Catfight over Cruise: Penelope Cruz vs. Nicole Kidman (c) by John J

Tom Cruise's breakup with wife Nicole Kidman made as much news as their marriage. The couple was thought to be one of a handful of long lasting Hollywood marriages. The storybook marriage came to a bitter end as the couple separated. Cruise didn't allow the separation to last for long before he filed for divorce.

The surprise divorce filing shocked Kidman, and her subsequent miscarriage created a great deal of anger toward Cruise. Nicole made a point of showing up at places where ex-husband Tom might bring a new date. It didn't take very long before she spotted Tom, with a new girlfriend, Penelope Cruz.

Nicole glared icily at Penelope before she turned to Tom and said, "My, my. Standards certainly have dropped, haven't they!"

Tom started to say something, but Penelope got into it first, "And what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Nicole smirked, "You're a bright girl. What do you think it means?"

Then Tom finally piped up with, "Ladies, this is neither the place nor the time for this."

Nicole agreed with her ex-, "You're absolutely right. It's not. This is a private discussion. Tommy, you still have that little love nest down the block from here? I'll meet you both there in twenty minutes."

Nicole left Tom and Penelope to hurriedly finish their meal then they too left. When Tom and Penelope arrived at the apartment, Nicole was already there, waiting impatiently.

Nicole fumed, "You're late!"

Penelope got right in Nicole's face and hissed, "Listen, bitch! You're not his wife anymore. You can't order him around and you sure as hell can't order me around. So, shove it! Now, what do you want to talk about? Tom and I want some privacy. I'm his girlfriend now. And, um, well, three's a crowd if you know what I mean."

Nicole glared back, "You're not half the woman I am, even on my worst day. So, don't you be talking that girlfriend shit with me. You just better watch that mouth of yours, you trailer trash slut! Before somebody shuts it for you!"

Penelope laughed, "Like who? You? Oh, I'm real scared!"

Tom was getting ready to step in and separate the girls but before he could, Penelope slapped Nicole's face. Nicole pulled back her fist and slammed it into Penelope's jaw. She staggered back, shocked by the punch. Nicole lunged at the petite brunette and tackled her onto the sofa. The girls momentum caused the sofa to tip over backward, and the girls tumbled over with it ending up on the floor behind. Penelope ended up in a slightly advantageous position and she flipped Nicole over. The redhead tumbled and landed hard on her back.

Penelope moved quickly to straddle Nicole, wrapped her hands around Nicole's throat and started to choke the redhead. As she put her weight into the choke, Penelope tried her best to knock Nicole out cold. Nicole reached up and tore at Penelope's blouse, ripping the sheer white blouse to shreds and also partly removed Penelope's bra. Nicole dug her nails into Penelope's soft boobs and Penelope shrieked in pain as Nicole left bloody scratches in her tits. Penelope had to release the choke to pry Nicole's hands from her aching tits.

Nicole suddenly bucked her hips up and Penelope tumbled from her position astride Nicole onto the floor. Nicole rolled to the side and pulled herself up slowly, but still faster than Penelope. Nicole gulped in air and rebuilt her strength as she waited for Penelope to rise. As she did, Nicole lashed out and kicked her hard in the sore tits and Penelope flopped back down to the floor.

Nicole tugged at Penelope's tattered blouse, but it simply came apart in her hands and then ripped away entirely. Nicole grabbed Penelope's hair and hauled her to her feet. She scooped the brunette up and slammed her down on her back to the hardwood floor. Penelope yelped as her back hit the floor, but Nicole gave her rival no rest. She immediately followed up with an elbow drop right between Penelope's perky tits.

Nicole hauled the gasping brunette to her feet and flung her across the apartment. Penelope stopped reeling when she hit the edge of the Jacuzzi. Nicole strutted over toward her rival, then stopped for a moment to start up the Jacuzzi. When Nicole turning her attention away from her, Penelope made Nicole pay for the mistake by nailing her with a big kick to the tits that sent the redhead spinning across the apartment.

