Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) vs. Sheena (Gena Lee Nolin) by Tank [+ Schiffer and Harmon sessions with Dr Bergson]

Lara Croft breathed deeply as she fidgeted anxiously on the lap of Dr. Ingrid Bergson (Anita Ekberg). Though hypnotized and under the gentle persuasion of her sexy psychiatrist, she found it very troubling to relate her experience. Lara and Ingrid, both topless in panties, were sharing Lara's experience of her fight with Sheena several months ago. The life size image of the blond Jungle Queen with her hands on her hips, a confident smile on her lips, was very difficult for Lara to look at. Dressed in only her gazelle skin thong with beads of sweat clearly visible on her large, bare breasts, Sheena appeared to be gazing at Lara with supreme confidence, as if she could do to her whatever she wanted. Lara's humiliating physical encounter with the blond beauty had left her with deep- seated feelings of inferiority toward her sensuous conqueror. She decided to seek out and put her trust in Dr. Bergson to guide Lara in her recovery from her very demeaning experience.

"Now in our last session, Lara, you were explaining that being thoroughly dominated by a beautiful blond woman like Sheena was more demoralizing to you than if you had lost to someone else?" Ingrid gently nudged Lara until they were directly facing the image of the Jungle Queen.

"Yes....I had always prided myself on being able to defeat any attractive blond I might encounter. I loved to fantasize about defeating sexy blonds in front of men I was attracted to. When I first saw her I thought she was the ideal woman for me to dominate."

"But she proved too much woman for you, didn't she Lara?" Ingrid had her right arm wrapped around her client's waist, her eyes gazing at Sheena's sweat- glistened breasts. She seemed more interested in the image of Lara's opponent than she was in her client.

"I was winning at first. But she soon overpowered me. She lay on top of me and pressed her body onto mine. I tried to buck her off of me but....." Lara glanced at her physician who remained staring at the life size image of her sexy opponent.

"But she was too strong for you, wasn't she Lara?" Ingrid's nipples became stiff and erect as she cuddled her client more tightly to her body. Her eyes still glued on the jungle woman, she added, "So how did you feel when Sheena's near naked body pressed your weaker body into the jungle floor?"

Lara reached out and wrapped her arms around Ingrid, her big breasts brushing up against the even larger breasts and hard nipples of her doctor.

"At first I felt rage at the thought of losing to her. I summoned all my strength to force her off of me. I squirmed and grunted beneath her. I felt like a trapped animal. Then a feeling of frustration came over me followed by utter helplessness. Her boyfriend, who I was attracted to, was watching her dominate me. It was very demeaning. She just stared into my she was in complete control of me......and was just waiting to see me crack. I'll never forget her expression. Her big breasts were imposing on my breasts. I've always felt the confidence of having big breasts but hers just felt superior to mine."

"I see, Lara. Her strong, silky legs were also pressing on top of yours. I imagine you felt the lovely blonde's pubic mound on yours as well." Ingrid shifted Lara on her lap as she became even more aroused by the thought.

"Yes....her womanhood was lodged securely on mine...I could feel it distinctly. She purposely planted her thong onto my shorts. It was as if it was to least...a significant element in her domination of me....especially in front of her boyfriend. I hate to admit it but...the feeling...the sensation of her womanhood on mine was especially demoralizing to me...and she knew it! Then she cruelly lifted her body into the air and......" Ingrid was still gazing at the image of Sheena while hanging on her client's every word.

"And what, Lara? What did the beautiful blond Jungle Princess do next?"

"She came crashing down on me....her body grinding mine into the jungle floor. I was breathless as she continued to...." Lara began to sob on Ingrid's shoulder. Then she added, "I felt beneath her strong body. All my fantasies throughout my life about conquering attractive blond women....felt frustrated. Her boyfriend, (sniff) that I wanted for myself, watched me groveling like some loser beneath her."

As Lara rested her chin on Ingrid's shoulder, she could not see her physician's lips curling into a smile.

"So, as Sheena's strong, sensuous body snuffed the breath out of you as she continued to grind your body into the ground, it must have been very difficult for you to accept being totally dominated by such a beautiful woman...and a blond at that! What did you do next, Lara?"

"I'm ashamed to admit it....I felt myself....I....uh...."

"Don't feel ashamed, Lara. I'm here only to help." Ingrid embraced Lara and began to gently stroke her long braided hair. "So what did you do after you felt the lovely jungle woman's shapely body continuing to dominate yours?" Dr. Bergson then gently pushed Lara's shoulder back with her arm to look into her eyes as she spoke.

