Cindy Crawford vs. Gena Lee Nolin by TNT

"Uhhhh...offfph!" Gena Lee grunted and gasped as Cindy Crawford's fist slammed deep into her stomach. She screamed as Cindy grabbed two handfuls of silky blonde hair, jerked her forward and pulled down hard and fast as she twisted mightily. "Aieeeeee," she screamed as her luscious body flipped to the canvas. Gena Lee sucked air as her full breasts almost popped out of the skimpy bikini top from the impact of her painful landing.

"Get up you stupid blonde bitch," Cindy snarled as she grabbed her stunned opponents arm and a handful of hair jerking Gena Lee to her feet.

"Uhhhh...ohhhhhh...ahhhhh..." Gena Lee groaned and moaned as she tried unsuccessfully to dodge and block the beautiful models fast slaps and punches.

A few minutes earlier, Gena Lee had climbed into the ring to face the lovely spitfire, Cindy Crawford in an exhibition match at a local bar. The opening female/female fighting match lineup hosted mainly local talent; both celebs knew the bar owner. Both beauties drew a crowd with their celebrity status and hot sexy looking bodies. Gena Lee wore a skimpy bikini; Cindy short tight cheek-revealing cutoff jeans with a tight, cleavage enhancing halter top. Cindy's lovely breasts bounced erotically, her erect nipples poked against the sheer fabric.

Gena Lee took another punch to her ribs, grunted and shot her leg up fast slamming her knee into Cindy's crotch. Cindy gasped, her lovely eyes rolled as her face contorted in a most painful way. Gena Lee's long strong fingers grabbed her firm breasts, as the blonde snarled, "Nice tits, slut."

"Get her! Get her good!"

"AIEEEEEE!" Naturally assuming the comment was meant for her, Gena Lee turned her breast mauling up a notch and Cindy shrieked in agony, trying desperately to pry her rivals twisting talons away from her 'pride and joys.' "AIIIEEEEE!! Leggo a my boobs!" the lovely model screamed. THUD! Gena Lee delivered a brain numbing head butt that snapped Cindy's head back; her knees buckled.

"Wanna go for a ride Cindy girl?" the busty blonde snarled as clamped on a headlock and flipped Cindy to the canvas.

THWOK! "Uhhhhh!" Cindy groaned as a hard fist smacked into her groin; her long legs involuntarily shooting skyward. Gena Lee grabbed her two long luscious legs at the ankles and spread them wide as Cindy screeched in angry, pained protest. "Uhhhhh... ohhhh gawwwwwd... stop it, pleaseeeeeee?" the lovely supermodel screamed as the busty blonde raised her bare foot and stomped down, the ball of her foot slamming on Cindy's pubic mound.

"How's this feel Crawford?" Gena Lee taunted as she dug her wiggling toes into Cindy's crotch, seemingly trying to 'foot strip' the sliding denims right off her whimpering, writhing prisoner.

"Don't ya just love when they fight barefooted?" a happy onlooker chirped and several shouted in agreement as they watched Cindy's shorts slide further and further down until the top of her dark pubic bush made an erotic appearance.

"Damn you, I'll kill you, you filthy cunt!" Cindy snarled.

"Not if I kill your cunt first, you bitch!" Gena Lee shouted.

Gena Lee grinned mischievously as she concentrated on her toe skills; Cindy yelped as the blonde yanked her foot back suddenly; she had caught a tuft of pubes between her toes and executed a quick painful "hairpull." The small group of up-close and personal fans laughed at the wily catfight tactic. A few more moments of groin pressing fun, a couple more foot twists, and Gena Lee decided to vary her torture. With a gleam in her beautiful eyes, she suddenly wrinkled her nose as if she was about to smell something awful, grabbed Cindy's left foot with both hands, leaned forward and bit her big toe.

"AIEEEEE!" WHOOSH! WHUMP! "Noooooo..." In a blazing flurry of motion, Cindy writhed in agony, kicked and bucked free at the painful bite. Her bloodcurdling scream startled Gena Lee and the crowd; long legs flew wildly as the angry hurting model went into full survival mode. Gena Lee gasped in surprise as one long strong leg slammed into her calf, as another leg struck from the opposite side. Down she went to her knees with a grunting protest.

WHACK! "Uhhhh..." SLAP! "AHHHHH..." WHAM! "UGGGHH..." Cindy tore into the downed blonde with a vengeance, slapping and punching viciously. Both were on there knees, Cindy taking full and complete advantage of her surprise maneuver as Gena Lee tried hard to block and dodge the flurry of blows, but was slowly losing the battle.

