Stephanie Seymour vs. Cindy Crawford by Southgate

Cindy and Stephanie rush forward, slamming into one another. Their arms and legs entwine. Evenly matched, muscles strain as each woman tries to seize control. Cindy manages to wrap her left leg behind Stephanie's right leg, twisting her off balance and shoving her backwards. Seymour wraps her arms around Cindy's waist as she stumbles, trapping Crawford's arms in her armpits. Stephanie twists around, regains her footing by positioning her left thigh in between Cindy's legs. Steph shoves her knee up, nailing Cindy in the crotch and throwing her off balance. For a few moments, the women struggle intensely for control, then Seymour hoists Cindy off the sand in a bear hug. Crawford's eyes widen as Stephanie tightens her grip. Cindy yanks her left arm free and sinks her fingers into the side of Stephanie's face, raking her eyes in the process. Stephanie lets go and tries to pull away, but Crawford throws a headlock on her.

They tumble to the ground with Cindy landing on top of Stephanie, maintaining the headlock. Crawford continues to work on Stephanie's face, driving several jabs into Stephanie's nose and cheek, then grabbing her foe's nose and mouth to smother her. Stephanie bucks wildly but Crawford effectively rides her and maintains the neck damaging headlock all the while. Seymour wraps her right hand in Cindy's hair and twists wildly, finally forcing Cindy to relinquish the hold. They roll across the sand, arms and legs flailing. Cindy, momentarily on top of Stephanie, spreads her legs wide for leverage, grabs Seymour's hair with both hands and smashes her foe's head up and down on the hard sand. Stephanie is hurt.

Crawford wraps her left hand around Stephanie's throat, straightens her elbow to push her own body up and pumps her right knee into Seymour's crotch. Enjoying herself as Stephanie gurgles and moans, Cindy shifts her other knee in between Stephanie's legs. Letting go of Stephanie's throat, Cindy's right hand sinks into Stephanie's left tit, mashing the soft globe in her strong fingers. Crawford slams her left fist repeatedly into Stephanie's pussy, then grabs a handful of pubic hair and twists away. Screaming, Stephanie, still on her back, comes to life and manages to wrap her thighs around Cindy's waist. She pulls Cindy's hand from her tit, but Crawford maintains the assault on her bush. Feeling the pressure of Stephanie's scissors, Crawford uses her strong legs to push up to her feet, lifting Stephanie with her. Crawford drives forward with full force, slamming Stephanie's head into the sand. Seymour lands hard, again flat on her back, and relinquishes her scissors.

Crawford, on her knees, slams her elbow into Stephanie's gut and immediately goes back to work on Seymour's tit and applies a claw hold to her pussy. Steph's tit is bright red and swollen from the mauling. Crawford is wrecking havoc on her pussy. In desperation, Seymour slams her right fist into Cindy's face, bloodying her nose. Crawford shifts back, out of range, straddling Seymour's legs with her strong thighs. Still working her pussy claw, Cindy twists Stephanie's left arm across her own throat. Congratulating herself at her ability to completely dominate her usually dangerous foe, Cindy finally pulls her hand from Stephanie's pussy and shifts herself forward, sitting hard on the humbled woman's tits.

"Give it up," Cindy commands, "while you still have a working C***."

Seymour pulls her feet up towards her butt, thrust up and hips and bucks violently. The unexpected move throws Cindy from her perch. Cindy lands on her face but recovers quickly and launches herself, leaping back on top of Stephanie. But Seymour, still on her back, pulls her knees up and catches Cindy hard in the belly. Seymour shoves Crawford beside her on the sand. Momentarily winded, Cindy can only watch as Stephanie grabs her hair and slams her fist wickedly into her face. Seymour lands six unanswered punches. Blood flows freely from Cindy's nose.

Stephanie stands, hair hauls Cindy to her feet. On her way up, Crawford slams a fist into Stephanie's rock solid belly, but Seymour retaliates with a resounding punch to the left side of Cindy's face that snaps her head violently. Stephanie, on her feet, bends Cindy forward from the waist and wraps her thighs around Cindy's neck. Seymour slams a series of ax handles down onto Cindy's back. Her iron thighs mash Cindy's neck. Frantic, Crawford reaches around to sinks her fingers into Stephanie' ass cheeks. Seymour curses, reaches forward with both hands and claws at Cindy's ass. Her fingers slash their way down to Crawford's fully exposed thighs, leaving angry red welts as her fingers dig in. Stephanie has much better leverage. Again, she squeezes her thighs tight around Cindy's neck. Crawford realizes that she must break free quickly or she will loose. Raking her fingers down Stephanie's thighs, Cindy digs her fingers into the flesh behind Stephanie's knees. As Seymour' legs buckle in reflex, Cindy drops down into a squat.