"I looked up into her eyes and she was gazing at me without any compassion for what she was doing to me. Her blue eyes were looking at me with a cold curiosity as her big breasts and nipples held mine trapped. I again felt her...her... womanhood... imposing on mine. A sensation of utter submissiveness came over me. It was, I think, the opposite extreme of my feelings of physical superiority I had always felt toward attractive blond women. I felt totally frustrated and found myself......(sniff).."

"Don't be embarrassed to tell me, Lara. So as Sheena continued to press her sexy body into yours as she gazed into your eyes, what did you find yourself doing?"

"I... wet my panties," Lara threw herself at Ingrid sobbing. "I feel (sniff) so…humiliated!"

Dr. Bergson was undressing Sheena's thong with her eyes, imagining the treasure that lay beneath as she embraced her client tightly. "You poor thing! You must have felt thoroughly dominated by that beautiful Jungle Queen! What did Sheena do next?"

"I could see a slight smile on her lips when she realized she had me......well....wet myself (sniff). She kept her thong lodged into my shorts as she continued to gaze into my eyes. She knew at that moment she owned me. We both realized I was hers to do with what she wanted. I guess.... I was just releasing tension... from her body pressing into mine....and my feelings of total helplessness and inadequacy got the best of me. I felt overwhelmed. At that moment... I would have done absolutely anything she commanded of me. As our eyes met, I knew she was experiencing the same thing. It was as if our minds and bodies fused together at that instant as she lay on top of me. No words were necessary. We both understood...we knew intuitively who the master was between us.... and she seemed to be informing me by the intense, triumphant expression on her face that it could never be any different. I didn't think it was possible to feel as dominated as I felt at that moment."

"What happened next?"

"She finally got off of me. Her and her boyfriend began arguing. I slowly gained my strength and courage back. After all, I am still Lara Croft! I rushed her and attacked her from behind. But she overpowered me again. Then she dealt me a humiliating spanking and (sniff) threw me into a nearby swamp." Lara started to cry on Ingrid's shoulder.

"Now now, Lara. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Have you ever considered a rematch with Sheena?" Lara paused, appearing surprised at the question.

"I'm afraid wouldn't do any good....she's too strong for me."

Dr. Bergson smiled. The huge breasts of the sexy psychiatrist were beginning to undulate as she again fixed her eyes on the image of the sweat- glistened, bare breasted blond beauty standing next to them in her gazelle skin thong. "I would just love having Sheena on my lap someday", she thought to herself.

"You're probably right, Lara. Sometimes in life a woman will encounter another woman she cannot do anything with. Perhaps, it's best you avoid her, at least for now. After all, we wouldn't want you getting spanked again by the naughty Jungle Queen, now would we?" Lara stared downward and shook her head.

The session now over, Dr. Bergson and Lara put their clothes back on. Lara was returned to her normal state of consciousness, not remembering what occurred during her time on Ingrid's couch.

"You are on a fast road to recovery, Lara. Soon, you will be able to put this painful experience behind you," Ingrid smiled as she led her to the door.

"I hope so, Doctor Bergson. See you next week." The defeated brunette heroine made her way out the door. Though she was oblivious to what was actually occurring during her sessions, she had the utmost confidence in her doctor.

Ingrid carried the carving of Sheena to her large walk-in closet not far from the client's couch. She set it next to the image of Grace Chen and behind the one of Naomi Campbell. She then lifted Naomi who looked positively sensuous - and menacing - in a tiger striped bra and thong. The sexy British Supermodel would be the next display in her office. Ingrid smiled as she placed Naomi’s likeness next to the couch.
* * * *

A few minutes later she welcomed a tall blond into her office who appeared almost as nervous as she was beautiful. Dressed in a pink blouse and micro skirt, she was led by the hand to Dr. Bergson's couch. It would be Claudia Schiffer's first session.

"What really hurt was...she wouldn't let me go. I had to beg and plead..."

Claudia Schiffer sat restlessly on the lap of Dr. Ingrid Bergson (Anita Ekberg). Both were topless: Claudia wearing pink satin panties while Ingrid sported her usual black. A life size image of Claudia's tormentor, Naomi Campbell, wearing a tiger-striped bra and thong stood next to the couch; her very intimidating sneer glaring unblinkingly down on the nervous Claudia.

"So, Claudia, you say she attacked you for no reason at all?"

"We were dressed just as we are now,” she squeaked, glancing nervously up at Naomi’s lifelike picture as if afraid it might come to life at any second. “We were modeling lingerie and I’d just removed my pink bra and I joked she could lose some weight if she wanted to fit in that tiger-stripe bikini. All of a sudden, she stalked toward me and began slapping me around."

"How awful for you. Then what happened?"

"Well, I was shocked and very frightened at first, but then I got mad and started slapping her back. I wanted to gain her respect, you know?"

"Of course. And did you, Claudia, get her respect, I mean?"

