Jennifer Lopez vs. Cindy no name

Jennifer Lopez walks up the sidewalk. A couple of steps before the door she starts to rethink her situation. She pulls out the ripped sheet of paper that has those insulting words from the article.

"Jennifer Lopez couldn't make it as a model. Her ass is too big." Cindy Crawford states.

Jennifer balls her fist and bangs on the front door of Cindy Crawford. Cindy opens the door slightly and sees an angry Jennifer Lopez.

"OH SHIT!!" she says.

Cindy tries to close the door but Lopez gets her foot in the door. Lopez enters the house and backhands Cindy.

"Bitch," she says to the cowering supermodel as she cracks her knuckles.

Jennifer kicks her in the ribcage. Cindy's see through robe shows off her underwear. Lopez's shiny spandex pants blind the vision of Crawford. She purposely wore spandex to accent her ass. Jennifer grabs her by the hair and slams her head on the wall. Cindy slides down the wall in a dazed manner.

Jennifer turns around looking over her shoulder she says, "You talked about my ass so I'll kick yours."

She begins to move her hips in a Latin soul-like dancing motion. Knocking the model with her ass. Cindy's face is becoming beet red. A blood trickles down the side of her mouth. Jennifer begins to smile. Cindy is being dragged up by her hair and on her feet. Jennifer begins to put up her guard. A couple of jabs and Cindy's face isn't so pretty. A few more right crosses and her supermodel career is over.

Through a swollen jaw, "You ruined my face."

Jennifer grabs the beaten model by her head and slaps a intense headlock.

"You see that wall, bitch?" Jennifer says as she points to the wall.

Jennifer runs into the wall Cindy firsts. She repeats this move a couple of more times. Cindy's head is severely sore. Lopez begins to twist causing Cindy's jaw to ache.
Jennifer picked up the weak woman and threw her over her couch landing hard on the floor. Using the couch as a boost she jumped in the air and landed ass first on Cindy's stomach. Lopez is thoroughly enjoying this moment. She bounces up and down in her stomach. Cindy's face was the sight of pure pain. Tenderizing her belly allowed Jennifer to snake her legs around her gut. "Years of dancing as a Fly Girl got me these legs." She told the pain stricken Cindy Crawford. Lopez methodically squeezed then relaxed. It was like a game to her. When Jennifer squeezed she grimaced, when Jennifer stopped she sighed with relief. Jennifer kept this up until she thought of something else to do. Lopez Grabbed Cindy by her worn out hair and put her in a standing headscissors facing the mirror.
Cindy looked at the humiliating reflection. She was shocked to see that Jennifer was about to take a picture of this. Trapped in this leggy prison while the picture developed.

"Picture perfect." Jennifer said.

She dropped Crawford face first. She straddled her back and began the bang her face in the floor.

"Now it's you who won't make it as a model." Lopez taunted.

She flipped her over and stood her up again. A lethal roundhouse punch knocked Cindy into the wall. Lopez began throwing hooks to the already beaten body of Cindy Crawford. As Cindy slid down the wall, Jennifer turned around and rubbed her ass in the former supermodel's face. Again using a rhythmic Latin dance. Slow and sensual. Cindy's head slumped on the floor. Barely conscious she looks up at her tormentress. The furious actress sat on the stomach of the model and began punching her face. Left then right. Lopez turned around and squatted just a few inches away from Cindy's face. She pulled out a tape recorder and pushes the record button.

"Now I think you owe an apology." Jennifer said.

The beaten woman mumbled, "I'm sorry Jennifer."

"Not to me, bitch." she said furiously. "To my ass."

Cindy looked at her in a confused matter.

"You insulted it now apologize." she said matter of factly.

Cindy couldn't find the words to apologize to an anatomy.

"Okay you need more convincing." she said as she descended onto her face.

Jennifer sat the smothering Cindy. Occasionally rocking back and fourth.

She looked at her watch and said, "I think that's enough time."

She lifted up slightly and asked her to apologize to her ass again. Cindy was still in shock from it she was too busy taking deep breaths.

"Okay," she said as she shrugged her shoulders.

She settled on her face again. This time spreading her ass to covering it even more. The whines and protesting of Crawford slowly die down. She lifts up and asks again.

"Ass, I'm sorry I called you fat. Your a beautiful specimen. Please forgive me." she humbly says hearing how humiliating that sounded.

"Good now kiss and make up." Jennifer tells her.

"WAHT!" she asks.

Lopez shrugs her shoulders again and descends, "Sigh. Okay here we g.."

"NO! I'll do it." Cindy desperately yells.

Her pride has been completely demolished. She pucker up and gives Jennifer's ass a peck.

"No, no no no. I said kiss not peck," Jennifer says as she smack her face with her buttcheek.

Cindy begins to cry as she feels totally humiliated. She gives her ass a long kiss like it was a lover.

"Better," Jennifer says as she gets up. "And let this be a lesson." she said as she farted in the face of the humble model. "Too many burritos."

Then she walked out the door.