Stephanie lurches forward, trying to maintain her hold and her balance. Cindy quickly thrusts her body up. Her leg strength is legendary and Cindy succeeds in forcing Stephanie to relinquish her head scissors as she is lifted off her feet. Cindy's momentum causes her to pitch forward. Stephanie falls forward and on top of Cindy's back. As they land on the ground, Stephanie quickly snaps her thighs shut around Cindy's neck. Crawford lies on her belly, her head yanked backward and trapped between Stephanie's thighs. Seymour reaches backward with her left hand and grabs Cindy's hair, holding her head firmly in place between her thighs. Her right hand claws into the flesh of Cindy's wide butt. "Damn you have a big ass," taunts Seymour. She leans forward and sinks her teeth into Cindy's already bruised left ass cheek, leaving two rows of teeth marks. Cindy tries to buck and roll, but Stephanie yanks back on her hair and bears down with her thighs. Cindy is immobilized. Seymour's right hand goes back to work, pounding and clawing relentlessly on Cindy's pussy.

After a long couple of minutes, Stephanie forces both hands under Cindy's waist and bears down for all she's worth with her thighs, trying to snap Cindy's neck. Crawford is in agony, though she struggles, her strength is sapped. Seymour finally stops. Rolling Cindy on to her back, Stephanie squats down on her foe's face and pulls Cindy's big legs backwards, trapping her in a matchbook. As Crawford squirms, Seymour grinds her wide iron butt down hard on her Crawford's face.

With Cindy trapped in this most humiliating position, Stephanie decides that it's time to pay her back for the pussy mauling Cindy inflicted on her. First, Step reaches into Cindy's crotch and starts yanking out hands full of her dark brown bush. Cindy's muffled screams to egg her on. Seymour shoves her fingers into Cindy's pussy and claws her with abandon. Shifting forward, Stephanie sits in a reverse straddle on Cindy's chest, pinning her arms at her side with her own strong legs. Each of her hands claws into the soft flesh of Cindy's inner thighs, just below her crotch. Cindy screams but will not submit. Stephanie reaches backwards, with her left hand and wraps her fingers around Cindy's neck. Her right hand pummels Cindy's lower belly and pussy.

Landing more than thirty blows, Seymour pauses, "Submit, you dumb bitch."

"I won't give you the satisfaction," Cindy sobs.

"Fine, fool, have it your way," laughs Seymour.

Slipping her butt back to Cindy's face, Stephanie leans forward and grabs a handful of Cindy's remaining bush, and yanks up hard enough to lift Cindy's ass off the sand. Seymour wraps her left arm around Cindy's back and punches out Crawfords' belly and tits. Stopping only to nestle her butt down on Cindy's face, Stephanie again pulls up on her foe's legs and secures her in a matchbook . She forces her right hand into Cindy's pussy and starts pumping her fist hard. Soon Cindy is moaning as Seymour forces her to come.

Laughing, Seymour stands and slowly and deliberately wipes her wet hand in Cindy's hair. Seymour grabs Crawford's hair, intending to pull her to her feet. But Cindy drives up and forward, catching her tormentor off-guard with a massive head-butt. Seymour spins away and staggers forward, dropping to her knees. Cindy, her pussy on fire, nonetheless lifts her left leg and slams a kick into the back of Stephanie's head. Seymour is face first in the sand. Crawford straddles her back and proceeds to rain punches down on Stephanie's neck and head. Seymour finally manages to buck Crawford off. Both women slowly rise to their feet.

The women again rush forward, burying their fingers in each other's hair. They twist and spin as they struggle, ending up back to back. Cindy slips her hands down under Stephanie's chin and shoves her ass backwards into Stephanie's, trying to trap her in a hangman. But Seymour has the same ideal, wraps her hands around Cindy's chin. Both women strain mightily, their asses grind together as they battle. Their bodies shake under the strain. Slowly, Cindy seems to gain the advantage, bending Seymour backwards slightly, but Stephanie rallies, slams her ass back hard into Cindy's and, with a huge effort, first straightens her own back and reverses the hold. Cindy is spent, with no more to give. Stephanie bends her far forward. Hoisted across Seymour's back, Cindy's neck is near breaking.

"Give up," Stephanie commands."

"Drop dead," Cindy stammers out.

Frustrated, Stephanie throws Cindy to the ground. Hauling her to her feet, Seymour buries her fist in Cindy's gut, bends her forward and hoists her upside down. Seymour carries Cindy around deliberately for several long seconds, then drives forward, pile-driving her foe into the sand. Cindy is out cold. Stephanie hauls her to her feet, slaps her face repeatedly until the dazed women responds. Stephanie twists Cindy's arm behind her back in a hammerlock. She forces her right hand between Cindy's legs and claws at her pussy.

Lifting Cindy off the ground Stephanie hisses out, "Submit!"

Cindy, unable to take any more, sobs out, "No more, no more, I give," ending the fight.