Penelope lunged and tackled Nicole to the floor. She tried to hold Nicole down and choke her again but Nicole overpowered the brunette and flipped her over, taking control of the fight back again. Now it was Nicole's turn to clamp her hands around Penelope's neck and choke her. Penelope struggled and squirmed as she tried to pull free from Nicole's grip, but she couldn't quite break loose. Penelope summoned her will power and punched Nicole hard in the tits until Nicole finally released her choke and backed off slightly.

Penelope's respite was short lived, however, as Nicole quickly surged back at her. Nicole retaliated for Penelope's attack by socking the brunette in her own extremely sore tits. Penelope yelped as her banged up boobs took even more abuse. Nicole swept her leg and took Penelope's feet out from under her. The brunette collapsed in a heap and while she was on the floor, Nicole straddled her back.

Nicole unfastened the remnants of Penelope's bra and yanked back hard on the straps. Penelope screamed as the cups dug into her ravaged boobs. Penelope's screams just encouraged Nicole to pull even harder. Fortunately for Penelope the torture didn't last for more than a few minutes because her bra couldn't take the strain and it broke in Nicole's hands. Nicole dropped Penelope's bra, but quickly turned her attention to other directions. She bounced on Penelope's back a few times to emphasize her control before she twisted around slid down to the small of Penelope's back. Nicole tore off Penelope's shorts and clamped on a pussy claw. Once again, Penelope screamed in pain.

Penelope managed to dislodge the redhead by raking her long nails across Nicole's ass. She didn't do much damage because Nicole's flesh was protected by her shorts and panties, but still hurt and she scrambled off of Penelope. Even so, Penelope's respite only lasted for a short time before Nicole was back on the attack. She hauled Penelope to her feet by her hair, grabbed her panties and jerked them up giving the Spaniard a nasty wedgie. Penelope just cried in pain while Nicole continued to pull on the wedgie until the panties tore apart and Penelope fell sobbing to the floor.

Nicole hissed, "Get up, bitch!"

She once again hauled Penelope to her feet by the hair and this time Nicole clamped a bearhug on the brunette, while Penelope just sobbed. Nicole turned the bearhug into an atomic drop and slammed Penelope's pussy down hard onto her knee. Penelope crumpled to the hardwood floor, clutching her pussy and crying. Nicole moved in and clamped a surfboard hold on the brunette who just continued to sob while Nicole converted that hold into a camel clutch.

Penelope sobbed, "You win. Please quit. You can have Tom!"

Nicole ignored Penelope's pleas as she again changed her attack, wrapping her long, luscious legs around Penelope's midriff in a body scissors.

Again Penelope sobbed, "Please stop! You win! I quit!"

But Nicole snarled, "What the hell makes you think that I want that loser back?"

Penelope cried, "Then why did you fight me?"

Nicole hissed, "To teach you a lesson, bitch! You can have that loser! I don't want him, especially after he's been with a skanky bitch like you!!"

Penelope just cried louder as Nicole poured on the pressure of her scissors. As Nicole clamped down even tighter, Penelope almost passed out but Nicole stopped just short of that point, not wanting to allow Penelope the easy escape of unconsciousness. She released the scissors and kicked Penelope's limp body away. Penelope just lay there in tears until Nicole yanked her by the hair and threw her toward the Jacuzzi. Nicole used a fistful of her black hair to hold Penelope's head in the water for a while. She nearly drowned her three times before she stopped and let Penelope drop choking and gasping for air.

Nicole clamped another nasty Boston Crab on Penelope', bending her back viciously to a brutal angle until she was about to pass out yet again. Nicole again stopped short and released the hold. Finally, Nicole got tired of toying with Penelope and lowered her gorgeous ass toward Penelope's face and facesat her until she was out cold.

Nicole stood up and kicked the unmoving Penelope a couple times just to make sure.

Tom came over and gave Nicole a hug and said, "You were fantastic. I haven't seen anyone dominated like that since Mimi and I got divorced. You know, we can work things out between us. Let's forget this divorce, OK?"

Nicole smiled and then suddenly slammed her knee into Tom's crotch, dropping him like a bad habit.

She laughed, "In your dreams, loser! That skanky bitch can have you! I don't want you. You two losers deserve each other!"

Nicole fixed herself up and then left the apartment, leaving Tom and Penelope next to each other in pain on the floor.

The end.