Home Show Wars: Cindy Crawford vs. Kathy Ireland by bocarat

“I can’t believe that bitch is hawking furniture now! Look at that spread. K-mart never gave me that kind of press. I fuckin’ hate that bitch!” the former super model, and now super mom continued her tirade. Her husband could only look on and offer and empty, “Now, now; it’ll all be OK!” response and watch his beautiful and upset wife pace furiously back and forth. He tried to calm her, but Kathy was livid as she picks up the “Rooms To Go” ad and shakes it in his face. “LOOK at her! All over the insert. Is she selling furniture or herself, that stupid slut? Look at her spread her legs to sell a piece of wood.”

The solilique continues for sometime while Kathy finishes packing for the next leg of her arduous tour of Home Shows which begins in South Florida in two days. Then as Kathy’s husband leaves for work, she ponders whether that “bitch Crawford” will be there too.

Kathy arrives in her Miami suite, turns on the TV to get the news and weather and what does she see? Lo and behold, right after the noon news and weather, is an ad in which she hears Cindy’s silky voice extolling the virtues of her furniture; describing how stylish and affordable it is! Kathy goes berserk and throws the remote at the set, but it lands “just so” and the volume increases! Kathy goes over to the set and watches with her hands on her hips as Cindy is shown sitting in different pieces of furniture wearing various casual and elegant outfits as she poses. Kathy is fuming; her turf is being challenged by another supermodel! Finally, the auburn-haired model and mom regains her composure and she lowers the volume and changes the channel.

As she gets dressed, Kathy imagines what she and Cindy might do when they meet at the pre-Home Show mixer in a few hours. Kathy - dressed to the nines in a designer evening gown chosen to display her ample cleavage and firm thighs - arrives to be greeted by organizers, other furniture and housewares reps and some of her own staff. After posing for pictures, and satisfying autograph requests; Kathy turns to her assistant.

“Has anyone seen ‘that bitch’ yet?” she asks, and everyone knows exactly who she means!

The assistant shakes her head, “No, not yet!”

But downing out the assistant’s words comes a chorous of “Ooooh!” and “Aaaah!” in the large hall. Cindy Crawford has just entered in a beautiful white evening gown displaying a long, lean body and plenty of thigh with her small, perky breasts modestly covered. She’s accompanied by her own entourage as she shakes the same hands, and poses for the same pictures and signs the same autographs as Kathy had just done. Still, evereyone can see the partiers seem more enthused to see Cindy than they had been to see Kathy who once again starts fuming about being upstaged by, “That Home Show Whore!”

After her entrance and the crowd furor had quieted, Cindy made her way over to Kathy. The two supermodels exchanged hellos and how are you’s; their small talk strained, but polite; brief, but uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong Kath, you seem upset!” Cindy purred, unable to suppress a smug smirk.

“I don’t like being upstaged!” Kathy admitted huffily.

“You mean you can’t handle a little competition!” Cindy chortled as she began to feed off the attitude Kathy was giving her.

“Please,” Kathy snorted dismissively. “That furniture company is known for cheap, poor-quality, knock-off merchandise.”

Cindy eyed Kathy coolly as she moved closer, “You have a LOT of nerve talking about ‘poor quality’ while flashing your tits, you K-mart cunt!”

Kathy was shocked at her language, but she really wanted a piece of this brunette supermodel (slash) super mom. Kathy and Cindy were in so close they could each see an eyeful of each other’s bosoms, and their legs and thighs were pushed forward to test the boundary of the other’s privacy zone.

Kathy looked into Cindy’s eyes, and spoke in a deliberate but delicate whisper, ”You fucking Home Show whore! I oughta kick your skank ass right here and now, you slut!”

Cindy was up for the challenge and hissed, “Any time, any place; bitch!”

The two were interrupted by some noise in another corner of the conference hall. Another female celebrity was entering the premises. The two supermodels looked at who was entering, but couldn’t see clearly who it was, but they too were getting the same applause, and recognition they had earlier had garnered. Cindy’s assistant came up and intervened to avoid a scene in the large hall, with lots of onlookers and plenty of photographers.

