Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie, 5’7”) vs. Sheena (Gena Lee Nolin, 5’9”) by Tank

Lara had no rational explanation of how or why she came to detest Sheena. She had been given free reign by the jungle princess to explore all the valuable hidden treasures in the region. From sacred underground tombs to primitive stone monuments; even ancient crowns of long dead kings decked in precious jewels which few were permitted to see. Sheena even greeted her with warmth and enthusiasm at her village when she first arrived and accompanied her on her adventure. She had personally guided her to most of the treasures herself. Lara had to admit the blond beauty had exhibited nothing but graciousness and goodwill toward her ever since she arrived two weeks ago.

But with the jungle princess off on an adventure of her own the past week, the shapely brunette beauty found herself taking full advantage of her absence to gain for herself what belonged to Sheena. Most notably, Lara had seduced Sheena's man, Cutter, and spent several passionate nights with him, a couple of them in a drunken stupor. Cutter found himself falling for the devilishly delightful brunette, almost but not quite against his will. Lara was convincing him she was more of a woman than even Sheena, something he never thought he would have believed, until he met Lara. She had gone out of her way to display her impressive physical prowess in front of him by overpowering two large well muscled thieves. The two men had tried to steal jewels from a nearby tomb but Lara without expending much effort beat both of them senseless. Cutter was fast becoming more impressed with Lara than with his blond jungle mate.

It was a scorching afternoon in the jungle and Lara, dressed in a skimpy black bra and tight matching shorts up to her cheeks, lay alone under a tree deep in thought. Sheena was due back at any time and Lara was planning a surprise for her. She had dismissed Cutter to be alone to think and the dominant brunette beauty reflected how much she was enjoying his company and how Sheena's role would have to be different from now on. For Lara had a sinister side to her that she always tried to keep secret.

Few knew of it and Lara had kept it to herself quite well. But her secret, overpowering desire to dominate beautiful women, especially lovely blond women, in front of men she was attracted to, had always gotten the best of her. She didn't know why she became so aroused or what caused her desire; but she hadn't met a woman yet who could physically prevent her from living out her fantasy. Lara was simply too much woman for them all. Now it was Sheena's turn to experience her dominance in front of Cutter. And Sheena was Lara's ultimate prize. She could not have met a woman more desirable for her to dominate. For Sheena was tall, beautiful, lovely, athletic, and so sweet and innocent, at least in Lara's eyes.

The powerful brunette pictured herself beating the blond senseless in front of Cutter and proving herself the stronger woman. Lara took great delight in the thought of dominating the gorgeous blond and fantasized wrapping her strong sensuous body around her and crushing her into submission. Then she envisioned bear hugging her and using her large breasts to snuff the breath out of the blond beauty. Lara interpreted Sheena's sweet countenance and gracious demeanor as evidence of the blonde's weakness. She was a goody two shoes who enjoyed her reputation and title as 'the jungle princess' only because she had never been seriously challenged by another woman before and Lara had often made her feelings about this known to Cutter.

The brunette crossed her shapely legs and inhaled deeply, her large, full breasts beaded with sweat as she continued to indulge in her fantasy. A sinister grin appeared on her thick, sensual lips and her nipples became fully erect as she contemplated the lovely blond sobbing and helpless beneath the power of her strong, athletic body.

Sheena arrived back in the village as dusk settled on the African jungle. She looked refreshed and not at all tired from her journey. As she showered, she was anxious to tell Cutter all that she had experienced during her absence and wondered how Lara was doing in her personal venture. But she had just finished her shower and barely pulled her leopard skin thong over her womanhood when Lara, still dressed in her black bra and shorts, stalked in with a smirk on her face, her arms around Cutter.

Sheena, bare-breasted and not fully dry, was taken aback by Lara's demeanor. The sultry brunette, quite surprisingly to Sheena, began to demean her in front of Cutter. Sheena's surprise at Lara's behaviour and her hurt feelings soon turned to anger. She had enough of it and was more than willing when Lara challenged her to go outside with her and fight it out for Cutter. Being called - among other things - a 'frightened jungle pussy' was the last straw for Sheena!

"THAT'S IT! NOW I WILL TEACH YOU A LESSON YOU'LL NEVER FORGET!" the blond princess shouted angrily.

The two women stood face to face covered by the jungle canopy with Cutter watching intently. Sheena, bare breasted in her leopard skin thong stretched and loosened her muscles, her sensuous body primed for battle as Lara smirked at her. Both glanced briefly at Cutter. Then they both gave out a loud scream and attacked!

