flipped the dazed and beaten supermodel to the sand, ripping off her bikini off before she landed.

"Now don't be shy to take your pleasure," Tyra chirped as she slipped up behind Cameron, placed her hand on her right hip and tugged at her bikini bottom.

SMACK! “HEY!” Tyra yelped as Cameron swatted her hand hard.

"I'll do what I want, not what you want, understand?" Cameron snarled defiantly, glaring threateningly at Tyra who stepped back, her face wearing a surprised look. Cameron dropped down and sat on Cindy’s face.

"Mpppffffh!" Cindy groaned as she suddenly felt herself being smothered.

Cameron reached forward, latched onto the two erect nipples and began to pinch, twist and pull them as she gyrated on Cindy’s face. Angry, but somewhat grateful that Cameron was staying modest, Cindy focused on just staying conscious. Tyra still a bit baffled, decided to try again; at least something!

"Yeah, go ahead! Do it, Tyra," Cameron laughed as Tyra moved in and knelt between Cindy’s legs, then began to tug down her bikini bottom. Cindy kicked but Tyra yanked harder and then clamped a nasty painful crotch claw onto the newly exposed supermodels' lushly furred "Southern Exposure."

"She really is quite pretty, isn't she?" Tyra asked as she saw Cameron admiring her downed prey's lovely now naked body.
"Yeah, and a real sore loser," Cameron chuckled as she tugged on the groaning, moaning, writhing Cindy's nipples. Cindy’s protests were giving her a most pleasurable tickle. "She put up quite a fight; but she had no chance against you," Tyra said as she stared into Cameron’s eyes.

Cameron blushed as she saw the lust in the busty Black supermodel's eyes. She’d seen that look many times before. Often! Usually from women like Lucy Liu or Charlize Theron (but there had been many others as well!)

"Wha…whatcha doin'?" the tall blonde said as she suddenly felt gentle yet firm tugs on her shoulders. Tyra stepped closer, sat on Cindy’s waist; her hands pulling at Cameron’s' bikini shoulder straps. "Noooooo…ooooooh!" Cameron's protests were a mixture of half-hearted defiance and yielding reluctance as she felt her bikini top slide down to her waist.

Tyra grabbed her wrists firmly and pulled her hands from Cindy’s breasts and placed them on her chest. Tyra moaned as she licked her lips and felt her nipples stiffen against the surprised blondes' open palms. Tyra reached up and brushed the back of her hand against Cameron’s firm breasts and smiled as the blondes' nipples rose to greet her; she reversed her hands quickly, cupped Cameron’s twin pleasure mounds and tweaked the rapidly hardening nipples.

"I think we both know what comes next, right Cammie?" Tyra half teased and smiled as she slowly stood up and brought Cameron to her feet, tweaking and pulling her nipples all the while.

"Ooooooh! Sheeeesh!" Cindy groaned a sigh of relief.


"Aieeeeeee!" Thunk! "Unnnnhhhhhh..." Cindy's relief vanished as a hard foot slammed into her groin. Her head and shoulders jerked upward briefly in an involuntary reflex just before Tyra’s hard fist cracked into her jaw and introduced her to sweet overcoming dark nothingness.

"Stupid has-been supermodel bimbo!" Tyra scoffed. Her lightning fast and totally surprising goodnight move barely registered in Cameron’s confused mind and she heard herself moan in disappointment as Tyra’s skillful fingers left her breasts even for the few seconds the KO had taken. "Now where were we blondie?" Tyra snickered as she stood up and looked into Cameron’s eyes.

As Cameron's beautiful deep eyes met hers, Tyra reached around, untied her bikini top and slowly removed it. Cameron let out an involuntary gasp as the two huge dark orbs bounced free. Tyra reached once again for Cameron’s hands; no need, they were already rising to collect their double treasure!

"Gonna teach you some new things, Cameron hon,” Tyra purred. “Stuff you can use when you wrestle supermodels. After all, I'm the new one, the best one - and I'm also quite impartial."

"Ummmmmm," Cameron sighed as she felt Tyra's hands at her waist. "I wonder if she'll show me a new takedown?" she thought as Tyra’s full lips covered hers as her body molded itself to Tyra’s.