“Now, now ladies!” the assistant said as she took Cindy by the arm and pulled her away.

Kathy, embarrassed by the scene, left for her room where she quickly removed her evening gown and changed into jeans and a black top. She poured a drink, then laid down on the bed; relaxing and dreaming about the encounter she came so close to having it out with Cindy. Kathy was awakened from her golden slumber by a loud, insistent, knocking on the door. It was about midnight and Kathy groggily asked who it was as she reached the door.

She was surprised to hear a familiar voice answer, “You KNOW who it is, bitch; now open the door!”

When she did, Cindy came barging in, pushing Kathy aside. Cindy was also dressed in jeans and a black tank top which showed her long, lean, athletic build. Kathy closed the door and both women turned to stare at each other.

After several long seconds, Cindy said, “You didn’t think I’d let you get away with talking to me that way in public, did you?”

Kathy said, “I’m glad to see you have the guts to face me; now we can settle this like the bitches we are!”

Cindy kicked off her shoes, and the two supermodels immediately got into an attack mode with their legs spread for leverage, and their arms and hands extended to begin fighting. They first met in a test of strength with their arms and hands firmly clasped over their heads. The grunting and groaning of muscle against muscle lasted for a short while before Cindy gave in. But she quickly wrapped her arms around Kathy’s waist and pulled her forward, drilling her small, firm breasts into Kathy’s bigger, softer breasts. The room echoed with an “ooF!” as they made contact with their chests.

“You really think your little tits are a match for mine, you bitch?” Kathy said.

Cindy grunted as she tightened her embrace and said, “Your tits are just saggy bags of flab, you slut!”

“Oh yeah?” Kathy said, broke off the embrace, stepped back and pulled her top off over her head. “Care to find out whose tits are best?”

Not to be outdone, Cindy removed her tank top and threw it somewhere in the suite then the two women slowly came together. They eyed each other carefully as Kathy moved into Cindy’s body with hers. Her breasts swelled up in her bra, as she took an expansive breath into her lungs. Cindy, feeling the pressure on her own chest from Kathy’s, took a breath and forced her own breasts back into her foe’s. Kathy, being slightly taller, swung her breasts against Cindy’s and the resulting SMACK caused Cindy to let out a small moan. It may have been subtle, but Kathy who smiled at scoring the first point in their match of pride.

“Come on Cindy, let’s see what you got? Or should I say what you got LEFT!” They both removed their tops and bras to reveal four “once perfect” breasts.

“Fuck you bitch!” Cindy said.

She and Kathy moved together in a mutual Bearhug as the breast fight had begun. Both women threw back their heads, as they rubbed and squeezed their breasts against the mammary of their hated rival. With their hands locked around each other’s firm, thin waist, the two supermodels began a dance of pride and pain. Kathy started to rub her breasts and nipples against Cindy’s and the wildcats began to sway like tall pine trees in the wind. With each swaying motion, their heads would turn and long, thick auburn or brown hair would swish from one side of their bodies to the other. They each used one hand to contain or hold the other while their other hands released their grips on waist flesh to push and claw at the other’s face and chin.

Cindy and Kathy’s hands eventually snaked back to their rival’s necks where they grabbed a handful of thick mane and pulled each other’s hair, jerking their heads back, then shaking them from side to side. Kathy was the first to use her hands to control Cindy’s head and hair and Cindy let out a cry of “STOP!” that Kathy ignored, but enjoyed hearing. Cindy soon realizing two can play that and she matched Kathy’s move, pulling and yanking Kathy’s beautiful tresses until Kathy moaned “Ooouucchhh!” from the pain.

The two former supermodels engaged in a hair pulling, breast-battling stalemate; the winner maybe being the one who could inflict the most pain while absorbing the most in return. They continued for what seemed eternity to the two super moms, until desire and stamina faded in both and they returned to the mutual bearhug with breasts flattened and soft, curved tummys pressed tight against the others. Kathy could feel Cindy’s back growing slick with her sweat and she was unable to keep her hold around her chest and both dropped their arms around the other’s waist much as they’d begun this contest of wills.

