A Creampuff Battle Royal by CROZ

It was a beautiful sunny California day as Tara Reid was sitting poolside in her backyard soaking up the sun in a green micro-bikini that tied at her thighs. With her eyes closed, Tara was nearly falling asleep from her relaxation when she faintly heard her name being called from inside the house. Tara opened her eyes as she continued to hear her name being shouted. The gorgeous blonde pushed herself up out of chair and began to walk towards the house as her boyfriend emerged from a rear glass door and stood on the deck.

"Tara dear, the league magazine came in the mail today. I know you've been waiting for it."

"Awesome, they're announcing the 10 easiest women to beat in the league this issue. I can't wait to see who got number one"

Tara hurried past her boyfriend into the house. Walking into the kitchen she found the magazine on the table and quickly flipped through to the list.

"Oh, I'm so excited." Tara said as she began to read the list out loud.
"Number 10, Katie Holmes. Yeah, I could kick her ass."
"Number 9, Mila Kunis. She's a wimp"
"Number 8, Melissa Joan Hart, beat her already."
"Number 7, What the fuck"

"What's the matter dear"

"They put me at number 7. Those Mother fuckers put me at SEVEN!. I can't believe it."

Tara quickly picked up the phone and called her agent, "Hello Bob, what is this $hit about me being the 7th pussiest wrestler in the league. I mean I know I'm in a slump right now but 7. I shouldn't even be in the top 20 and how dare they put Melissa ahead of me, I would kill that bitch."

"Whoa, whoa, slow down Tara. I just got off the phone with the league president and he told me that they have received complaints from 8 of the women on the list. The league feels that the best way to handle this is to have the 8 of you compete in a battle royal next week so you girls can show how tough you really are. I told them I would have to contact you first to make sure your interested."

"Damn right I'm interested. Next week. I'll be there!"
The arena was packed to capacity with screaming fans. Not a seat was left for the event, which just went on sale 5 days ago. The house lights began to go down and the fans cheering hit new heights. The screaming only became slightly humbled as a voice came through the P.A. system.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's eight women battle royal. Introducing first, the special guest referee for tonight's event. Miss Christina Applegate."

A spot light turns on to display Christina at the top of the entrance ramp dressed in short sleeve referee shirt that is tied in the front of her, just below her chest displaying her sexy stomach. Wearing black stretch pants and boots, the beautiful blonde makes her way to the ring smiling and waving to the cheering crowd. Once inside the ring Christina picks up a microphone and begins to speak.

"Good evening people!" The crowd responds yelling back, “*#@%$*%!()!!” "Tonight's match up will be an 8 women battle royal. Dubbed by some as the Cream Puff Rumble, these eight women will compete, by their own request, in a barefoot, no DQ, falls count any where match." Again the crowd explodes in excitement. "The only way for a fall to occur is when a women is forced to submit or I rule that a wrestler is not in shape to continue in the match. Besides that I am just going to sit back at watch these girl tear each other apart, or course if any of them get out of line, I won't hesitate to kick some ass." The crowd responded with cheering approval. "All right, lets get this thing started. Now the match won't start until all the women's names are called. And none of you girls back there better even think about sneaking in an attack early or else you'll have me on your hands."

Christina begins to exit the ring as the voice from the P.A. system takes over again.

"Introducing first, Miss Natalie Portman!"

Natalie steps into the waiting spotlight. Wearing a sleeveless off white shirt that comes to the middle of her flat stomach and matching bikini bottoms that tightly hug her cute butt, the Star Wars Princess slowly makes her way to the ring. Natalie's hair is up in a bun and her small nipples poke through her practically transparent shirt. Making her way to the ring, the brunette goes to the corner to wait for her next opponent.

"Our second fighter of the night, Miss Alyson Hannigan!"

The fiery red head appears and quickly makes her way to the ring. Wearing a small leopard print bikini Alyson has no problem in getting the crowds approval.

"Tonight's third fighter, Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt!"

The brunette is all smiles as she makes her way towards ring. Dressed in navy blue sports bra with light blue trim and matching shorts so small that they give the crowd just a little view of the bottom of her ass, Jennifer is the definition of sexy as she climbs into the ring. She can't help but give Alyson a dirty look once she makes it inside the ring, for which the red head returns the look with a smile.

"Our fourth fighter of the evening, Miss Katie Holmes!."

Katie appears from behind the backstage curtain wearing a blue spaghetti string shirt that stops at her belly button. Her black sports bra straps are visible from Katie's shoulders. She finishes the outfit off with a small pair of denim shorts. Wearing her dark frosted hair back in a ponytail Katie joins the rest of the girls in the ring.

"Our fifth Competitor of the night, Miss Melissa Joan Hart!"

Melissa steps in view of the crowd wearing only a skimpy black bikini. The men in the crowd immediately react with hollers as the blonde, wearing her hair down, makes her way to the ring.

"The sixth fighter tonight, Miss Alicia Silverstone!"

Alicia appears at the top of the walk way wearing a tight short sleeve pink shirt and pink panties that hug her round butt. Obvious choosing to go bra-less as well, Alicia wears her blonde hair down as she climbs into the ring, but not before stopping to shake her ass as she steps between the ropes to the cheering guys in the crowd."

"Tonight seventh competitor, Miss Mila Kunis!”

The young brunette, wearing her hair down, makes her way to the ring wearing a white shirt with the Rolling Stones mouth printed on front. The logo is only partially visible because Mila's shirt is tied in front like Christina's. That 70's chick completes her outfit wearing black shorts that are almost as short as Jennifer's.

"And the eighth and final competitor tonight, Miss Tara Reid!"

Tara comes to the ring in a micro white bikini. The bottoms are cut so that they are half way between a thong and a regular bikini. The blonde confidently pulls herself into the ring as she blows a kiss to Jennifer. The brunette responds by mouthing the words "You’re dead."

There is a lot of bad blood in the ring. Almost all these girls have faced each other at one time or another. Melissa has beaten and lost to Alicia. Jennifer has beaten Melissa and Natalie, but has lost to Alyson, Tara, and Alicia. The match ups go on and on. Practically all these girls have ill feeling towards one another and many arch-rivals are standing in the same ring giving each other glances. The only girl in there without an old enemy is the new comer Mila. Christina begins to speak from outside the ring.

"OK girls on my command start, ...fight"

The eight women began to look around the ring at each other to see who would strike first. All the girls, but Alicia, Melissa, and Tara moved into a sort of crouching position waiting to strike. The 3 blondes however calmly leaned back against the rope not even preparing to attack. Mila and Natalie looked quickly from girl to girl, showing their nervousness in the match. Finally Alicia broke the silence.

"So Melissa ready for me to whip your scrawny ass again," Alicia said smiling.

"Yeah right bitch, after I bash Katie's pretty little face into the ground, I plan on kicking your fat ass all over this arena," Melissa said removing her arms that were laid over the top rope.

"In your dreams skank, if you haven't forgotten I smothered you out last time. Even a dumb blonde like you should remember sleeping under my ass," Katie spit back viciously towards Melissa.

"Enough of this fucking talk already," Tara said as she pushes herself off the ropes, charging forward and hitting Jennifer in the side of her head with a forearm. The Love girl barely saw Tara coming and was knocked into the ropes, just in front of the corner.

