Sheryl Crow vs. Pam Anderson by femfightlover 5/5/01

The private jet taxied to the gate at McCarron field outside Las Vegas. As the engines stopped Pam Anderson and her new boy toy Kid Rock started to straighten out their clothes and greet their fans. They were here to spend the weekend at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and to help Tiger Woods in his charity golf tournament. Kid and Pam tried to move swiftly through the small airport but, as usual, they were mobbed and it took over 30 minutes to get away and into the limo for the ride to the airport.

As they settled in for the ride Pam found a note in with the champagne bottle. It was addressed to Kid. Kid opened it and almost turned white.

"What is it?" Pam asked.

Kid looked over at the gorgeous blonde, "Nothing."

Pam asked again.


Pam grabbed the note and read it.

"I'm in suite 1818, Sheryl," read the note. "Well that makes it easier. I won't have to go looking for her to beat the shit out of her, will I?"

Kid tried to calm his blonde spitfire down, "Look she's history. I didn't even know she was gonna be here."

Pam looked at Kid and patted his thigh, "I know, but she has to be taught to stay away from my man."

The limo pulled up to the private entrance and Kid helped the driver with his luggage and clubs. Pam went in to check in and see if Sheryl was in her suite. Kid followed a few minutes later.

"Were in 2012. Let's go so I can freshen up," Pam said.

Kid shook his head, he knew what that meant.

"Look, we're going to be so busy this weekend. We probably won't even have time for us. Let it rest Pam."

Pam just strode to the elevator, hit the button and waited.

"Don't worry. I just want to have a talk with her."

The elevator arrived and took them up to their suite.

Pam went into the bathroom and changed into a gold bikini and put a silk robe over it. Coming out of the room, Kid looked at Pam and mentally compared her to Sheryl.

Pam untied the robe, "Well what do you think?"

Kid smiled. Pam had a bigger chest but Sheryl had sinewy arms and legs and was taller.

"Maybe I should go with you?"

Pam looked at him and smiled, "Not necessary. We are just going to talk."

And out the door she went. Sheryl was expectantly awaiting the arrival of Kid. She was in nothing more than a black lace bra and a pair of matching panties. Her stomach muscles were taunt, her arms hard and her legs long and strong. There was a knock on the door and Sheryl casually went to answer it. Throwing open the door, she exclaimed, "You! What....?" as she tried to crane her neck to see past Pam for her expected guest.

"Mind if I come in?" said Pam and pushed her way into the suite without waiting for an invitation.

Sheryl closed and locked the door behind her with an ominous, "SNICK!"

"So, Pam," she sighed. "What are you doing here?"

Pam untied her robe and let it fall to the plush carpet. "I got your note."

Sheryl's face turned pale.

"So here I am!"

Sheryl stammered, "Well, ummm, that note really wasn't meant for you."

Pam moved towards the taller woman.

"I know. I'm here to till you to stay away. He's with me now."

Sheryl felt her face flush in anger. Her stomach muscles tighten and her hands clench and unclench.

"Well, what if I decide not to stay away, shrimp?"

Pam did a slow burn. "Oh, I think you know the answer to that."

Then Pam slapped Sheryl's face. Sheryl gasped and rubbed her reddening cheek. A slight sneer crossed the brunettes face as she brought her foot hard up into the toned gut of the surprised blonde, doubling her over. As Pam clutched her belly, Sheryl drove her foot up between the blonde's legs. Pam's eyes widened as she slowly fell to her knees on the carpet in front of the grinning Sheryl.

Gasping Pam was feeling the pain when Sheryl hauled her back up by her long blonde hair.

"After our talk, Kid will never want you," Sheryl sneered as she slapped Pam across her mouth.

The blonde's head spun and her wild blond hair flew in a swirl around her head. Staggering to the sofa, Pam grabbed the arm to remain upright as Sheryl attacked. As Sheryl closed in, Pam snapped back her foot, catching Sheryl in the stomach. Sheryl stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth open in an "O".

Pam turned and threw a punch at Sheryl's head, but Sheryl blocked it with her right forearm. Pam punched at the brunette's stomach next, but Sheryl stepped back and Pam stumbled forward off balance - until Sheryl lifted a knee into her exposed gut. Pam crashed to the floor on her knees gasping for air.

Sheryl hauled Pam up by her hair again and threw her into the wall, head first. Pam hit with a sickening thud and her tightly muscled body slid down the wall. Pam held her head with both hands as Sheryl reveled in her advantage, pacing back and forth behind Pam, shaking her finger at her and spouting off.

"You're nothing blondie. Or maybe Tommy just don't hit as hard as me?"

A short fist into the kidneys arched Pam's back and she gagged, desperately trying to get air in her lungs. Sheryl pulled the injured blonde to her feet, spun her around and fired three fists to her chest and gut. Pam's large tits shot upward out of her bra and Sheryl's eyes lit up as she grabbed onto them.

"I bet you never had these puppies played with like THIS!"

Sheryl raked her nails down the length of Pam's flawless breasts, leaving four angry red welts on the top of each.

Pam was sobbing and shaking her head. She held up her hands, silently pleading. She'd never been beaten so badly or so quickly by another woman in her life.

"Now," Sheryl sneered as she lifted Pam's head up using a handful of disheveled hair. "I'm going to go up to your suite and show Kid what a real woman is capable of."

Sheryl spun on her heel and kicked Pam in the face, sending her crashing back against the wall. Pam's body slid sideways then toppled over in a help at the base of the wall. Sheryl left Pam out cold on the carpet as she strutted out the door to renew her romance.