Kathy Ireland vs. Cindy Crawford by SimGuy (FCBA Message Bd. 29-Apr-00)

Before: For Cindy a tune up before unifying the division - for Ireland one more shot at glory as these two storied super models face each other once again. Crawford credited with giving Ireland the first real beatings of her career, starting Ireland's fall from grace, but Kathy can still get up for anyone, especially Cindy C. Crawford in messy ponytail, sky blue sports bra, taupe khaki shorts - Ireland in black bikini.

R1: Crawford in terminator mode, walking Ireland down and thudding hard right hands in between Kathy's breasts - Kathy visibly damaged by these clobbering blows, stepping back in evident pain. Monstrous power punching performance from Cindy C early, just stepping into Kathy and pounding her fists against the toned, slender frame.

R2: Kathy gambles, punching with Crawford, letting handspeed and whip action delivery stack up against Cindy's strength advantage. Models standing and slugging early when Ireland rips a 5 punch series of lefts and rights into Cindy's gut, capping off the combo with a scraping blow along the jaw which sends Crawford to the canvas! Cindy in shock, takes 8, and is backed up to the ropes as Ireland continues her kamikaze attack. Ireland clubbing wide lefts and rights to the flanks and jaw of Crawford while Cindy covers up and sways against the ropes. Late in the round with Ireland tiring, Crawford finally gets busy, countering with heavy handed hooks inside of Ireland's whippy right. Kathy going wobbly butt, hangs on to the bell - both girls banged up in a wild slugging second.

R3: All Kathy Ireland as she changes up on Crawford, keeping well outside and moving constantly left and right around the bigger brunette. Crawford patient, stepping to cut off the ring, fists tight at her cheeks not punching and Ireland chips and potshots for a tactical shutout, sweeping right hands to Cindy's gut, and wide lefts into the guard upstairs.

R4: Ireland goes back to slugging and the crowd roars to its feet as leather smacks loudly back and forth. First Cindy with that driving straight right hand pounding into Ireland's body - then Kathy 2 or 3 whipping lefts and rights as Crawford covers up. Midway through the round, Ireland once again goes big to Cindy's belly, tearing it up with curling lefts and rights and finishing with a big left hook. Crawford stunned, stands flat footed and tries to hook with Kathy, who beats her again and again to the punch, finally toppling Cindy to one knee at the ropes. Ireland flushed with excitement piles on as Crawford sags against the ropes and its all Kathy to the bell, pouring on wide lefts and rights, slapping her fists against Cindy's arms, ears and ribs in behind the elbows. Pumped Kathy I exhorts the crowd as a shocked Crawford staggers to her corner.

R5: Kathy back on the attack, rips lefts and rights mid ring as Crawford inexplicably stands hunched over behind her gloves, letting Ireland get off. Kathy just thudding her fists against the bigger woman, slaps out Cindy's mouthpiece with a clouting right, and busts the brunette up with a cats-paw double left hand on the eye. Crawford spilling to the ropes once more makes a war of it the rest of the way, fighting with teeth bared, fighting hurt, and answering every Kathy Ireland punch with one of her own. Slugging continues after the bell as neither model can hear over the crowd's roar and her own rage.

R6: Crawford the more shopworn fighter at this point, well behind on the cards, but she's still coming forward, and Ireland's legs aren't as fresh as they were in the first half. Cindy keying off shivering straight rights into Kathy's ribcage, putting the hook on top as Ireland's knees begin to buckle. Heavy handed, classic bullying from Crawford as her patient pressure begins to payoff - Ireland pinned to the perimeter of the ring and looking concerned despite her high connect percentage.

R7: Cindy C coming forward behind that high guard, hammering the right hand into the chest and looking to pick up the pieces with the hook as Ireland grimaces, gives ground. Kathy fighting in spots now, flashing the earlier hand speed, but it's arm punching, and Cindy knows it, calmly covering up to take the punches on her guard.

R8: Cindy C grimly cuts off the ring then uses a telephone pole jab to put Kathy in the corner. Working off the jab, Cindy just bashes away, hammering at Ireland's panicky defense, sending the right hand alternating to the head and rib cage. A series of shattering, half blocked blows forces a wilting Kathy Ireland to one knee with over 2 minutes on the clock. After the 8, Ireland looks to tie Cindy up but the big girl won't have it -she palms up on Ireland's biceps, wrestling Kathy's slender arms out of the way, and turning her shoulders into clubbing short blows to Ireland's ribs and mouth in close. Ireland going groggy, taking the punches now, soaking it up, and by the final minute she's getting clocked hard - arms limp and drifting lazily against Cindy's hips. Crawford knows she's got her - just keeping up the work, curling punches in tight to Ireland's stomach, folding the girl forward then shoving her back with a brawny shoulder or forearm across the chest. Seconds left and the brutal beat down ends as Cindy steps back to allow Ireland to slump forward, then leans into a downward jolting right to the jaw to end Ireland's night. Kathy spills limply to her face and it's over- KO8 Cindy C.

After: Crawford's face shows she's been in a fight, but she happily takes the still dazed Ireland for her walk of shame - side by side contrast, Cindy's regal smile, Irelands puffy-faced, distracted shock. In the end, bold fight from Kathy who really sold out to get Cindy in trouble, but the bigger woman's power and resiliency proved decisive. Crawford looks forward to unifying the division, and making her bid to being considered pound for pound best around.