Katie charged Melissa but was met with a foot to the stomach that immediately stopped the brunette in her tracks. Alicia and Natalie turned toward each other and both began to charge. The two starlets grabbed for each other's hair and began to pull themselves around the ring. Mila and Alyson looked around at the chaos that had started around them. Both realizing that their were the only two not fighting, Mila charged after Alyson. The redhead was able to side step the 70's star slightly and as the brunette grabbed Alyson's red locks she was met with a knee to the stomach. The Buffy cutie quickly fired another knee into Mila's midsection dropping her to a kneel. Pulling the brunette up by her gorgeous locks, Alyson fired a punch into her adversaries' chin. Mila was knocked back into the ropes. Throwing her arms on top of the ropes for balance, Mila tried to get her head straight as Alyson fired another knee into Mila's bare stomach.

The brunette gave out a grunt as she keeled forward. Grabbing Mila by the back of her brown hair, the American Pie beauty ran forward, jumped up into the air, and drove her adversaries face down into the canvas.

Meanwhile, Tara was working over Jennifer's chest and stomach with her fists. The brunette tried to block the punches, and managed to deflect a couple, but she was still taking a beating. Every time Tara faked a punch to Jennifer's face, the brunette would raise her arms to protect herself, and the Van Wilder cutie would nail her with a punch to the ribs.

"Look at Jenny getting her as kicked already. Figures pussy," The blonde said serenely at her hurt adversary. Suddenly the Love girl shot her foot up catching Tara in the lower abdomen. The kick stunned Tara for a second and Jennifer took advantage by nailing her rival in the cheek with a right cross. Tara was knocked back a step, but quickly leaped forward sinking both of her hands into Jennifer's hair. The brunette returned the favor and the two women began pulling each other's heads around by their hair.

While the two hellcats were engaged in their hair pulling, they collided into Alicia and Natalie who were still engaged in their own hair tug a war. They four beauties fell to the canvas in a heap of bodies. Letting go of each other the four starlets began pushing and kicking one another in order to separate themselves. Natalie was able to pull herself out of the pile and was the first her feet. To her delight she saw Tara still pushing herself up from a sitting position. The brunette helped Tara up by pulling her hair. The Star Wars princess then threw the blonde into the ropes. When Tara rebounded she was met with a clothesline that dropped her like a ton of bricks. Natalie was on top of her in seconds, and while kneeling over her adversary began to rain punch after punch in to Tara's face.

While Natalie was wailing on Tara, Alicia and Jennifer were having there own confrontation. Both still on their knees from their previous collision, the two ladies lunged for each other. After a brief struggle the pretty in pink was able to take Jennifer down to her back. After mounting her foe, Alicia quickly grabbed Jennifer's brown locks and began to bang the back of her head into mat. The blonde was unable to hold her advantage for long though, as the Love girl was able to unseat her. Jennifer quickly rolled on top of Alicia and returned the previous favor of having her head bashed into the ground. Jennifer too couldn’t hold her opponent down for long as the two girls began to roll around the ring each trying to stay on top of the other.

Rolling too far to the right of the ring the two hellcats rolled right into the leg of Alyson who currently had Mila in a headlock. While punishing Mila with the hold, the red head felt something hit her leg. Looking down she saw Alicia on top of Jennifer. The momentary distraction was all Mila needed to escape. Slipping out of Alyson’s hold, Mila grabbed Alyson by the back of her head and threw her through the ropes and out on to the mats. Turning her attention back to the two actresses that laid next to her legs, Mila reached down and pulled Alicia up by the back of her head, just as Alicia was beginning to get the best of Jennifer. Holding Alicia's hair tight at its roots, Mila ran the blonde face first into the turnbuckle.

"Maybe that will knock some sense into that empty little head of yours," Mila said just before she rammed Alicia's face into the turnbuckle again.

Jennifer had finally gotten to her feet and began to go back after Alicia when out of the corner of her eye she saw Natalie holding Tara down on her knees while she was starting to lace another punch into the side of the blondes head. The Love girl smiled and made her way over to Natalie. Walking behind Tara, Jennifer quickly twisted her arms between the blonde's arms and head, putting her in a full nelson.

Pulling Tara to her feet Jennifer looked at Natalie and said, "Mind if I help."

The brunette laughed a little and replied, "of course not."

Giving Natalie a wide open shot at blonde's bikini clad body the brunette fired a shot into Tara's stomach. You could hear the air forced out of the American Pie hottie's body as she curled up slightly. With Jennifer pulling her body straight again Natalie fired another shot, this time into Tara left breast. Natalie kept up the pounding by alternating punched between Tara's stomach, boob, and face. The blonde gave out moans after each shot as Jennifer could not keep herself from laughing openly at her foes predicament.

"Look at the this bleach blonde whore, simply pathetic," Natalie said right before as she fired a punch into Tara's womanhood. The blonde's body coiled forward as Jennifer let Tara's body fall to her knee's holding her aching twat and sobbing.

"Mind if I take over for a while Nat?"

"Of course not, be my guest," Natalie replied as she walked over behind the kneeling Tara and pulled her up, putting her into a full nelson while pulling back on her hair.

Tara dazed head was pulled up and looking her glassy eyes she saw her rival Jennifer Love Hewitt standing in front of her. It did not take long for Jennifer to start the taunts.

"Well, well. Look at what we have here. Some big mouth whore is having her big ass kicked." Pushing her chest forward into Tara's Jennifer continued, "Now Tara, you did a lot of talking the last couple days about me and this match. And if I recall correctly you said that you were going to rip those fat utters of mine right of my chest. Where could that hostility becoming from."

Jennifer took a half step back and slowly brought her hand up from Tara's stomach, over her chest and onto the top of the blonde's bikini cups. "Could it be that you jealousy because your stuck with this itty-bitty things," Jennifer said in a little girl's voice as she pulled Tara's cups down to the bottom of her breast, so her tits were in full view. "We both know Tara that's not going to happen, but you did promise the press and I hate to be the one who brakes a promise so how about I do the ripping." Jennifer brought both hands up to Tara's boob and began to squeeze. Tara immediately began to scream and tried to escape the hold, but Natalie had her locked up tight.

"Let go of me you stupid bitch," Tara cried out.

Jennifer let go of Tara's chest and slapped her across the face, "Don't you dare talk to her like that, slut!"

Jennifer quickly invited herself back to Tara's luscious bounty as the titty torture continued. Mila was still controlling Alicia and after nearly a dozen face slams into the turnbuckle, Mila spun Alicia around so that her back was against the corner. From there Mila began to give a very dazed Alicia some slaps across the chest. The blonde hollered in pain, which only seemed to push Mila more. As the brunette was laying the smack down on the Clueless Cutie, Alyson was back on her feet outside the ring. Looking up she saw Mila lacing into Alicia. Seeing an opportunity that she simply could not pass up, the leopard bikini clad Alyson walked behind the ring post where Alicia was pinned and grabbed her ankles. Swiftly stepping backwards while pulling the blondes feet, the red head caused Alicia to fall flat on her face and have her pussy smashed into the ring post as she was dragged backwards. Alyson smiled in joy at her devastating move, as Alicia's whole body became numb with pain. Keeping with her advantage, Alyson grabbed Alicia by her blonde locks and pulled her out of the ring.

