Maria Grazia Cucinotta vs. Katherine Heigl + Monica Bellucci vs. Kristanna Loken by Boeing666

Monica Bellucci and Maria Grazia Cucinotta are seen talking outside Commissioner Sharon Stone's office. Monica is not in wrestling gear, but instead wearing a low cut black shirt with a black skirt and black skintight Capri type stretch pants underneath. Maria is in her wrestling gear, which consists of a green white and red vinyl halter top with the letters "FBI" for "Full Breasted Italian" on the top with a matching pair of vinyl booty shorts

Monica: Look this is going to work great, Maria...

Maria: Don't worry. I will make sure that your World title stays around your waist after tonight.

Monica: I will be there as back up - just in case things get a little tight.

Maria: Hey, you control the title and you decide whom you defend against. You kept to your word by agreeing to give Katherine Heigl a return shot at the world title…if she could beat me.

Monica: Which she won't! You won't have any problem beating her on your own - but there is always the back up plan... where I will...

Suddenly, Sharon Stone opened her office door. “Monica, Maria... what a surprise? I’d love to hear more about your back up plan Monica, but unfortunately I’ve been pretty busy lately booking matches and helping train Charlize Theron.”

Monica: What is your point??

Sharon: Well lately Monica, you’ve been making the booking part very easy. You never seem to participate in matches these days. The people miss you... after all you are the world champion and the people want to see the champ wrestle.

Monica: I do wrestle...

“Apparently not enough!”

Monica: I am the world champi...

Sharon: Exactly! And wrestling’s part of being the world champ. OK... OK, we know in your stipulation you only face who you want to defend your title against. You and Maria concocted a plan to let the former champion get her return shot - if and only if she could beat Maria. And I know you two lovelies have all kinds of plans up your sleeves to make sure Katherine won't beat Maria. You don't think I thought of that, did you?

Maria: Exactly what is your point Stone?

Sharon: Well again, Katherine agreed to this match with Maria - so we can't change that. However, Monica needs a match too…”

Monica: No! I am NOT going to put my belt on the line tonight! Basta!

Sharon: No problem Monica, this will be a NON-TITLE match... something to keep you busy and to think about so maybe Maria will be able to do everything on her own tonight; show the skills the great Maria Grazia Cucinotta has without requiring your help. Yes Maria, you are banned from the ring for this one... let's put this little stipulation in... Maria, if you show up to Monica's NON-TITLE match... we’ll just say this would be… hmmm…suspended for the rest of the show. So that when Katherine comes out and you’re not there, she’d win by forfeit. Therefore, we all agree if Katherine were to win, Monica defends the belt against her.

Maria looked at Monica with an aggravated look, but Monica smiled confidently as if calling Sharon's bluff. “OK Sharon,” Monica said. “Who you gonna put against me? Alba? Biel? Bjorlin? Baah! I can beat any of them!”

Sharon smiled. “Monica, it is a surprise. I hope you brought your wrestling gear... seems so long since we seen you in it? Can that butt of yours still fit in it?”

Monica: Don't make comments about my butt...

Maria: There is nothing wrong with her butt, its one of the best in the world!

* * * * * *

Later…"Oh Fortuna" plays over the loud speakers as green white and red spotlights shine around the ring. Monica walks out wearing her trademark green white and red colored halter top that says "ITALIA" on the front in black with a black leather thong bikini bottom. Monica walks to the ring with a slight look of disgust and annoyance. She demands a microphone.

Monica: OK Stone, send your jobber out so I can end this quickly. I got more important things now than your little impromptu matches. I tell you what Stone... since everyone wants to see me, I will give everyone a chance to see me. I won't make this a quick squash; I will drag it out a bit so the people can enjoy seeing me out here. I will take whoever you send me apart piece by piece; have a little fun... so whoever it is, bring her on!!!!”