Eventually, Kathy’s hands sought out Cindy’s breasts and began to squeeze and claw the precious orbs. Cindy could only squeal out her resistance as she scratched Kathy’s back and the little rolls of flesh at her waist. Kathy, feeling the pain from pulled at Cindy’s hair with her left hand and began to maul Cindy’s left breast with her right. Her fingers spread out cover the entire breast and she used her thumbnail to poke and rake Cindy’s sensitive nipple.

Cindy, in turn, attacked Kathy’s breasts with her strong hands and sharp, finely manicured nails. She cupped Kathy’s right breast in her hand, pushing up from beneath as she squeezed and dug her talons into the top surface as she pulled and stretched the fleshy mound. As Cindy dug her nails into the soft flesh that had fed her babies, a sharp scream of pain “aaauugggh! You bitch!” was wrenched from Kathy’s tightly pursed lips.

Tears were flowling from both supermodel mom’s eyes as they finally separated but still remained in contact as each pinched at the tender nipples of the other. The pained looks on their faces was never caught by any camera nor appeared in any centerfold picture but they would have been instant classics! Kathy threw her head back and wailed in anguish as Cindy continued to scratch, claw and tear her breast flesh. Cindy tried to focus her effort on causing Kathy pain rather than on the pain and punishment Kathy was causing her.

It was Cindy who broke the hold first, but only because Kathy couldn’t focus on her with her eyes squeezed tight against the agonizing pain in her chest. Cindy let go and while Kathy heaved a sigh of relief and took a deep breath, Cindy stepped around behind her and attacked Kathy’s tits again from behind. Cindy could feel the sting in her breasts as the perspiration from Kathy’s back soaked into the open wounds on her own breasts, as she pressed against Kathy, reaching around to cup and tear her tit flesh.

With a loud scream, Kathy spun out of the hold and, giving vent to her pent-up anger, slammed her breasts against Cindy’s as she pushed her back against the wall in the suite. As Cindy reached back to feel the wall, and the entrance to the bedroom, Kathy moved in to Cindy and smashed her breasts and belly into Cindy’s. Then Kathy rubbed her breasts and nipples against Cindy’s over and over, flattening Cindy’s like a mechanical rolling pin.

Both women were writhing and moaning from the friction - and the pain it was causing! Their breasts bobbed, and contorted from the pressure each boob had on its counterpart. Sweat and tears were streaming down each woman’s face as the fight seemed to increase with intensity and the pain each was absorbing. Finally, Kathy raised her hands and clutched Cindy’s hair as she pounded her breasts and chest into Cindy who was startled by the move and wondered what Kathy was doing. Their cheeks scrubbed as did their slick breasts and heaving bellies as Kathy used Cindy’s hair for leverage, holding her in the tight embrace.

Kathy lowered her hands to Cindy’s, which were below her waist as she leaned into Cindy, forcing their breasts to flatten like two pair of water balloons. Both women took the chance to suck in large gulps of air. When Kathy lowered her face onto Cindy’s perky breasts, Cindy raised her head and rested her chin on Kathy’s head, then she suddenly spun Kathy around and pinned her hands behind her back as she shoved her chest into Kathy’s! Kathy grimaced in pain and dejection, knowing she’d let the brunette supermodel mom take the advantage she’d recently enjoyed.

Cindy grabbed the back of Kathy’s head by the hair, and slammed it on the wall. Kathy grabbed Cindy by the hair and pulled down, forcing Cindy’s face upward as their bodies strained nipple against nipple; breast-to-breast; firm stomach to tummy while Cindy continued to hammer Kathy’s head against the wall. Kathy cried out several times, but Cindy continued the beating until they squeezed and pulled each other closer, forcing their supple titflesh to compress - and bringin more tears from their tear ducts. The two women separated, still in jeans and topless. Cindy and Kathy both cast quick glances at the other’s body, both showing by the confident look on their face they considered THEIR body the better one.

Cindy broke the silence, “I can take you any way you want. I own you bitch!”