Mila was unsure at first what had happened, but once she saw that Alyson had control over Alicia she turned around to see what else was going on in the ring. Looking to the left she saw Melissa on her knees being choked over the second rope by Katie having her neck being crushed between the rope and the brunettes knee. Looking across the ring Mila saw Jennifer standing their crushing each of Tara's nipples between her vicious fingers as Natalie still held her in the full nelson. Completely concentrating at the abuse she was giving Tara, Jennifer didn't know what hit her as Mila walked up behind her, went to a knee, and fired an uppercut straight into her twat. Jennifer immediately fell to her knees holding herself. Tara delighted by the turn of events fired a kicked that struck Jennifer right in the chin, knocking her onto her back. Confused as to what happened to Jennifer, Natalie let her curiosity get the better of her as she lost her concentration. Tara back peddled forcing the brunette back as well. The two girls stumbled back until Tara was able to sandwich Natalie between herself and the corner. The air rushed from Natalie lungs, yet she managed to keep her hold on the blonde. Tara kept up her attack by grabbing the ropes for extra support and pushing her body back in to Natalie repeatedly. The blondes move worked as Natalie let go of her full nelson. Tara turned around so that she was now facing the brunette. Grabbing the ropes again, Tara let loose eight rapid knee shots to Natalie's side. Struggling for air, the brunette curled forward, cradling her side. Tara grabbed Natalie by he hair and bikini bottoms and tossed the Star Wars cutie through the ropes, onto the mats outside. Tara stepped though the ropes but remained up on the canvas. With Natalie just getting to her feet, Tara leaped off the mat and cracked the brunette in the head with a falling elbow drop. The brunette collapsed to the floor. Stomping her down adversary Tara began to berate Natalie.

"Who's pathetic now Natty?" Tara followed up the insult by pulling Natalie to her feet. Throwing the brunette backwards, Natalie's back and head collided with the ring post. Again Natalie fell to the ground crying and holding the back of her head. Tara stepped over Natalie, pulled her arms back, and pushed her knee down into the back of the brunettes neck forming a sort of surf board hold. Natalie immediately began to scream out in pain. Referee Christina made her way over to Natalie to see if she would submit. After only a couple seconds Tara heard what she wanted to.

"Ahhhhhh, I give, I give. STOP!"

"Figures you'd quit skank," Tara called out.

Christina quickly stepped in between Tara and Natalie push the blonde back so that Tara stumbled. Tara was visibly angry about the push. Christina just stared coldly back at the blonde.

"Just try it Tara," Christina spoke without hesitation. Tara gripped her fist and took one step forward before her wit kicked in and she held herself back.

"The first fighter eliminated is Natalie Portman," The P.A. voice broke in.

Alyson didn't even hear the announcement, as she was busy punishing Alicia. After crushing the blonde's private area and pulling her from the ring, Alyson pulled Alicia into a reverse headlock. Grabbing the blonde's bottoms, Alyson fell back suplexing Alicia onto the hard mats. The suplex had caused Alicia small panties to wedge up, displaying her cute buns to the crowd. Alyson pushed her self up and raising her arms gave a "Wooo" as the crowd responded with cheers. Turning her attention back to the downed blonde, the Buffy cutie pulled Alicia up by her hair and throw her into the guardrail. When Alicia back hit the guardrail it made a sound like metal bat hitting a line drive. Alicia stood on shaky legs against the rail, holding herself up by it. Giving another "Wooo", Alyson slapped the side of her thigh, and charged forward with a kick that would have surly knocked Alicia over the railing had the blonde not pulled herself out of the way at the last second. The auburn-haired cutie now sat on top of the rail uncomfortably with a leg on each side of the metal bar. Not be able to touch either side of the ground, Alyson teetered on the rail cautiously. Seeing her chance, Alicia pulled herself to her feet, grabbed the front of Alyson red lock and slammed her head down into the rail. The Buffy cuties forehead smacked into the top of the rail making her see stars. Her dazed body then fell back off the rail and back on to the mats. Taking a moment to get her head straight and adjust her panties, Alicia soon returned her attention back to Alyson to seek some revenge. While stomping to downed red head, the blonde noticed that Alyson had a decent size gash on her head that was bleeding from where her head had struck the guardrail. The sight of the blood brought a grin to Alicia's face. The blonde then repeatedly stomped the auburn girl's head making the cut bleed even more. Tiring of this Alicia pulled a very dazed Alyson to her feet.

"You look a little out of it red. I'm sure this isn't going to help."

Alicia took Alyson's medium length hair, and began to ram her fore head down into the ring canvas. The blonde repeated the move four more time until she finally let Alyson fall back to mats outside. A small puddle of blood laid soaking on the ring apron where Alyson's head had made contact. The Buffy star now just laid on her back staring at the spinning rafters above her. Seeing the state of mind Alyson was in Alicia decided to take advantage.

"You know Ally, in all the fights you had there's something of yours I've never seen. Those small cans of yours."

Alicia reached down and pulled Alyson's leopard bikini over her head. Mrs. Hannigan meekly attempted to keep her top, but Alicia easily won the tug of war. Alicia then held the bikini top over her head, in which the crowd responded with a deafening roar. Alyson was too out of it to cover up and her naked breasts were on display for everyone to see. After several seconds of hyping up the crowd. Alicia returned to the bleeding Alyson. Pulling her up, the blonde pushed the topless redhead into the ring so that she was facing the roof. After climbing in to the ring herself, Alicia put her foot on Alyson's windpipe and stepped up. Using the ropes for better leverage, Alicia put all her weight on poor Alyson's throat. The red head instantaneously began to gag.

"That's right bitch, choke," Alicia said sadistically. The blonde then began to bounce up and down, still with her foot on Alyson's throat. Already dazed, the American Pie girl was struggling to breathe. With the whole room spinning Alyson began to frantically tap the mat. Seeing the tap out Alicia kept her foot on Alyson's windpipe anyway, until Christina began to make her way over to her. Stepping off the red head, Alicia put her foot on Alyson's thigh and pushed her half-naked body out of the ring.

'The second fighter eliminated is Alyson Hannigan," The P.A. broke in for the second time during the match.

Back in the ring Melissa was picking Katie up for a body slam. The two had been fighting the entire match so far, and though the dominance of their fight had changed several times already, Melissa was getting the best of Katie. Katie's body bounced after she was slammed down to the mat. Holding her back and rolling onto her stomach, the brunettes beautiful face was a mask of pain. Wanting to humiliate her opponent a little, Melissa grabbed the bottom of the back of Katie's blue tank top. Trying to pull the shirt over her head, Katie forgot her back pain for the moment and tried to keep her shirt on. Melissa was relentless however and began to drag Katie around to ring by it. Tiring of the even tug a war, the blonde stomped Katie several times until finally being able to strip the shirt from Katie. Throwing the top into the crowd, Melissa went back after the Dawson cutie who was left in only a black bra and denim shorts. Pulling the kneeling brunette's head between her legs, Melissa applied a standing head scissors so that she was facing the Katie's back. Melissa was a sight to behold with her shapely legs flexing, while the tiny black bikini displayed her suntanned skin. Katie face was a purplish-red as her breathing was being cut off. Reaching down, Melissa Joan began to rake her sharp, maroon painted nails down Katie's back and sides, leaving long red streaks. The Dawson cutie could do nothing but grit her teeth and bare the pain. Melissa Joan leaned forward a little more and began to spank Katie's denim clad ass, giggling during her whole display of dominance.

