Head-to-Head Celebs: Penelope Cruz vs. Amy Smart by Catfight Contributor

Nobody was surprised at the ease with which Marisa Tomei handled Winona Ryder, although the degree of Winona's humiliation caught a few spectators off-guard. Still, nobody knew quite what to expect from the next fight, in which the two combatants seemed to have little in common. Blonde, wholesome Amy Smart and exotic Spanish brunette Penelope Cruz had probably never even met before, but they'd be making each other's acquaintance pretty soon.

Entering the ring, both women were indeed a contrast. On one side, Amy was scantily clad in a white mini-t-shirt and a pair of red panties, her sleek, pale legs bare; on the other, Penelope was dressed far more ambitiously in black leather pants and a matching top, sleeves covering her arms but much of her medium-sized chest exposed down the middle.

With both women barefoot, they were roughly the same height, and though it was difficult to tell because of Penelope's outfit, they looked to have similar body types. Both women were silent, staring at each other intensely, and when the time came they headed straight for each other in the center of the ring.

Without reservation they locked into each other, each trying to bring the other down. With grunts and yelps they pushed and pulled, and it briefly seemed as though they were at a stalemate. But with a sudden burst and an almost primal grunt, Penelope succeeded in overpowering her opponent and tossing her to the mat. Amy landed on her butt with a surprised squeal, but Penelope didn't give her much time to recover, quickly bearing down. But before she had a chance to get on top, Amy swung her bare legs outward, driving her feet into her midsection and knocking her back a step.

Taking advantage of the extra space, Amy quickly got to her feet. But again they were quickly in a lockup, and again Amy found herself being overpowered by the feisty brunette, who was soon shoving her all over the ring. Again, Penelope used an extra burst of energy to bring her down - but this time she followed her, tackling her to the ground and straddling her. Penelope may have had a demure public image, but she was a tigress in the ring. Straddling her opponent, she pinned her arms to the mat with her knees, and with a hiss she literally ripped Amy's skimpy t-shirt in half, bringing her modest but extremely perky breasts into full view.

As Penelope latched her hands onto Amy's chest, the blonde swung her legs upward and wrapped them around her head. Not having expected the move, Penelope fell to the side, then pulled herself free and got to her knees. Amy did likewise, her tattered top having fallen completely off, but as the two collided on their knees Penelope once again took the upper hand, bowling over Amy and knocking her sideways. Rolling Amy onto her stomach, Penelope straddled the blonde and beat her fists into her back as Amy's feet rat-a-tat-tatted on the mat behind her. Grabbing the back of Amy's hair with one hand, Penelope reached behind herself and grabbed hold of the blonde's panties with the other - then yanked hard on both.

"Aaaauuuuuggggghhhhhhhh!!!" Amy screeched as her body was pulled into an increasingly uncomfortable position, her upper body pulled into the air and her ass arched. The thought of quitting flashed through her mind, but she gritted her teeth and hung in there. Smiling sadistically, Penelope continued to pull for another few agonizing moments. But then, still holding onto Amy's hair and the waistband of her panties, she began to get up - and proceeded to drag the hurting blonde along the floor with her, then tossed her forward into the corner.

Deciding she liked the move, Penelope opted to repeat it. With Amy flat on her stomach, Penelope grabbed her panties and yanked back again, then used them to fling her along the mat once more. With Amy's underwear wedged badly in her crack and her tight butt cheeks both bared, Penelope did the same thing several more times. Having had enough, she let Amy get up to her knees - then kicked her hard, sending her sprawling on her back! After several more kicks to her side, Penelope finally stopped and left the groaning, nearly naked blonde slump panting on her stomach.

"Had enough?" she hissed. Amy's first instinct was to say yes, but something in her refused. "Go to hell, bitch!" she spat out, again getting to her hands and knees.

That wasn't the answer Penelope was looking for, but she didn't exactly look worried. "Silly little whore!" she spat out. "You want some more!"

Penelope reached forward and grabbed Amy by the hair, yanking her face into her crotch. With Penelope still standing, and Amy on her knees, the blonde soon found her face being rubbed back and forth into Penelope's leather pants. Not knowing what else to do, Amy drove her fist into Penelope's thigh. That had little effect, but her follow-up - a similar drive into the brunette's knee - caused her to stumble enough that Amy was able to pull free and, after scrambling away on her hands and knees, to get back up.

They came at each other with their fists but neither was a skilled pugilist and most blows were wild and inaccurate. But Penelope was as fiery as ever and within a few moments she was beating down the blonde. A hard body blow left Amy doubled over in the corner and Penelope went right in after her, grabbed her by the hair and tossed her face first to the mat. Standing over the hurting blonde, Penelope crouched down and grabbed one foot, then dropped down on Amy's upper back. The captive woman's leg was now being yanked in a most uncomfortable position as she tried, unsuccessfully, to pull it free but, seeming a woman possessed, Penelope yanked Amy’s foot to her mouth and bit down on her red-painted toes - not hard enough to do real damage, but enough to add more discomfort.