Lara and Sheena threw their exquisite bodies into each other with a THUD! After grappling briefly at close quarters, Sheena slammed her brunette rival to the ground. Lara recovered quickly and sprang to her feet. She glared at the blond contemptuously before launching a series of powerful straight kicks, grunting with each blow. Sheena backed up, blocking most of them. But Lara's savage aggression paid off as she scored a snapping kick to Sheena's belly. Then she rushed forward and nailed the blond beauty with a right cross to her jaw. Sheena staggered backward and Lara continued her attack by lowering her shoulders and bowling the jungle princess onto the ground on her back. Lara's momentum landed her on top, her knees on Sheena's calves. She then forced her upper body on top of the blond and still grunting like a wild woman, threw hard left and right crosses to her opponent's face.

"OWWWW!" Sheena wailed as she was nailed with a left hook to her right cheek.

With the exception of the very beginning, Lara started the way she always started against her female opponents. It was her usual aggressive assault, aimed at beating her rivals senseless, then thoroughly dominating them until they shed tears and begged her to stop. She lowered her breasts on top of Sheena's and tried to grapevine her legs while the blond grabbed her arms to prevent her from striking her. Cutter took a few steps closer to the action and stood watching from a few feet away. He watched Lara fighting like a woman possessed, grunting and groaning, her face contorting like a madwoman in her all out bid for dominance as Sheena strained and struggled beneath her.

Lara, her wrists grabbed by Sheena, ripped them loose and wrapped her arms under the blonde's back. She pulled the blonde's bare breasts into her's in a bear hug. The dominating brunette let out a loud scream as she squeezed the blond into her with all her strength and Cutter felt the end was near for his lovely blond jungle mate. Sheena wrapped her arms around Lara as well and inhaled deeply. Suddenly, Lara found herself twisted off of Sheena as the blond beauty, winning the test of strength, twisted the wild brunette onto her side and in the process, slickly maneuvered her long, silky legs around Lara's.

Sheena flexed her legs around the brunette's and for the first time since the very beginning of the melee, Lara betrayed a look of confusion. The blond maintained her end of the joint bear hug with one arm, using the other to grab hold of Lara's bra and yank it off before thrusting her big breasts and hard nipples into her opponent's. The brunette beauty grunted as she strained her thigh muscles to wrest herself free from Sheena's sensuous leg scissors but she could not budge the shapely thighs of her strong blond opponent from around her.

Sheena twisted Lara onto her back, releasing the pressure of her leg scissors but keeping the brunette's shapely legs under control with her own. Cutter watched Sheena's skimpy leopard skin thong pressing into Lara's tight black shorts as the blond beauty now appeared the dominant woman. Lara continued to emit loud grunting sounds as she struggled desperately to power Sheena off of her. The sensuous blond jungle queen inhaled and exhaled deeply, her breasts sweat- beaded as her nipples speared the brunette's nipples and pressed the brunette's breasts into her chest, flattening them.

Sheena looked extremely calm and relaxed as she continued to breath deeply and exhale her breasts into Lara's as if the blond beauty was performing some methodical but meaningful jungle ritual while Lara's eyes took on a look of terror and her grunting became louder as her struggle to free herself became more futile. She released her end of the bear hug and began flailing away with wild punches to the blonde's face. Cutter had his eyes fixed on Sheena. Never had he seen her so relaxed in a fight before and never had she appeared as hot and sexy to him as at that moment and that was saying a lot. Sheena, her reflexes never sharper, grabbed Lara's right wrist as she attempted another punch and smacked her in the mouth with the brunette's own fist.

"OWWWWW!" Lara was deeply frustrated as Sheena's breasts continued to overpower her own while the blonde's legs kept her's under control.

Now Lara was having difficulty breathing. Her strongest efforts to power the blond off of her were in vain. She looked up and gazed into Sheena's blue eyes and found them gazing into hers. Lara had never experienced being dominated by a beautiful woman before. A rush of rage surged through her captured body as she screamed and raved and bucked up and down madly but to no avail. Each time she would lift her butt off the ground and thrust her body upward to buck Sheena off of her, the blond would thrust her down with even greater force, Sheena's womanhood pressing more deeply onto her own. Lara felt the blonde's thigh muscles rippling into her thighs as Sheena continued to press her leopard skin thong into her black shorts, her breasts and nipples into Lara's breasts and nipples.