"Come on Katie, give already."

Christina was right there waiting for a submission but none came. Realizing that Katie was not going to give in, Melissa Joan released her standing head scissors. Katie rolled to her side, barely awake, coughing, and trying to get in some much needed breaths. Looking around the ring Melissa Joan was delighted to see Mila bending Jennifer back in a Boston crab. Not wanting to miss a chance, the blonde ran over and stomped Jennifer in the head. Mila kept on the hold, while Melissa Joan laid down in a push up position so that she was inches from Jennifer's pain-stricken face.

"Well Jennifer, looks like the new girl is giving you some trouble. Well it's about to a get a lot worse."

Melissa Joan pushed herself back up to her feet and took a firm grip of the Love girl's hair. She then yanked up pulling Jennifer's top half of her body off the ground, adding greatly to the pressure on her back. The brunette screamed in pain as the blonde repeatedly would pull Jennifer off the ground and the let her fall back to the mat. Mila finally let go of the crab hold and Jennifer's body flopped back to the mat.

"Hey Mila, let's hip toss her," Melissa Joan said to the brunette as she was already pulling Jennifer to her feet. Each girl took an arm and threw Jennifer into the ropes. The Love girl rebounded off the ropes to be met with a double hip toss. The brunette's body slammed in the mat, bouncing off the ground slightly.

"How about giving her a clothesline this time," Mila asked her new found comrade.

"I think that's a splendid idea," Melissa Joan responded smiling

Again the two girls pulled Jennifer to her feet and then they threw her into the ropes. The brunette tried to stop herself, but it was all in vain. Jennifer was moving too quickly and rebounded off the ropes. Speeding forward, the Party of Five cutie had her legs shoot out in front of her as the double clothesline laid her out on the mat. Jennifer rolled around on her back holding her throat and lightly moaning.

"I love watching that bitch suffer," Melissa Joan said joyfully

"Yeah, that was nice, give me five," Mila said putting her hand up.

Melissa Joan walked over and slapped Mila's hand. Just as she did Mila fired a shot boot right into Melissa Joan's stomach. The blonde was completely caught off guard by the crafty Kunis girl. Mila landed a punch to the stunned "Sabrina" knocking her back. Mila caught her with another punch that knocked the blonde back further into the ropes. Grabbing Melissa Joan, Mila threw the blonde across the ring into the ropes. Charging forward Mila went for the running clothesline, but as she went for it Melissa Joan ducked it. Rebounding off the ropes again, Melissa Joan answered back with a drop kick catching the brunette in the chest and knocking on her ass. Melissa Joan quickly got up and went right after Mila. She pulled the brunette up to her feet.

"You sneaky little cunt, this is what you get for being a back stabbing bitch," Melissa Joan said angrily as she sent that 70's show cutie in the ropes again. On her rebound, Mila was met with a knee to her stomach, which she then flipped over. Mila hit the ground and quickly held her midsection as she curled up in a ball. Melissa Joan walked over to her curled up enemy and dropped an elbow into her side.

"Time to take your no talent loser ass out of this match Mila!" Melissa Joan threatened as she sat down behind Mila, grabbed the brunette by her hair, and put her into a head scissors. Locking her ankles, Mila quickly tried to pry Melissa Joan's legs apart, but to no unveil. When that didn't work, Mila tried using her black painted nails to scratch up Melissa Joan legs, but the blonde wouldn't budge. "Give it up Mila, your ass is mine!"

Mila kick and wiggled, but could do nothing to break the hold. She was fading fast and needed to come up with something. Fortunately for Mila, Katie had regained her head and was back on her feet. First seeing Alicia and Tara fighting outside the ring, and then Jennifer laying on her stomach in the corner, Katie finally saw what she wanted to. Seeing Melissa Joan sitting down occupied was too good of an opportunity for the brunette to pass up. Running full force, Katie ran up and kicked the completely unaware Melissa Joan in the side of the head. Melissa Joan immediately fell to her side, releasing the leg lock, and holding her aching noggin.

"What did you forget about me Missy," Katie said a she stomped Melissa Joan and then yanked her to her feet. Hauling the blonde up, Katie managed to body slam Melissa Joan back down to the canvas. Melissa Joan was still too out of it to comprehend what had happen. All she remembered was that Mila was about to tap out and that was it. Melissa Joan thoughts were cut short as she released what she was looking at. Standing on the second rope was Katie. Seconds later Melissa Joan felt the brunette drop a leg across her throat. The blonde's body thrust up a from the impact. Laying on her side, Katie sat down behind Melissa Joan and put the black bikini clad blonde in a figure four head lock with her legs. Melissa immediately began to flop around realizing the trouble she was in. Trying to reach behind her, Melissa attempted to grab hold of something of Katie's. Finding the brunettes right boob Melissa squeezed it, but Katie easily knocked her hand away.

Returning the favor Katie reached forward and slipping her hand under the top of Melissa bikini, she took hold of her right melon and began to kneed it like dough. The breast attack only caused Melissa to become more frantic, but yet Katie would still not budge. Eventually Melissa's defense got weaker and weaker until finally she ceased to move at all. Miss Applegate slid under the ropes and into the ring to check on Melissa. She raised her hand 1......2.......3 and that was it. Katie released the hold and kicked Melissa's lifeless body away so that the blonde's body rolled out of the ring and flopped onto the mats outside.

"The third fighter eliminated is Melissa Joan Hart," the P.A. interrupted again

Katie was delighted with her elimination of Melissa, but was a bit drained from the whole ordeal. She rolled herself out of the ring to catch her breath and to figure out what her next attack should be. The brunette looked across the ring to see Alicia and Tara locked in a test of strength. Katie watched on unsure of whom to cheer for as each blonde gave out grunts and groans as the strained to force the other women backwards. Katie realized that the two blondes were the only ones fighting and quickly looked around the ring for the other girls. She saw Mila on her knees holding her head and Jennifer standing in the corner of the ring, breathing heavily and trying to regain some strength. Obviously the match had started to take its toll on the women. Katie turned her attention back to the blondes and was surprised to see Tara slowly forcing Alicia backwards. The Aerosmith video star struggled in vain as she tried to comeback against Tara, but she was quickly forced to her knees. Looking up from her kneeling position, Alicia saw Tara smiling down at her. "On your knees again Alicia, I thought you would get bored of that by now," Tara said with glee.

"Fuck you bitch" was all Alicia could muster for a response.

While watching the two blonde rivals fight, Katie realized that she had taken her eyes off her other opponents. Quickly looking around the ring, Katie saw Jennifer still standing in the corner looking like she had recovered a little bit. Jennifer looking back a Katie locked eyes as the two women's faces began to harden. Jennifer broke the stare off by slowly nodding to Katie. The Dawson Cutie, understanding what Jennifer meant by her gesture, began to climb into the ring. Suddenly hearing a quick pattering, Katie looked to her right as she stood on the outside of the ring apron to see Mila charging at her. Before she was able to react Mila had grabbed the back of Katie's denim shorts and whipped her to the floor. Katie crashed backwards into mats. Laying in a heap, Mila was on her in a flash, stomping the downed brunette. Katie tried her best to cover up, but Mila's barefoot always managed to find a spot on her prone body exposed. After a good 2 minutes of stomping Mila stopped, pushed her hair back from her face, and watched Katie moan and hold herself in pain. While Katie was laying on her stomach, still holding her sides, Mila notice that Katie's denim shorts had ripped from her previous attack and were slightly hanging down the Dawson's cutie thighs.

