Cindy Crawford vs. Claudia Schiffer "Supermodel Catfight" (c) by John J

Typically, when they are looking for a supermodel to advertise their products, companies have a certain "look" in mind, and they know for the most part which supermodel they want. Sometimes, there are disagreements about the desired look of the model. This happened to be one of those times. The President and CEO had thought that Cindy Crawford was the perfect choice, while the remainder of the Board of Directors thought Claudia Schiffer was the model that they should hire. The argument raged back and forth, as both sides were determined to win.

They brought the two models in to one of the meetings as well, hoping their presence would help reach a decision. It only made matters worse, as the arguments got even more heated and the two supermodels got into each other's face and argued with each other.

In a moment of anger, Cindy yelled, "We should just fight it out. I'll knock your damn blonde head off, bitch!"

At that moment, the room quieted down, and nearly became silent.

The Board conferred, and a few minutes later they said, "Agreed. You two fight it out, and the winner gets the contract."

Cindy complained that she had just said that in a moment of anger, but Claudia was not only in agreement, she was ready to fight.

Cindy finally agreed and said, "Fine. When and where will we fight."

The CEO said, "How about Friday night. The new Board room is just down the hall from here. It's carpeted and nearly finished except for the furniture. It would be a perfect place for a catfight."

Claudia sneered, "Perfect. Let's do it."

Cindy agreed, "Fine. Let's fight."

The CEO had said, "OK. Friday night it is at seven o'clock."

At that, the meeting broke up and everyone went their own way. The remainder of the week passed at a glacial pace. Nobody thought that Friday would ever arrive, but it did finally arrive, and the time for the fight grew closer and closer. Cindy and Claudia were each shown to an empty office to use as their dressing room. They both fixed their hair and makeup and changed into sexy little string bikinis to wear for the fight. Claudia picked a tiny yellow string bikini and matching heels to fight in, while Cindy picked a similar outfit, but powder blue in color. The two gorgeous supermodels paced nervously as they awaited the start of the fight.

The intercom came to life and the voice called, "OK, ladies. Please proceed directly to the fight room. We put up signs to lead you to the right room."

The two supermodels entered the room from opposite sides. When they entered, they saw the CEO, the directors, and a redheaded lady there.

The CEO spoke up and said, "There isn't enough room in this Board room for all of us to watch the fight. We are all going to return to the main board room, and watch the fight on TV screens connected to the cameras in this room." He pointed to the redhead and said, "This is Mandy, one of our secretaries. She's been selected to referee the fight. Don't worry, she's been in a few catfights of her own."

The Board of Directors began to shuffle out of the room, as the CEO said, "I'll call when we are all settled in the boardroom, and you can start the fight."

When the guys had all left, Mandy locked the door.

They waited a little bit. A few minutes later a voice called out over the office intercom, "We're ready. Start anytime."

Mandy called the two supermodels together and said, "Alright, ladies. You know the rules. This is a catfight to the finish. I won't interfere except for a knockout or submission. Now step apart, and start the fight on my signal."

The two models backed away from each other and waited. Mandy yelled out, "FIGHT!" as she stepped away.

Cindy and Claudia lunged at each other, and quickly locked up. Both supermodels right for the other's long hair, and a fierce hairpulling struggle began. They wrapped their hands into the other woman's long hair. They both wanted to get some additional leverage as they pulled viciously. Their heads bobbed and weaved, as they danced and wobbled across the room, with each model trying to unbalance her rival and gain an advantage. The stalemate continued until Claudia gave Cindy a twist that shoved her into the wall. Claudia gained the first advantage of the fight, as she gave the brunette a solid knee to the gut. Cindy gasped as some air was knocked out of her lungs. Claudia went on the attack, as she secured her forearm across Cindy's throat, and tried to choke out the brunette. Cindy retaliated, as she reached behind Claudia and raked her nails down the blonde's back. Claudia howled in pain and pulled away.

