PARALLEL VISION: Another view of Sharon Stone vs. Cindy Crawford by Mars

When a goddess makes her anger known, she rains thunderbolts...

Like lightening, the punch landed hard against Cindy's cheek and sent her reeling back against the wall. The tears had already begun to well in her beautiful dark eyes and the fight had barely begun. She had not expected violence. She had not expected pain. She had not expected Sharon Stone to truly be the hellcat that everyone said she was.

On the other hand, Sharon was fully ready to war. There were no tears in her eyes-instead they burned like blue flames of anger.

And she moved in for the kill.

She knew that Cindy was no fighter, but she had not thought it would be this easy. There were hands held high to block the face, leaving the ribs soft, inviting and unprotected. There was crawling into a ball to shield herself from the kicks. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth-but little response. Cindy was no match for the blonde and naked hellion that was Sharon.

She had talked a mean game, but they all did around Sharon. They always wanted to test her. Was she really as tough as her rep? So many starlets before Cindy had tried-Andie MacDowell, Vanity, Rachel Ticotin-but none had succeeded. Sharon was the reigning queen. Now Cindy had tried and, already, had failed.

The fight had begun at a posh party in the Hollywood Hills with a remark Cindy made about a mutual costar of Sharon and hers, Billy Baldwin. Something to the effect of how Billy preferred love scenes with a beautiful supermodel like her to scenes with an "old hag" like Sharon. She knew that Sharon was near. She had wanted her to hear. Well, she got what she wanted and what she needed..

Sharon had heard and it didn't take long for the challenge to be issued. "Meet me out back, bitch," was all Sharon said to her. Cindy let out a nervous laugh. Sharon didn't laugh at all, she just glared cool, cold daggers of blue ice.

They squared off in the back of the house by the garage. Both women were the picture of elegance and beauty. Sharon was decked out in a short, sheer black evening dress and black high heels-all of which she promptly and icily removed as she faced off against Cindy. The sight of the nude and beautiful blonde unsettled Cindy, but she thought she was up for the challenge. She removed her beautiful long, white gown and her shoes and stood proudly before Sharon. Her body was tight and tan, her dark hair cascaded down her back. She seemed ready for action.

Then the punch came.

Sharon was swift and fierce. The electric white heat of her knuckles spun Cindy's face around. The tears welled in Cindy's eyes. Sharon smiled. Her next punch landed on the other side of Cindy's face, spinning her head back in the opposite direction. Then a straight jab to the nose, snapping Cindy's head back and knocking her backwards, wobbly-kneed, to the garage door.

Sharon let out a little growl and reached out and grabbed Cindy's hair, banging the back of her head several times against the garage door. Cindy tried to retaliate and grabbed Sharon by her short, slicked-back blonde locks. Sharon simply brushed Cindy's arms away and backhanded her across the face several times.

"Never touch the hair, bitch," hissed Sharon.

Sharon began to pound Cindy in the ribs. Cindy began to moan like a child. She tried to cover up but Sharon pounded her arms till they were black and blue. Then Sharon sent an uppercut to Cindy's jaw.

Cindy blacked out briefly.

The next thing she knew she was sliding down the wall onto her shapely ass.

Next she was on her back.

Next Sharon was standing over her like a blonde goddess, lean and lethal.

Sharon blasted Cindy's side with a vicious kick to her ribs. Cindy fell over. Sharon grabbed her by the hair and moved Cindy's head toward her waiting crotch.

"Smell," commanded Sharon, "it's the smell of victory."

And with that she reached down and slapped Cindy's faced several times over and over again. Cindy was crying wildly and Sharon was quickly losing her patience.

"If you don't shut off the waterworks, I'm gonna put your lights out for good," growled Sharon.

"Please, please, I'm sorry!" cried Cindy. "Billy would definitely rather have been with you! Let me go," Cindy began to sob bitterly.

Sharon had had enough of the tears and lamentations. She put both her hands in Cindy's hair and dragged her up to face her. Though Cindy was slightly taller, her spirit had been so beaten that she could barely muster a slouch and had to look up to face Sharon. Sharon pulled Cindy's head back by her hair, leaned in close, and smiled.

"Kiss your queen, my sweet," commanded Sharon.

"No! No, I don't like women," squealed Cindy.

"That's not what I've heard," snickered Sharon. Then she forced a long, deep kiss on Cindy.

Cindy wriggle in anger that seemed a little too forced.

"How dare you-," she began, but was silenced by a backhand from Sharon then a hard right cross to her temple.

The next thing Cindy knew she was on her back again. She looked up, but she wasn't immediately sure what she was seeing.

The world seemed to have closed around her as she was enveloped in the golden shadow of Sharon Stone's womanhood. Sharon's crotch set upon her face like the rosy sun of dusk and with her hand in Cindy's hair she angrily forced Cindy's face towards her moist and pungent snatch. This was the end, and Cindy knew it. Cindy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and licked the juice from Sharon's waiting, private lips. Over and over again, Sharon rubbed her pussy across the lips and face of Cindy, pleasuring every spot on her vagina till her whole body shuddered in a spasm of dominant ecstasy.

She got off Cindy after she got off sexually, and then stood over her beaten foe who lay between and beneath her legs, barely groggy. Yes, Cindy was beautiful and now she was hers, her slave to do with as she pleased. Sharon smiled as she thought of this. She knelt down, squatting over the face of the beaten brunette. She brushed her golden hair away from her face and leaned in close to Cindy's ear.

"I own you now," said Sharon, "you are my bitch. I will treat you well, but you must pleasure me as you have never pleasured another."

Cindy, in full surrender and submission, reached her arms up and held Sharon by the face.

"Yes, my queen," began Cindy, "I am yours."

Then she kissed Sharon on the lips. Sharon smiled and put her hand full on Cindy's face and shoved her roughly to the ground.

"Good bitch," she breathed, "I'll call you when I need you."

And with that Sharon left into the night, her blonde hair blowing in the night wind and her brunette foe beaten and tamed on the ground.