"She got angry and punched me in my face. I ducked and threw myself against her. We struggled on her feet, then tumbled to the floor. She tried to force herself on top of me but I grabbed her hair and began yanking. Suddenly out of nowhere, she hit me in my ribs with her fist. ‘OOWWWW! It hurt!’ I yelped."

Claudia's lovely face had a painful expression as she recalled the details of her fight. "I was hurt already and tried to roll away but she reached out, grabbed my hair and pulled me close to her. I was screaming for her to let me go but she just sneered at me." Tears welled up in the blue eyes of the beautiful blond Supermodel.

Ingrid gently put her arms around her. "What happened next, my dear?"

"I tried desperately to escape from her clutches but could not. She pulled me closer to her by my hair. Then....then she began striking my belly and ribs with her free fist. I was wincing in pain. I kept gasping for her to stop...but she wouldn't. Then before I knew it, she slithered her sleek, muscular thighs around my thighs. She yanked my head back and all I could see as I looked up were her breasts breathing out from her bra. I strained my thighs but to no avail. I heard her laughing... mocking me. I was frightened and begged her to stop. Then she began flexing her thigh muscles around my waist and yanked my braid back until she could look down into my eyes."

"Poor Claudia. You must have felt like a young doe trapped in the clutches of a jungle tigress. What did you do?" Ingrid asked as she glanced up at the image of the predatory Naomi.

"What could I do? I squirmed and struggled but most off all, I begged her to let me go. She just sneered at me. Then I felt her steely thigh muscles flexing around my panties. My mouth opened and tears began to stream down my cheeks as I looked up at her gazing down at me. She tore off her own bra and threw it on the floor so we would both be topless. She continued to yank my hair back by my braid. Then she punches me in the ribs again. I began bawling like a schoolgirl. Still, she would not let me go." Ingrid slipped her fingers up and down Claudia's ample breasts as she encouraged her to continue.

"I screamed, ‘Please, Noami… please stop… I can't take any more’ but all the naked-ass, bare-breasted, bully-bitch wanted to do was flex her python thigh muscles around my panties with even greater strength than before! Oooohhhh, Dr. Bergson, she was SOOOOO strong…" Claudia threw herself into Ingrid's arms; her body shuddering with sobs.

"Now Claudia, it must have have been very difficult for a sassy and fluffy house pussy like yourself to find yourself at such close quarters with a savage jungle tigress like Naomi." Ingrid purred sympathetically as she slowly slipped her fingers into Claudia's moist panties. "You must’ve been hurt…frightened… and you continued to beg her to let you go, didn’t you?"

"Yes....for half an hour I pleaded and I cried...but it was hopeless. She was so cruel… when she was done my little pink panties were twisted around my waist under her muscular thighs. She wrapped her free arm around my breasts, crushing them as she just kept flexing her bicep over my nipples. I was sobbing.....gasping....begging…” (sniff). “Finally, she relaxed her grip and pulled me into her arms. ‘NAOMI… PLEASE... please…,” I begged. ‘NO MORE!’ I was soaking her breasts with my tears when she finally allowed me to get to my knees. Her tiger striped thong pressed against my pussy as I trembled and we knelt against each other. I was sobbing pitifully, my chin on her shoulder. She released my hair and breasts...then her agonizing leg scissors. I thought it was over but then she wrapped her arms around me and put me into a crushing embrace. I felt her body crushing mine. I just wanted her to accept my submission but she refused! Eventually… I don’t know after how long… she released me and I crumpled at her feet. She left me crying on the floor, retrieved her clothes and left."

"It's rare to hear of a woman being so thoroughly dominated as you were, Claudia," Ingrid sighed as withdrew her fingers from her lovely client's sopping wet panties. "How about challenging Naomi to a rematch?"

"NOOOOOOO....." Claudia gasped, her eyes widening in terror as she clutched the doctor tight, and refusing to let go.

Ingrid looked at the clock; sadly it was time for her next client. "You're making rapid progress, Claudia, I'm happy to say," Ingrid smiled as she stood and walked her teary client to the door.

"That's nice to hear, Dr. Bergson," Claudia beamed. "I look forward to next week’s session; good-bye!"
* * * *

Dr. Bergson's next client was a tall brunette beauty who was already waiting in her outer office. Angie Harmon was trying to come to terms with her loss to Gena Lee Nolin. Ingrid quickly hypnotized her and after they both got topless, coaxed her onto her lap. Angie, in a pair of tiny red panties, found it difficult to look at the image of Gena in her blue bikini and Ingrid wasted no time, nudging the slender brunette's upper body forward till her little breasts were pressed into her own massive mammaries.

"So, Angie, you were explaining at our last session about your nightmare involving Gena?"