"Go for her tits, Cindy," horny fan yelled. Their strategy advice had barely left their lips and tickled Gena Lee's eardrums when an incredibly hard fist slammed into the blondes luscious full right breast. The knuckle inverting her thick, stiff, and oh-so-sensitive nipple back into the soft mound of flesh.

"AIEEEEE! ARGGGGGH!" Gena Lee's twin cries acknowledged each punch to her twin peaks. Her lovely chest now immersed, she raised her hands. Too late - big mistake! "Uhhhhhh!" Gena Lee sucked air as her naval said "Hi" to her spine, thanks to Cindy's deeply penetrating fist.

"Now get up blondie, lets give the folks a show," Cindy sneered as she grabbed a double handful of long blonde luxurious silk. Gena Lee screamed as she felt herself jerked to her feet. "Where the hell was this skinny little broad getting her strength," she wondered.

WHOMP! Cindy smashed her forearm hard into her rivals chest. A vicious hairpull and a strong powerful push sent Gena Lee flying into the top rope. WHOMP! THUD! Another forearm to the breasts greeted the bouncing blonde ex-Baywatch babe as she flew forward. A hard knee to the groin to add a bit of painful spice, and a perfect uppercut to relieve her neck of any "kinks" sent Gena Lee flying backwards into the ropes again. Her lovely eyes started to glaze over as Cindy launched a flurry of punches to her stomach, ribs and breasts.

Sensing victory, Cindy began to concentrate her attack on Gena Lee's huge breasts; punching the huge melons from all angles; front, left, right, even coming up with uppercuts from below. Gena Lee screamed with each punch, the huge luscious mounds almost escaping the skimpy top with each blow, yet stubbornly refusing to 'give up the goodies.'

"Yeah, pound her tits!"

"Smack her inna boobs!"

To some fans' erotic amazement, the women were giving more and better instruction and encouragement about the "boob boxing" than the guys. Hmmmm, must be a catfight phenomenon.

THUD! "Argggggh!" Cindy was all smiles as she suddenly came in low, made a double fist and sledgehammered Gena Lee's tummy, just below the naval. Gena Lee's eyes widened like saucers, they rolled as she plummeted downward dropping to her knees. Cindy slipped behind her, wrapped her arm around her neck and slowly bent her backwards. Two huge breasts bulged out Gena Lee's bikini top, pointing skyward, just inches from Cindy's grinning face. The crowd grew silent as Gena Lee struggled, each squirm seeming to coax more of the huge mounds out of her top.

"Anybody wanna see 'em?" Cindy laughed as she tightened her choke hold, bent her busty blonde captive back even further.

The loudest shout for quick, erotic affirmative catfight action exploded from the eager crowds lips.

"Please...don't...." It wasn't so much a verbal request, as a plea from the gorgeous busty blonde who had once been deemed, "Sheena, QUEEN of the Jungle."

"They wanna see 'em!" Cindy chirped. "Annnnnd so do I Gena honey; my little, Sheena-girl!"

Cindy licked her lips as she slowly reached down for the two gorgeous firm globes of feminine flesh.

"Noooooooo..." Gena's loud protest was unheeded as Cindy grabbed her bikini top and slowly pulled.

The crowd let out a loud roar as the top gave way and two huge beautiful breasts burst into joyous freedom - at least it looked like joyous freedom if you judged by how excited the nipples looked! Gena Lee screamed and tried to cover her bare breasts while Cindy tossed the bikini top to a lucky fan, then spun back and with a grunt and a powerful twist, threw Gena Lee to the mat and leaped on her!

"Uhhhh!" Gena Lee grunted as Cindy's full weight landed on her stomach. WHAP! "Uhhhhh." THWACK! "UMPHHH!" She slapped Gena Lee's beautiful face several times before grabbing her huge breasts and squeezing hard and slow; relishing Gena Lee's shrieks. "Noooooo...YEOouchhhh!." Gena Lee bawled and squirmed as Cindy leaned back, slipped her hand under her bikini bottom, grabbed a handful of pubes and yanked while her other hand captured a thick hard nipple and pinched the sensitive nub viciously. "Please...pleaseeee STOP!" Gena Lee bawled as she bucked and kicked wildly trying to throw her lovely tormentor off.

She screamed even louder when Cindy suddenly switched from pube-pulling to wedgieing and the crowd roared as Gena Lee's bikini bottom all but disappeared into the thick forest of curly dark blonde hair as Cindy pulled and tugged until, to Gena Lee's relief, the straining fabric gave way. Alas, her relief was only momentarily because Cindy quickly leaned forward and grabbed her other breast. She bent, licked her lips and smiled mischievously as she captured the large hard erect nipple in her mouth, her pearly whites flashing.