She slams down the mic and suddenly the lights go down until only dark red spotlights shine. "Reign in Blood" by Slayer plays over the loud speakers but nobody is coming out. Monica and the crowd strain to see but the lights go out again and a tall woman with red hair is standing across the ring from Monica - who is still facing the entrance looking for her opponent. People can't figure out who the tall Amazon red-haired woman is but before Monica realizes she is there, people realize it’s Kristanna Loken in the outfit she wore in “Blood Rayne” with red hair longer than it was in the movie.

Monica finally realizes there’s someone behind her and she turns slowly... too slowly… because Loken was already in motion as Monica was turning. Just as Monica faces her, all she sees is a blur as Monica is speared so hard across the stomach Monica does a complete 360 in air. Monica rolls around holding her stomach in pain, still unsure of who or what just hit her. Kristanna grabs Monica by her hair standing her up, goes to whip her but then reverses and hits Monica hard with a short arm clothesline that Monica does another 360 flip in the air knocking the large Italian mammaries out of their top.

Kristanna sees the exposed breasts now and grips them with both hands and stands Monica to her feet, kicks Monica hard in her thong clad pussy so that Monica is bent over and Double Underhooks Monica's arms behind her back as she is bent over. Kristanna falls back giving Monica a Double Underhook Release Suplex that sends her flying like a ragdoll, landing upside down into the corner. If it weren't for the turnbuckles, she’d probably have gone clear into the crowd!

However unfortunately for Monica, the back of her knees get caught over the top rope leaving her hooked upside down in a Tree of Woe and at Kristanna's mercy. Kristanna licks her lips in a sort of sick way. Monica now finally realizing who her opponent is starts begging from her upside down position. Kristanna charges and sends a flying knee to Monica's exposed crotch. Monica folds up on the turnbuckle, her hands going into her thong trying to massage the pain out of her pussy. Kristanna begins belly and crotch punching Monica more as all Monica can do is remain tied up and moan in pain. Kristanna backs up and sends a Dropkick into the inverted Italian and quickly follows it up with a spin kick that squashes Monica against the turnbuckle, however doesn't free her. Kristanna backs up charges, this time hitting a baseball slide into Monica's neck, the back of her head heading the metal turnbuckle pole, the force freeing Monica's legs from the top rope as she tumbles unceremoniously to the mat in a sweaty heap looking nothing like the world champ that she is.

Kristanna grabs a handful of hair, then grabs Monica by her right breast and between her thighs and almost effortlessly hoists Monica up in a military press in a full arm extension. Kristanna walks around the ring with Monica held high over head before pumping Monica's 145 lb frame up and down six times before dropping her crotch on the top rope, bouncing her back into the ring. Monica rolls on the mat with her hands on her crotch and her eyes closed tight against the pain.

Kristanna gets a psychotic look on her face, grabs Monica and holds her horizontally before tossing Monica up so that Monica is sitting on her shoulders and slamming Monica down with a Scooplift Powerbomb known as the "Alpha Female Bomb".

Monica lies motionless but Kristanna signals for something else. She stands the dazed so far dominated Italian up, grabs her by the back of her neck and hoists her up high in the air and slams her face first to the mat in a Reverse Chokeslam known as ‘Pain Killer Jane.’

Monica lies on her stomach, her body doing some spasms on the mat. Kristanna grabs Monica by her hair and once again military presses Monica's almost dead weight over her head before turning her upside down and grabbing the inverted Italian around the waist and hitting a Sitout Tombstone from a Military Press onto Monica knocking her out in a move known as ‘Blood Rain’ (Gorilla Press into a Tombstone). Monica lays spread eagle on the mat as her body convulses in crazy spasms. Kristanna hooks a leg, which is pretty much a formality as the ref counts.




Suddenly two women appear out of the crowd, pulling the ref clear out of the ring. It is Sabrina Ferilli and Manuela Arcuri both in black sports bras and spandex shorts. The ref however doesn't disqualify Monica when Manuela and Sabrina run into the ring and Kristanna sees them in time to Clothesline both! Kristanna grabs Manuela by the neck as she gags and coughs, lifting her with one hand and tossing her out of the ring, her back hitting the crowd barrier. She slides down and sits against it holding her neck while Sabrina Ferilli begins pleading and begging Kristanna not to do the same to her.