Amy squirmed in pain, her fists pounding the mat and her free leg flailing behind her as she moaned in protest. She wasn't prepared for Penelope to be this insanely fired up and she didn't know how much more she could take. But she also wanted this badly, now more with the cocky brunette's attempt to humiliate her, so she continued to tough it out even as tears of frustration came to her eyes. Penelope wasn't exactly a picture of sympathy; sensing Amy was close to conceding, she shifted her opponent's foot to her left hand and began spanking Amy’s tight butt with her right where the cheek was still exposed from her earlier wedgie. Amy was openly sobbing, but she still wasn't quitting.

"Give in, you little whore, and I'll let you go," Penelope instructed.

"Learn to take no for an answer, bitch," Amy spat back.

"Fine, then...I'll just put you out myself."

Releasing Amy's leg, then lifting up and shifting the other way around, Penelope flipped the teary-eyed actress over and straddled her, pinning her hands to her side with her knees. Slowly, she lowered her leather-clad breasts into the wordless blonde's face, yanking the material downward and covering Amy's nose and mouth with her bare chest. Penelope's breasts weren't huge, but they were plenty big enough to do the job. Panicking, Amy flailed her legs and tried in vain to move her upper body. It seemed a matter of time until Penelope….then the Spaniard screamed in pain when Amy sank her teeth into her breast. She bit hard, not letting go.

"Aaagghhhhh...." Penelope yelled, trying to pull herself free.

She finally succeeded, using both her hands to push Amy's head away, but it resulted in her toppling off of Amy. Clutching her breast, Penelope saw that while Amy hadn't broken the skin, she'd left a ring of teeth marks. Angrily turning back to the blonde, she was about to lunge when Amy’s wild kick hit her in the face. Amy had gotten lucky and her desperation kick struck Penelope head-on. She’d finally succeeded in exacting some damage as Penelope flopped onto the mat and lay holding her face.

Amy wasn't about to waste any time admiring her handiwork; instead, she immediately pounced on Penelope's back. She wasn't sure how long the dominant brunette would stay down, so she was determined to get in her licks while she could. Grabbing Penelope's arm, Amy cruelly wrenched it behind her back with one hand, twisting it as hard as she could. With the other, she grabbed the back of Penelope's hair and jerked her head up with as much force as she could muster. And then, something remarkable happened. Her arm in serious pain, her back hurting from having her head pulled back, and the momentum having shifted, Penelope quit!!

"Stop...please stop!" Penelope begged but Amy didn't quite believe it at first. Once it sank in, she kept abusing her heretofore tormentor for another moment.

"You can give it, but you can't take, huh?" she taunted. "What a fucking wimp!" Penelope gritted her teeth and tried to shake free, moving Amy just enough to convince her to quit while she was ahead. But once she got off Penelope, she continued taunting as she kicked the side of her body. "Thought you were just the shit, didn't you! I could've had you a lot easier if I'd known you'd break that easily!"

Suddenly, Penelope sprung to her feet and stared down Amy with the same wild-eyed look she'd displayed earlier. "You're so fucking dead!" she said menacingly.

"Sorry, hon, but the fight's over..." Amy began.

"Well, not for me it's not!" Penelope interrupted.

Amy looked around, expecting someone to intervene, but nobody got there in time. She had no choice but to confront Penelope head-on...which she was forced to do as the brunette stalked toward her. Penelope took control as she was on fire! She swung Amy around and flung her into the corner. Amy hit the turnbuckle with her back and dropped on her ass. She tried to scramble away on her hands and knees, but Penelope began raining slaps on her raised rump, left and right. When she trapped the "winner" against the ropes, Penelope reached down with one hand, grabbed Amy between the legs and, with considerable effort, managed to pick her up and dump her over the top rope. Amy hit the ring apron on her burning bottom, bounced off and crumpled onto the thinly carpeted floor. She lay on her stomach a minute, then slowly got to her hands and knees and started to crawl away. Penelope slid out under the bottom rope, came up behind her just as she was getting to her feet and clamped her arms around her waist from behind and lifted her off her feet in a bearhug.

"I'm the real winner!" Penelope yelled, shaking the terrified actress like a rag doll.

Amy knew that she was in for a terrible beating, but to her immense relief security began heading toward them. Seeing them coming, Penelope let loose an angry yell - and threw the petite, nearly-naked blonde into the laps of the front row of audience members. As Penelope was led out, Amy lay across the laps of the lucky spectators including an older redheaded woman who gently and solicitiously rubbed Amy’s butt as if to ease her pain. The rest stared unflinching until Amy finally pushed the woman’s hands away and staggered to her feet. Covering her small breasts with her hands, she walked quickly away, head bowed and a bright red blush on her face. She'd won, but on a technicality; and even in victory, Penelope had demolished her.

If the next round was any tougher, Amy wasn't sure she could take it...