"AIEEEEEE!" A bloodcurdling savage shriek pierced many an eardrum. A mighty heave and the gorgeous busty blonde babe sent the lovely long-legged model flying. THUD! "Unhhhhh..." Cindy groaned as she hit the incredibly hard turnbuckle. Gena Lee, gasping in pain and whimpering, got to her feet rubbing her sore breast,but iignoring her pain as she went on the attack! "Uhhhhhh… ohhhhhh!" Cindy gasped and moaned as two well placed kicks slammed into Cindy’s stomach and ribs. Gena Lee tried hard to ignore the pain as barefooted, her lovely face grimaced as her foot slammed into her rival. Gena Lee smiled as Cindy grunted as she tried in vain to protect both her belly and ribs. She looked helpless and vulnerable for the moment, as well as sexy in her sexy tight cutoffs which had slipped down until the top of her neatly trimmed pubes were peeling over the waist band.

"Get the hell up bitch!" Gena Lee snarled as she landed another kick to Cindy's ribs. Then Gena Lee grabbed two fistfuls of silky brown hair and jerked Cindy to her feet. WHUMP! Cindy's face blanched as the blondes knee smashed up into her crotch, lifting her up on tip-toes. A forearm smash to the chest followed, then a vicious bitchslap sent the long legged brunette beauty staggering back into the turnbuckle.

"Noooooo…AIIIIEEEEEE!" Cindy screamed as Gena Lee grabbed her hair in both hands and shook her as she pulled her around in a small circle making her dizzy. Cindy's beautiful eyes showed fear as Gena Lee bent her back over the third rope, positioning her shoulders on the ropes as Cindy's arms instinctively reached out to cling to the ropes. Then in a most erotic, sexy move, Gena Lee grabbed Cindy's skimpy top and yanked it up over her head, twisted it and tied it to the rope. Two beautiful firm breasts were completely exposed, totally vulnerable and jiggling as the model was arched backward with her head and shoulders over the top rope and her legs spread for balance. "Mphfffhhh...grrrr...wlphhh..." Cindy's angry protests were only muffled groans as Gena Lee cupped, squeezed and mauled her breasts, pinching and pulling the rock hard erect nipples as the crowd cheered. Then she slowly slid one hand down over Cindy's flat abs, her palm pressed against her heaving belly as her fingers dove under the waistband of Cindy’s low-riding cutoff jeans.

"Gooolllly is this fantastic or what!" one fan shouted.

"Yeah, fantastic for us, but sure not for that Cindy. She was always my favorite model babe," his companion said.

"Mine too!” another agreed. “Maybe she’s Gena Lee's favorite too….look!" another said.

All eyes were now on Cindy's beautiful left breast and Gena Lee’s tongue teasing the erect nipple which seemed to grow longer and stiffer with each hungry slurp. Suddenly, Gena Lee grabbed the breast with both hands and squeezed hard; her pearly whites flashing as Cindy's luscious body bridged up high hard and fast.

"Payback, Cindy hon!" Gena Lee shouted loudly as she grabbed Cindy's top and tore it clean in two. Before Cindy knew what was happening to her, Gena Lee’s leg sweep sent Cindy rebounding off the ropes and crashing to the mat. Gena Lee stood over the whimpering, sobbing, cowering and covering-her-bare-breasts model then planted a bare foot on her stomach, slowly sliding it up to her right breast. A devilish smile appeared on Gena Lee's face as she wiggled her toes and Cindy screamed. The very erotic sight delighted the crowd as Gena Lee's toes delivering a perfectly painful nipple pinch to the lovely supermodels bare breast.

"Arrrggggh! You bitch....leggo!" Cindy bellowed as she grabbed for Gena Lee's foot. But she missed as Gena Lee pulled her foot back, then slammed it down onto Cindy's stomach. "AIIEEEEE!" Cindy screamed and her legs and upper body jackknifed upward. Gena Lee reached down, grabbed Cindy’s hair and yanked her to her feet. WHAP! WHAP!! WHAP!!! Three hard slaps; backhand, forehand and backhand gave Cindy an attitude adjustment and sent her staggering backward, arms windmilling crazily. "Whaaaaa? Nnoooooooo..." Cindy screamed in a feeble protest as Gena Lee grabbed her hair again and jerked her forward, raising her leg and smashing her knee up into Cindy’s breasts, flattening them both like pancakes! Then Gena Lee stepped behind the bent over and gasping supermodel, grabbed her hair and pulled her back into a painful full nelson.