But she has something else in store for Ferilli. Kristanna hoists her overhead in a Military Press and carries her to the side of the ring where Manuela is getting to her feet. Manuela just happens to look up as Sabrina is tossed out of the ring on top of her, leaving the two interfering Italians in a heap.

Kristanna, seeing the interference is out of the way for now, returns her attention to the still motionless Monica, who at least now has stopped going through body spasms but otherwise still is starfished on the mat. Kristanna grabs the dead weight of Monica and shoves her head between her thighs. Kristanna grabs the back of Monica's black leather thong and hoists it up giving Monica a killer wedgie and lifting so hard that it picks Monica up off of the mat and flips her over so she is sitting on Kristanna's shoulders in preparation for what looks to be a Powerbomb!

Kristanna holds Monica in the stall position of the Powerbomb for a good 20 seconds, with Monica's sweaty crotch in her face before reaching up and grabbing Monica by the sides of her thong and lifting her by the slowly stretching thong up over her head; wedging the thong into her ass crack; then sitting out and driving Monica to the mat with a ‘Broken by Loken’ (Last Ride Elevated Powerbomb).

Monica bounces hard off of the mat and the impact flips her over onto her stomach. Kristanna stands up, kicks Monica over onto her back so that Monica lays spread eagle and places her boot on one of Monica's bare breasts as the ref dives to make the count.




Kristanna raises her hands in victory as she still has her boot placed on the unconscious Italian's bare boobs. Kristanna walks around the ring before looking down at Monica and grabs her by her hair with both hands and tosses Bellucci over the ropes to the hard mats before like yesterday's trash and leaves Monica in a sweaty heap outside the ring. Kristanna leaves the ring and heads back up the aisle. Manuela and Sabrina finally come to and go attend to the out cold Bellucci and signal to the back for help as Rosella Brescia and Federica Ridolfi run down to the ringside area. Sabrina and Manuela grab Monica by each of her legs, while Rosella and Federica grab Monica by her arms and carry the unconscious Italian beauty back to her dressing room.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta looks on in disgust as the still unconscious Monica is laid out on the couch in the dressing room.

"I know Heigl has something to do with this! Her and Stone are in on this... I'm going to take her out!" Maria growls as she storms off to the ring.

* * * * * *

Kat Heigl is waiting in the ring in a red bikini as Maria enters wearing her vinyl Italian flag colored top with matching booty hot shorts, with FBI in black on the vinyl halter top.

Maria and Katherine lock up; Maria puts Katherine in a side headlock. Katherine shoves Maria to the ropes; Maria bounces off and goes for a shoulder block but neither budge. Maria tries another shoulder block on Katherine, this time it backs her up a couple of feet. Frustration is growing on Maria's face already as she charges Katherine with a scream, but Katherine sees her coming and gives Maria a perfect strategic placed kick in her stomach. Maria bends over as Katherine grabs Maria by her booty shorts and gives her a Stalling Vertical Suplex before falling back.

Maria sits up briefly with her eyes rolling back before falling back. Maria slowly gets up as Katherine gives her a hand, or more by doing so by the hair and hoisting her up horizontally and dumping her down hard to the mat with a ring shaking Bodyslam. Maria holds her back and rolls to her side. Maria gets up as Katherine is waiting for her, grabs Maria around the waist and gives Maria an Overhead Belly-to-belly Release Suplex that sends Maria's large tall frame flying across the ring, no easy feat. Katherine doesn’t let up on the big dangerous Sicilian as she grabs Maria by the hair - but Maria nails Katherine with a Low Blow while the referee isn't looking.

Katherine is bent over as Maria places Katherine's head between her legs. Maria hoists Katherine up first looking like she is going for a Powerbomb, but then changes her positioning so it is sort of a Hangman - as if Maria may be going for a Widow's Peak. But Katherine manages to slip out of it and lands on her feet. Her luck is very short as she is dropped quickly by a Superkick from the tall Sicilian. Kat falls like a freshly cut tree and Maria quickly jumps on top of her hooking the leg...



