Melinda Messenger vs. Cindy Crawford The Supermodel Brawl by Samdog 17-Aug-99

Melinda Messenger walked slowly down the aisle and entered the ring. She took off her robe, leaving a red string bikini. Her body looked better than ever, as her top struggled to contain her massive chest. Melinda began to limber up as she awaited her opponent. Cindy Crawford was making her entrance. She strode cockily to her corner, with that constant smug grin on her face, licking her lips in sensuous longing. Removing her robe, a black thong bikini entwined a near perfect body. She flexed as she came a halt demonstrating her exquisite and extraordinarily sexy body tone.

"Bitch!" Cindy shouted, "Get ready to scream!"

Mel just glared back across the ring, ready to pound Cindy into a bloody pulp.

Over the years, Cindy had been one of the top models in the world. During this time, she'd established her supremacy through various means, often fighting and beating other supermodels. Over the years, Melinda had found a place in the modeling business and was now challenging Cindy's position. Both unwilling to back down, the two agreed to fight it out. They'd manage to get a referee, but since they'd agreed to a no rules fight, the ref would only be there to declare a winner. They'd also agreed to let the winner humiliate the loser. Also present were about a dozen other supermodels. They would be witnesses to the battle, but many had a vested interest in the outcome. Among those present were Kathy Ireland, Rebecca Romijn, Niki Taylor, and Heidi Klum.

The bell sounded as the two crashed together. Melinda ripped Cindy's bra off with one tug while Cindy did likewise to her! Cindy's fingers sank deeply into Melinda's firm tits, the huge jugs overflowing in the brunette's hands as she struggled to maintain a grip on the sweaty breasts as she twisted and pulled at them. Mel had her own hands full of Cindy's titflesh and was savagely crushing them in her hands as she gouged her nails into them and had no problem keeping a tight grip on the smaller tits of her opponent much to the distress of her brunette foe.

Cindy pushed against Mel's tits, driving them upwards as she started to force her rival back step by step as Mel struggled unsuccessfully to keep from being forced back. The pain was immense and she was pushed right up to the ropes as Cindy beamed with confidence now, her hands squeezing the tender flesh trapped in them like silly putty!!!!!! Cindy pulled down on Mel's tits and her fingers jammed deeper into the underside. Mel's face twisted in agony as Cindy's nails dug into the tender flesh.

A red-faced Mel was in real trouble, her tits exploding in agony from Cindy's mauling and tried desperately not to let go of Cindy's tits.

"Thought you were so fucking tough, aye bitch!!!!!" Cindy taunted, "How tough do you feel now!!!"

Cindy continued to push her hands into Mel's breasts as they mushroomed out and around her foes fingers, her face twisted in utter pain now as she was forced to remove her hands from her antagonist's boobs and grabbed each of Cindy's wrists as she tried to pull her hands from her tortured tits!!!
Throwing Mel to the canvas, Cindy quickly straddled her.

"How's that feel Ms. Cowtits?" Cindy taunted, as her fingers dug deeply into each of Mel's tits.

Mel quickly grabbed her by the wrists and desperately tried to pull the ravaging hands from her aching breasts. Mel was completely at Cindy's mercy as she tore her aching titflesh all around, her face twisted with fury at the pain she'd endured at the blonde's hands. Mel desperately grabbed Cindy's tits and started twisting, but Cindy began slapping Mel's tits back and forth until Mel's hands dropped to the canvas.

Cindy reached down and latched onto each of Mel's breasts, wrenching the tits out to the sides as the blonde's body jerked in response. The brunette smiled wickedly as she gouged her fingernails into the soft pliable titflesh as again her rival's body jerked at the ravaging of her tits, her screams filling the room with each hard pull.

"How's that feel, you dumb fucking bitch?" Cindy taunted.

Mel could only reply with a moan of pain.

"What's that? Can't feel it? Oh well, I guess I'll have to turn it up!"

