Cindy Crawford vs. Sharon Stone by Shanahan 27-Jun-99

Cindy Crawford knew she wasn't the actress that Sharon Stone was; but when the blonde beauty had mouthed off in the tabloids that she also would have been better at modeling than Cindy if she wanted to, it was enough for the brunette to challenge the blonde to a fight. No holds barred, naked, in the woods, one-on-one, fighting to the finish. Sharon eagerly agreed, confident she would whip the upstart Cindy blue.

They met on the appointed date, stripped to the skin away from prying eyes, and got down to business. After the requisite name-calling, slapping, punching, breast-squeezing, and hair pulling, both women were left sweaty, exhausted, and slightly bloody. Neither refused to give in, though, each determined to best the other if it took everything she had.

Sharon glared at Cindy furiously as the two combatants stood a few feet apart. The brunette had proved tougher and harder than she had thought. Sharon realized she had grown to hate the brunette more than she had ever hated anyone in her life. How she longed to fasten her hands about her rival's throat and squeeze the life from her ...

Problem was, while Sharon was merely thinking of ending her foe's existence, Cindy was acting. Thus it was the brunette who stepped forward, wrapped her hands about the blonde's vulnerable neck, and began throttling her. Sharon gasped in agony and tried to pry Cindy's hands loose, but the brunette hung on determinedly, twisting and turning from side to side even as she continued to choke her prey to death. Steely fingers pressed in hard on the back of Sharon's neck, thumbs pressed down even harder on the blonde's windpipe as Cindy executed a textbook stranglehold. All she needed to do now was simply hang on ...

She never got the chance to. In a last-ditch effort, Sharon began throwing punches wildly at her foe's face, swinging left and right and left again until finally she made contact with the bridge of Cindy's nose, stunning her attacker. Cindy tried to shake off the blow, but was hit by another, and another, each of them striking her square in the face, until Sharon finally connected her knuckles with Cindy's chin, knocking the brunette backwards with a yell and breaking her chokehold.

Sucking in a few quick lungfuls of her air, her ample breasts rising and contracting with each inhalation and exhalation, Sharon suddenly shot forward, grabbing Cindy by the throat with both of her hands and choking her foe murderously. Cindy emitted a strangled cry as Sharon, jaw set and teeth clenched, began to pour on the pressure; the next instant, both busty, leggy beauties were squealing and gasping for air as Cindy again seized Sharon's throat in her hands. Now it was a question of who could hold out - and who would succumb.

The stranglehold stalemate continued as Cindy and Sharon kept shifting and twisting around, bare feet dancing in the dirt and grass, each woman trying to throw the other off even as they continued crushing each other's necks. Tighter and tighter they fastened their powerful hands about one another's bloated throats, the outcome a complete toss-up, until one of them struck a low blow that sealed the issue.

Rearing back with her right leg even as she maintained her two-handed grasp on the blonde's trachea, Cindy pulled her shapely gam back as far as she could from her standing position and then fired it upwards into Sharon's soft, unprotected snatch. The blonde immediately howled in pain, her screams echoing twice more in the small forest as Cindy landed two more kicks to Sharon's furry pussy. Forsaking her own grip then to tend to her wounded womanhood, Sharon had unwittingly thrown the match to her dark-haired foe.

The brunette hadn't suffered such groin agony and she was able to concentrate on choking her opponent as viciously as before. Cindy's strong hands coiled tighter and tighter about the blonde's vulnerable neck, until it seemed that they would break that neck in half. Trapped on the defensive, Sharon could only clutch madly at her attacker's wrists, trying to pull free, but it was too late.

The canopy of trees began to swirl around the blonde as the last vestiges of air were choked from her heaving chest, Cindy refusing to give her victim any measure of relief. Sharon began to cough and stagger under the unyielding pressure as if she were drunk, her footing growing more and more unsure, until finally she was forced to her knees where Cindy finished her off, the brunette shaking the blonde's pretty head back and forth ferociously, until at last she dumped her unconscious sacrifice down into the dirt.

Cindy then took great pleasure in stepping on the unconscious blonde's limp body, rubbing the soiled soles of her bare feet over the other babe's breasts, face, and throat for a long while as Sharon lay prone and unmoving. The supermodel then headed back up the path to her cottage, satisfied with her dominant victory, leaving Sharon alone in the woods for whomever might find the actress' nude form.