"Lets show everybody whatcha got!" Gena Lee snarled.

"Nooooooo... please..." Cindy pleaded as Gena Lee snapped her head and shoulders up and back; the painful hold putting incredible pressure on the lovely supermodels shoulders, neck and back. She stood with her graceful body arched, Gena Lee’s pelvis thrust aginst her butt, forcing her lovely chest out, her large, firm, unrestrained bare breasts jiggling with each step she was forced to take. Lucky fans, both male and female, checked out her lovely breasts with lecherous and loveing touches, caresses and cruel pinches. One woman, a blonde, teased Cindy's erect nipples for a couple of minutes before Gena Lee reluctantly pulled her away.

"How dare you, I'll kill you, you stupid blonde bitch," Cindy screamed at Gena Lee, although it could have been addressed to her most recent ‘admirer’ as well.

"Oh I DO dare, hon! And how dare you call ME a bitch, you cunt!" Gena Lee snapped back. "You're a supermodel…no, wait. I take that back, you WERE a supermodel, so let’s see if they remember you," Gena Lee said, her voice breaking into a giggle.

Cindy squirmed harder, realizing Gena Lee had more humiliation planned. She gasped and winced as her captor tightened her grip, bending her back as she lifted her off her feet. Cindy could feel Gena Lee's hard stiff nipples stabbing into her bare back, the blonde Amazon’s hot breath on her neck. Then, suddenly, Gena Lee released the full nelson and set her free!!

"Ahhhhh... free at last - gonna run for i...uhhhhhhhh!" Cindy's thoughts of freedom melted into blurred, painful numbness as Gena Lee's fist smashed down on the back of her neck in a rabbit punch. Cindy staggered forward and screamed, "NOOOOOO!" as she felt her cutoffs being yanked down around her ankles. Cindy stopped short, almost tripping as she reached down to hike them back up to resume her headlong retreat.

"Oh my, how sexy,” Gena Lee chirped. “A thong!" her voice barely audible over the laughing crowd’s noise.

WHOMP! Cindy's lower back exploded in agony from Gena Lee's hard kidney punch and the lovely supermodels long legs turned to jello as her thong was yanked down to join her cutoffs around her ankles. Cindy’s tight, firm, beautiful butt was now fully exposed for the crowds viewing pleasure.

"Gotta run,” Cindy thought. “Gotta escape! Gotta…” WHOMP! "Uhhhhhh!" Cindy's long legs churned but her legs, ankle deep in denim, brought her crashing down aided by Gena Lee’s bare foot slamming into her butt. Cindy went sprawling on her bare breasts, bounced and then was crushed by Gena Lee’s foot on her back, pressing down hard, pancaking Cindy's firm breasts beneather her against the incredibly rough canvas matting.

WHOMP! "Uhhhhhhh!" Cindy gruntned as Gena Lee dropped her ass down hard in the small of her back, dropping every lovely ounce of her weight down. Gena Lee quickly pulled Cindy’s arms back over her knees, then reached around and grabbed her chin, pulling her up and back into an erotic, but painful camelclutch. Holding Cindy's chin in her left hand, Gena Lee reached around under her chest with her right to grab Cindy’s firm right breast as it swayed provocatively below her heaving, arched chest. Then Gena Lee gave Cindy a taste of dirty wrestling torture before rolling her over on her back where she scissored her legs.

"My boobs, OW! Leggo of my boobs, puh…LEEEEEZZZZEEE!"

To the crowds delight, Gena Lee treated Cindy to some exquisite breast and nipple torture, before grabbing her drenched hair and using it to position her lovely head in just the perfect position for drilling her with the perfect punch. It slammed under her chin, snapping her head backward. Cindy's lovely eyes glazed over as her body stiffened, then began to topple over.

"Cindy girl, I know you like tits, so have a treat, on me," Gena Lee chirped with a lusty laugh as Cindy swooned at her feet in a daze, landing flat on her back only dimly aware of her surroundings..

SPLAT was the sound of the lovely supermodels face smacking against one huge, sweaty, gorgeously luscious firm breast sported by a busty blonde ex-Baywatch beauty. The sight held the lucky crowd enthralled as Gena Lee wiggled her butt as she lay on Cindy, her full breasts pressed over her face..

"Now that's the way to end a fight!" one lucky dude at ringside sighed as he watched Cindy's luscious naked body slowly squirm before it finally went limp. As Gena Lee raised her face, the crowd witnessed the contented smile of one happy winning lady!