Cindy sadistically twisted Mel's orbs to their farthest possible distance as the Brit screamed at the top of her lungs. At the end of her rope, Mel reached up with her head and bit down on Cindy's left nipple. Cindy's face turned a pale white, totally caught off guard. Cindy started pulling back on Mel's head, but it only made matters worse as blood started to drip down from Mel's mouth. Bawling, Cindy started sending punch after punch into the blonde's face. Finally, Mel opened her mouth as Cindy rolled away.

Standing, Mel jerked the brunette up to her feet by her hair, and buried her fist into Cindy's right tit. Cindy's face turned white with agony as her breast was crushed into her ribcage. Mel slammed her head back into the turnbuckle, then ground her knuckles into that her bruised left tit. Cindy roared, clutching both of Mel's tits, digging her fingernails deep into the blonde's boobs. Mel cursed and slapped Cindy's face, followed by a backhand and another slap and backhand redden her cheeks. Mel smiled cruelly as she latched onto Cindy's already swollen tits with her fingers and gave them hard squeeze. Twisting both at the same time brought Cindy's voice to new levels of loudness as she tugged at the British beauty's wrists, desperate to free herself from the monumental pain being inflicted on them.

"How's that feel, you washed up cunt!" Mel screamed Cindy's face.

Pulling Cindy out of the corner, Mel grabbed her hair in her left hand and hit her squarely in the jaw with her right fist. Cindy flew three feet to the ropes, bounced off and was met with a left to her stomach and a right to the head that laid her over the top rope. Pressing her against the ropes, Mel began punching Cindy's face and tits, as the brunette screamed in pain and desperately grabbed Mel's tits and began squeezing them. Grabbing a handful of her hair Mel proceeded to punch her in the mouth till it was swollen and bleeding then she lowered her fist and started to punch Cindy's swollen and bruised tits, first uppercutting them each at least 10 times each then clawing them with her nails till they were covered with scratches as Cindy's screams reached a new height!! Mel then reached into Cindy's bottoms and clawed at her pussy as the brunette's legs went limp. Finally, Mel smashed her knee into Cindy's cunt three times before letting her fall to the canvas. Cindy lay on her back, moaning in pain and holding her aching cunt.

Mel straddled her and began slapping her tits back and forth as the blonde taunted, "Now you're gonna pay, bitch!" Mel pulled back and rammed her fist into Cindy's pussy.

"How's that feel?" she screamed as Cindy moaned in pain.

Cindy's pussy was wracked with pain as Mel ripped off her panties and stuck two fingers into it, raking her cunt walls for good measure. Mel cupped her tits and mashed them down into Cindy's, as their breasts fought their own dual, crushing and slithering against one another. Nipples buried deep in the breast meat scraped against the other tit hard causing sharp sensations of pain. Both women began banging their chests together, locked top and bottom as they were. Mel's heavier breasts were crushing Cindy's smaller mounds, moaning out as her breasts were swallowed up into Mel's. Mel smiled wickedly as her breasts flowed all over Cindy's, flattening them against Cindy's body. Mel stood and reached forward, hair hauling the brunette to her feet.

As she comes up, Cindy backhanded Mel with a left hand slap that cracks into her cheek. Mel's head snapped back but she still held Cindy's hair, firing back with a backhand of her own. Cindy slapped Mel across the mouth, splitting her lip. With the warm taste of her own blood in her mouth, an angry Mel jerked Cindy's head down and crashed her knee into her head, throwing her off her feet, landing heavily on her back. Mel, moving quickly to the prone blonde, dropped her left knee into Cindy's crotch. Cindy's eyes bugged open, her legs still set wide apart, allowing Mel to jam her knee back up into the wounded target. Mel hair-hauled Cindy to her feet and pulled her forward, trapping Cindy in a reverse headlock. Holding Cindy in place, Mel repeatedly bashed her knee up into Cindy's belly and crotch, lifting the brunette's feet off the ground with the force of each hit.

Shoving her into a corner, Mel pressed Cindy against the turnbuckle and slammed her elbow over and over across her chest. With arms pumping like pistons, the blonde pounded her fists into the Cindy's boobs. The brunette tried desperately to cover up and fight back, but Mel clobbered her with a uppercut that slams into her chin and snapped her head back. Cindy, with no more defense than a glazed donut, screamed as Mel rammed her knee into her crotch, nailing her pussy. Cindy slumped onto Mel, before the blonde stepped away and let her slide down on to her butt.