Kathy responded with a sneered, “Oh really?!”

Kathy slowly peeled down her jeans and flung them into the corner. Cindy turned her head slightly to watch the jeans, but kept one eye on the auburn beauty as she unsnapped and worked her own jeans down over her hips, then slammed them down on the floor in disgust like a football player spiking the ball after a touchdown. Their eyes meeting, the two moved towards each other slowly and methodically. A gasp was heard as their bare flesh met that of their rival. No words were spoken, the only sounds were the grunts and groans of the Amazons as they struggled in a stalemate until Kathy was finally able to develop some forward momentum as she bulled Cindy backward until she toppled backward onto the bed. Kathy crushed Cindy beneath her as they writhed on the bed, pulling and tugging at each other’s hair while their breasts, stomachs and thighs met pore to pore.

Kathy rode high up on Cindy’s chest as the struggle began, using two handfuls of bed sheets and pillow to pull her body up over Cindy’s. Cindy responded by pulling up on Kathy’s sweaty asscheeks as the two bodies bucked and jerked in rhythm to their own horizontal dance. Cindy looked up at Kathy who showed pain from the grinding of their bodies on the wildly bouncing bed. Cindy could feel Kathy’s breasts sway and slap against her own firm breasts as she dug her nails into the soft flesh of Kathy’s ass and yanked on Kathy’s thong, cutting it into Kathy’s ass crack and love mound to generate a squeal that punctuated the grunts and groans both women were making.

Cindy’s move brought Kathy higher up on her prone body and soon Kathy’s breasts were covering Cindy’s face; the heavy orbs smacking her cheeks as they struggled. As Cindy again yanked on the tough fabric, Kathy raised her head to yell in pain as she pulled Cindy’s hair. Then Kathy raised her hips and drove a knee up into Cindy’s love mound, sending a shudder through the strong brunette supermodel’s body and making her let out a scream of her own. Cindy released Kathy’s thong and Kathy collapsed in Cindy’s arms. There, the two women lay chest to chest, belly to belly as both took a time-out to catch their breath; their love mounds and thighs rubbing slowly and sensuously against the others. The moist, sticky dew generated by the intimacy settled on the two like an elixir to relax the body.

Cindy could feel Kathy’s hot breath on her cheek as her deep breathing becoming more melodic. Cindy looked around the room in horror as she feared the fight would be over soon - with her still pinned beneath Kathy who had taken on a deep relaxing rhythm of humping and grinding her pubic mound on Cindy’s. Cindy acted quickly, bucking the blissful Kathy off and then rolling over on top of the surprised super mom. Cindy grabbed Kathy’s left breast in her right hand and squeezed as she balanced herself with her left arm pinning Kathy’s right to the bed.

Instinctively, Kathy reacted by scratching and groping Cindy’s firm right thigh until Cindy reached back with her right hand and pinned Kathy’s left arm at her side also. With Kathy under control, Cindy slapped her breasts down hard onto Kathy’s as she positioned her groin over Kathy’s. Kathy struggled against the pin and after a short time was able to free both arms from the pin. She grabbed a handful of Cindy’s hair in her left hand and gathered a fistful of Cindy’s thong in her right pulling up and giving Cindy a wedgie.

Cindy grimaced in pain just as Kathy had when Cindy did it to her! She could feel the fabric rubbing the raw, tender cracks and crevices of her body as Kathy pulled, tugged and twited the delicate fabric. Cindy raised up above Kathy on her hands and knees and tried to pull back, to get away from the pain and pressure inflicted on her. Kathy released Cindy’s hair and dug the nails of her left hand into Cindy’s free-swinging right breast. The sharp, shearing pain radiated outward but Cindy could only close her eyes and hope to endure the pain in her chest and nether regions as Kathy also continued to yank Cindy’s thong until the ‘Rooms to Go’ spokeswoman couldn’t keep from letting out a loud yelp of pain. “OOWWWW!”