Kick out!!

Maria in disgust yells at the referee and shoves her. Maria then grabs Katherine by the hair, whips her to the ropes and catches Katherine with a nice Powerslam on the way back that jars the ring. Maria grabs Katherine by the hair, places her back to Katherine's with her arm around Katherine's neck and sits out in a Reverse Neckbreaker. She again hooks the leg and goes for a pin...



Kick out!!! Heigl again easily kicks out!!

Maria getting frustrated decides to try to end it with a much more serious move as she hoists Kat up over her shoulder setting up for the "Concrete Overcoat" (Tombstone Piledriver) but Kat manages to elbow her in the face and escape. Maria turns around, only to be kicked in the crotch!

Katherine shoves Maria's head between her thighs, hoists Maria up so she is large chest up over Katherine's right shoulder as Katherine prepares for the "Heigl Hangover" (a Backbreaker into a Shoulder Breaker) however, Maria - as Katherine moments before - elbows Heigl in the face making her release her.

Maria and Kat turn toward each other and run - both with the same idea! Katherine and Maria nail each other with Running Clotheslines that leaves both down on the mat gasping for air and holding their necks. They roll around on the floor as the ref continues to count them both out if they don't get up. Maria seems to be in slightly better shape and gets to her feet first but still holding her neck.

Katherine gets up slowly turns around looking for Maria. However, it’s too late as Maria is already in motion; heading towards her! Maria hits Kat with a Spear and follows up with a Bodyslam. However, Maria grabs her back in pain after lifting Katherine and slamming her.

Maria whips Katherine to the corner and prepares to give Katherine a Big Splash in the corner, but Kat isn't as down and out as she appears and as Maria builds a full head of steam charging into the corner, Kat suddenly bolts out too. Maria doesn't see Katherine moving toward her at high rate of speed with her arm extended and she connects with a brutal Clothesline to Maria's chest that nearly knocks her out!

Katherine picks Maria up as she is in a daze, places her head between her thighs and signals for the Heigl Hangover once again. She lifts Maria at the waist, hoists the nearly 6-foot frame of Maria up over her shoulder so that Maria is chest up over her right shoulder. Katherine drops down to her knees bouncing and bending Maria unnaturally in an upside down U shape, before standing once again this time turning Maria's body upside down slamming Maria's shoulder to her knee, before once again standing up with Maria still over her shoulder and completing the ‘Heigl Hangover’ giving Maria a Reverse Powerbomb, slamming her chest and face into the mat. Maria appears to be out cold as Katherine rolls her onto her back and goes for the pin.





Maria manages to lift her shoulder. Katherine looks extremely shocked, as no one has kicked out of the Heigl Hangover. Katherine grabs the still dazed Maria, places her head between her thighs again as if she might be going for a second Heigl Hangover, but instead hoists Maria up so that she is sitting on her shoulders and slams her down hard to the mat with a Sit-down Powerbomb that bounces Maria on the mat! Maria’s body sits up for a second, then her eyes roll back and she falls backward.

Katherine doesn’t let up as she stands the Jell-O legged Sicilian, reaches down the back of Maria's tight shorts and grabs a handful of red lace thong that she uses to hoist Maria upside down in a Vertical Suplex position. Katherine repositions her hand to Maria's neck and gives Maria her a Chokeslam from the Vertical Suplex known as the "Katastrophe!"

Maria is flat on her back as Katherine hooks her leg, knowing for sure she will have the out cold Maria pinned for an easy 1, 2, 3. The ref goes to position...




No! The ref taps Katherine on the shoulder and points to the ropes where Maria’s foot is draped over the bottom rope.