"Well, what do we have here," Mila said with delight as she saw the tare in Katie's shorts. Mila then proceeded to pull her opponents shorts the rest of the way down her legs. Fighting through waves of pain, Katie attempted to keep her shorts on by grabbing her waistband. Mila fought the tug of war, which Katie was losing with her black panties already mostly exposed.

"Let go bitch," Mila exclaimed in frustration as Katie still attempted to stop her disrobing. Getting fed up, Mila released her grip with her right hand and fired a punch into Katie's back. The hurt brunette let out a yell and then another one as Mila landed another punch into her abused back.

Jennifer watch on as Mila finally pulled Katie's shorts off leaving her in just a black bra and panties. Jennifer was unsure of what to do next. She could help take apart Katie, but she didn't trust Mila, besides it seemed that the 70's star had that job under control. Jennifer looked back in the ring to see Alicia holding Tara's head down with a double grip of her hair and firing knee shots in the chest of the Van Wilder hottie. Should I interfere, Jennifer thought to herself. She didn't care much for either blonde so she decided to just stay put for now and see how things turned out.

Mila pulled Katie to her wobbly legs and whipped her towards to guard rail. Katie hurt back smacked into the metal as she let out a loud groan that attracted the attention of Christina. Ms. Applegate rushed to Katie's side.

"Do you give?" The blonde asked. Katie, still lying on ground, responded by shaking her head back and forth.

"Fine by me slut. I don't mind kicking your ass a little more," Mila responded by grabbing Katie's ankles and dragging her away from the rail on her butt. Stopping several steps later Mila took Katie's ankles and pushed them up so that Katie laid on her back with her legs spread and up in the air.

"Should I?" The short brunette yelled to the crowd, which responded with a hollering yes as they knew what as about to happen. Katie lifted her head to see Mila smiling back at her.

"You heard them. Might as well give them what they want," Mila spoke down to Katie as she jumped up in the air and sent her right foot crashing down into beaten brunettes crotch. Ms. Holmes screamed violently as her hands shot down to her womanhood. Mila threw Katie legs to the side as the small girl curled up in a ball. Mila laughed loudly at her dominance over Katie. She had never been the dominant one in a fight before and she had to admit she loved it. Mila walked over to Katie and kicked her over onto her stomach. She now stood over the brunette facing her legs. Sitting down on the brunette's back Mila couldn't help but giving her tush a little spank before grabbing Katie's legs and putting her into a Boston Crab. Though applied a little sloppy by the rookie, the hold was done well enough to have Katie cry out in pain. Christina was right there asking for Katie's submission, but the tough brunette wouldn't give just yet.

Meanwhile, Alicia was caught in the corner of the ring with her pink shirt rolled up over her boobs with Tara firing punches into her chest and stomach. The advantage in the blonde's war had changed several times, but Tara had been primarily in control and defiantly had Alicia where she wanted her now. Alicia was grunting with each punch.

"I love to hear you moan for me baby," Tara mocked as she fired two punches in Alicia's stomach and one into her left boob. Tara was relentless as she continued her combos; right boob, right boob, stomach; face, left boob, face; right boob, left boob, stomach, crotch. The last shot made Alicia's eye bulge as her right hand tried to massage her aching pussy. Tara stepped back to view her handy work. Alicia laid against the corner, holding herself, and barely standing. Tara then charged at Alicia, jumping into the air, and splat...Alicia had dropped down so she was sitting on the mat from the pain in her womanhood. Though hurt Alicia had unknowingly dodged Tara's attempt to crush her in the corner. Tara bounced off the corner dazed. Jennifer finally saw her chance and darted at Tara. The blonde never saw her as Jennifer speared Tara in the back. Quickly getting to her feet, Jennifer pulled Tara up and whipped her into the ropes, Reid bounce back and Jennifer laid her out with a elbow to the chin.

"Where's your big fucking mouth now Tara," Jennifer said as she pulled the blonde up again and whipped her into the turnbuckle. Jennifer followed and crushed Tara between her own body and the corner.

"Now, that's how it's supposed to be done Blondie."

Jennifer continued her insults as she scooped Tara up and quickly slammed her back to the mat. Tara was flabbergasted by the sudden change of events. She had almost had Alicia beat when suddenly she was getting her ass kicked by one of her biggest rivals. She opened her eyes after the body slam to see Jennifer jump from the second rope and land a splash onto her. Jennifer had recovered a lot from her previous break and was really giving it to Tara. Pushing herself off of Tara, Jennifer grabbed to blonde by her hair and looked down into Tara's blue, teary eyes...

"Oh the fun is just starting cunt, don't you worry about that." Jennifer said as she slapped Tara with her free hand and began to rain punches down into the blonde's face.

Mila couldn't believe that Katie wouldn't submit to her Boston Crab, and neither could Christina for that matter. Finally, getting fed up Mila released Katie's legs and she flopped back to the floor. Mila stood there for a minute, breathing heavy, and still trying to figure out what to do next. Seeing the ring post Mila got an idea.

"Fine honey, if you won't submit then I'll just knock your ass out," Mila spoke as she pulled Katie to her wobbly legs and ran with her towards the ring post. Standing behind Katie and pushing her forward towards the post, Katie managed to drop to a knee right before contact. Mila tripped over Katie and went headfirst into the post. Mila's head clanged so hard into the post that the vibration scared Alicia who was sitting against it inside the ring. The 70's star fell backwards with her head clouded in pain. Seeing her adversary's new predicament Katie attempted to take advantage, but her body wouldn't let her. After a 30 second rest Katie forced herself to her feet and pulled Mila with her. Katie charged towards the guardrail and threw Mila running into it. The smaller brunette slammed into the railing and flew over it, landing hard on the cold cement by the fan's feet. Katie followed up by reaching over the railing and pulling Mila back to her feet and back into the ring area.

"So you think you're a tough girl do you Mila. Well will see how tough you are."

Katie whipped Mila headfirst into the metal stairs that were outside the ring. Mila's head crashed into the stairs as blood started to gush from the top of her head. Katie wasted no time and grabbed Mila by her slightly bloody hair and tucked her head under her arm. Katie then fell back, suplexing the poor Kunis girl in the ground.

"Pay back's a bitch, huh," Katie taunted the almost lifeless Mila as she grabbed both of Mila's legs and held them in the air. The Dawson Cutie then drove her knee down into Mila's crotch. Mrs. Kunis could only muster up a small yelp and Katie repeated the devastating knee drop 3 more times into Mila's most intimate of areas.

Alicia liked what she was seeing. Tara had regain control of her fight with Jennifer and now had the brunette topless outside the ring. Alicia looked back to the other fight and saw Katie strip Mila of her black shorts. Mrs. Silverstone stared on in surprise as Katie pulled Mila's blue and yellow floral panties off, leaving the brunette naked from the waist down. Katie then sat down on Mila's motionless body. Reaching backwards Katie slid her hand down to Mila's short trimmed black Mohawk. Gripping the best she could Katie twisted and pulled the short dark hairs as Mila's body jumped back to life with her screaming and shaking in pain.