Grinning, Cindy sat down heavily on Kathy’s stomach, pushing down on her upright knees, forcing Kathy’s thighs and legs to spread wide. Kathy squealed in pain as Cindy lowered her ass between Kathy’s legs, wedging them apart until Cindy began to climb up Kathy’s body until she lowered her thong-clad pussy onto Kathy’s gasping mouth. Kathy struggled between Cindy’s clamped tight thighs as she tried to pry the python-like thighs from the sides of her head and free her covered mouth from the smother.

Cindy ground her pelvis on Kathy’s face in an attempt to smother out the fight in the K-mart spokeswoman while Kathy continued to claw and tear at Cindy’s thighs. But the pain was of little consequence to the determined supermodel as Cindy could feel the fight and consciousness leaving Kathy’s body. Cindy, knowing the end was near, got off of Kathy quickly and pivoted around, raising her ass for a reverse face sit on the downed auburn haired supermodel. Kathy’s mouth and nose disappeared into Cindy’s ass crack as she began the humiliation and torture of the unnerved, usually unflappable supermodel mom.

Suddenly, Cindy felt Kathy’s hands begin to caress her on her thighs, Kathy then reached up and latched onto a handful of careless, long curly hair and yanked Cindy off of her. Cindy yelping from the pain of having her pubic hairs ripped out by their roots and while she rolled on the bed cupping her groin, Kathy recovered quickly from the near ass-smothering and dove on top of Cindy to give her a taste of her own medicine. Kathy landed on Cindy and quickly forced the brunette supermodel over onto her back beneath her sweaty ass. Then Kathy slowly rocked back and forth, scrubbing her bottom over Cindy’s flushed face and gasping mouth, giving Cindy the same humiliation she’d had to endure. As shey weighed down on Cindy’s mouth and nostrils, Cindy yanked and pulled Kathy’s thong, bringing back the pain she’d experienced earlier and Kathy howled from the anguish inflicted on her private orifices.

Unable to take any more pain, Kathy rolled off of Cindy and the two sucked in precious air into their burning lungs; their jaws gaping and their faces a bright red as they knelt facing one another at opposite ends of the bed. After a brief respite, the two rolled into each other again, this time face to face. In a swirl of hair and naked flesh, insults, grunts and groans were heard in the suite as each tied up the other’s legs in various holds and python leg pins. The wrestling on the bed between the two took on both a sensual, and pride competition of superiority and beauty. Neither woman wanted to admit to being dominated physically, sexually and mentally.

Eventually, Kathy ended up on top and as she began to press her dominance, Cindy resorted to the tactic of pulling at Kathy’s worn but now stretched-out and flimsy thong as she reached around with both hands and yanked the thong with one hand while her other grasped and cupped Kathy’s ass. Cindy used her strong hands and talons to inflict more pain on Kathy’s famously lovely ass. In a defensive measure, Kathy lowered her body atop Cindy’s and pressed her chest onto Cindy’s, putting her weight on Cindy’s shoulders which limited the range of attack Cindy could use with her arms.

Now, Cindy arms flailed and flapped about like an unmanned fire hose and, after a brief struggle, the two once again relaxed as they lay exhausted in each other’s grasp. Kathy once again began the subtle grinding of her love mound into Cindy’s who this time responded with a familar wave-like rolling motion of her lower body. The breasts of the two supermodels heaved with each deep breath and sigh and both combatants almost fell asleep from pure exhaustion of the fight under the spell of the slow, rhythmic, rocking. The two women lay cheek to cheek on the bed resting as if in a mental “time out!”

Finally, Cindy whispered, “This is far from over bitch!”

Kathy rose up and rolled off Cindy’s beautiful, but damaged and slick body and reached down and tore at Cindy’s pussy, screaming, “Take that bitch!”

Cindy screamed so loud Kathy thought surely someone must have heard her. She looked at the door, but no one arrived. Then Kathy felt Cindy move beside her and felt the intense searing pain as Cindy tore at her pussy; sharp nails digging into the crease causing Kathy to also cry and yell. The two separated and slid off the bed on opposite sides; both looking as if they’d suffered at the hands of hundreds instead of merely a single determined foe.

