Cindy Crawford vs. Heidi Klum by John J. (19-Apr-00)

Weeks had passed since Heidi's fight against Laetitia. Time didn't help Heidi's anger at Cindy Crawford for interfering go away. In fast, the more Heidi thought about it, the more angered she became.

At one interview, Heidi allowed her anger to get the best of her.

A reporter asked her, "How has your career been going since the Laetitia Casta fight?"

Heidi answered, "Very well. A decisive win always helps your career."

The reporter went on, "How about Cindy Crawford? Are you two still at odds after her actions in the Laetitia fight?"

Heidi grew visibly angry as she responded, "I don't want to discuss Cindy."

The reporter persisted, "I take it that means you and Cindy are still enemies."

Heidi snapped, "You can take it however you want. I don't wish to discuss that stuck-up prima-donna."

The reporter sensed something coming so she continued, "stuck-up prima-donna. Those are some fairly strong comments. Tell us more."

Heidi had enough and she just let go, "Ok. You want to hear it. Here you go. You think I'm pissed at her. Yeah, I'm pissed at her. Nobody sticks her nose into my fights and gets away with it. Cindy offered that any time I want to call her out and settle matters, to say the word. Well Cindy, consider the word given. I'm calling your tramp ass out. We're gonna have this out, until one of us is out cold on the floor."

A couple days later, Heidi's interview was the front-page story on the magazine. Cindy spotted the interview quickly and read it. She fumed with anger. She called up the same reporter that interviewed Heidi and gave her another statement. Cindy said, "My, my Heidi, what a smart mouth you have. I'm going to enjoy shutting it for you! You need to learn a lot more respect little girl, and I'm going to have a lot of fun teaching you that respect. I accept your challenge. You've got my number. Call me, and we'll set up a date and time to settle this, woman to woman. You get that anorexic butt of yours over here and you'll get your lesson."

Two days later, a special edition magazine came out, with Heidi and Cindy side-by-side on the front-page, with their respective comments. Heidi saw Cindy's reply. She called the brunette that night, and they made the arrangements.

Three evenings later, Heidi arrived at Cindy's house at the scheduled time.

"Are you ready to get your butt kicked, old lady?" Heidi sneered.

Cindy snarled back, "I'm gonna have fun teaching you some respect, little girl."

They walked together to Cindy's den, which was cleared of the breakable furniture for the fight. Cindy walked to one corner of the room, while Heidi walked to the opposite corner. Cindy chose a tank top and shorts to wear for the fight, while Heidi had on a crop top, and daisy duke cutoffs.

Cindy asked nastily, "Shall we fight like this, or undress first?"

Heidi was about to answer when Cindy suddenly leapt in and smashed her with a hard kick to the ribs. Heidi staggered back and hit the wall behind her. Cindy pursued and snapped Heidi's head from side to side with a combination of punches to the jaw. Cindy stepped back and spun. She nailed Heidi with a wicked spinning kick to the jaw that snapped Heidi's head to the side and put her down hard. Heidi felt a trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth from the blow. Heidi started to pull herself up to her feet, only to be sent right down again with a solid knee lift to the face from Cindy.

As Cindy moved in to grab her again, Heidi lunged and tackled Cindy's legs out from under her. They both went down in a tangle of arms and legs. Heidi kept hold of Cindy's legs as they dropped to the carpeted floor. Heidi straddled Cindy's midriff, and secured her position. She slid forward into a schoolgirl pin position and yanked Cindy's legs forward, turning it into a matchbook pin. Heidi didn't have Cindy's legs secured well, and Cindy got her legs free. She swung her powerful legs up and pushed Heidi's shoulders down, putting the blonde down on the floor. Cindy maneuvered around and started to reposition herself, but Heidi wouldn't let her and clamped her long legs around the brunette's waist in a body scissors. Heidi crushed Cindy's ribs as she poured the pressure on with her strong legs. Cindy twisted slightly and gave herself just enough room. She fired a punch and nailed Heidi in the pussy with her fist. Heidi shrieked in pain and released the scissors as she rolled away.

The two beauties rolled apart and scrambled to their feet. They faced off again and circled each other, watching for an opening. The two gorgeous models moved in a locked up in a fierce hair pulling struggle. They both buried their fists in the other woman's long hair and tugged violently. They wobbled around the room in a strange dance, as they each tried to unbalance the other woman and take her down. They were stalemated for several minutes as they both gave and took a lot of pain. Cindy broke the deadlock as the pair approached a wall. With a burst of strength, Cindy forced Heidi back. As Heidi went backwards, Cindy tugged back on her hair and whacked the blonde's head into the wall. Heidi released her hair hold as she saw stars. Heidi snapped out of it, as Cindy pounded a left into her belly.

Cindy came at Heidi with another hard punch, but the blonde blocked the blow. She grabbed Cindy's arm and with a twist of the trapped arm, she reversed their positions. Cindy found herself trapped against the wall now, with Heidi ready to pounce. Heidi smacked Cindy's head into a wall with a series of blows to the brunette's chin. Heidi continued her attack with lefts and rights to the jaw that spun Cindy's around from side to side. As Cindy got dazed from the attack, she sunk down a little. Heidi raised her knee and pounded it into Cindy's ribs. Cindy winced and doubled over. Heidi put a double ax-handle into Cindy's back and put the brunette down. Heidi smirked as she stared down at her dazed and hurt adversary. Cindy coughed as she watched for Heidi and the next attack. As Heidi approached, Cindy spun out with her leg and leg swept Heidi off her feet.

