Jenny McCarthy/Jeri Ryan vs. Maria Grazia Cucinotta/Alessia Merz by NewGuy 04-Jun-00

The 5'6" Jenny and 6' Jeri will take on the 6' Maria and 5'8" Alessia in a hard-core match that was requested by the blondes. Maria and Alessia did not care what kind of match that they will be in because they believe that they will win no matter what. The match will take place in a parking lot. Outside, in the parking lot, there are some chairs, a trash can, baseball bat, broom, table, dumpster, and some other things placed there for the fight.

The two Italians come out of the locker room of the arena's building. Both Italians go out to the back of the building. Maria is wearing a black sports bra, black spandex shorts, and white tennis shoes. Alessia is wearing a grey sports bra, black spandex shorts, and a pair of white tennis shoes.

Then the blondes come out of their locker room, and they walk outside through the back of the building. Jenny is wearing a pair of spandex pants, a white T-shirt, and a pair of cross training shoes. Jeri comes out wearing a pair of denim shorts, a sports bra, and a pair of tennis shoes.

The audience surround the four catfighters on three sides, while the back wall of the building covers the other side.

The referee carries a bell as she walks in between the four ladies, and tells them the rules, "OK, ladies. The rules are, there are no rules. The match ends when one opponent is pinned down for the three count. I will sound the bell and all of you may start."

The ref. rings the bell, drops it so any one may use it, and gets out of the way. Maria and Alessia immediately clothesline the two blondes. Alessia picks up the bell and she hits Jenny in her face, and the back of Jenny's head hits the concrete hard. Jenny already has blood coming out of her nose. Jeri is kicked in the stomach a few times by Maria, but then Jeri blocked one kick, she held on to Maria's foot, and she tripped Maria.

"Owww, my ass," Maria says as she hits her ass on the hard floor. Jeri gets up only to fall back down when Alessia hit Jeri with the bell on her head. Alessia tosses the bell aside. Alessia gets on top of Jeri while Maria gets on top of Jenny.

Both Italians start pounding on the tits of both blondes. Jeri is able to fight back with her own punches to Alessia's tits. Then Jeri grabs Alessia's sports top and easily rips it off. Alessia's great chest is now released from the tight top. Jeri starts to twist Alessia's nipples. Alessia screams, but doesn't stop her assault on Jeri's tits. Instead, Alessia starts to punch even quicker and Jeri pulls even harder. Jeri is now pinching, Alessia's big boobs. Jeri's nails are digging deep into Alessia's tits. Alessia stops her attack, and she tries to stop Jeri's attack by scratching Jeri's hands. Jeri does not quit. And she keeps at it for a few minutes.

On the other side, Jenny is losing the fight. Maria pulled Jenny's T-shirt, to start pounding on Jenny's bare breasts. Then Maria began to squeeze Jenny's tits. Jenny is screaming very loudly. After a few minutes of boob smashing, Maria grabs a bat that is near her and Jenny and smashes it in Jenny's face to stop her screaming.

Maria gets up off of the unconscious Jenny and she goes over help Alessia. Alessia is still on top of Jeri, but Jeri is the one breast mauling Alessia. Maria goes over to where Jeri's legs are, and Maria plants her foot hard into Jeri's cunt. Jeri screams and Maria lifts Alessia off of Jeri. Before Jeri is able to rub her cunt, Maria grabs and holds Jeri's hands over Jeri's head. The bat that was used on Jenny was now used on Jeri's cunt. Alessia uses all of her strength to hit Jeri's cunt. Jeri immediately falls into unconsciousness because she cannot take the horrible pain in her pussy.

Then both Italians go over to Jenny and they lift her up. Alessia smacks Jenny across her face, trying to wake her up. After a few minutes, Jenny awakes. But then Alessia grabs Jenny's legs and Maria grabs her arms. The Italians lift up Jenny and start swinging her back and forth. Then they get close to the wall and they let her go. Jenny hits the wall very hard and lands on the floor hard as well. A table that was placed out there was set up near Jenny by Maria. Alessia picks up Jenny, and she gets on top of the table with Jenny with the help of Maria.

Alessia holds Jenny upside down, in a reversed piledriver with Jenny's crotch in Alessia's face and Alessia's in Jenny's face. Alessia piledrived Jenny, and she was immediately out again. That didn't stop the Italians, and they picked up two folding chairs that were near. The chairs were folded and they started hitting the unconscious Jenny again, again, and again. Then Alessia stopped, she dropped the chair, and she sat on top of Jenny. Alessia's ass was facing Jenny's face, and Alessia separated Jenny's legs. Maria started swinging the chair down on Jenny's pussy many times.

Both Italians did not notice that Jeri had gained consciousness, and she picked up a bat that was used earlier, and she cracked it on Maria's head. Maria is now out of it, and Alessia gets out of the way of Jeri's swinging of the bat. Jeri is swinging wildly until Alessia is able to kick Jeri in the cunt. Jeri drops the bat, and Alessia picks it up. She hits Jeri across her tits. Jeri moves her hands from her cunt to her tits, leaving her cunt open again. Alessia swings two more times, the first one to hit Jeri's cunt, and the second across Jeri's face. Jeri lands on her back. Jeri's nose is gushing blood but she doesn't pay attention to that as Alessia starts to swing the bat again at Jeri.

Jeri managed to get a kick into Alessia's cunt and tried to crawl away, but she didn't get far. Jeri stopped in front of Maria's legs, and she looks up to see a very angered Italian. Maria picks Jeri up, and she holds Jeri for Alessia to have a target. Alessia hits Jeri across her chest, flattening Jeri's tits. Five minutes pass by until Alessia finishes Jeri off by hitting her hard across the head. Jeri is out cold when Maria and Alessia pick her up and throw her into the dumpster close to the building's wall.

Then the Italians waited until Jenny woke up. Jenny opened her eyes to only see Alessia's cunt close to her face. Jenny was told to lick Alessia until she was pleasured. After a few minutes, Alessia came on Jenny's face and she had to suck it all up. Then Alessia got up, turned around, and she put her hands on her ass. Alessia pulled her ass wide apart, and Jenny had to lick Alessia there as well. Alessia just wanted to humiliate Jenny and this way she had fun.

Then Maria stripped naked, and Jenny had to pleasure her as well. After Jenny ate all of Maria's cum, Maria stood up on Jenny's tits and balanced there. The ref. counted to three and the Italians win.

Maria jumps up and stomps on Jenny's tits one hard time. The Italians pick Jenny up and throw her hard into the wall over the dumpsite. The lid fell down as Jenny dropped into the dumpster. The Italians leave laughing and thinking who else they can humiliate and definitely beat up.

Could it be Talisa Soto, Cindy Crawford, Catherine Zeta Jones, or someone else?