Kat is livid and begins yelling at the ref saying that the count was slow. Katherine then grabs Maria by the hair, stands the very wobbly Maria up, then reaches between Maria's legs and lifts Maria horizontal across her chest, Maria looking worried as to where she is going to end up next. Of course it is nowhere Maria wants to be as Katherine then lifts Maria over her shoulder as if getting ready to Bodyslam her. She would have Bodyslammed Maria to the mat had the turnbuckle not been in the way, but that served just as well as Katherine had something more painful in mind - she slams Maria hard into the turnbuckle with Maria upside down. She let Maria's body slide down the turnbuckle until the top rope snagged the back of Maria's knees leaving her suspended upside down in the corner.

Katherine locks Maria's ankles together so she is now trapped in the tree of woe. The ref scolds Katherine for the "illegal corner work". Katherine gets ready to now do her tree of woe corner work known as the "Kat of Nine Tails" and begins whipping Maria across her body with open handed slaps, closed fists, knees and elbows to strategically located places making Maria whimper in pain.

Suddenly, Federica Ridolfi, wearing an Italian flag halter-top and black leather booty shorts comes out of the audience climbs up to the apron to protest which allows Cristina Scabbia to enter the ring wearing a black halter top and schoolgirl style skirt and charge Katherine with an Ax-handle! Katherine moves out of the way and Cristina instead Ax-handles Maria in the crotch making her moan in pain.

Katherine grabs Cristina by the hair and slams her face in between Maria's thighs. The ref yells at Federica Ridolfi to get down but then notices Cristina in the ring and starts yelling at her for being in the ring. Katherine grabs Cristina and gorilla presses her high over her head as Cristina kicks and squirms. Katherine carries her to the side of the ring and tosses her out Cristina lands with a thud and rolls part way up the aisle before lying still.

Now without that distraction, Katherine goes back to work on the still upside down Maria, but this brings in Federica Ridolfi as she charges Katherine, but Katherine drop toe holds Federica so she lands nose first between Maria's thighs while Katherine rubs her nose in Maria's crotch - fortunately for Federica, Maria still has her tight shorts on, but it still isn't pleasant for Federica. Katherine slams Federica into Maria, causing Maria to tumble out of the tree of woe. Katherine grabs Federica and slams her head between her thighs, hooks her arms and lifts her upside down and drops her on her head in a Double Underhook Piledriver known as "The Ringer!" Federica flops down onto her stomach motionless.

Suddenly there is a BANG and the ref falls to the mat unconscious. Cristina Scabbia is back in the ring holding a chair as she has a staredown with Katherine. Cristina tossed the chair aside because Katherine, intent on her staredown with Cristina, failed to notice that Maria had caught the chair and raised over her head!

Katherine turns to look at Maria right as Maria brings the chair down on Katherine's head. Katherine falls to the mat unconscious as Maria and Cristina continue to stomp and kick her. Suddenly the lights go out in the ring. Cristina and Maria look around. Suddenly Kristanna Loken is right across from Maria and charges Maria turning her inside out nearly 360 with a spear. Cristina looks at Kristanna and starts begging. Kristanna kicks Cristina in the crotch, shoves Cristina's head between her thighs, and hikes up Cristina's skirt exposing her black cotton thong. Kristanna grabs the sides of Cristina's thong, yanking up hard giving Cristina a brutal wedgie, so hard it lifts Cristina off of the mat, so that Kristanna flips Cristina over so that she is now sitting on Kristanna's shoulders. Kristanna has the panicking Cristina sitting on her shoulders in a stall position for a Powerbomb. Cristina tries to fight out of it, but Kristanna once again lifts Cristina high in the air by the sides of her thong, giving her another wedgie, this time Kristanna's arms are full extended holding Cristina over her head for about ten seconds. Suddenly Kristanna sits out and slams Cristina hard to the mat with the Last Ride Elevated Powerbomb she calls ‘Broken by Loken.’

Cristina lands awkwardly on the back of her head and neck and is knocked out immediately. Her body remains as it hit, folded in a Matchbook with her ass in the air, her knees touching her face with her thong exposed - at least the parts of it that haven't already disappeared into her crevices!