"Who's tough now Mila, who's tough now," Katie yelled down in to Mila screaming face.

"Ahhhh....I give...oh God...I give...stop...please," Mila cried out as Christina moved in to stop the fight. Katie had to be pushed off of Mila by Applegate before she would release her hold, which was by now crotch claw.

"The fourth fighter eliminated is Mila Kunis," the announcer yelled excitingly through the P.A.

Katie may have won the battle, but she was exhausted. Alicia seeing what Katie had just gone through thought it was best to strike her while she was tired. Looking back to see a topless Jennifer in arm bar courtesy of Tara, Alicia decided to go after Katie. The small brunette saw Alicia coming her way and prepared for their collision. Pulling herself to her feet she motioned to a staring Alicia.

"Come on bitch, bring it," Katie challenged the blonde.

"Whatever you say bitch," Alicia said as she charged the brunette. The two girls went to the ground and began rolling over each other as they held on to each others hair. Alicia managed to stay on top of Katie and began her onslaught. After slamming Katie's head into the hard mats, Alicia stood up pulling Katie with her. Alicia kicked her bare foot into the brunette's abdomen. The blonde pulled Katie into a reverse headlock. Grabbing the TV stars panties Alicia jumped back, hitting Katie with a devastating brain buster. Alicia jumped to her feet as the brunette rolled around on the mat moaning and holding her neck.

Looking down at Katie, Alicia spoke..."Well Katie as much as I would like to kick your ass a little more, I have rumble to win. So how about I just hurry this up and put you out of your misery!”

Alicia stood over Katie's head facing her legs and sat down into a reverse face sit. Katie immediately began to scream as her face was enveloped by Alicia pink panty covered ass. Christina watched on but could not rule Katie out because she could not understand the brunette's muffled cries. Alicia was all smiles as she slid her hands down to Katie's chest. Sliding her hands under the black bra, Alicia took hold of each of Katie's medium sized melons. Katie kicked her legs frantically and tried her best to push the blonde off of her, but she wouldn't budge. Within seconds Katie hands slowly slide down Alicia's thighs as her body went limp. Christina raised Katie hand three times with out a response. She called for the bell and Alicia got off of the brunette viewing her handy work.

"Eliminated fifth in tonight's contest. Katie Holmes," the announcer chimed in again.

Alicia looked back in the ring surprised to see Tara with her white bikini pulled down so that her pale breast were in plain view wrapped in a bear hug with the also topless Jennifer. Both women were grunting and whipping the heads around as the naked breast squashed into one another.

"Give it ...up Jenny, your... not stronger then... me," Tara managed to grunt out.

"...We'll see when...I...break your back...in two," Jennifer replied back between groans.

The bear hug was a stalemate until much to Jennifer's delight her large boobs began to slowly engulf Tara's smaller ones. Tara looked on in horror as the pain in her back was now matched by the pain in her tits.

Jennifer started taking control of the fight as Tara began to squeal in pain. Seeing the fight slip away from her Tara released her hold around Jennifer and began to pull at the brunette's hair in order to get her to release the hold. Jennifer responded by lifting Tara up off the ground and bringing her down on her out stretched knee. Tara's cunt was crushed down on to Jennifer's knee as the blonde was pushed backwards to the mat. While she was holding her crotch, Jennifer mounted Tara and began to berate blonde as she slapped and backhanded the America Pie star's pretty face.

"I've waited so long to have you like this Tara." WHACK! (slap)

"I only wish we had more time." WHACK! (backhand)

"But I see Alicia over there and I don't trust that bitch." WHACK! (slapped again)

"So I think its time to.....Ahh" Jennifer was cut short as Tara reaches up and grabbed hold of the brunette's luscious orbs.

"All you fucking do bitch it talk," Tara responded as she put all her strength into crushing Jennifer's tits.

Hewitt tried to pry Tara's hand from her chest, but wasn't making much headway. Tara began to push Jennifer off of her as Jennifer felt the match slipping away. Wanting to win more then anything, Jennifer fought through the pain in her boobs and stopped trying to get Tara's greedy hands off of her chest. Instead, Jennifer took her thumbs and pushed them into Tara's eyes. The battle of who could take more was on. Jennifer pushed with all she could as she cried out with her jugs feeling like they were on fire. Tara's head was being pushed back to the mat with great pain in her eyes. Finally Tara could not take it and released her boob claws. Prying Jennifer's fingers out of her eyes, Tara was still blinded and Jennifer took full advantage. The brunette stood up pulling the blonde with her. Tucking Tara's head between her thighs, Jennifer knew from her experience that she had to end this match fast before Tara could make another comeback, too many victories had slipped away from her already. With this in mind the Love girl fell back, driving Tara's head into the mat with a piledriver. Tara laid motionless as Jennifer gets to her feet. Christina was about to rule Tara out when she her a low moan coming from Tara. Jennifer reached down to pull Tara to her feet. The TV star then threw the blonde into the corner back first. Tara lies against the corner barely standing. Jennifer slowly and seductively walked over to the abused Tara. Standing right in front the blonde, Jennifer leans in giving a quick kiss on Tara's lips. The brunette then pulls away and says...

"Good night, bitch."

Jennifer climbs onto the second rope and pushed her boobs down into Tara's face. The blonde is now being smother by Jennifer's tits with her head being pinned against the turnbuckle by the brunette's weight. Tara's face is completely engulfed by Jennifer's boobs as the crowd is going absolutely crazy.

Alicia, who has been watching the whole fight turnout between Jennifer and Tara, makes her way back into the ring. Jennifer is completely concentrated on smothering Tara out. About 30 seconds later Tara's struggle starts to succeed and Christina is there to raise Tara's arm. "1. nothing. 2. nothing..3," Christina calls for the bell and Jennifer jumps off of Tara with her arms raised over her head. She is beaming a smile as she turns around to be met with kick to her chin by Alicia.

"The sixth women eliminated is Tara Reid. We're down to our final two," announced the voice over the P.A.

Jennifer pushed her head off of the mat and tried to shake the cobwebs out of her mind. She wasn't exactly sure what just happened, but she knew it hurt. The Love girls thought were cut short as she was yanked up by her hair. Thrown against the ropes the brunette rebounded and collided back into Alicia's waiting clothesline. Jennifer lay on the mat holding her neck and still trying to get her head straight.

"Well Jenny, I never thought I would be left alone in this ring with you. This might be even easier then I thought," Alicia spoke as she stood over the downed, topless brunette.

"I don't know how you got this far, but I'm going to make dam sure that this is as far as you get," Alicia said as she lowered a knee to the side of Jennifer's head.

Hewitt let out a yelp as the blonde's knee struck her. Standing back up, Alicia began to stomp Jennifer's stomach repeatedly. Giving out small grunts with each stomp, Jennifer tried to protect her stomach with her hands. Alicia responds by stomping Jennifer's chest instead. Trying to cover up her vulnerable body as best she could, Jennifer was again pulled to her feet by her hair. Alicia threw Jennifer towards the turnbuckle and quickly followed behind. The brunette slammed into the corner with her chest taking most of the impact. Just as Jennifer bounced back from the corner she was squashed back into it by Alicia's speeding body. The blonde then snaked her arm around Jennifer's neck and locked in a chokehold. Immediately the brunette felt her oxygen being cut off. Her hands shot up to the blondes arm as she desperately tried to pry loose the hold that was literally taking her breath away. Jennifer began to gasp for air.