Cindy lunged for the downed blonde, but not quickly enough, and the two struggled for control. They both knelt on the carpet as they pushed and shoved against each other, trying to put the other woman down on her back. Heidi released Cindy's arm, and tore at her tank top and ripped it open. Heidi gained access to Cindy's full, round tits, and immediately used it as she squeezed and mauled Cindy's sensitive melons. Cindy cried out in pain as her feminine globes came under attack. She quickly focused though and returned the favor as she tore Heidi's crop top and gained access to her tits.

The two gorgeous models knelt face to face on the carpet with four hands locked onto four full, round tits. They struggled in silence as they squeezed, twisted, mauled and scratched each other's globes. As the stalemate continued, trickles of blood became visible around all four boobs. Cindy stopped the standoff as she released Heidi's tits and grabbed her hands to pull them off her own ravaged melons. As Cindy pulled at her hands, Heidi stood up and pulled Cindy up by the tits, with her nails still firmly attached to the sore globes. Cindy pulled Heidi's hands loose and breathed a sigh of relief that the pain had ended. Cindy's relief was short lived as Heidi nailed her with a kick to the pussy that put the brunette right back on the floor.

Heidi grabbed Cindy by the shorts and pulled her up that way. She gave the brunette a wedgie, and Cindy yelped as the tight shorts dug into her bruised pussy. Cindy broke free as she hammered Heidi with a series of punches to the boobs. Heidi backed away, as did Cindy. Both beauties removed and tossed aside the torn and tattered remnants of their tops, leaving them both topless. All four boobs were bruised, swollen and bloody from the fight. Cindy adjusted her shorts, relieving the pressure from the wedgie.

The two models began to circle each other again with fists raised, ready to resume the battle. Heidi moved in fast and swung a right at Cindy's head. Cindy dodged the blow and countered with a left to the jaw that dazed Heidi. Cindy drilled punch after punch into Heidi's body and face until the blonde dropped to the carpet. Heidi tried to roll away to give herself room to get up, but Cindy pursued her and kicked her repeatedly. As Cindy kicked, Heidi grabbed her other leg and twisted it hard. Cindy yelped in pain as she went down hard. Heidi got up fast and pulled Cindy by the hair. She put the brunette right down again with a bulldog.

Cindy groaned in pain as she struggled to pull herself up after having her face rammed into the carpet. Cindy pulled herself partially up, when Heidi grabbed her by the hair and whacked her in the face with a kneelift. Cindy moaned as she dropped again, her nose busted. Heidi pulled Cindy up and whipped her at the closest wall. Cindy hit the wall with a thud. Heidi chased in and splashed her against the wall. Heidi backed up and hammered the brunette with repeated kidney punches. Cindy slid down the wall, in pain.

Heidi grabbed Cindy's shorts again and yanked her up with a wedgie. Cindy cried out in pain as the short dug in. The delicate shorts couldn't withstand that much abuse and tore as Heidi yanked on them. The shorts ripped apart in Heidi's hands and Cindy flopped on her ass down to the carpet at Heidi's feet. Heidi gave Cindy a hard kick in the boobs and knocked her away. Heidi hauled Cindy up to her feet by the hair and shoved her at the wall again. Heidi pounded the brunette's head from side to side with a series of punches to the jaw. Cindy tumbled over, nearly out cold. Heidi tapped Cindy on the side of the face lightly, reviving her.

Heidi said nastily, "Don't you go passing out on me. We're not done yet, bitch!"

Heidi slid forward and schoolgirl pinned Cindy, holding her down on the carpet. Cindy just sobbed softly, hardly even resisting. Heidi slid forward a little and planted her ass on Cindy's face for a few moments. Heidi backed off and allowed Cindy to breath again. Heidi maneuvered slightly and positioned herself atop Cindy's midriff.

Heidi reached forward and gently caressed Cindy's swollen and battered breasts. The nipples responded to Heidi's gentle touch and stiffened, while Cindy moaned softly. Heidi reached back and softly rubbed Cindy's pussy, while the brunette sighed with pleasure. Heidi continued to rub and even inserted a couple fingers into Cindy's tunnel, pleasuring Cindy.

Just before getting Cindy off, Heidi stopped and whispered into her ear, "Now, I have a surprise for you."

Heidi raised herself up and dropped her knee hard into Cindy's pussy. Cindy came back to full consciousness and screamed as the waves of pain surged through her body. Heidi continued her attack as she sunk her nails back into Cindy's bruised boobs and dug them in hard.

Cindy nearly passed out from the pain. Heidi lowered herself down and smothered Cindy's face between her own tits and knocked the brunette old cold. After she was certain that Cindy was out, Heidi got up.

Heidi found some other clothes to change into and got dressed. She waited for Cindy to come around and grabbed her under the chin.

Heidi asked, "Are you going to keep your ass out of my business from now on?"

Cindy replied with a cry, "Yes. I'm sorry. I'll keep out of your business."

Heidi said, "That's good, and you remember that. If you forget, I'll have to come back, and kick your ass again. Is that what you want?"

Cindy answered, "No. Please. I'll remember!"

Heidi smiled, "Good girl. Now I'm outta here!" At that, Heidi left.

A few days later, Cindy Crawford made a public statement. She read from a speech and refused to answer questions, "Effective today, I have resigned from one of my major modeling contracts. Heidi Klum will replace me in those ads, as soon as new photo shoots can be arranged. I also wish to make an apology to Heidi Klum for my interference regarding Laetitia Casta. I hope that this entire episode can now be put behind us."

The end.