Singers Championship: Jewel Kilcher beats Sheryl Crow (c) by John J

Sheryl was just a little bit overconfident going into this fight. She wasn't nearly as prepared for the other singer as she should have been. She considered it a forgone conclusion that she would win, and didn't prepare much for the fight. Jewel on the other hand could just smell her victory in the championship, and she had no intention of letting Sheryl get in her way. She trained and prepared, and thought she was more than ready for her brunette adversary.

The girls were introduced for the fight. Jewel was called out first. She removed her long blue robe to reveal a very sexy royal blue bikini, and heels. Jewel stepped into the ring awaiting her adversary. Sheryl came out. She removed her white robe, revealing an equally sexy white bikini, with matching heels.

The announcer said "This is a catfight, ended by a 10 count pin, submission or KO. The only rules are no scratching or biting and no blows of any type to the face or throat. Ladies get set."

The announcer didn't even get a chance to blow the whistle, and just barely got out of the way as Sheryl charged Jewel. Jewel was ready for that move, and delivered a spinkick into Sheryl's midriff, that knocked the air out of Sheryl, and sent her crashing to the mat. Jewel went right on the attack, and placed Sheryl in a full nelson while she pulled on her opponent's hair. It took Sheryl quite a while, but she eventually toppled Jewel.

Sheryl tried to go on the offensive, and attempted several punches at Jewel. Sheryl punched at Jewel's tits, gut, and even her crotch, but Sheryl was so weakened, that none did much damage, and the crotch punch only served to anger Jewel.

Jewel pulled Sheryl up viciously by her hair, and wound up to get maximum power. Jewel punched Sheryl in the midriff as hard as she could. Sheryl went down with a thud, and groaned, as she held her midsection and tried to get her breath back. Sheryl started to get up to her knees, and helped her up with a vicious hairpull. Jewel sent her rival right back down again with a cruel mareflip. Sheryl went down hard. Sheryl tried to get up again, but Jewel jumped down on top of her, and sent her back to the canvas.

Jewel ripped off Sheryl's white bikini top, and threw it out to the audience. Jewel then squeezed Sheryl's tender breasts. Sheryl mustered her strength and elbowed Jewel twice, very hard in the gut. Jewel rolled off Sheryl, clutching her belly. Sheryl then executed two elbow drops on Jewel, and both hit hard. Jewel was in obvious pain. The audience was amazed at Sheryl's strength to pull this off, but Sheryl next raised Jewel up over her head, and dropped Jewel over her knee in a backbreaker move. Sheryl rolled the hurt blonde off her knee and sent her down in a heap to the canvas. Sheryl took her time and aimed perfectly as she landed a wicked knee drop to Jewel's kidney.

Jewel gasped and yelped in pain, as the blow hit the mark. Sheryl figured that Jewel was finished, and so she flipped the blonde over and straddled her. Sheryl then moved to rip off Jewel's bikini top, but only got it partially off, when Jewel kneed Sheryl in the groin. Sheryl rolled away, and cried out in pain. Jewel got up first and pulled Sheryl up by the hair. The blonde grabbed Sheryl's arm and whipped her into the ropes. As Sheryl bounced off, Jewel nailed her with a solid clothesline across the tits. Sheryl went and groaned. As Jewel approached to continue her attack, Sheryl spun and took Jewel's legs out from under her. The blonde was surprised and started by that move, and it gave Sheryl the few moments she needed to get on the attack.

Sheryl took hold of Jewel's leg and trapped her in a stepover leg lock. Sheryl poured on the pressure, as Jewel screamed. Sheryl didn't notice as Jewel inched back a little. Jewel got to her spot and grabbed Sheryl's leg with her hand, while she pushed with the trapped leg, and Sheryl topped over. Neither woman was in a position to continue her attack or take advantage. They got up slowly and warily eyed each other as they rose to the feet. Jewel charged at Sheryl.

Sheryl gracefully ducked under the forearm smash that Jewel planned for her. Sheryl grabbed Jewel's arm and whipped the blonde into the corner. Jewel's back hit hard into the corner post. Sheryl charged in after her and splashed against her. Sheryl took hold of Jewel by the hair and monkey flipped the blonde back into the middle of the ring.

Sheryl ran in to follow up with an elbow drop to the tits, but Jewel rolled out of the way, as Sheryl jumped. The brunette hit her elbow hard into the canvas. Jewel grabbed the injured arm and put her into arm twister and armbar holds, to further injury the elbow. Jewel knew she was nearly exhausted and needed to end the fight fairly quickly, or she wouldn't be able to continue.

Jewel whipped Sheryl to the ropes. As Sheryl bounced, Jewel dropkicked her across the tits. Sheryl nearly sailed out of the ring as the kicks hit and forced her back. Jewel went down as well, from the force of her own kicks. Both girls were pretty tired now, having taken and delivered enormous amount of punishment, and were slow to rise.

Jewel got up first, and yanked Sheryl up by her hair. Jewel then started punching Sheryl in the tits and stomach, causing both areas to throb with pain even more. Jewel then landed about six low blows to Sheryl. Three into her crotch, and three more into the kidneys. Sheryl immediately cried out her surrender and rolled into a ball to protect herself from further injury.

Jewel got up and proudly raised her arms in victory as she waved to the crowd, and the crowd cheered her. After she took a little time to get cleaned up and get a change of clothes, Jewel treated the audience to a short victory concert.

The end.