Pulling Cindy back up, Mel fastened her bare hands around the stunned Cindy's throat and tried to choke the life out of her. Cindy desperately tried to escape the chokehold as she feel herself blacking out, but could not. First she fired punches into Mel's ample breasts, but the blonde shook off the effects of the punishment, and maintained her murderous stranglehold. Cindy felt the fight being drained from her as her foe squeezed the breath from her, the blonde's bare hands tightening further about the brunette's vulnerable throat. Cindy cried out in desperation and then fired her fist hard into Mel's throat, as the blonde gagged and released her.

Cindy was a mess. Her right eye was closed, her left tit had some nasty scratches running down it with dried blood, both tits swollen with some bruises here and there, blood still trickled down her chin, and her face was covered with swollen bruises. Dazed and confused, she stumbled out of the corner only to be met with a kick to the face, dropping her to the canvas. Cindy struggled to crawl away, but Mel slammed her foot twice right into her pussy, dropping her back on the mat.

Mel put her right hand between Cindy's aching legs, tightening the hold and forcing her to rise in pain again, while with the other hand she was squeezing her left nipple. Cindy's face was clearly showing all her suffering, but she was still struggling to get free. Turning her around, Mel pushed Cindy to the canvas and started to rip out her pubic hair, making the girl scream louder every single hair she removed. Cindy tried to pry Mel's hands away, hitting them in a confuse way, but Mel changed her target. She proceeded to grab Cindy's tits in her hands, turning and twisting them, careless of her screams and crying. Cindy desperately ripped off Mel's bikini bottom and began twisting her pussy lips, but Mel simply ignored the pain.

Standing, Mel hoisted Cindy off the ground, raised her to shoulder height, and then slammed her down across her outstretched knee. She left Cindy there for a moment, mauling her tits and crotch before shoving her off. Mel squat her naked ass down on Cindy's face and grabbed her tits, pulling up and pounding down on the tender tits while grinding her ass across Cindy's face. Getting bored, Mel stood, pulling Cindy to her feet. Desperate, Cindy slammed a fist into Mel's huge chest. Mel retaliated with a punch to Cindy's belly that knocked her flat on her ass.

"Oh-oh, jealous, are we?" Mel taunted. "Now these are what big tits are all about, little girl."

Cindy was still on her ass, trying to back up, but Mel cut off her retreat, pulling her to her feet and lifting her in a tit-to-tit bear hug. Mel's boobs mashed into Cindy's, flattening her smaller tits across her chest. Gamely, Cindy wrapped her arms around Mel and tried to fight back, but was soon overwhelmed.

Finally, Mel let go and threw Cindy into the corner. Climbing on the bottom ropes, Mel draped her tits over Cindy's face and breast smothered her, destroying all resistance as Cindy passed out. Mel really hammed it up for the other models present, making sure they knew who had won. Throwing Cindy down onto the canvas, Mel straddled her and slapped her tits until Cindy woke up, moaning in pain. Mel hooked Cindy's legs with her feet, using a grapevine to spread her legs wide apart. She forced her fingers inside of Cindy's pussy. Mel worked her to climax, digging, thrusting, scratching, and penetrating as the brunette moaned long and loud, cumming again and again. For more than five minutes, Mel worked Cindy over, leaving the plundered and exhausted woman sobbing.

Mel then sat on Cindy's face and forced her thickly furred crotch over the nearly unconscious woman's face. She began grinding and humping all over it, hands wrapped in Cindy's hair for leverage, the blonde amazon growing aroused by her domination. Her eyes were shut and languid gasps were emerging from her throat as her beaten foe just lay there beneath her, no longer resisting or struggling. Mel ground and moaned and humped for a long while, growing more frenzied in her attack as she felt herself getting hotter and hotter. Finally, she came all over Cindy's face, as the brunette lay there too beaten to even cry. Putting her robe back on, Mel left, satisfied at now being the top dog.