"Yes, Dr.” she said, squirming unconfortably at the memory. “We were walking through a scorching desert, both bare breasted. I was in white panties and she wore just a black thong. We were chained together and sweating profusely. She was leading me through the desert, taunting and slapping me. I felt like her slave and every time I challenged her or tried to fight back, she yanked the chain and jerked me forward, slamming my breasts into her big, bare, sweat-glistened breasts. They’d crush my much smaller breasts, overwhelming them with their size, weight and girth. She’d look me in the eyes as she inhaled, expanding her chest, drilling her bigger breasts and harder nipples into my breasts. My knees felt weak and I’d start to tremble.”

Grinning, Dr. Bergson cupped Angie’s breast, thumbing her nipple and bringing it to full arousal. “Go on dear…”

“Her big breasts frightened me and then she threatened to slam me on the sand, jump on me and squash my small breasts with hers if I gave her any more resistance. She very cruel to me - like a wicked Queen with her lowest servant…"

"So, how did Gena impose her breasts on yours…like this?" Ingrid asked as she clamped her arms around Angie and pulled her into her, crushing Angie's breasts into hers.

"OOOHHHHH!" Angie groaned, her head falling back, her long hair cascading down her back as her eyes closed. "Yesssss... but she was…was even more forceful. I was afraid and didn’t make any more attempts to resist. Our legs brushed each others as we walked and I knew - if she wanted to - she would dominate me in a leg war as well."

"Where was she taking you?" the good Doctor asked gently.

"I asked her that,” Angie said softly, tears welling up. “She said we were meeting my husband, Jason. That he wanted to watch her dominate me. I felt so angry at him. He’d bet $100,000 on Gena before our fight and now THIS! Imagine; my own fucking husband!"

"Maybe he felt that big-breasted blond beauty was too much woman for a slender, less endowed girl like you, Angie. You can't blame him for betting on Gena, can you? I mean, she IS stronger, more athletic and certainly more womanly than you! And he did win the bet, right? So he was right." Angie cringed at hearing those words from her own doctor. Ingrid waited until Angie’s self-enduced panic attack subsided, then asked, "So, did your lovely blond Queen take you to your husband?"

"Yes, but not before I put up another struggle; refused to go another step. We wrestled but she overpowered me and lay on top of me. Just like before, her breasts thoroughly dominated mine. She took my breath away and I submitted. She threw me over her shoulder and carried me through that scorching heat; her hand clutching my ass cheek; my breasts were slapping against her muscular back as I lay draped over her shoulder with my face was nudging her skimpy black thong. I got dizzy and began to drool on her ass as I bounced up and down.”

“How did that make you feel,” Dr. Bergson asked, rubbing Angie’s back sympathetically.

“I felt…” Angie stammered as she blushed bright red. “… conquered… humiliated…weak. When we finally reached Jason, Gena pulled me over her lap and gave me a long, hard, spanking. He just stood there and watched without saying a word as she did all sorts of nasty things to me…” (sniff) “…then he egged her on, asked her to do ‘certain things’ I can’t - won’t - even describe. I was helpless against her power…it was absolutely demoralizing." By the time she finished, Angie was sobbing uncontrollably, her arms wrapped around her physician’s neck, her face buried in Ingrid’s shoulder.

"Poor Angie!" Ingrid sighed as she glanced up at the image of Gena and smirked. "Now, now, dear, stop your bawling. My advice is for you to invite Gena to your home, then challenge her to a rematch in front of your husband, Jason."

"But...but...I'm afraid I'll lose…again. What if I lose to her again?" Angie was trembling on her doctor's lap.

"Maybe you're right, dear. We wouldn't want that lovely blond humiliating you in front of your husband…not again, now would we?"

"No.....of course not!" Angie responded. Ingrid looked at the clock and realized the session was already over. ‘How time flies when you’re having fun,’ she thought as she gently coaxed the sexy brunette off of her lap and told her to get dressed.

Once dressed and back to her normal state of consciousness, Angie was led to the door by Dr. Bergson. Ingrid had taken a moment to write a note in her file: "Needs a great deal of compassion from a big breasted woman." Of course, the sexy psychiatrist firmly believed *she* was the perfect woman to give Angie what she needed and couldn't wait for their next session.

"You're coming along much faster than I expected Angie," she said.

"That's wonderful, Dr. Bergson. Good night!" Angie smiled, her face beaming.

After Angie left, Dr. Bergson slid her hand down the front of herself and inserted two fingers. Though she'll never admit it, even to herself, Dr. Bergson needed a long, long vacation. It would be her last one for quite a while.

‘Hmmmmm,’ Ingrid thought. ‘I’ve got an hour before Charlize Theron’s appointment, plenty of time for Mr. Big.’ She pulled a long, thick vibrator from the bottom drawer of her desk, leaned back, propped her feet up and closed her eyes.