The two supermodels began to circle each other again, and they looked for a chance to get the other woman in a hold. Claudia saw her chance and lunged at Cindy. Cindy sidestepped and hip-tossed the attacking blonde. Cindy allowed her own weight to come down as well, as she splashed down on top of Claudia. Cindy got a good grasp on Claudia's arms and held them down. She tried to secure Claudia's legs as well, and pin her down with a grapevine hold. Cindy knew that Claudia would then use up all her strength to escape. Cindy got part of the grapevine in place, but Claudia realized the plan and bucked Cindy off before she could complete the hold. Claudia kicked Cindy away, and the two beauties got up and faced off again.

Cindy quickly charged in and went for a takedown, but Claudia countered and gave Cindy a mare flip instead. Claudia kept hold of Cindy's hair after the hair flip, and hauled her to her feet. She muscled the brunette over toward the wall and began to smash her head against the wall. Cindy countered slightly with a hard yank on Claudia's hair. While Claudia balanced herself again, Cindy lashed out with her high-heeled foot and nailed Claudia with a kick to the pussy. Claudia shrieked and dropped to her knees in pain. Cindy put Claudia down on her back with a kick to the tits. Cindy grabbed Claudia by the hair and pulled her into a neckscissors. Cindy clamped down hard with her powerful thighs and squeezed Claudia's head and neck. Claudia gasped as Cindy's legs choked her. Cindy squeezed as hard as she could. After quite a bit of work, Claudia was able to unhook Cindy's legs and power her thighs apart to roll away. Claudia rolled away and gulped down air, while Cindy got up fast and wanted to continue her attack.

Claudia was ready, and as Cindy approached, Claudia lashed out with her legs and pounded Cindy in the crotch with a powerful kick. Cindy yelped in pain and grunted as she dropped to the carpeted floor. Claudia grabbed Cindy by the hair and yanked her to her knees. Claudia set Cindy up for a big knee lift to the face, but Cindy dodged, and Claudia's momentum sent her down. Cindy winded Claudia with a couple knee drops to the gut and then a couple more stomps to the gut and tits.

Cindy hauled the blonde to her knees by the hair, and set her up for a follow up blow. This knee lift landed perfectly, as Cindy smashed Claudia in the face with her knee. Claudia moaned as she dropped back in pain, her nose bloody. Cindy continued her attack with more stomps to her downed adversary. Claudia retaliated as she grabbed at Cindy's leg. As the brunette lifted her leg to stomp, Claudia twisted the other leg hard and took Cindy down hard. Claudia grabbed at Cindy's legs and clamped a figure-4 leglock on the brunette. Cindy howled in pain as Claudia twisted her leg in an unnatural direction.

Cindy worked to unfasten Claudia's legs and finally rolled out of the hold. Cindy rolled away from Claudia, as Claudia pursued her. Claudia caught Cindy and grabbed her legs again. Claudia trapped Cindy in a double-toed leg-lock. Cindy fought out of the hold, as she arched up and forced Claudia to release her. Claudia put the brunette down again with a stomp to the back. Claudia grabbed one of Cindy's legs and arms and put her into a bow-and-arrow hold to stretch her back. Cindy twisted and lashed out with her free leg and kicked Claudia in the tits to get free.

Claudia got up quickly and came back after Cindy. Cindy slowed her down with a double kick to the knees that caught Claudia in both knees. Claudia dropped in pain. Cindy got up slowly, still working the pain out of her back and legs. Cindy stomped at Claudia's knees, wanting to keep up the pressure on those knees. Cindy straddled Claudia's back, and tore her bikini top off. Cindy tossed the top to the side as she sunk her nails into the blonde's tits. Claudia howled in pain as Cindy ravaged her boobs, but was unable to retaliate. Cindy shifted position, and Claudia took advantage as she bucked and nearly toppled the brunette. Cindy kept her position and smashed her butt down into Claudia's back, forcing the blonde down hard. Cindy tried to hold Claudia down, but Claudia managed to squirm around until she got herself into a position to buck Cindy off.