Lara was now panting desperately for air. She looked up at the blond beauty in an expression now of sheer dread and found Sheena's blue eyes still staring deeply into hers with what appeared to Lara like some cold curiosity. She began to feel as if the blond was studying her every reaction like some naked and ravishing scientist observing an animal in a laboratory to see how long it could survive without cracking. Beautiful blonds were not supposed to be that strong. They were not supposed to be so dominant. Sheena lifted her butt off Lara, then slammed her thong into Lara's shorts.

"OHHHHHHHH!" Tears began to stream down her lovely face as Sheena continued to gaze at her from her position of total dominance. Lara, for the first time in her life felt physically conquered, and of all things, by a beautiful blond. The experience was shattering. Her passion to dominate frustrated, she began wetting herself. The blond beauty felt it on her thong and understood Lara was hers to do with what she wanted. Mercifully, Sheena slowly lifted her strong, shapely body off the devastated brunette, stood up, and turned her attention to Cutter.

"Did you have a good time while I was away, Cutter?" she asked.

"! It's really great to see you back, Sheena...I really missed you!"

"Really?" Sheena answered incredulously. "Well, I hope you won't miss Lara being around!" she added sarcastically.

The brunette rolled onto her side weeping. She was wheezing and trying to get her breath back as Sheena, her eyes on Cutter, continued her conversation with him. Lara got to her knees and watched the couple arguing with Cutter being very defensive. Lara was catching her breath and soon discovered her strength returning to her. She felt totally humiliated by the blond princess and her feelings of being dominated were soon replaced by stronger feelings of revenge. She wanted one more go with the blond beauty and wanted it badly.

Suddenly, to Sheena's and Cutter's surprise, Lara rushed at her blond tormentor, who had her back to her. The look in Cutter's eyes informed Sheena who turned too late. Lara leaped at her from behind and jumped on her back. Lara attempted to beat her rival to the ground but Sheena snapped her elbow backward and caught the brunette in her ribs.

"OWWWWWW!" Lara shrieked in pain as the blond grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground.

“OOFFFFFF!" Sheena continued her argument with Cutter as she pulled Lara to her knees by her hair and slipped behind her.

"WHY DO I THINK YOU'RE LYING, CUTTER?" she asked him as she stood behind Lara and wrapped her thighs around the brunette's jaw. "WHEN ARE GOING TO STRAIGHTEN OUT? DO YOU THINK IT'S FAIR FOR ME TO COME HOME TO THIS?"

Sheena seemed oblivious to Lara as she continued to focus on her man. Lara's mouth was open and she was drooling. Her eyes were rolling and tears were again streaming down her cheeks.


Still oblivious to the hurting brunette, Sheena’s shapely thighs had Lara's eyes bulging and spittle dribbling down the corners of her mouth. Still focused totally on Cutter, she released Lara's jaw with her thighs and the brunette burst out crying. Sheena grabbed Lara by her hair and sat on the jungle floor, dragging the screaming brunette across her lap.

"IT'S NOT LIKE I MIND YOU HAVING COMPANY WHEN I'M GONE...."Sheena continued, her attention still focused on him.



The blond beauty continued to make her points to Cutter as she started to tug down Lara's black shorts to below her butt cheeks, then began to slowly spank her.


"PLEASE, SHEENA....NO MORE....I GIVE UP!" Lara sobbed, bawling like a schoolgirl. But still she couldn’t get Sheena's attention.

"IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE YOURSELF WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK, CUTTER, I SWEAR, WITH THAT SHIT ASS GRIN YOU HAVE ON YOUR FACE......" Sheena was glaring angrily at him as she continued to spank Lara.



Finally, Sheena became aware of Lara's pleading and blinked. "OH, ARE YOU CRYING AGAIN, LARA? I'M SORRY!"

The blond beauty got to her feet, bent her knees and heaved the sobbing brunette over her right shoulder like a sack of dirty laundry.

"PUT ME DOWN, SHEENA......PLEASSSSSSE!" Lara screamed. The dominant blond jungle goddess carried her helpless prey to the nearby swamp and Cutter followed. Then Sheena heaved Lara unceremoniously out into the middle of the muddy swamp. "UGGGGGGGG…"

Lara was struggling; up to her breasts in swamp water while Sheena walked away with Cutter, "I SWEAR, I'M REALLY NOT THAT HARD TO PLEASE, CUTTER! BUT HOW MUCH CRAP DO YOU EXPECT ME TO TAKE?” Sheena asked as she elbowed him in the ribs. “AND I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE..."