Federica Ridolfi, still stumbling around from Katherine’s earlier move, backs right up into Kristanna who grabs her by the back of her neck and hoists her up in a Elevated Powerbomb and slams her face down between Cristina’s Matchbooked thighs with her nose in Cristina's partially exposed crotch. While Federica remains where she is, inhaling Cristina's sex in her semi-conscious state, Maria gets up holding her stomach and wincing in pain.

Kristanna walks up next to her, reaches between Maria's thighs and places her other hand between her breasts and lifts Maria up high overhead in a Gorilla Press as if the big Italian weighs nothing. Cameras flash like lightening as Kristanna carries Maria around for a few seconds doing a complete turn with the shocked Maria before dropping her and catching her while turning her body 90 degrees and flipping it downward as she drives Maria's head into the mat with a ‘Pain Killer Jane’ (Reverse Chokeslam).

Kristanna grabs Maria's nearly unconscious body by the hair, shoves her head between her thighs as the cameras go off again knowing what could be happening next. Just like Cristina moments ago, and Monica earlier in the day Kristanna grabs a handful of Maria's red lace thong that is hiked up a bit over her skin tight Italian flag colored leather shorts and then lifts Maria giving her a killer wedgie, the sweaty lace more than likely painfully digging into her crotch under the shorts.

With a heave, Kristanna lifts her by the thong so Maria's body is horizontal to the mat then turns her upside down and flips her over so that now Maria's large frame is sitting on Kristanna's shoulders. Kristanna has Maria seated on her shoulders in the stall position, Kristanna getting to experience briefly what Cristina and Federica were forced to experience earlier when Heigl forced their faces in Maria's crotch, but at least it is covered by a pair of shorts.

Kristanna grabs the thong again lifting Maria high in the air for an Elevated Powerbomb. However, for those close to the ring there is a ripping sound as Maria's thong straps give away and she starts to fall back to Kristanna's shoulders, but Kristanna already is in motion driving Maria hard onto the back of Federica's head, who is still face first in Cristina's crotch, which in turn puts Maria's nearly 150 lbs of weight down hard onto Federica's head causing it to slam hard into Cristina's crotch. Maria lands first on her fellow Italians but takes a hard bounce also onto her head and flips her over onto her stomach so she is totally KO'd. Kristanna is left holding onto Maria's torn red lace thong that came off from under Maria's tight shorts.

Federica in the meantime wakes up after realizing her "face pillow" is Cristina's crotch and rolls away wiping her face with both hands, looking a bit repulsed. Cristina falls onto her side where she lays moaning and cupping her sore crotch after having Federica's head slammed into it.

Kristanna kicks Maria over onto her back where she lies starfished, then tosses Maria's sweaty thong on her face. She grabs Federica’s hair and throws her over the top rope onto the floor, then grabs Cristina’s hair and does the same, leaving the two Italians next to each other semi-conscious on the cement.

Katherine is awake - holding her head from the earlier chair shot from Maria - and heads over to Maria. The ref also wakes up just as Kristanna nods to Katherine and walks out of the ring. Katherine grabs Maria's torn lace thong, holds it up in the air, then stuffs the sweaty garment in Maria's mouth as she goes for a Standing Pin of the unconscious Italian.




Katherine raises her arms as she poses over Maria's unconscious spread-eagled body with her foot on Maria's stomach for the fans who cheer and take her picture. With Loken's victory over Maria, Monica is going to have to put her belt up. And while Kat had a little help from Kristanna, she's confident she can take the title back from Monica - especially after the way Kristanna softened up Monica in the earlier, non-title, match.

Katherine, now done with her posing over the still unconscious Maria. Kat decides to leave the ring' leaving Maria lying on the mat under the hot lights - in La-la land - tasting herself on her own thong! Kat gets halfway up the ramp, turns around and looks back as the ref and a couple other ringside personnel check on Maria, who has still not moved.

‘Bellucci will look like that when I'm done,’ Kat thinks as she makes the motion of having the title belt on her waist.