Kathy growled, “I fucking hate you slut! I really fucking HATE you!”

Cindy yelled back, “Oh yeah?! Well believe me the feeling is mutual…cunt!”

They met in the middle of the room where they began to claw and tear each other’s chest and yelps and cries of pain were exchanged. The two supermodels forced their chests into the other, clamping on mutually strong bearhugs which forced their already damaged breasts to flatten together as their distended nipples shimmied from the sharp, searing pain each woman felt. The two supermodel’s once lovely faces contorted and twisted under the strain of the pain being inflicted as Kathy tore at Cindy’s right breast with her clawed left hand and clawed Cindy’s pussy with her right. Then Kathy was able to slide her fingers into Cindy’s pussy an she began to scratch the tender inner walls.

Cindy cried out in pain, “Ooowwww you bitch! Let go, let go of me you bitch! Stop you whore!” But Kathy continued the assault and Cindy mounted her own offensive, attacking Kathy’s pussy with her long, strong fingers. She also tore and clawed at the sensitive flesh, which ended Kathy as she tried to protect her own turf. Kathy begged Cindy to stop, but Cindy never waiverd, telling Kathy, “You started it bitch!”

After a minute of abuse, Cindy removed her hands and nails from Kathy’s damaged inner flesh and moved away. She sat down on the bed trying to catch her breath before the next round of battle. Kathy slumped down on a chair in the suite and they glared at each other, than down at their own damaged bodies. Kathy got up first, seeing Cindy’s muscles tense up as if preparing for another assault. But instead of attacking Cindy, Kathy laughed as she walked over to the refrigerator and got two bottles of designer water.

Tossing one to Cindy, Kathy said, “This is far from being over. I ain’t done with you yet! But that doesn’t mean I can’t be a gracious host!” Cindy, seeing the humor in the moment, chuckled, then quickly downed some of the contents of the water bottle. “Are you ready?” Kathy asked.

Cindy responded, “I am. Let’s finish this!”

Again, the two met beside the bed, their bodies heavily damaged and slippery from both women’s mingled sweat. This time, they came together like lovers in a slow dance as each placed her arms on the shoulders of the other, and wrapped her in a strong embrace. Their nipples, hard and erect, were drilling little holes into the other’s tit flesh and as their foreheads and noses met their nipples bent and folded back as their breasts swelled outward like full water balloons as they pressed against each other. Neither said a word as each looked into the eyes of her nemesis and confident smiles and promises of impending pleasure filled their faces.

Cindy moved first, sliding her breasts between Kathy’s as they lurched and shuffled about the suite in a tight embrace. Kathy’s breasts were larger, but Cindy’s were firmer and up to the task. The two super mom’s tummies slithered together as the compression of their breasts became greater from their mutual holds. As their arms tired in the bearhugs, their arms dropped down around their waists in an effort to maintain constant pressure and contact with the other’s body. The two women began to enjoy the contact of their breasts on the other supermodels an their slow maneuvering stimulated their arousal. Their breathing became faster and heavier and soon goose bumps were popping on their skin as they brushed their breasts against the other’s like a painter’ brush on a palette.

The two women straightened their bodies to get even greater surface contact and as Kathy hugged Cindy’s waist, she grabbed her ass to gain a better grip. Cindy brought her arms up and wrapped them around Kathy’s neck, forcing their breasts to be even more compressed as she drew their bodies closer. With their knees bent, both began to hump the other and both bowed their heads to watch the slow, intimate battle between their breasts, thighs and pelvis’. The sight brought each woman closer to climax as the images danced in their brains and their hormones raged out of control!

As their erotic little dance continued, the women changed positions as Kathy now wrapped her arms around Cindy’s neck while Cindy held onto Kathy’s bucking hips and grabbed her ass. Soon, their breasts were flopping around like fish out of water from the frenetic tempo of their bipedal humping. Each was struggling to fight off the urge to cum as they contorted their bodies trying to stimulate the other while not allowing herself to be stimulated. The two super moms were close to simultaneous climax when they broke apart and backed off to regain their composure. Each longed to experience the blessed release of her climax as well as the relief to her body the end of their brutal contest would give her, but both women’s strong competitive spirit and her haughty dignity wouldn’t allow her to be the first.

