Madhuri Dixit vs. Maria Grazia Cucinotta by Scot 07-Jul-2000

A rough and vicious fight between two gorgeous sluts. This was a topless match ...Both girls wore thong bikini bottoms, Madhuri's yellow and Maria's red. The girls stood in the middle of the room, hands on their hips, erect nipples almost touching as they stared each other down. Madhuri started with the trash talking and Maria contributed. Both threatened to tear the others tits off and humiliate the opponent.

The match started on a high for the mainly male crowd as Madhuri reached out with both hands clamping down hard on Maria's tits, squeezing the ripe flesh. Maria screamed out loud in pain and reached out for Madhuri's D cups, squeezing as well. Both girls had their heads thrown back, squeezing the others tits, feeling the others erect nipples against their palms, the tit flesh seeping between their fingers.

The girls held on to each others tits, moving round in circles as both refused to give. Madhuri then broke the stalemate by releasing one of Maria's tits and slapping Maria across the face, shocking her, her eyes snapping open. Maria retaliated and slapped Madhuri hard across the face, turning her face to the side, her hair flying.

"You cunt" yelled Madhuri as she reached down between Maria's legs, hoisting her up and then body slamming her to the carpet.

"ARGHHH" cried Maria as she arched her back on the carpet, trusting her tits out.

Madhuri pulled her to her feet by her hair, scooped her up again and held her there, Maria's legs kicking in the air. Madhuri then put full force into slamming Maria into the carpet again, Maria hitting hard and arching her back again. Pulling her to her feet again, Madhuri held onto Maria's left arm and whipped her across the room into the dinning table, Maria crashing into the table with her stomach. Maria cried out, bent over the table in pain, holding her stomach. Madhuri came up behind her, grabbed a handful of hair and slammed her head into the table with a THUD.

Maria groaned and lay flat on the table, her tits squashed under her, her legs like jelly. Madhuri reached down, pulling Maria's thong off and threw them into the crowd. The naked Maria slipped off the table and fell to the floor, holding her head. Madhuri pulled her up by her hair again and threw Maria across the table. Maria slid across the table and fell off the other side onto the chairs. The chairs prevented the weakened brunette from falling off the table totally and left her naked ass and cunt on show to the crowd, her head and upper part of her body down on the chairs. Madhuri went round the table and pulled the chairs away and Maria fell to the floor in a heap, her legs splayed open obscenely, her glistening wet slit on show. Madhuri came forward confidently and quick as a snake, Maria drove her head into Madhuri's unprotected stomach.

"URGHH" groaned Madhuri as she slumped forward. Maria reached up, grabbed hold of some of Madhuri's hair dangling down and pulled, slamming Madhuri's forehead down onto the table. Madhuri's legs gave way under her and she crumpled to the carpet on top of Maria, head butting her by accident. Both girls lays under the table groaning, their sweaty bodies glistening under the strong dinning room lights. Both girls started to recover at the same time and grabbed each others hair under the table, wrestling and struggling. Standing up, they proceeded to tip the table over as both held onto the others hair. Pulling hard, and at the cost of some of her own hair, Madhuri threw Maria against the table which was lying on it's side, Maria slamming into it with her back, sending the table upside down. Maria lay on the over turned table, spread-eagled, her tits heaving up and down, her wet mattered pussy fur with her wet slit visible on show. Madhuri groaned, rubbing her head from where she lost some hair.

She went over to the side table and picked up a lamp. Maria was on her hands and knees, trying to get up and Madhuri smashed the lamp down onto Maria's back shattering it and driving Maria back onto the over turned table. Maria groaned, turning on her back and holding her back, trusting her tits out. Madhuri stood over Maria, one leg on each side of her body. With a cry, Madhuri jumped up and sat straight down, driving her firm ass into Maria's unprotected stomach, flattening the brunette against the table on her back. Maria lay under Madhuri, her eyes closed and her head rolling from side to side and then she shrieked out loud as Madhuri clamped down onto Maria's tits, squeezing them. Madhuri then started measuring Maria's tits, sending first her right fist, then her left into her tits, squashing her nipples. Maria bellowed out loud as Madhuri continued the punishment, turning Maria's huge tits black and blue. Getting tired, Madhuri reached behind her and grabbed a handful of Maria's mattered pubic hair and yanked hard, pulling a handful out. Maria shrieked again, curling up into a ball as Madhuri got off.

Madhuri pulled Maria again to her feet, Maria barely being able to stand. Madhuri slapped Maria's head between her thighs and grabbed hold of her waist. With a cry, Madhuri lifted Maria's legs up and over, power bombing Maria down onto the coffee table which shattered under the impact of Maria's back. Maria cried out, rolling on the carpet amongst the broken wood, holding her back. Maria rolled onto her stomach and on her elbows, tried weakly to crawl away. Madhuri reached down and hoisted Maria's legs up and put Maria into a wheel barrow position, her cunt open to Madhuri. In what would have been a 50 yard field goal, Madhuri slammed her foot into Maria's unprotected cunt driving Maria over onto her back, clutching her cunt in pain. Madhuri knelt down next to Maria and grabbed a handful of hair, sitting Maria up.

"Who's the better woman now, bitch" spat Madhuri at Maria who could barely open her eyes from the pain.

Madhuri then kissed Maria hard, forcing her tongue into the beaten woman's mouth. Maria struggled against it but Madhuri held on to her hair. Breaking the kiss, Madhuri then sent a haymaker straight into Maria's face, her fist slamming against Maria nose breaking it. Maria screamed and held her face as blood started streaming down. Madhuri with a grin, then got to her feet pulling Maria up with her.

In a horrific finishing move, Madhuri stood Maria up, wrapped her arms around Maria's ass, her face against Maria's heaving sweaty stomach, then stood up straight, carrying Maria off the carpet. With the low plastered ceiling, Madhuri standing up and carrying Maria sent Maria's head straight into the ceiling, shattering the plaster and driving Maria's head in. Maria cried out and then her body slumped against Madhuri, her arms limp at her side and her head rolling on her chest, blood all over her face and down her chest from her initial broken nose and new cuts on her head from the ceiling.

Parading the unconscious Maria around the room, Madhuri then brought her body down, slamming Maria's head and upper back down onto another coffee table shattering it as well. No sound came out of Maria as she lay unconscious amongst the wood. With a sneer, Madhuri then put one foot onto one of Maria's battered tits taking the three count. The crowd was shocked at the ferociousness of Madhuri's attack, not knowing that a few months ago, Maria who is bi-sexual, took a liking to Madhuri and when Madhuri refused her advances, clubbed Madhuri across the head and then proceeded to rape Madhuri's cunt and ass with a 10 inch dildo, forcing Madhuri into all sorts of sex acts.

Madhuri swore revenge then, and she managed it in this fight.