Cindy Crawford vs. Stephanie Seymour by FQWarrior 11-Aug-99

Stephanie was happy. In love. In lust. Her last match with Melinda Messenger was a eye opener for her when during the match, Melinda basically tried to rape her. At the end of that match which she won easily, she was confused of her feelings. Disgusted or aroused ? Turned out it was the latter as after the match as she was showering, Melinda joined her in the shower and they had torrid sex in the shower. Ever since then, they had been inseparable spending many nights sucking on each others tits and grinding their cunts against each other when not strapping on their favorite 10" dildo to screw each other.

Stephanie came to the ring for this match with Cindy accompanied by Melinda. Stephanie was in a dark blue thong bikini which showed off her slim figure. Melinda followed her in a yellow skin tight t-shirt which showed she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were poking out and her areolas were visible. She wore a red micro mini which barely covered her meaty ass. High heels were her foot wear. Both girls wore sunglasses. Stephanie got on the apron and bent over showing off her cunt lips that were clearly visible under her mini thong. Melinda followed her and when she stepped through the ropes, she showed off her ass which was covered with only a red g-string.

Cindy came in next in her trade mark white bikini and as usual, with her warm up routine, made the bikini see through which allowed her nipples and dark bush to be visible through the material. She gave both Melinda and Stephanie, who were in each others arms a courtesy look and went to her own corner. The official signaled Melinda to exit the ring and she and Stephanie embraced and French kissed each other, both seemingly trying to swallow the others tongue. Melinda had her hands all over Stephanie's ass and Stephanie had both her hands on Melinda's tits, massaging them. Finally, the broke and Melinda exited the ring again flashing her ass to all. Cindy smiled with amusement from her corner but she was a little wary with Melinda by the sidelines. With what had happened in the Elle / Rebecca semi final with all the outside interference, she was right to be wary.

The girls came together in the ring, Stephanie doing all the talking. They both had their hands on their hips, toe to toe, nose to nose, tit to tit. Then Stephanie started off by pushing Cindy backwards by her tits. Cindy came back with a much harder push on Stephanie's tits. Both girls grabbed each other in a mutual bear hug and two sets of tits were crushed and squashed to the side. After struggling round the ring, the girls broke the hold. Stephanie kicked out trying to get Cindy in the gut but Cindy read it and caught Stephanie's leg. In turn, she kicked out and caught Stephanie in her cunt and Stephanie went down like a shot. She lay on her side groaning while cupping her cunt. "maybe next time you'll pay attention to the match you dyke" said Cindy. "Fucking bitch" came the scream from Melinda who was on the apron. Cindy and her stood face to face across the ropes as Melinda berated Cindy. Very coolly, Cindy gave Melinda a push in the chest and with a scream, she ended up on her ass in the sand, legs splayed out cursing and swearing. Officials stopped her from getting in the ring.

Cindy turned back her attention to Stephanie who was sitting up. Pulling her up by her hair, she left hooked her across the face sending her down on her ass again. Picking her up again by her hair, Cindy punched her in the stomach sending her slumping into the corner. While approaching her, she was distracted by Melinda who had gotten to the other side of the ring. In this instant, Stephanie kicked out landing a solid foot to Cindy's unprotected stomach. A second kick and then a third sent Cindy down to the mat on her knees. Stephanie's cunt still throbbed but she had her second wind. Pulling Cindy up by her hair, Stephanie sent a left hook into Cindy's right tit causing it to fly towards the left and flop out of her bikini top. A right hook to the other tit sent it out of the top as well.

With both tits out, Stephanie couldn't resist and grabbed both of Cindy's ripe tits and squeezed hard. Cindy screamed in pain and tried to get Stephanie's hands off by grabbing her wrist. Stephanie kicked Cindy again in the gut and released her tits as she crashed down to her knees again. Reaching down, she untied Cindy's bikini top letting her tits swing free and proceeded to choke Cindy with it who was still on her knees. Cindy got up and Stephanie pressed herself to Cindy's back while choking her. Stephanie didn't want to admit it to Melinda but she found Cindy extremely horny and looked for any excuse to rub herself on her. Cindy in trying to get out of the choke pushed Stephanie backwards hard into the corner. She felt her back squash Stephanie's tits on impact. Another shove and Stephanie released the bikini top and the choke. Cindy turned around and slapped Stephanie across the face a couple of times and then backed away to massage her neck which had red bruises all over it from the choke.

"You like squeezing tits so much, lets see how you take it" said Cindy as she tore Stephanie's bikini top off and crushed her tits drawing a wail of pain from Stephanie.

Stephanie reached back out and got a grip on Cindy's tits and for the next thirty seconds or so, both girls proceeded to try and squeeze all the milk out of each others tits. Stephanie amended her hold by releasing one of Cindy's tits and cupping her groin and cunt in a pussy hold. Cindy screamed out and did the same and came into contact with a very wet pair of bikini bottoms. Stephanie's cunt juices were flowing like a faucet !! Despite the pain, Cindy smiled at her discovery of Stephanie's lust.