"That's right bitch, choke." Alicia said as she kept her hold on strong. Realizing she wasn't going to be able to break the hold Jennifer began to panic. She knew she would have to fight through her worries and lack of oxygen or else she would be finished. Finally, coming up with an idea Jennifer began to fire elbows back into Alicia's ribs. Jennifer was rewarded with grunts from the pink clad blonde. Her opponent's cries pushed the red faced brunette to continue elbowing Alicia as the blonde fought to maintain her hold. Mrs. Alicia’s chokehold began to loosen as Jennifer turned her body enough so that she could really put some force behind her elbows. The blonde lost her hold little by little as the Party of Five cutie continued her elbowing assault. Eventually loosening her hold all together, Jennifer turned to face her sore rib opponent and punched her in the gut. Alicia gave out a groan as her hands gripped her hurting stomach. The brunette then wound up and threw a right cross that connected to the mouth of Alicia. Alicia's bottom lip mashed into her teeth causing a small amount of blood to spurt out as the blonde was knocked onto her back. Jennifer leaned against the ropes to catch her breath. She watched Alicia moaning and holding her aching and slightly bleeding jaw. After a few seconds Jennifer felt all right enough to attack and immediately began to make her way over to the downed blonde.

"How'd that punch taste blondie?" Jennifer proceeded to stomp her barefoot down into Alicia's unprotected stomach. The Clueless cutie body coiled from the impact.

"So you think you're out of my league?" Jennifer repeated the stomp. "Well listen up cunt, I'm better then you, hotter then you, and I'm going win by beating the shit out of you," she finished her sentence by stomping Alicia in the face.

The blonde screamed in pain and rolled to her side in an attempt to protect herself from a further punishment. Love was just getting started however, and pulled Alicia up to her feet. Grabbing the blonde's hair firmly by the roots, Jennifer rammed Alicia face first into the turnbuckle. The brunette pulled the blonde's face away from the turnbuckle and again smashed it into the corner. Jennifer began to repeatedly slam Alicia's face as the crowd began to count each time the blonde's face made impact.

“Four... Five...Six...Seven...Eight...Ni...” Jennifer had faked out the crowd by not slamming Alicia's face into the turnbuckle, but yanked her hair so that the blondes head crashed backwards into the mat. Alicia arms immediately grabbed the back of her head trying to soothe away some of the pain. The blonde's face was now not only bleeding from her lip, but slightly from her nose as well. Jennifer wasted no time in continuing her assault. Climbing onto the bottom rope the brunette jumped off landing an elbow to the side of Alicia's head. Alicia was in bad shape and Jennifer couldn't help but smile as she took notice. Getting to her feet, Jennifer grabbed the "Batgirl" by her blonde mane and pulled her up so that she was on her hands and knees.

Walking forward Jennifer dragged a sobbing and crawling Alicia around the ring as the crowd ate it up. The blonde, sick of her humiliation, attempted to remove Jennifer clutches from her hair, but was rewarded with a knee to her head for her efforts. Alicia remained on her knees crouched forward holding her aching noggin.

"Hey fat ass, I think its time for you to lose that shirt."

With that Jennifer grabbed the bottom of Alicia's pink shirt and without much resistance pulled it off leaving the topless blonde in only her pink panties. The horror movie hottie held Alicia's shirt over head yelling in excitement as the crowd responded back with screams of cheers. Jennifer continued to play to the crowd for a little bit. The brunette relished in the crowd's applause for her. It was not every day that she was able to have the crowd cheer for her as she kicks some ass. Finally turning her attention back to her adversary, Jennifer saw Alicia on her knees near the ropes trying to stand up. Jennifer ran over and helped the blonde to the rest of the way to her feet before she whipped Alicia into the corner again. The blonde's back collided against the corner as Jennifer charged after her. Lowering her shoulder Jennifer smashed into Alicia's stomach as the air rushed from the pretty blonde's mouth. Standing up Jennifer looked into the face of her hurt adversary.

If you think that hurt bitch, wait until you feel this," Jennifer cockily said as she backhanded a chop into Alicia's bare chest. Alicia immediately moaned as Jennifer continued her slaps across her breast. The merciless brunette repeated this move five more times with Alicia crying out after everyone. The brunette stopped her assault and began to eye Alicia's hurt boobs. Reaching out and grabbing the bottom of Alicia's left boob, Jennifer gave the tit a quick little squeeze in which the blonde cringed.

"Look at these pathetic things, hardly a handful. Now these are a real women's chest," Jennifer said as she leaned forward pushing her large melons against Alicia's puffy yet still smaller boobs. Jennifer stared into Alicia watery eyes as she began lean her weight into the blonde's breasts. Shaking her torso back and forth Jennifer laughed as Alicia moaned and tried to turn her body away from the vicious brunette. Finally pulling away Jennifer continued her trash talking.

"You know what blondie, I think its about time you saw some real boobs up close and personal" Jennifer spoke as she walked backwards away from Alicia who was barely standing in the corner.

"Hope you enjoy them."

Jennifer charged towards Alicia, jumping in the air Jennifer went for boob led avalanche. However, Alicia managed to drop to her knees as the brunette sailed over her and landing chest first into the top turnbuckle. The Party of Five girl bounced of the corner holding her tits with her mouth open from both pain and surprise. Alicia looked up from her kneeling position and fighting through her pain jump forward and clotheslined her adversary. Laying with her arm over the coughing brunette's neck Alicia wanted to rest, but once the she saw Jennifer's face she became full of rage. Grabbing Jennifer's hair Alicia began to shake her head violently.

"You stupid slut, I'll fucking kill you" Alicia was a mad women as she laced punches and slaps into the brunettes pretty face.

"I bet you think your pretty hot shit. We'll see how much the crowd cheers for you while I'm kicking your bimbo ass all over the ring," Alicia spoke as she continued her assault.

After several minutes of punching, slapping, and hair pulling the brunette, a still extremely pissed off Alicia yanks a puffy faced Jennifer to her feet.

"Stand the fuck up bitch!"

The topless blonde backs the Texan into the corner and fires a knee up into her midsection. The air rushes from Jennifer's swelled mouth as Alicia repeats the move over and over quickly. Her rage is visible as the Clueless star fires about twelve knee shots into the brunette's hurting stomach, cursing her the whole time. Stopping to view the condition of her adversary the California girl watched a gasping Jennifer slowly begin to slump down against the corner while holding her aching stomach.

"Stand up straight Jenny," Alicia says as she grabs hold of Jennifer's brown nipples and pulls upwards. The brunette let out yelp as she stood up attempting to pull Alicia's hands away from her chest, but Alicia lets go of her own will. Leaning in next to Jennifer’s ear Alicia whispers...

"If you think that hurt, wait until you feel this," Alicia finished her statement by firing a knee between Jennifer's legs. The brunette hollers out in pain and falls to her knees as the blonde backs away from her opponent. Alicia doesn't let up and pulls Jennifer back to her feet. Throwing Jennifer into the ropes, Alicia is waiting with a clothesline. However, Jennifer ducks under the clothesline and bouncing off the ropes she goes for a drop kick...but Alicia side steps the move and the topless brunette falls to the canvas. Slamming her hand down on the mat you could see Jennifer's frustration at what could be her last chance to turn this match around. Alicia quickly hops on Jennifer's back and pulls her head back by her brown locks.