So as the pent-up pressure in their taut bodies subsided, they again joined in a sobering hold of, “what might have been” with smiles sneaking into the corner of their mouths and twinkles in their eyes, the battle was back on! Cindy grabbed Kathy by her thick hair and forced her down on the floor, joining her on her knees. Cindy took the opportunity to once more try to remove Kathy’s torn, stretched thong but Kathy protested and scrambled on all fours across the floor while Cindy scampered after her and continued trying to remove the undergarment. Soon, Cindy had it down around Kathy’s knees and Kathy knew the battle was lost.

She whirled around and concentrated on removing Cindy’s only remaining clothing in what looked like some childish game of “ring around the rosey.” The two super moms each struggled to maintain the only vestige of civility as the two wildcats struggled back to their feet and stood up face-to-face, breast-to-breast, pulling and tugging at the other’s well worn, torn and tattered thong. Suddenly, Kathy tilted her head and kissed the sweet lips of her startled foe. Cindy, after a brief hesitation, responded and kissed Kathy’s lip hard and wet even while their hands continued to try and rip away the torn, tattered thongs.

The two bumped and humped the other’s slick body as they pulled and tugged at the stubborn fabric. Finally, a riiiipppp and Kathy’s thong was torn off, ripped up and out from between her spread thighs. Cindy smiled at her victory but her ‘victory’ was brief as she was rewarded by Kathy hip-tossing her and planting Cindy’s ass hard on the carpeted floor! Kathy smashed her chest and groin into Cindy’s as she fell on her, but Cindy spiked her nails into Kathy’s fleshy ass as she tried to control the rhythm of each lurch and hump of their love mounds and chests as they folded and rocked. Cindy used her legs as leverage to take over the auburn haired beauty as she rolled on top of the stubborn K-mart vixen. Now, despite being beneath Cindy, Kathy still kept trying to remove Cindy’s thong, pulling and tearing at the undergarment to no avail.

“What? You think I got this at K-mart!” Cindy chuckled to her frustrated opponent.

Now it was Cindy’s turn to mash her tits into Kathy’s and hump Kathy’s love mound into oblivion. Kathy nearly admitting defeat, now released the fabric and grabbed Cindy’s shaking, thundering ass. With her remaining sexual strength fading, Kathy buried her nails in Cindy’s tight butt and held on for dear life as her climax and release was coming - as was her defeat sexually at the hands of her hated retail and beauty rival.

As Kathy’s body spewed out her liquid passion, Cindy could feel Kathy’s sticky liquid mixing with her own juices her body had generated as a result of their intimate battle. Cindy was on the verge of coming and as she relaxed, her pent up emotions erupted as well. Grinning in victory, Cindy looked down at her defeated foe; the super mom, supermodel and corporate icon Kathy Ireland whose body still shuddered with the aftereffects of her strong orgasm.

When Kathy at least stopped spasming and her body relaxed, Cindy rolled off the auburn hair beauty and sat behind her, wrapping her arms and legs around the defeated supermodel. Kathy thinking, Cindy was interested in a little nuzzling, and caressing after the fight, didn’t resist, allowing Cindy to tie her up in her arms and legs like a python. It wasn’t until Cindy wrapped her right arm around Kathy’s throat and tightened the Sleeper Hold and began to choke her into submission that Kathy realized, too late, that she’d been caught by surprise. She offered only fleeting, token resistance before her body succumbed to the victorious supermodel, super mom - and now super retailer!

Cindy was Queen of the Home Show Wars - at least for now. She got up slowly off the sleeping supermodel-super mom, collected her jeans, bra and tank top and then left for her own suite. Early the next morning, after knocking on Kathy’s ajar suite door, another celebrity peeked inside and when she beheld the carnage, she imagined what had happened the night before.

“So THIS is what happens when you lose at the Home Show War,” she thought with an excited shiver.