"You horny bitch" mumbled Cindy to Stephanie as they increased the pressure on each others tit and cunt.

Stephanie was starting to get really turned on and so seemed to welcome the fact that Cindy was squeezing one of her tits and clawing her juicy cunt. Cindy on the other hand was starting to really suffer and went to her knees in pain eventually wile Stephanie still had the double claw on. While Cindy was on her knees she made a tempting target for Stephanie was threw a knee into Cindy's face bleeding her nose and sending her down on her back.

Taking the opportunity, Stephanie stripped off her own bikini bottoms showing the crowd pussy fur that was wet with her own juices. She mounted Cindy and using one of Cindy's erect nipples, started rubbing her cunt over it. very quickly with a smile to Melinda, she mounted Cindy's face in an attempt to smother Cindy and also get herself off.

The look of lust on Stephanie's face as she grinded her cunt on Cindy's face was driving the crowd wild especially Melinda who could feel her g-string panties soaking up. Unfortunately, instead of putting Cindy out, the smell of Stephanie's sex just woke her up !! On one of Stephanie's downward grinds, Cindy clamped down hard on Stephanie's pussy lips and Stephanie screamed out loud jumping off Cindy while cupping her sex.

Cindy was pissed off and sat up, her face totally drenched with Stephanie's pussy juices. She got up and kicked the curled up Stephanie three times in the gut. With a scream, she picked Stephanie up and body slammed the beauty down hard on her back. She slammed her so hard Stephanie's body bounced up from the mat and her bare tits shook. Cindy pulled her up and body slammed her again and then again for a third time. Stephanie was groaning in pain and Cindy turned her over and put Stephanie into a sharpshooter. Stephanie screamed as Cindy sat back, ass to ass with Stephanie exposing Stephanie's wet cunt to the crowd. She looked down and grinned as there was a wet patch on the mat where Stephanie's cunt came into contact with it.

Just as quickly, Cindy let go of the hold as Melinda was on the apron again. Unknown to Cindy, she had thrown one of shoes near Stephanie's head and with Cindy facing the other way. As Cindy got near to Melinda by the ropes, the busty blonde reached out and grabbed Cindy by her tits drawing a howl of pain from the super model. Reaching out, Cindy started crushing Melinda's D cups through her t-shirt as well. While this was going on, Stephanie got up dizzily and seeing the shoe, reached out for it. Coming up unsteadily behind Cindy who had her eyes closed in pain and head thrown back, she swung the shoe catching Cindy on the back of the head with it sending her down to her knees.

As a official tried to warn Stephanie about the shoe, she threw it at him. As it was the semi final, he was willing to let a lot pass. Then Melinda who had jumped down off the apron came back into the ring with a folded chair. Stephanie hauled Cindy up and put her in a full nelson driving Cindy face down to her heaving sweaty chest. Using the back rest of the chair, Melinda speared Cindy in the gut causing a scream of pain from her. Both Melinda and Stephanie were laughing at this point and met over Cindy's slumped shoulder in a wild French kiss, crushing the limp Cindy in between them. Melinda reach down and drew her T-shirt over her head releasing her bouncy tits sending the crowd wild. She then grabbed Cindy by the hair to lift her up and started sucking on Cindy's erect nipple while squeezing her other tit. Stephanie and Melinda had another good laugh out of this and then Melinda stuck her big swollen nipple in front of Cindy's mouth and ordered her to return the "favor."

The big smile on Melinda's face turned to shock and then pain as Cindy almost bit her nipple off !! Melinda stepped back and examined her nipple and blood was starting to flow from it ! In rage she picked up the metal chair again but Stephanie in her concern for Melinda loosened her full nelson on Cindy. Melinda let fly with the chair, Cindy pulled out of the full nelson ducking the chair and it smashed flat into the beautiful face of Stephanie Seymour !!

Stephanie flew backward and landed with a thud on her back, spread-eagled. Melinda screamed out in shock as blood suddenly started spurting out of Stephanie's nose and mouth. Seeing her chance, Cindy threw a upper cut in between the spread legs of Melinda striking her cunt full on !! With a groan, Melinda released the chair and stepped back cupping her cunt. Cindy picked up the chair and swung it hard against Melinda's twin mounds with a TWAT as Melinda stumbled backwards into the ropes and back forward again. The force of the chair against Melinda's tits cause the chair to bounce back and so it was with a full swing again that Cindy caught Melinda on the top of the head with the chair sending her back again against the ropes and through it to land in an awkward heap on the sand, her legs open and spread above her.

It was simple after that. Cindy lay down over Stephanie and hooked her leg up showing her cunt again to the crowd and took the three count. As Cindy celebrated, Stephanie started coming round as Melinda crawled back into the ring to her. Seeing both coming too, Cindy decided that it was time to leave and exited the ring with Melinda's voice, swearing revenge, following her to the back. In a show of defiance, Cindy turned back to look at the screaming Melinda who was cradling Stephanie. Cindy very slowly cupped her own left tit and pushed it up and licked her own nipple for Melinda sending the blonde beauty into a bigger rage !!

The End