"You're a sneaky little slut aren't you. Too bad I'm smarter then you bimbo. Now how about you just scream a little submission for me and we can both go home."

With that Mrs. Silverstone clamped her hands under Jennifer's chin and pulled her head back into a camel clutch. Referee Christina was quickly on the scene looking for a submission. Jennifer screamed out in pain as Alicia leaned farther and farther back.

"Do you submit Jennifer," Christina asked, but the brunette didn't respond. Jennifer felt herself losing it and was desperate to do anything to not give up. Noticing that Alicia's thumb was against her lips Jennifer opened her mouth and bit down on the blonde's finger. Caught off guard and in pain Alicia released the hold as Jennifer's upper body flopped back to the mat.

"You dirty bitch, I can't believe you bit me. I'll fix that!"

Alicia brought hands back to Jennifer's face, but this time actually put both of her bent index fingers inside of the brunette's mouth and "fished hooked" her mouth. Pulling back again in this new modified camel clutch, Jennifer's screams reached new levels as even Christina was taken back a little bit by the move.

"Do you submit?" Christina asked in which Jennifer responded with an inaudible sound. Unsure if it was a submission Christina continued the match despite blood starting to trickle out of both sides of Jennifer's mouth.

"Don't want to give Jenny, fine have it your way," Alicia spoke as she released her sadistic hold. Resting for a couple seconds Alicia finally began to get off of Jennifer, but not before taking hold of the Texans black shorts. To the blonde's surprise, Jennifer actually reaches back to stop her disrobing but after a few stomps to her legs, Mrs. Silverstone wins the short lived tug-a-war. Waving the shorts over her head, it is Alicia's turn to play to the crowd as she taunts a now naked Jennifer. The crowd roars with approval as the blonde relishes in the cheers.

"Do you want me to beat this bitch now or kick her ass a little more," Alicia yelled to the crowd, which answered in a mix of responses. Looking back to her adversary who was laying on her side holding her mouth, Alicia made up her mind. Hauling Jennifer to her wobbling legs the blonde pushed her naked rival back into the corner. Standing there rather lifelessly the brunette's body was wide open. Alicia took in the sight on Jennifer's naked body. Brown hair a mess, face a little swollen, lips bloody, body slender, full firm chest, and a shaven snatch, Alicia was actually impressed by the shape of her adversaries body. However, this only fueled her desire to destroy the young brunette. The California girl stepped up to Jennifer and fired a punch into her midsection. Jennifer held her stomach and began to slump down.

"I thought I told you to stand up," Alicia repeated her earlier move by grabbing Jennifer's nipples and pulling her up. The blonde laughed at her own vicious dominance. She was all smiles as she began punching the brunette boobs. First a right and then a left and then two rights as Jennifer's melons were knocked this way and that. Jennifer tried her best to cover up and was actually able to deflect a couple of punches. It was then that Alicia fired another punch, this time into Jennifer's naked crotch. Grinding her fist against Jennifer's pussy, Alicia watched jubilantly as the brunette screamed and shook in pain. Christina watch on considering stopping the fight, but with the crowd going completely ape shit she decided it was best to let it go on for at least a little while. Finally releasing the punch, Jennifer collapsed to the mat. Leaning down Alicia began to stroke a sobbing Jennifer's hair.

"It's OK Jenny, it will be all over soon," Alicia said as she began to drag the Party of Five hottie away from the corner. The blonde pushed Jennifer on to her back with her foot as she then stepped over Jennifer's tear filled face. Looking down Alicia spoke...

"Say good night Jenny!"

Alicia knelt down onto Jennifer's face so that her pink covered crotch was right on top of the brunette's mouth and nose, but not her eyes. Jennifer's eyes were filled with horror as she was brought back to her senses by Alicia's sweat soaked snatch. She began to slap and claw at Alicia's ass and thighs, but to no unveil. The blonde laughed at Jennifer's feeble attempt to oust her from her facesit. She loved watching the fear in her adversary's eyes and even wiggled her ass on the Texans face to heighten her enjoyment of her dominance. Suddenly Alicia's smile turned to an O shape as pain swept from her womanhood to the rest of her body. Alicia looked down screaming to see Jennifer biting her vagina. Alicia tried to get off of Jennifer, but the brunette was actually holding her there by grabbing the blonde's ass cheeks. Alicia finally pushed herself off of Jennifer and rolled away. The brunette rolled to her stomach and began to take in some dire breaths. She turned her head towards the blonde to see Alicia sitting against the ropes with her hand down her panties massaging herself. Jennifer wanted to get up and attack but her body simply wouldn't allow her. Every bone in her body ached. Alicia, though not as banged up was in no great shape herself. The match had gone on longer then she ever thought it would and she was exhausted.

Neither woman moved for over four minutes until finally Alicia began to make her way over to Jennifer on her knees. Seeing the blonde crawling towards her, Jennifer pushed herself up to her knees. Alicia lunged for the brunette's hair, but Jennifer caught the blonde's hands and the two found themselves in a sudden test of strength. The topless blonde and naked brunette locked hands and leaned into each other's body. Giving groans of both pain and exertion the two women's sweaty bodies rubbed back and forth against each others. Both exhausted by this point, only sheer desire kept the girls fighting. While, their bodies smooshed into each other's, Jennifer's tits began to slowly engulf Alicia's well-endowed, yet smaller chest. Jennifer smiled as she saw the look of concern on Alicia face as the blonde took notice. Seeing Alicia distracted Jennifer slammed her forehead into the blonde's face. Alicia was caught off guard and howled in pain as blood sprayed from her nose. She tried to pull away, but the brunette held on to her hands. Alicia began to panic as the blood began to pour down her face. Jennifer showing no mercy pushed herself forward knocking Alicia on to her back. Still holding the blonde's hands, Jennifer climbed on top of her adversary. Pinning Alicia's hands over head, Jennifer snaked her legs around the blonde's thighs locking in a grapevine. Looking down into blondes watery eyes Jennifer spoke...

"Now bitch, it's over" With that statement Jennifer lowered her chest down onto Alicia's bloody face. The California girl shook and screamed from not only her predicament, but from the pain in her nose being crushed. Jennifer kept the blonde pinned and her breast smother sealed tightly. Alicia muffled cries could be heard, but nothing she was saying could be made out by Christina who was standing by anxiously. Finally, after about fifty more seconds of fighting, Alicia's body slowly stopped moving until she was completely still. Calling for the bell, Christina helped Jennifer off the blondes motionless body.

"Mrs. Alicia Silverstone is the seventh women eliminated, Ladies and Gentlemen your winner of tonight's battle royal, Jennifer Love Hewitt" The P.A. broke in one last time as a soar and abused Jennifer stood with Alicia's blood all over her chest in the middle of ring.

Supported by Christina, Jennifer raised her hands over her heads as a screaming crowd treated her to a standing ovation. Jennifer could only enjoy the cheers for a short time, before her body ached too much to keep standing. Helped by Christina, Jennifer made her way back to the locker room, beaten, bleeding, sobbing, and naked, but victorious none the less.