Claudia didn't waste a moment as she quickly lunged at the still rolling brunette, and tore off her bikini top. Claudia wrapped the top around Cindy's neck and started to choke her with it. Cindy responded with a series of hard punches to Claudia's previously mauled tits. Claudia's choke weakened with each punch. Cindy pounded her boobs relentlessly, until Claudia released her. Cindy grabbed the top, and wrapped it around Claudia's neck and started to choke the blonde with it. Claudia tore at Cindy's tits and started to maul them in retaliation. Claudia tugged Cindy's big tits to the side and eventually toppled the brunette. The two beauties separated and rolled apart.

The two supermodels got up and faced off again. They were a little slower than they had been at the beginning of the fight. They were still every bit as determined to win, if not more so, than they had been at the beginning. The two gorgeous supermodels raised their fists defensively as they circle each other, both watching for an opening. Claudia swung at Cindy's head, but Cindy ducked and countered with a solid right to Claudia's jaw that spun the blonde's head to the side. Cindy planted a left into Claudia's jaw as well, and cranked her head around the other way, as Claudia staggered back.

Cindy chased and put a series of punches into Claudia's tits and gut. Claudia suddenly hammered Cindy with a huge kick to the head that dazed the brunette. Claudia grabbed her arm and flung her into the wall and hammered her with kidney punches. Cindy suddenly spun around and backfisted Claudia in the mouth in retaliation. Claudia staggered back, and Cindy shoved her into the wall. Cindy pounded her in the face and tits with punch after punch until the blonde sunk down to the carpeted floor, nearly in tears.

Cindy yanked Claudia up to her feet by the hair and asked her, "Give up?"

Claudia hissed, "Fuck you, bitch!"

Claudia lunged at Cindy for a pussy punch, but Cindy deflected the blow partially.

Cindy growled, "Have it your way, slut!"

Cindy roughly pulled Claudia's hair back and kicked her hard between the legs. Claudia yelped in pain and dropped to her knees. Cindy grabbed Claudia by the hair and shoved her at the wall again. She hammered the blonde with some more punches and secured her forearm across Claudia's throat for a choke hold. Claudia weakly tried to pull Cindy's arm free, but couldn't. Cindy suddenly released the hold, and tossed the blonde down to the floor. Claudia coughed as she lay on the carpeted floor. Cindy splashed down on top of Claudia.

She demanded, "Do you give, you damn whore?"

Claudia answered defiantly, "No! Never!"

Cindy smirked, "Fine. Suit yourself."

Cindy lowered her gorgeous full tits down over Claudia's face and smothered her with her boobs. Cindy pulled Claudia's face in tightly, to make sure that she couldn't breath. After Claudia stopped her struggles, Cindy released the boob smother and got up.

She slapped Claudia across the face a few times and asked again, "Do you give yet?"

Claudia tearfully answered, "Yes. Please stop. You win."

Cindy sneered, "That's a good girl. But, I don't think you've your lesson yet. I think you're still just a smart-ass, that hasn't learned her lesson yet."

Claudia cried out, "Yes. I've learned. Please. No more."

Cindy didn't listen. She lowered her ass down on to Claudia's face and sat down. She facesat the blonde until Claudia was out cold. Cindy ground her ass back and forth, without Claudia responding at all.

Mandy moved in and pulled Cindy off as she said, "OK. That's enough. She's out."

Mandy shoved Cindy toward one corner as she started the count, "1... 2... 3...."

Claudia didn't even budge.

Mandy continued, "4... 5... 6... 7...."

Claudia stirred just a little, but she showed no ability to get up.

Mandy went on, "8... 9...."

Claudia was conscious now, but didn't attempt to get up as Mandy finished her count with, "10!"

Mandy called out loudly, "The winner, BY KNOCKOUT, CINDY CRAWFORD!!!!"

Mandy helped a tearful Claudia to her feet. She went back to her dressing room to get changed and quietly leave, while the Board came and congratulated the victorious Cindy.

The next day the Board of Directors and Cindy Crawford conducted a joint press conference. They announced the long term advertising deal that they just signed.

The end.